This was posted 11 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Seagate 2TB FireCuda SSHD 2.5" Internal Hard Drive $140.27 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Searching for a larger HDD (or SSD) for the Mrs iMac, I found that the older model at Amazon is $140.27 over Umart's pricing at $175.00.

Don't be fooled to clicking the "There's a new model links" as they are for the 1tb at around the same price.

Not fully sure it a deal - but damn sight better then Umart at the moment.

Happy COVID shopping!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • That's expensive.. they must have run out since the last sale of $101 AUD:

    • Bugger! - though the write up on the forum doesn't seem good for them. hmmmmm. Undecided now.
      Thanks for the link - I briefly searched but didn't get a hit for any previous - musta typed wrong.

      • Testing on these never really matches real world use. Ive used a few of these and can say they honestly make a difference.

        Back when sshds were new, they needed an app to move files and that was crap because it meant that, say, your firefox cache file might take up a whole 2GB where in reality you only commonly load 400MB of it.

        These firmware based drives map sectors and copy/flag raw data blocks, so it'll cache a lot more useful data and waste a lot less of your cache.

        You REALLY feel it real world, benchmarks are hard to show it in.

  • Don't be fooled to clicking the "There's a new model links" as they are for the 1tb at around the same price.

    Yeah, labeled as 1TB in description. But display 2TB and button has 2TB. But serial is for a 1TB drive.

    • looks like the newer version is 2Tb, says so multiple times in the store page but is only 5400rpm rather than 7200…. so slower which seems odd. maybe more reliable than the old version becoz of slower speed ? of course mamazon not exactly relaible on the details as they cant even get the header corect :P

  • why would I spend now on spinning disk?

    • Because 2TB in a decent brand SSD is likely over twice the price?

    • Well, perhaps like me, you have hardware/software that isnt TRIM aware, and you don't trust wear leveling on the drive without it. (AppleTV 1, with sata to pata adaptor).

      Or perhaps you have a need for 16+tb and realise that buying that much storage on ssd is quite prohibitive cost wise.

      there's many reasons.

  • Anyone know if this any good for using on a NAS server?

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      I was looking at these a few months ago with the same purpose in mind, and the general gist of the reviews I found was no, still crappy SMR performance despite the hybrid design, so bad for NAS use.

    • Good as external hdd for PS4 though.

    • No. In theory these drives would be good, but practical application failed to hit the mark.

  • Is this the same size as the PS4 internal one? Can you replace your internal PS4 with this?

    • Yes, I use this exact drive inside my PS4 and it works great.

    • -2 votes


    • yes, any 2.5 inch SATA HDD upto 2TB will fit inside the PS4. You won't see any reduction in load times from this drive though unless you're loading the same level or data repeatedly.

      • You will, it has been compared in many videos. The drive is MUCH faster than the 5400rpm drive in the PS4. Sure it isn't anywhere near the speeds of a new SSD, but it's less than half the price.

        • yeah, I've see the videos. Unless you're repeatedly loading the same level you won't see any real decrease in load times & the SSHD is sometimes slower than the stock PS4 HDD but what do I know, I just has a Firecuda in my Pro for almost 2 years.

          • @thehoz78: This drive is 7200rpm plus ssd. PS4 pro drive is 5400rpm. This drive is faster than stock by far.

            Have you rebuilt the database?

            • @onlinepred: No mate, that's a listing error. Only the 3.5 inch Firecuda SSHDs are 7200rpm, the 2.5 inch Firecudas are 5400rpm. Like i said, I used it for almost 2 years. Last year picked up a 2TB SSD cheap & use that in my Pro now.

  • Look into these drives reliability.
    Quoting my previous comment and if you look online you will see loads of complaints

    Not reliable at all from my experience in a desktop environment.. bought 2x 2.5" and 2x 3.5" (well got a deal that i ended up with 2 of each) only have 1 working 3.5" left of all 4… i have a few other drives working in the exact same environment without issue.
    **with multiple RMA's within the first 3 months for all drives

  • I have one of these in my computer mainly as storage….should have gone with a standard HDD instead to get more capacity.

  • Guys I got question. Are we getting stuff from Amazon US? Is the ETA given by Amazon correct,for example 20 April 2020 for most product I m looking at. Let me know, since I don't wanna wait months

    • not sure if this helps. ordered mine 19/03 was due 10/04. now says due 15/04. so yeah a few weeks for mine…probally due to the virus im sure :P

  • doh!! paid $2.81 more than this…should have waited :P

  • About the same as I paid for a 2TB WD 2.5" metal case disk 4 years ago…