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ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB $699 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


From Facebook. Good price for a "Premium" Partner card.

Limit 1 per customer

The ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card features, 8GB GDDR6 memory, 1800Mhz boost clock, 2560 CUDA cores, PCI-E 3.0, OpenGL 4.5 support, OpenGL support, DirectX 12 support, ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting, Axial-tech Fan Design, 2x HDMI 2.0b, 2x DisplayPort 1.4 and USB-C support. Backed by a 3 year ASUS warranty.

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  • Gotta resist….

  • Handy for winter

  • Really don't think this card is that much more "Premium" than Gigabytes Super OC model's besides from the price tag.

  • Is this a good deal if shopping against a 5700XT?

    • The 2070 super is a faster card than the 5700xt, with 5700xt you also need to be careful as some of cards can have cooling issues, especially the cheaper ones, so if you do find one (and they are a decent amount cheaper in some of the ebay sales) definitely read the reviews before pulling the trigger. This is a great price for 2070 super but I can't comment on quality of the card haven't read any reviews on it :)

      And next gen announcements aren't far away so prices may drop a little bit more…

      • The 5700XT is faster in several games, and the games that the 2070S does better, it's only by a few frames. Even on sale 2070S are still more expensive than 5700xt's

        • Wrong, the 2070 Super is faster in more games and on average.


          The games where 5700 XT is faster you can count with one hand, and it's not even that much faster. NVIDIA patched World War Z and Forza Horizon 4, negated the earlier "Muh fastah card" for 5700 XT.

          • @Bigboomboom: Yeah the xt looks great on paper but after about 15minutes you'll see more of the heating issues kick in, then it throttles.

            The 5700xt isnt bad but I would say it's similar performance wise to the 2070 super in winter lol.

            Also Nvidia just seems to be more up to date with drivers. I do hope amd catch up in a meaningful way soon tho.

            • @RI4V4N: It was the heat concerns that had me choose the 2070s over the 5700xt. It was outside my budget but this deal brought it back into the budget.

              I know peeps have said don't pay more than $600 for a 5700XT but the fear was those lower priced cards would perhaps have lesser cooling than the mid priced 5700XT . Thats why my 5700XT budget was $700.

              The 2070s at $699 took that concern away :-)

              • @Noddy Doldrums: I went through the exact same process.

                Despite being touted as such a great budget card, I was finding that the only 5700XT card I would be happy to settle with that had even adequate cooling was the Nitro+ which reached $720.

                The Gigabyte 2070s Gaming OC was sitting at like $760 and was slightly stronger, came with a FOUR year warranty AND had far superior cooling AND had no driver issues. For me, it was a no brainer.

                Was pretty depressing because everywhere I looked people were circlejerking over the superior pricepoint of the 5700XT but that was if you were fine with a card that ran extremely hot (which is kind of unthinkable for an Australian summer).

            • @RI4V4N: Not entirely true, I'm a 5700XT owner (MSI Gaming X). Yes it can run fairly hot on default fan curve however if your having heating issues all you need to do is download afterburner and change the fan curve and boom, no more potential thermal throttling. The default fan curve is barely audible noise on my card even on load, it's very tame and can easily do with some beefing up.

              My particular card on a hot day with the default curve will run at about 80 degrees, sometimes hits 90 on full load and that's in an mATX case. If I adjust the curve I can get it down to the 60's easily, even lower if I had air conditioning in my current living arrangements.

              Now I did my research and according to reviewers my card is the best 5700XT you can buy and I only paid $600 for it on sale and this is my personal observations with apparently the benchmark card, not sure what kind of experience people are getting with the "cheap" versions.

          • @Bigboomboom: You're still spending several hundred dollars more for maybe 10% more performance at most.

      • Even the expensive 5700 XT's have issues. The Strix version of the 5700 XT cooler wasn't even mounted properly to the PCB.

        Video source: https://youtu.be/OJU8jKIYtS4?t=685

        I'd honestly just stay away from AMD's Navi cards right now, their drivers are a mess (black screening and stuttering), their partner cards have been notable for having problems and AMD has been messing with partners on launches (5600 XT just as an example). It's not that I'm a fanboy of NVIDIA, but honestly, AMD needs time to truly make their Navi drivers good and to work with AIBs to make proper designs. Hopefully their RDNA2 cards will be much better, and they are refreshing these current Navi cards, so by then hopefully issues are fixed!

        • I think the Sapphire cards are pretty good and don't have issues 5700xt wise but never on sale lol, 5600 was a total debacle… And Yeh drivers are the other Achilles head of the Navi cards..

          Loll I saw the Strix one, crack up.. How that gets through engineering is beyond me…

        • I accidentally linked the wrong video, this is the one I was talking about with the Strix, sorry bout that, but so many bad 5700 XT models, it gets me confused lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7lnBCFnBok

          • @KARMAAA: Lol I knew exactly which video you meant, but Yeh there's lots out there, so I included the disclaimer about the 5700 anytime I mention it…

            For all the praise Lisa Su gets for making AMD a force in the CPU market I think she should get some down votes for letting the gpu arm crap all over itself…

            At this rate nvidia doesn't even have to try… They just need to sit around and watch AMD pile one screw up on top of the other…

            Competitive pricing keeps floating away… Lol

        • Even the expensive 5700 XT's have issues.

          Not to mmention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDyP9nDw_q0

    • Depends how much the 5700xt is. If it's >$600 than this deal is probably better

  • 1080ti performance for much the same price that second hand 1080tis still command. Also struggling to resist.

    • Damn I bought a 1080ti for $894.20 two and a half years ago from this deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/314043

    • It's around 10% better than a 1080ti.


      The second hand prices for 1080 tis are stupid. I can't believe that anyone buys them.

      • It's probably the 11GB VRAM that is holding their price up.

      • Not even 10%, your link says 5% at 1080p and 8% at 1440p, compared to an unknown 1080ti (so we're not sure if a factory OC'd card was used which would reduce the gap even more).

        This article concludes that an equivalent 1080ti is 3% faster at 1440p. So its a fair enough statement to say 1080ti = 2070 Super.

        Almost 3 years on for the same performance, at either same price (if comparing used vs new) or only a ~20% discount (new vs new at launch). Of course you'd choose a 2070 Super now but the real winners are 1080ti owners who bought in years ago - wouldn't have predicted nvidia's progress to be so underwhelmingly shit in 3 years time. 1080ti has turned out to be the best value GPU for a long time IMO which is why used prices are still so high.

        • Not even 10%, your link says 5% at 1080p and 8% at 1440p

          That's as an absolute percentage. 100/92 = 8.67%, which I stupidly, roughly estimated to be 10 but should've said 9. The 1440p resolution is a better estimate as the 1080p is more likely to be less reliant on the gpu and more bottlenecked by the rest of the computer.

          Almost 3 years on for the same performance, at either same price

          The GTX 1080 Ti MSRP was $699, compared to $499 for the RTX 2070 super, so $200 US less. Morrison being PM and tanking the economy and thus also the AUD/USD exchange rate means that their pricing isn't too different in Australia though despite the 2070 launch being substantially cheaper overseas.

          1080ti owners who bought in years ago

          I do agree that people who bought a GTX 1080 Ti years ago are laughing, especially if they sell it for the $700ish price listings they are going for on Gum tree right before the 3000 series launches.

          GPU for a long time IMO which is why used prices are still so high

          That plus a very weak Australian dollar.

  • Pulled the trigger.

    With so many options its easy to get a kind of paralysis endlessly wondering if you getting the best outcome for you budget.

    Around $700 was the limit for me and this should be better than a 5700XT I hope :-)

  • I will wait. Not long to go now until next generation cards are released

    • I keep seeing this every where, yet no real infomration has been given out to warrant it. June is still my guess.

      • June at the latest. Current rumour from board partners is they are expecting a Q2 release, so June would be the latest.

        With any luck, June will be a 3060 release.

    • Might as well wait for 4000 series, will blow 3000 series out of the water (maybe)

  • +2 votes

    I need something to reach my 1440p monitors needs.

    Gtx1060 just isnt doing it.

    • This and 5700XT are your best bet… 2060 super might depending on games and quality settings.

  • Anyone know the difference between this card, the advanced card and the OC card? Can only find out details on the OC and advanced but not this one

    • Slightly higher core clocks. Other than that, nothing really different, same power targets, cooler and everything else. Most of the time the card boosts higher than the advertised clocks anyways, by a fair margin, so you're really not better off buying an OC model.

      Only model I can truly recommend for high clocks that's like pre-binned are the MSI Gaming Z cards, usually because they are the top 1% of chips and do usually boost to like ~2.0-2.1 GHz. That and the EVGA Kingpin cards because they usually have high power targets for extreme overclocking and features for easier LN2 and Liquid Cooling, with good VRM layouts.

      Otherwise, the difference between a Strix OC or an MSI Gaming X or an EVGA FTW or a Gigabyte Super AORUS is like 1-2% difference, which you basically will never see at high refresh rates or even at 60 FPS, it might be one frame at best.

      Even lower end cards like a ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super Dual OC EVO will reach similar clocks to the Strix model, the Strix will just mostly stay at that boost longer due to having three fans to disperse the heat. But the like real world FPS is like 3-5% difference, which really isn't worth the extra money if you're just looking to plug and play.

    • https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-8G-GA...
      I just bought this exact same card a few weeks ago. From what I can see on the Asus website, the only difference is the boost clock.
      For anyone wondering about the temps, when my room temp was about 30 degree C (unfortunately I don't use air-con), the GPU idle temp was about 30 degree C with the GPU fans running at about 27% speed (approx. 950 RPM) under 'silent mode' (GPU Tweak II). When I played a game (MHW) at highest graphics settings at 1080p on 'silent mode' with uncapped FPS (I think the in-game average was about 90-100 FPS and reached 300 FPS in the menu/cutscenes), after about 1 hour at 99-100% core load, it reached 66 degree C (I believe the safe max operating temp is 80 degree C). I think under 'gaming mode' the fans will run at a higher speed so temps might be a bit lower. There's also an 'OC mode' but I haven't tried it yet. This was with RTX off but I don't think the game supports ray tracing anyway. My CPU is 3900X.
      Also, from what I can see on the pictures all 3 variants seem to have the same cooling system (fans, heatsinks, etc).
      My GPU clock speed is 1740 MHz under Silent mode and 1770 MHz under Gaming mode.

    • Just buy the cheapest one among them 3. You're not gonna notice any difference unless you staring at the fps counter or benchmark score.

  • After the debacle that is FTC I’m considering getting a 5700XT, specifically the red devil, how would it compare?

    • This will give about 10% better performance

    • what you think, damn tempting isn't it. And we will actually get it this time..

      • For me, I must admit I am a bit of an AMD fan as I intend to use the card in an egpu and I have a MacBook plus ice lake laptop that can make use of it. If I do get a 5700xt it would be a really good one like the MSI gaming X or red devil, even when I had a 1080ti I bough an EVGA….only reason for FTC was that it was so much cheaper!

  • FTC also failed with my order with the Gigabyte Windforce OC version, but ended up going to Computer Alliance which does it with 719.10.

    Not too sure but I think spending extra 20 for OC is worth it?

  • No my 2016 gtx1070 is fine….

  • Thanks OP! Bought it just then. I'm building a computer right now and this deal could not have been better timed.

  • Never thought I’d see a PC Case Gear deal on here.

  • Now wheres the motherboard deal when you need one

  • So tempting to replace my 3.5 year old 1070!

    Buuuut… I mainly play Dota 2 so I don't really need this card, do I?

    • Honestly I used to think like that as well but came to the conclusion that if my card is doing what I want with the games I want that's enough for me not to grab a new one even if its a good bargain.

    • I'm still running a 670

    • Same here regarding Dota 2, and i'm still running a 780ti without issue. Until your needs change, there's no point.

      If anything, just make sure you have a decent 144hz monitor that your card can make use of (e.g. AOC 24G2)

      • I was lucky that due to a work perk for I was able to replace my 10 year old 30" 1600p monitor with a 27" 1440 160hz monitor.

        Even with that, the 1070 doesn't struggle when I occasionally boot up something else with higher requirements.

        I normally upgrade my PC and graphics in 2 year cycles e.g. Upgrade PC > 2 years > Upgrade graphics > Upgrade PC repeat.

        I am thinking I can probably get another year or two out of the 1070 at this rate.

  • I’m still using a 980ti and I game at 1440p
    Is this worth an upgrade?
    Was looking at 2080’s but paralysis by analysis getting to me

    • It depends what games you play. This is a sweet spot price for 2070S imo, 2080s you are looking at over 1k, 2080ti is close to 2k.

      980ti to 2070S is definitely gonna give you a huge boost on gaming.

    • Paralysis by analysis.

      Thank-you for this. I want to give you more than just an up-vote

  • Insane prices. I got too hyped into the RTX thing and pre-ordered myself a 2080. I think it's the worst deal I've made in my life.

    • and here we have people saying to wait for next gen, not like they should buy is straight away. 20 series are refined now so rather buy these

    • I ordered myself a Asus Strix RX470 and I've been using it for 4+ years :) Paid $265AU delivered from amazon us on release day.
      i will replace it with a RX5950XT packing 7680 RDNA2 cores :) and being 70%+ faster then a RTX2080ti

      • I've been praying for AMD to come good in the GPU market. What nVidia have done with the price points of high-end GPUs and proprietary adaptive sync is a symptom of what's essentially a monopoly.

        But each AMD gen I'm disappointed… and yet I still believe in big Navi