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Dettol Instant Liquid Hand Sanitiser Refresh Anti-Bacterial 50ml $3.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not as great of a price as it used to be but considering the current state of things I thought people might want it anyway. Enjoy.

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        • Thanks.

          • @chichi: Went to costco today and they had heaps near the exit where medicine is kept. Costco Auburn.

  • ETA around 23rd?

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      Shipping estimates are like that for everything on Amazon right now. The estimates have been very conservative for the stuff I've ordered, I'm getting items in roughly 3-4 business days despite the estimate between 1 1/2-2 weeks.

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    This is a good price. Meaning this is the normal price you would pay normally. Considering it is always out of stock +1

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    Worst mouthwash ever.

    • Better than 20sec of soap.

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    It's cheap but I feel bad thinking about all the resources it takes to get it to me.

    I'll wait for my local to get some in.

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      A hug to your favourite tree will make you feel better

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      I haven't seen one at my local supermarket for a long time now, by the time I get to the shop, it's always run out.

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      Yep, even though I have Amazon Prime, I'm not cool with the thought of all the waste that goes along with shipping one of these bottles.

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    Thanks, grabbed one, then saw the Amazon alert email in my spam folder lol.
    Good for use when I've been shopping and before I get back into the car. Good pocketable size.

    • I keep one of these in the car for when I get back in, they are such a good little size. Shame they are such a pain to get your hands onto lately.

  • Thanks OP, bought 1

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    $70/L if you’re not good in math.

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      I don't think it's fair to judge pricing by the litre considering this is designed to be portable.

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        It’s just a fact. No judgement except yours.

    • Wow.. It makes big difference when you calculate this way.

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        Buying almost anything in a bulk quantity is always cheaper…

  • Bought one

  • home - soap
    car - metho mixed with glycerine, water and hydrogen peroxide
    Everyone should know this by now
    It's not the people that try to sell stuff at inflated prices that cause prices to stay high - it's the people that buy it

    • Do you know metho is actually poison that can be absorbed through skin?

      • -1

        do some research and realise you just posted bs

        • but this smells better.

        • Doesn't hydrogen peroxide alone kill covid19?

          • @TEER3X: Nope the hydrogen peroxide is just to kill off bacteria/impurities etc in the other sanitiser ingredients.

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            @SpaceNinja: that's methanol - not methylated spirits drop kick

            • @Pace210: bro, methylated spirit has methanol.

              • @SpaceNinja: so does alcohol, I'm done here, sick of explaining basic shit you can look up online.

                • @Pace210: No it has ethanol, sorry I am trying to protect you from poisoning your stupid @ss.

  • thx copped

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      This is the normal price before COVID-19 and the price is still maintained during COVID-19.
      Just bear in mind that this is a convenience pack and ir priced accordingly as with most things that have a small volume and large volume package - like coke for example: 375mL can vs 2L bottle.

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                  @pennypincher98: Because some prefer the smaller 50mL bottle for whatever reason. The same as some prefer a 375mL can of Coke instead of repeatingly refilling it from a 2L bottle of Coke.

  • Damn must be one of the fastest post to receive a popular deal badge

  • Got one for school. Thanks.

  • I think this is sold out now.

  • Can't add to cart…

  • Getting one for the handy small container to put in the car!

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  • Is it sold out? It says it's "In Stock" but when I try to add it to my cart or Buy it now. It takes me to a page that says. Your cart is empty.

    • Looks like it's gone.

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    Chemist Warehouse have these for $2.99 or $5.99 for 200ml for those unable to get to a Costco

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      Do they have stock though? Last week I was in CW and they had literally nothing on the shelf.

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        Because it's behind the counter at the checkout.

        • I didn't notice any, but I wasn't looking specifically for it. Still working my way through the 1L bottle we have in the baby's room!

          Edit: I should clarify, I was at CW to get a prescription filled, not to buy sanitiser lol

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            @nafe: You have to ask for it at the checkout.

            • @lomie: Cheers, if I need more I'll head back there. For now home is covered and the car with the Amazon purchase.

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    If anyone still needs hand sanitiser, and can't get to Costco or Chemist Warehouse as per the comments above, then these places seem reasonable:

    https://www.fevermates.com/collections/the-fevermates-collec... (500ml, $15)
    https://nedwhisky.com.au/product/ned-sanitiser-4-x-100ml/ (400ml, $20)
    https://www.nepbio.com/collections/klinrub (200ml, $12)

    Super Pharmacy had a good deal before but unfortunately are out of stock.

    • Any idea on shipping cost for those places you can’t calculate without putting in your details first.

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        Just tried each then:
        Fevermates = $17 (express only)
        Nedwhisky = $10 (flat rate)
        Nepbio = $9

        Based on delivery to Sydney metro.

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      Also some of the alcohol distillers like Archie Rose, Manly Gin, Tambourine Mt, Lord Byron Distillery and Brix Distillers are making hand sanitizers…from mini bottles to 5 Litres(!)

      Great way to keep their bar staff employed.

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        I'm going to purchase the Mr. Black one purely for their packaging (graphics designer so I'm a sucker for a nice design). Have always liked their packaging but I don't drink alcohol… but I do need to sanitise my hands! (I might add a bottle of their alcohol though… I guess I can give it to someone if I don't like it or have it on forever on display..?)

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      Pure Ruslan greed that.

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      all I can say is (profanity) Kogan, and everything they stand for these days. essentially a glorified $2 shop making a buck on people's misfortunes

      • they were selling surgical masks at $2 a piece 2 weeks ago! Price has dropped to around $1 piece now .. because no one is buying them! Serve them right

        • good. I hope they go out of business. they've expanded too much, doing everything from products to car insurance, to credit cards. then they offer the most worthless "Kogan First" subscription and provide no support to people who have issues with their purchases…

    • Greed at its best, time to boycott Kogan. Kogan only winge at Gerry, but with this feed Kogan is worse than Gerry

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    refraining from buying any hand sanitizer, because we have one bottle, and I'm working from home, with minimal contact in the outside world.

    leaving these for those who actually need it.

    • With the number of stores/companies switching to making hand sanitisers, I very much doubt there will be a shortage anytime soon. Unlike TP and N95 masks, which require special machinery, anyone can manufacture hand sanitisers, the formula and ingredients are widely available. And they will need to make/sell these to keep their staff employed, those whose traditional jobs are made redundant due to lock down (e.g. wineries restaurant staff). I would say buy and support them.

  • Thanks ordered and shipped to my parents.

  • Back in stock…

  • Back in stock as of 8:44pm Tuesday night..

  • just ordered

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    1 per customer? It's 50ml? lol

  • Back in stock

  • there are plenty of sanitisers everywhere now..in pharmacy there are plenty available..

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      Maybe where you are, but there are plenty of places that don't have it on the shelf still.

      • They're not on shelves. Ask them they're usually behind the counter. I did this about month ago, ask the pharmacist and they didn't have any stock. I put my name down and they called me back later. 1L $25 not the cheapest but good for the time we're in.

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    Too expensive.

  • Well expensive… nah, lots cheaper in local chemist

  • Currently unavailable

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    Available again

    • You're on the ball, Hamza!

  • Bought one, thanks

  • Yep back in stock, didn't get any even though I wanted to for some reason. Gotta go get my 300ml Thankyou bottle from officeworks tomoz.

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    $3.49 for 50ml, which means $34.90 for 500ml. Then, why this post gets almost 300 pos but previous posts with cheaper prices for equivalent ml got all the negs?!

    Not to mention limited to 1 per account and $7.99 for shipping by itself.

    • +1

      It's not about the quantity, it's about the convenience of having a small bottle to carry around.

      For similar reasons I sometimes choose to buy a snack (e.g. a meat pie) when I'm out. Yes it's much cheaper to just buy a pack of four at the supermarket then heat up individual pies, but it's not as convenient.

      • +1

        Local Reject Shops sell squeezable travel bottles set of 8 for merely $4.

        • Once again convenience. I can sit here and have a bottle delivered for $3.49 with no further effort on my part. Or I can drive out there (with my own time and petrol money), potentially expose myself to the virus, and buy some travel bottles to do some self squeezing. If you can arrange for little travel sized bottles filled with portions from 500mL or 1L bottles then good for you. But for other people it's not an option that's easily available to them.

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            @Boba: Not 3.49 delivered as you stated, it's
            $7.99 for shipping so it's 11.48 delivered.

            I assume most would be combining their other purchases to make them eligible for free shipping.

      • Buy one small bottle. Then one big bottle.
        Then go into manufacturing. 🏭

        • +1

          I remember looking at 5L of Isopropyl for $45 about a month ago and thinking "nah, it used to be $30"…. So much regret now!

  • Keeps coming back in stock, managed to get some just before.
    Keep looking, ozbargainers!

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    Back in stock. 1 per customer.

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  • Got one! Cheers