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Easter Sale & Free Delivery @ Scorptec


Hey everyone, first time poster here.

Just noticed Scorptec are doing free delivery across their website! Offer lasts until Monday, alongside some Easter product specials.

I've noticed some PC parts aren't available till mid-year so get in quick before anymore supply issues hit.

EDIT: There has been quite a few comments about the price jacking on PC parts on Scorptec, it should be noted this isn't exclusive to Scorptec and other retailers like PCCG have also seen price hikes in the past week. Items such as GPU's and monitors in particular have seen a large price increase, with other items like RAM and SSD's still holding their original value.

While it may not be the cheapest website to buy on regularly they do have current and available stock compared with other sites like MSY. This seems to be part of the course with the computing industry, whether its supply related or intentional price fixing it isn't the first time this has happened. GPU prices went to the moon during the bitcoin craze and RAM prices were also extortionately high around 2017/18 when the manufacturers were price fixing. Considering the current climate and supply chain issues we will see more of this sort of pricing to come.

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  • Not bad for a first deal thanks OP !

  • +64

    Would be a good deal if Scorptec weren't so damned expensive for everything.

    • +15

      A warning about their customer service too. I've been waiting 6 weeks for a response after I returned a faulty item.

      • +8

        I've had excellent customer service experiences with them. Had a fault in my comp and they fixed it so quickly and were great with keeping me informed. Not the cheapest, no, but I've not had a bad experience yet.

        • same, my return went alright last year, just a bit of wait onsite though

      • +3

        I've been shopping therefor 10 years and never had a bad experience. They offer a discount through OCAU, are happy to price match and their stock level indicator is practically always accurate.

      • +2

        4 weeks maximum and then you need to take it further. Returns must be within an acceptable period of time.

    • +1

      Meh, first experience with them was buying a RTX 2070s off them. The site listed a sale which was meant to last 6 days but prematurely ended after the 2nd. Called them up and they gave me a $150 discount code.

  • +25

    All the prices for monitors have increased a lot

    • +8

      That seems to be the case across almost all sellers. Must be a shortage with all the WFH setups.

      • +5

        Not only that but AUD is weak and these monitors are obviously not made in Australia.

      • +31

        I was looking at their site earlier today and the monitor I was eyeing has gone up $50 since then. This isn't just because of additional demand, they've increased their prices as soon as the free delivery has come into effect. I rarely neg but this "deal" is Scorptec charging me $50 more.

        • I got some stuff and it was actually discounted from last time I checked. So 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • The things I bought on Thursday without the free delivery are still the same price, but they were more expensive than a week ago :\ But everywhere I looked they were more expensive than a few weeks ago. Every place seems to have put up their prices in the last week or two.

    • +5

      LC43J890DKEXXY is up $200 since 22/3.

      Is it the Aussie dollar, inflation, or supply/demand?

      • +6

        people working from home buying up stuff and not as many ships or air freight into australia …..

    • +3

      I've noticed monitors and GPU's have seen the biggest price rise in the last week. I built three systems last week which have increased by $300 each comparing the invoice and the current checkout price. It doesn't seem to have affected RAM, SSD or cases prices all that much yet, i'm sure they will artificially inflate them soon enough.

    • Same experience. Been looking to buy some gear over last two weeks. Seen two price rises on monitors. Ended up buying from Center Com significantly cheaper on same items

  • +23

    +1 to price increases & uncompetitive pricing.

  • +10

    I was looking for the LG 27gl850 and they jacked it up to $849, from $799. Will have to buy else where.

    • Damn i was only looking at the same model not more than a week ago and it was $799 then.

    • Got it used a few weeks back for around $450 without a stand. I have since noticed quite a lot of backbleed even compared to my TN panel dell. If i have seen it in the shop prior i'd definitely avoid it at it's current retail price.

    • Really? I bought this monitor the other day and it was $799. That's pretty shit on their part.

  • -1

    no free delivery for me?

    EDIT: i lie that was just a shipping quote.

  • +38

    Price jacked. Scorptec ordinary prices are high. Where’s the deal?

    • -13

      Um, why neg? I was going to post this deal in the morning but after surfing their website as you said, they have some ddr4 rams those.

      • +16

        No surfing! Stay home!

        • +1

          Fyfes mate

  • -3

    Is free site wide delivery on sale?

  • No idea of prices this week but last week Scorptec were excellent compared to PC Casegear and I bought motherboard, ram and cpu.

  • +29

    Jacked and disguised free shipping what a joke

    • +2

      scorptec are a pretty dodgy mob. They refused me a refund I was entitled to under law, they count on people not putting up a fight over 100 odd bucks

      • +1

        Did you keep persisting? Maybe they will learn after they get fined like msy

  • +4

    RTX 2060 for $679, bought it for $520 few weeks ago

    • Where from?

    • If you are saying you bought a GV-N206SGAMING OC-8GD R2.0 (Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Gaming OC 3X) for $520 a few weeks ago, then i'd say you got a great deal. Cheapest i can find it anywhere recently has been around $750-$850!

      • They’re talking shit. I got a cheap 2060 a couple of weeks ago and it was $650. Prices were already high then.

        • +1

          You bought an RTX 2060 (not super) for $650 lol? Mate, you were taken for a ride.

          • -2

            @iseeyou1312: I needed a specific model. Was the cheapest around.

            Whoops, meant 2070 sorry! My head is in the clouds today.

      • They said RTX 2060, not super. They are actually selling an RTX 2060 for as much as $759.

        • That was kind of my point. Apart from the obvious price hikes on the site that have already been called out, I fail to see how this RTX 2060 SUPER @ $679 delivered to your door is not a good deal (nothing AMAZING…but that card gets solid reviews and I think the price to performance ratio is spot on)? Most other places have it in the price range i stated, then add delivery (approx $15) on top if you cannot collect yourself.

  • +1

    1660 Ti for $599?

    I can find this exact same card for $150 less at other retailers:

    In addition, 1660 SUPERs are pretty close to the Ti so I would probably jump for one of those instead, but I merely used this to illustrate how Scorptec aren't in line with the rest of the market rn.

    Another day, another Scorptec price jacking.

    • +10

      You're comparing base GTX 1660 from those two retailers vs a top GTX 1660 Ti model? The same ASUS TUF card you've linked, at Scorptec is $469 vs $455/$455. Yes, Scorptec is still +$10 but you're not comparing the same cards.. I've just bought an MSI GTX 1660 Super Ventus OC from Scorptec at $469, same price at Austin and $488 from i-tech. PCCG are $479 and Mwave are $439 but no stock.. I don't see them as "aren't in line with the rest of the market" or price jacking?

  • +21

    Just did a quick check on the streacom bc1 I bought earlier and they've price jacked it. No deal. Stay away from scorptec on this deal.

  • +1

    For those of you complaining about prices increasing, I recently just got a LG 27gl850 for $749 from scorptec. I noticed soon after (I was going to get a second) that a few days after our exchange rate hit 1 AUD = 0.55 USD that the price had increased so much. The price increase was consistent with other pc part retailers. Monitors seemed to be hit pretty hard across the board.

    Might be some more supply chain related increases here due to the state of the world right now, so just enjoy the free shipping on anything you may want to purchase!

    • -1

      None of that made any sense. If they are raising prices due to the exchange rate, do they drop prices when we have a favourable exchange rate? If prices are going up due to supply chain issues and consumers are willing to pay the price, why would they offer free shipping?

      The comments here have put me off buying from them.

      • Scorptec have been some of the most helpful people around. I wouldn’t let this discourage you. Often they also had the lowest prices or on par with them.

        Can’t speak for this deal as I didn’t go through everything they sell. But I ordered some stuff that was cheaper than normally.

  • +2

    MSI 2070 Super for $899 looks like a good price.

    • +1

      Yeah I struggled to find anything else of value.

      I'm on the mailing list and saw a monitor $600 off and thought wow, might be a good deal on something considering the average price of monitors…

      $3999 down to $3399..


    • +2

      Managed to get this one for $800 during recent eBay deals. So not great, but seems alright compared to crazy prices elsewhere at the moment.

    • This has gone down to $700 before.

      • +1

        Ventus has been, not sure if Gaming X has been that low. Technically FTC were selling Gigabyte windforce for around $620 and Aorus for around $650, but it was a lottery as to whether or not the card turned up.

        • +1

          Think the best deal I'd seen for a quality card and not entry-level was the ASUS Strix PCCG was selling for $699.

          Kicking myself I didn't grab one then but then again who would have predicted we'd be where we are now!

        • +1

          Actually, the ventus has been $600 -
          And the Gaming X was $719 -

          • @ShinK0: That Gaming X listing was right before FTC went into liquidation, so practically a 0% chance of it turning up. The $600 offering was a sick deal though, but it seems to have been on offer for less than a minute until they sold out and looks like no one was actually able to buy one.

  • +3

    Post an item from scorptec here and I'm sure someone will be able to post a cheaper deal

  • +2

    Where's the 'deal'?

  • I've had a build saved for 2 weeks, and pulled the trigger this week. My final cost was $100+ cheaper than PCCG and Mwave. Just logged back in to check my saved pricing and only the PSU has gone up - but that went up on Thursday, it was $25 cheaper than PCCG and is now the same price. Mwave have it for $6 cheaper than what I paid but has a 7-10 day turnaround..

    I don't believe their price jacking but I'm happy to be proven wrong. I've been looking at monitors and I can see everyone is going up and also going out of stock with the WFH.

    One bad example though, I bought an LG 24MK430H monitor from JW computers in Sydney on a Monday a few weeks ago for $159. Sent a mate from work to get one on Tuesday and it was $169. By the end of the week it was $189 and I've just checked now and its $209. This was the week before everyone was encouraged to WFH. That's taking the piss.

    • +5

      That's just the computer industry.. super reliant on global economy :(.. economy + demand + Aussie dollar + inventory

    • +3

      everybody wants + nobody has = price increase

  • +11

    What an awful time to be considering making a gaming pc.

    • Unfortunately my old gaming pc shit the bed about a month ago. So i've been looking at building a new one. Now i'm not sure if i should wait until later in the year, i don't want to go 6 months without a pc though.

      • Yeah I’m in totally the same boat

    • It hasn't been that bad, my biggest issue was stock and not really pricing, a few things had gone up but not enough to make me think i should wait.

      Had to order parts from 4 separate stores and couldn't just run down to MSY for everything like i usually do.

      MSY have no stock of anything, they are by far the worst.

  • +3

    Its not just Scorptec. Seems prices have gone up at all retailers. Most likely due to stock levels from overseas and economy.

    Glad I got my Corsair Power supply replaced under warranty and all the parts I need just before all the prices increased. As it seems everything I purchased in the past few months has increased in price and now doesn't seem the time to buy unless you need parts,

    • I spent just over 2k on a new build this week. I checked the price history on pcpartpicker before I bought and prices seemed fairly stable for most things except GPUs and monitors which seemed to have gone up a bit.

  • +3

    The amount of people conflating the end of a product cycle and an unprecedented buying rush with a supply chain issue in this thread is utterly absurd. There's no toilet paper on supermarket shelves and you're wondering why computer parts are thin on the ground and being priority shipped internationally at the customer's expense? People are working from home.

    Exchange rates are already normalising after everyone's realised America has flushed their economic wealth down the toilet despite trying to claw huge amounts of money back into their domestic economy.

    The world's not in a good spot right now, but the PC industry isn't going anywhere, and has a huge slate of major product launches over the next 3 quarters. If you don't need to buy now, do not buy now, because the stampede has trodden on almost any value in the market.

  • +2

    I have a commercial account with them. I have waited 6 months for them to obtain stock on a PSU….

    The customer service team took the 4k from the other parts in the order, then cancelled my order on a single part that is back ordered without permission, then suggested an alternative part that I don't want.

    Result: I am ordering from someone else, who might also win the rest of my organisations account.

    • -1

      "then cancelled my order on a single part that is back ordered without permission". How dare they, if I were them, I'd just keep it on back order indefinitely, just to keep the smile on your face.

    • +1

      Wait until you start dealing with the big players like Ingram Micro and Dicker Data. What Scorptec pulled is nothing compared to the shenanigans they pull. They'll also spam you with frequent cold calling nearly every day ;)

    • Is this your first time ordering PC gear?

      The suppliers dictate stock. Retailers just play with the cards they're dealt with.

  • +7

    What is the point of this, if they jack up the price. Why is this a deal.

  • Wowsers.. Bought a 21.5 much monitor from them a few weeks ago for around $120. Now cheapest seems around $199 and mostly out of stock.

    • +1

      Low stick means higher prices. This isn’t jacking. It’s because stock is low and demand is high at the moment.

  • Typical! 2 days after I purchase a chair with $75 delivery >.<

  • Arctis 7 or Corsair Virtuoso!! HELPPPPP!!!!

  • Awesome, I was looking at a new gaming chair, free delivery clinched the deal for me!

    • +2

      Not a deal when prices are jacked.

  • How important is parcel protection? arent I covered by consumer law?

  • +1

    The is worst godddamn computer "sale" ive seen on here for a while and i include harvey norman in there as well

    scorptec suck

  • Price jacking and literally not good deals…

  • It charged for shipping… Not store wide. I tried to get 3 fans. EDIT: Nevermind - at checking out free shipping!

  • In the 20 years of buying PC parts, don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from scorptec due to their higher than market price. In an industry where the margins are quite thin, they’ve done pretty well to still be around. But I’ve yet to see a bargain from them and free delivery ain’t gonna change that.

    • The only time I've bought from them is when they had stock and no one else did and they were like a little bit more expensive but so what…

      Otherwise not much point but then most of them are in decline.

      I dont like Mwave either but at least they would occasionally have sales that were truly cheap.

    • Well that RTX 2070 SUPER Gaming X for $899 is the cheapest on the market right now. It's $1079 everywhere else.

    • Yep same here, never once bought from them with over $10,000 worth of PC parts purchased. They never came close to other sites for me to even consider them even when they have sales.

    • I got a 1600AF from them cause Scorptec and PCCG are the only 2 places in Australia that stock it and PCCG was out of stock, both are the same price.

      Received it in 48 hours and i'm in SA so i got no complaints when it comes to their delivery anyway.

  • +1

    Does anybody knowing the prosessing time on orders right now. My (letter between x and v) doesn't work and I'm trying to figure out if I just bite the bullet and purhase off them (they're same suburb as me) or go to my loal jbhifi

    • +1

      You're very clever. You deserve many +1

    • +2

      big brain solution: use the letter between J and L. :)

  • Prices either increased to offset the free delivery or free delivery introduced to offset price jacks. Either way, not good value. Point and case; was looking into picking up a Dark Rock Pro 4 a few weeks back @ $119. Crept up to $129 the next day without warning and now sitting pretty at $139. Even originally with $13 shipping, it's way worse value now. Won't neg though as the bargain is still as it says on the tin.

    • +1

      Are people seriously that out of tune with the recent price rises? The AUD has tanked along with stock from suppliers for many products becoming hard to obtain.

      Scorptec isn't the cheapest, but the other cheap retailers are quoting 1+ month for stock arrival for that product :)

      • Nothing to do with stock or the AUD tanking, even the most tone-deaf Australian could put that one together. We're here to debate the value of any given offer, and like I pointed out it's simply not as good as it was only just a few months ago nor will it potentially be for another 12 months or so. Is it still a decent value? Relatively speaking, I respectfully disagree. eBay and the occasional Amazon hiccup have been trending as the cheapest places to buy individual Australian-sourced PC components, at least for the last 12-18 months as any keen-eyed OzBargainer will agree.

        • -1

          Nothing to do with stock or the AUD tanking, even the most tone-deaf Australian could put that one together. We're here to debate the value of any given offer, and like I pointed out it's simply not as good as it was only just a few months ago nor will it potentially be for another 12 months or so. Is it still a decent value?

          A lot of industries/products are going to be "simply not as good as it was only just a few months ago". It's called economics.


          What's the cheapest price for a Dark Rock Pro 4 on either of those platforms? :)


          • +1

            @zeggie: Scorptec is best for heavy components -> Thicc CPU coolers and cases

            Literally anything else -> eBay or Amazon

            Then again, any other physical PC store does that job

          • @zeggie: Steady on there Gary Kasparov, economics or not it's still more expensive now than it would've been earlier or will be later. Didn't mention anything to do with why.

            You do have a point about the Dark Rock Pro 4 specifically though, as that's the one component (coolers in general) of my new build that actually was more expensive there. DH-15's actually still went for a solid $40 cheaper on eBay though, and literally EVERY other part was cheaper through eBay, Amazon or Shopping Express.

            Just like @NigerianGirthLord said, even with things like eBay storefronts. Due to promotions, vouchers, codes etc. 9/10 times E-tail will be cheaper and that's just "economics".

  • +2

    Bought one of the lg monitors last week. Had to go and pick it up to avoid their excessive delivery fee and shipping insurance by 30 -35$ . Now the same item has been price jacked by 50$.. So in reality the scorptech is still looting us by 15$. Unfortunateley its not just monitors, other items have also been jacked up . No deal for me .

  • +3

    Free delivery is not a bargain - and neither is it a "deal", especially when they price jack.

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