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Unlimited NBN 100/40 $89pm ($79pm bundled with a mobile plan) No Contract, No Price Changes @ MATE

  • No contracts
  • Aussie based support
  • No setup fees with BYO modem
  • Unlimited data for all plans
  • Static IP included
  • 1 month risk free trial

Note, you need to go through their website live chat or phone them up to get the 100/40 plan as they currently only advertise their 100/20 plan online.

I have been on their 100/40 plan on FTTP for 2 months now and have had no dropouts and 0 issues with congestion running hourly speedtests. With their pricing it is really tough to beat and couldn't be at a better time during the restrictions we are all facing to have that bit of extra bandwidth.

Enjoy! :)

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      • You know it's ready when NBN says your ready to connect.

        The FTTC equipment outside should already be installed. When NBN says your ready to connect place an order with your ISP. Next NBN or yourself has to install the network connection device inside your premises.

      • I put my address in on mate and they said it’s good to go, let me process the order, waiting for confirmation tomorrow.

  • Can I use my ABB supplied modem with MATE? Is it hard to setup?

    • Nope I switched same day from SL to Mate. Send me a PM for more info :)

  • Anyone move from Exetel to Mate with HFC?
    What is/are the processes?
    I've been told that I need to inform exetel 30 days. Say 22/05 is on the 30th days.
    Then I can apply to mate a few days prior and try to get connected on 22/05 or earlier if possible.
    Since working from home I don't want to have any issue without internet.
    Otherwise I need to wait till no lock down.

    • I placed my order Saturday 4pm, it was disconnected same day about 9pm, and came back online ~9.30pm. Had to change pppoe details, but it took a bit to "finalise" I guess.

      • Did you inform exetel with 30 days?
        Or you just go order mate 4pm, then 9.30pm back online with mate?
        Did exetel still charge you for 30 days?
        Please let me know. Thanks

        • They're still charging me for a month, exact wording;

          Cancellation request received by Exetel: 20-04-2020
          Date your service will be cancelled: 20-05-2020
          Last billing day of your monthly access charge: 20-05-2020

          In hindsight I could've contacted them to cancel first, was just entirely sick of their shit.

  • Would the telstra gen2 modem work. MATE guys said it usually does. has anyone moved from Telstra to Mate ?

    • -1

      hey , MATE uses PPPoE for auth , I remember the Telstra routers only do DHCP and not PPPoE , so wont work

      • not sure who gave me a neg vote , can you kindly provide insight as to whats correct?

    • +1

      You have to go in and set it up, but they do work.

  • What type of blocking does Mate have?

    I had a friend who changed to Mate and could no longer access certain pages. Changing DNS to google dnss did not solve the issue.

    • None? I have had no issues accessing web pages. Using google, cloudflare etc.

  • What sort of ping do you get on speed test.net ? Am in Brisbane and seems Vocus has no pop here

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the live chat for this offer from mate? Please PM!

  • I've been with Mate since the ozbargain Xbox promo they had. Came from Aussie. Haven't had any issues - speeds have been the same.

  • +1

    Average price, nothing special. Accord is $90 for 100/40.


    • +1

      First time hearing about Accord, how's their service (peak time speeds, gaming latency etc)?

    • Interesting, nbn from officeworks.

    • I will find out how good they are. Having it installed tomorrow. They were cheaper than Mate including modem and delivery.

  • No Price Changes, yeah right.
    they have changed the price on me before, so why trust them now?

  • Been with Mate for two years now, had consistently good speed 100/20 with fftp.
    Have had to call their tech support a couple of times and was able to get through quick or got a call back as advertised.
    Haven’t had any price changes in those two years

  • Hey OP, what did you mean when you said no price change? Does that mean no price changes for the life of the plan?

    Is there anywhere that explicitly states this?

    I was with them before but and was on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/448806, but price increased to $90/month after 6 months. I left them for superloop after that increase.

  • AT the moment I have problems with Aussie Broadband. I cannot do port forwarding because they use CGNAT and most ports blocked.
    Can you do port forwarding with Mate?

    • Yep, shouldn't be a problem. Have flicked you a PM. :)

    • +4

      You can request ABB to turn off CGNAT, they do it quickly.

  • I pay the same with Telstra for 100/40. 40 upload is amazing if you ever upload large files to clouds.

  • Switching from Belong ADSL service here: So the whole process was within one week and the setup was simple enough. I used the Belong modem to set everything up without a hiccup and the usual speed for the past few days have been consistently at 80-90/30-35. Very happy with Mates service and let’s see how long I will stay that way. Belong, on the other hand, is very frustrating to deal with as their phone centres are close atm and the queuing system is just…well screw up as I far as I can tell. Stay away from Belong and their shitty customer service guys.

  • I just signed up yesterday afternoon at around 6pm my service was live and active by 11pm the same day,

    Another Ozbargain member will soon see $50 credit so enjoy that ^_^

    Happy with the speed & pings this is what I'm getting on the 100/20 Plan

    • That's awesome. Are you FTTP or hfc?

    • I just dropped to 100/20 as well today with speeds like that it looks good :P

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