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Unlimited NBN 100/40 $89pm ($79pm bundled with a mobile plan) No Contract, No Price Changes @ MATE

  • No contracts
  • Aussie based support
  • No setup fees with BYO modem
  • Unlimited data for all plans
  • Static IP included
  • 1 month risk free trial

Note, you need to go through their website live chat or phone them up to get the 100/40 plan as they currently only advertise their 100/20 plan online.

I have been on their 100/40 plan on FTTP for 2 months now and have had no dropouts and 0 issues with congestion running hourly speedtests. With their pricing it is really tough to beat and couldn't be at a better time during the restrictions we are all facing to have that bit of extra bandwidth.

Enjoy! :)

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  • +6

    not a bad price if you need 40 upload, mate!

    • +1

      I guess with video meetings more people need higher upload.

      Normally it'd be fine, but working from home, you need that

      • +2

        Not really.. Video upload is rather minimal, and any decent program will compress as required to maintain latency. Zoom specifically say 1.2Mbps for 720p 1:1 calls..

  • New customers only or can existing customers / previous customers switch to this also?

    • Open to anyone I'd say. As there are no contracts you'd be able to sign up I am sure.

  • +4

    This seems pretty good. $10 cheaper than I am on with ABB. How is their peak load management and CVC congestion?

    • +4

      I am on FTTP and have had 0 issues with congestion that was before nbn issued the extra 40% CVC capacity before the restrictions come into place as well. I guess depends on your connectivity but I sit at a solid 92/93 mbps down and about 35mbps up all day round. Shoot me a PM if you're interested

      • I am only on FTTN and sync 80/30… but have had a bit of congestion trouble on a few weekends last month. It's been pretty good these last few weeks so figured the nbn relief was doing that rather than ABB forking out cash to keep ahead of the curve.

        I do miss the days when I had 25% staff discount with Telstra and didn't have to hunt around for cheaper deals.

      • Follow up question - do they have an app? I like ABB in that I can check connection remotely if my mother or niece is having issues. Can test, force a resync… all the tests you can do in the nbn portal itself if you worked in tech support.

        Does mate have that?

        • No it doesn't as far as I believe. Though to be fair I haven't had an issue since being with them and if there is a need all I do is vpn back in and reboot my router if required.

          • +1

            @josh3003: Wait, if you have issues, how do you vpn back?

            • @D3m3ntia: I've never had my net just drop out as I've mentioned. I paired my FTTP with an RT-86u and its solid as a rock with Merlin software. It's only for little nitpicky things. Even then I just vpn in and ssh into the router and perform anything I need to do.

              • @josh3003: Sure, with Telstra at the moment and at times I'll get a dropout which is fixed through resync (on HFC so basically that means unplugging coax, count to 10 plug back in), I guess that's what the OP above is getting at.

                I think different tech will have variable factors and frequency for dropout, and being able to remotely get my provider to resync would be great for me (the way to do it remotely at the moment is to chat/call Telstra and sit through their troubleshooting script!!!)

                • +1

                  @D3m3ntia: Sure, I understand and working in tech I definitely get that. It will depend on how you are connected on that last leg of the trip.
                  One thing I do like is the short wait times and the aussie support so you don't have to deal with the overseas call center crap.

    • +1

      i lasted 2 weeks into my first month it was so bad at night worst then when i had my adsl they insisted it was a nbn issue moved to aussieb and have never had an issue since. i'm on HFC

    • +1

      This is why I'm with ABB. They're the only RSP I've come across who is so transparent with their utilisation. Everyone else talks a good game but won't show their figures.

      • Launtel shows their figures

  • +1

    Great company but beware they do not churn if you are on ftth.

    • +1

      If you're on FTTP/FTTH, don't you have 4 ports on the NTD to use? Once it's connected, disconnect the other port.

      • +1

        Yep, I churned from SL to Mate, changed from NTD Port 1 to Port 2 and off I went.

  • +1

    Would you do the 100/20 for $79? :)

    • You can, though it works the same you can get the $10 discount (making it $69pm) if you bundle a mobile plan also.

      • +1

        really, so 100/20 can be $69pm now? I just signed up 100/20 for 79 last week.

        • ONLY IF you bundle it with a mobile plan. So technically you'd pay $25 mobile plan + $69pm nbn plan being $94 in total but you get that $10 discount.

          • @josh3003: yeah with bundle I know. So you're saying 100/20 broadband can be $69 when bundled with mobile?

            • @Nick K: Yes it can.

              • @josh3003: Oh, my bad. I already got the deal. I was confused with $10 twice. Yeah, sorry.

  • These posts make me sad with FTTN and a 28Mbps sync.

    • Or your on opticomm or another nbn company, having to pay $500 a month for this on a insane business plan

      • +2

        Or your on opticomm or another nbn fibre company

    • Look at South Korea, usually speeds in the gigabits. Switzerland for example had the 3rd comms company Salt selling 40GBbps unlimited for 29.95 / mo . Then the silly folks kept on hanging 8k TV's to it and now they only sell 10GBbps.

  • +2

    Sorry for nob question about how this company offers comparing to Superloop NBN?

    • +4

      No contract and no set up fees. Worth a shot for a month and move if you're not happy.

    • I actually churned from SL to Mate. Haven't seen much of a difference they are both solid ISP's but Mate is a bit cheaper making it a winner in my books.

      • +2

        Cheap is definitely the best option for any internet connection when it is trouble free. When it goes to shit though, I sure don't want to be dealing with TPG or Dodo. Never had any problems with ABB and have only heard good things about mate (wish I had submitted my resume when a bloke on reddit invited me to years ago) so think I will take you up on that PM offer tonight.

        • Thanks, I'll talk to you then.

          • @josh3003: I'm still hoping for an ISP to do a combined NBN / Mobile plan.
            I have no interest in NBN combined with home phone or streaming service.

            I use barely any data on the Phone. I was paying $30 for 17GB, which i used almost nothing of, for a year but now up to $40. Still haven't had to get off my grandfathered Optus HFC 120GB but NBN is finally getting close.

            I'd be curious how much a mobile with 5GB of data and basic NBN with 200GB would cost.

            • @Antikythera: This is not a home phone service. This IS the service you are looking for as they do Mobile and NBN plans leveraging Telstra network.

              I pay $25 for 15gb a month with data rollover and my $79pm 100/40 plan because I have the mobile bundle with them also.

              • @josh3003: yeah i understand they do both. its getting closer to my ideal of a combined plan. and once i'm forced to get off HFC probably will do similar.

                right now i'm still playing $50 for my Grandfathered Optus HFC which started off as 50GB + 70GB off peak. I'm not sure if they still realise I pay $10 lower because I have a mobile plan with them. So not planning on moving mobile from them until I ditch them when o change to NBN.

        • @Grimario Flick us a PM if you still are interested

    • I had sl for nearly 3 months and the connection kept dropping out. They couldn’t sort if for me. I signed up with mate and a quick chat and email and they got the nbn to come out here and all sorted! I’m not changing now ever again. Connection is solid (100/20) and I still get 36 sometimes in upload which is great.

  • Do I need to inform my current provider if I'm switching? I'm with belong.

    • Only if FTTP.

      • Oh ok thanks. I have HFC.

      • +1


        You do need to inform your ISP otherwise they will keep charging you.

        • +1

          I was under the impression when a service is replaced by another, the service gets cancelled. Has happened to me a few times now.

          • @apptrack: Yep, did exactly this on the weekend. Got a cancellation email from Exetel shortly after the transfer was completed.

            This was with HFC BTW. Connection type matters..

          • +1

            @apptrack: Yeah it’s different than ADSL2+ where it’s automatic. I had to contact Telstra to cancel my FTTC connection after switching to Aussie Broadband.

    • +1

      You will need to contact Belong to cancel from a billing point, or they will continue to charge. Had that issue with Internode as well.

    • +1

      It does not hurt to advise your current provider.

  • I'm on last month of Superloop discounted plan, when is the best date to churn to someone like Mate? Is it just before the last day of the contract month? I don't suppose they refund pro-rata?

    • You can try and phone and enquire. However anytime works and I was able to get churned over on the same day of applying for the new connection.

    • I called up SL and was told that they don't do pro rata payment. So yeah, I would do it towards the end of the current billing cycle.

      • Thanks, that is what I will be doing.

  • ABB is $89/month for 100/20 unlimited. I guess it depends what you value more upload speed or proven reliability.

    • Haven't had an issue before and it gets a lot of good reviews. I have also read that people have been having issues with ABB applying discount codes around the cyber monday sale deals. Plus you can take advantage of the 1 month free trial if it falls over and gives you issues no harm done and no more out of pocket.

  • I just signed up to them last week 100/20 for $79 bundle with mobile. When it was activated, I did a speed test and got around 85/40. Today just test again, getting ~30/30 upload, (many people using). So I guess even though I signed up for 20 upload, I still get 40 upload?

  • Last I looked into Mate they used CGNAT with no opt-out, is that still the case?

    • They give out free static IPv4 address.

    • Reply from Mate when enquiring:-

      We can confirm we provide a public, static IP address and do not use CG-NAT.


      The MATE team

  • ipv6?

    • +1

      ipv4 at this stage

  • Looking for cheapest price on Unlimited (or at least 250Gb), speed required: 25mbps, NBN. I think my options are 6months with Tangerine, or 12 months with Belong (if I can make use of the free $80 SIM they send with the contract). Any others I should consider? Thank you in advance.
    I can BYO modem… I have one from Belong, one from Exetel… not sure if I have a third…

    *I'm currently spending $44/month on Exetel, getting 100Gb at 12mbps (temporarily upgraded to 140Gb for free during COVID)

    • Mate do $49 a month comparing them with Tangerine who are at $49.90. But note those prices go to $59.90 after 6 months.
      Mate will stay the same at $49 ongoing.
      That includes unlimited data.

      • How do you get 25mbps for $49?

        Mate's website shows $59 per month.

        • Sorry, I was taking into account the bundled discount.

          • @josh3003: No worries.

            Might look into getting Tangerine though.
            25mbps for $49.90 for 6 months seems good.

    • Do NOT go Belong… nothing but issues

  • That's the price I pay with superloop anyway…

    • We are talking 100/40 correct? It is advertised at $98.95 per month on SL website. Mate is fixed at $89 per month ongoing and $79 if you bundle with a mobile plan.

      • My invoice says 100/40 and $89 per month. I don't have a bundle and don't plan on getting one…

        • I guess you're lucky they didn't increase the price. :)

      • +1

        I'm on $89 a month with Superloop for 100/40 as well but have been for almost 18 months. They upped it to $98.95 a couple months back I believe when everyone started bringing in the 100/20 plans, Luckily they didn't (couldn't?) force me into a price rise.

        So in saying that, this is definitely a decent price for 100/40!

        • Ahh ok, Yeah i got mine just over 6 months ago so the sign up discount is has just run out now. Was going to move to Launtel 50/20 though since not really using the speed anyways. Just stream/ps4 and light downloading lately.

  • Anyone know how foxtel NBN is compared to Mate (I am currently on ABB and looking to move)? I know they give discounts if you already have Foxtel Tv with them as i do.

    • Foxtel NBN is Telstra NBN essentially. Not sure the CVC management is the same.

      • +1

        Foxtel NBN is literally just Telstra NBN unless it's changed in the 16 or so months since I worked there. The entire relationship is through Telstra Wholesale and the various business units that do the actual engagement with nbn co. They don't manage their own CVC, that's all Telstra's doing.

  • +1

    Launtel is still cheaper with the code "EARLYADOPTER", i get under $80-84 a month, plus $25 referral credit. But yeah, Mate is OK, not better than AussieBB or Launtel for CVC management or good local aussie support, but they're alright. Mates support has generally always been 'busy' when i tried them.

    • Im on FTTC, no issues with local traffic, but overseas speed is below average.

      ABB is way better but expensive. Signing up with Launtel.

      • At least with Launtel you get 7 days free (granted Mate is 30 days free or you get your money back?), then you can also change speeds in about 30 minutes. You also can pause for a day or a week or whenever you want. There's so much more control that nothing comes close, as you pay by day not by the month, there's a link to the referral code on oz-bargain.

        • -1

          Mate has a month risk free trial. Launtel repurpose vocus as well like the many others when queried so their CVC management is just the same as Mate.

          • +1

            @josh3003: It's not the 'same' you can see the CVC management in real time with Launtel, you can see day by day, minute by minute, you can see every POI they connect to, you can see their backhaul management and transit loads. Saying it's the same, is well, interesting.

            Not even Aussie does this. Mate certainly don't.


            • @checkingthisout: Launtel have advised me that they use Vocus.
              Might vary state to state with how they connect their service but they have no control over CVC if they use Vocus. While they may be able to see it doesn't mean they can control it.

              • +1

                @josh3003: I am not sure what you mean by 'control', you are either out of CVC or you're not. You can't control CVC, you can only buy more. CVC is a limiter in place by the NBN. Nothing more than that, so there is no 'control' as you put and if i can't see your graphs, then i can't believe you find showing your CVC important. Apple to oranges really.

                • @checkingthisout: In this use case, Launtel could not just at the drop of the hat increase CVC they'd have to go through Vocus as they're reselling a vocus line. Again state by state may vary but that's what I was told by their rep.

                  • +1

                    @josh3003: Yes, that is true even on direct connection to NBN, you need to buy more CVC. Even Telstra has to, or TPG, or Optus, or Aussie. The difference is Launtel & Aussie, or Superloop for that matter, don't hide their graphs. Launtel is the only one that shows their network in real time though. Mate doesn't show their network at all. So who knows what connection you get?

                    • +1

                      @checkingthisout: I understand all ISP's dont disclose the graphs. Though in my defense I have a raspberry pi with PiHole installed with a speedtest mod that runs hourly speedtests 24/7 and I never drop below 90mb/s even during in peak time.

                      • +1

                        @josh3003: You're on FTTP. Your PiHole speed tests to the same server, probably locally. It's pretty meaningless data. A google file download, or a steam download is much more conclusive. Of which only two providers gave the full speeds of the lines maximum, Aussie/Launtel. That's it. And I've tried them all on lots of connection types, FTTC to HFC, FTTP to FW. Mate isn't bad, just saying, it's not Aussie or Launtel and if you can get them for less, don't bother with anything else.

                        • @checkingthisout: Thanks, I can set the server I wish to test and it's all pretty good as you said. Usually when downloading and nothing else is busy on the network I'll get around 11.5MB/s though I tend to cap it just slightly under so not to saturate the link for large steam downloads etc.

    • Launtel is still cheaper with the code "EARLYADOPTER"

      Until you factor in Static IP, in which case it's $6.80 more per month. Plus after 180 days it goes up to being $101.8958 a month including Static IP.
      Their website is a nightmare to get info if you don't have an active address.

      • Agreed. Once you factor in the additional cost of removing CGNAT for $0.35/day, the attractiveness of Launtel is not really there compared to ABB. I tried Launtel and after having a 3-4 hour outage (Vocus issue) plus another quick dropout afterwards (Launtel engineer created a loop when trying to permanently resolve it), I ended up going back to ABB. I like the per day billing with Launtel but if you're on Vocus, the speed changes usually take a few hours. I was thinking of running a lower speed then boosting when I needed it, but it didn't end up working out.

        • I don't think anyone can really beat AussieBB for most features. Although, if AussieBB brought the features Launtel had in terms of network control & visibility, then there would be literally no one like Aussie.

  • +1

    I signed up with these guys last Tuesday, I'm eligible for Fibre to the curb. The NCD and modem both showed up with 3 days from ordering (ordered late Tuesday, modem arrives Friday morning).

    Unfortunately it appears that NBN have not set up the connection properly so I'm waiting for that to be fixed before I can comment on speed etc. When I called to tell Mate about the issue I was on hold for about 20 seconds and the guy I spoke to was on the ball and had it all logged. I've received frequent Text message updates on the progress of NBN fixing the issue. So far definitely happy with the order process and customer service

  • +1

    been with MATE for months now, continuous internet drop outs and slow speeds. pathetic NBN

    • +2

      Don't put up with that, leave. You can churn to a good provider in less than a day, sometimes hours or minutes if you're on pre-Malcom-I-wrote-a-book Turnbull FTTP.

  • +1

    I'm on a 50/20 plan for $70/month. It had been $60/month for 6 months as a promotion.

  • Thanks, nbn is apparently almost finished, nbn co says May, this site said it’s ready, signed up to 100/20 and mobile moving from Telstra adsl

    • That's good. Glad you could get connected.

    • Hi May i askbHow do you know when you are ready? NBNco said May 2020 in my area. Does NBNco need to install some sort of equipment outside my house before organising ISP provider? Expecting FTTC.

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