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WD Black SN750 1TB NVMe SSD $238.15 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


1TB back to this $238 price, not sure how long it will last.
Says in stock May 1, 2020.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    How does this compare to crucial P1?

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      WD is TLC vs QLC, endurance for WD rated 600TBW vs 200TBW.
      Speed wise I think WD is still faster but might not able to notice in real world usage.

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      From a speed perspective

      SN750 1TB
      Read 3430MB/s
      Write 3000MB/s
      4KB IOPS Read/Write - 515k/560k

      P1 1TB
      Read 2000MB/s
      Write 1700MB/s
      4KB IOPS Read/Write - 170K/240k

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        SN750 1TB
        6GB SLC cache. After ~5 seconds write speed degrades to ~1600MB/s

        P1 1TB
        140GB SLC cache. After ~88 seconds write speed degrades to ~100MB/s

        Not a great deal of difference for the first 150GB.

        • Kingston A2000 is also a very decent SSD. Problem is prices these days are more than they were last year. In December I bought a 500GB A2000 for $95 and now it's $128. It's TLC with 350TBW (500GB) and real world 2GBps on both R&W with the cache (at least 100GB as in a review they copied 100GB and maintained 2GBps). I'd say it's a pretty damn good SSD.

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    Is this a performance level SSD?

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        zeroxp is a better friend. Friend

        Google delivers curated bullshit results with pages of editorial crap to sift through. Ozbargain has knowledgeable folks who are happy to share their knowledge without me being required to sift through pages of crap to get an answer.

    • Yes
      Read 3430MB/s
      Write 3000MB/s.

      For $230 is a good price, normally SSDs with such speed are around $300-350 AUD, at least in Australia, in US it is cheaper ($200-230 in AUD equivalent).

      The highest speed you can get at the moment is around 5000 MB/s (not counting intel optane). 99% of users won't notice any difference but the price is $400-450 AUD which is almost twice as higher.

      • At these insane speeds, anything over about 2gb/s, I'll be looking at 4k iops. As quoted above, if this thing is doing 3gb/s+ at 500k iops, yes. It's fast! For a reasonable price to boot.

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      It's not the highest, but yes it's a higher endurance and speed ssd, in terms of gaming and real world it's probably not going to be noticeable for average users. Good deal though… 🙂

  • NOTE: The listing says 250GB but the size panel says 1TB on Amazon. I'm not sure how big it is.

    • It's 1TB.

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      250GB is $120, so $238 for 1TB looks like a valid price.

      Anyway, in US it is $135 USD, so $200-230 AUD it is a normal price, not a sale. Shame that in AU it was selling at $300+ level.

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      Finally got it delivered today. I can now confirm it is indeed 1TB.

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    dont forget you can get the heatsink for an extra $170

    • and $170 buys you 3mm lol

  • Thanks. Bought one.
    The model number checks out for 1Tb.

  • thanks, bought one for portable

  • This item is no longer available from the seller you selected.

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  • Looks sold out, no Amazon seller listed

  • Same SSD grade as 970 EVO

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      no… similar to the evo plus NVMe, not SATA.

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        970 evo plus is just the updated 970 evo. So ragnarok isn't wrong :)

  • Ps5 compatible?

  • Damn! You guys are fast! OOS!

  • Looks like I snagged up the last one. Sorry guys 😅

  • I ordered and specifically checked the 1TB option but upon checking the order it says 250GB in the item description, anyone else got this?

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      the order should have something like 'Capacity: 1TB'?

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      The model number in the order description says WDS100T3X0C - check that on the WD website and you'll find it matches back to 1TB version.

  • Available for order, while stock will be dispatched after May 24, 2020. ("In stock on May 24, 2020.")

    EDIT: nvm cannot be added to cart apparently

  • Dammmit missed out nooo


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