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[NSW] ONKYO Atmos Home Theatre Package - $888 @ Bing Lee, Rhodes (Pick-up Only)


TX-NR555 AV Reciever
SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Front Speakers (Pair)
SKC-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Centre Speaker
SKR-4800 Full-Range Surround Speakers (Pair)
SKH-410 Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers (Pair)
SKW-770 Powered Subwoofer

Regular price $1599. Appears to be pickup only. Credit to Pricehipster.

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  • wow, it would be an okay price for the receiver in itself

  • None in Vic

  • Bought a 5.1 kit about 5 years ago, maybe even earlier, speakers are actually pretty great, sub has long since died and the AVR had the HDMI board replaced but at least the speakers are going strong!

    • If you listen as moderate levels the speakers can last years without a hitch. It seems the circuit boards and electronics on the subs/amps are the first things to go.

  • Just wait for HDMI 2.1 receivers which are around the corner, unless you really need a HT system ASAP.

    • Just wait for HDMI 2.1 receivers which are around the corner

      People have been saying this quite a while now…

      I don't see the point in waiting for HDMI 2.1. It's going to be expensive and next to useless for most applications in the near future.

    • Yes, I had the same thought. On first glance, it looks like a great deal. But I think this is the last model before a significant technology jump.

    • But there won't be a HDMI 2.1 package at this price.

  • None in the ACT, closest stock is Rhodes in Sydney. Bummer.
    Thanks OP for posting anyway for the lucky few.

  • man at this price.. for an Atmos system…

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/371025

      The receiver itself was going for $599 2 years ago so I reckon it is not a bargain IMO.
      I reckon the speakers are not even worth $300

      • Ahh yes, 'ATMOS'… when very average gear can be sold at a premium ;)

        • I have a 7.1 Atmos wireless sound bar. Say what you will but the spatial positioning on these is great.

          • @Untameable: Yea my TV does atmo, and say what you will but the spatial positioning on it is great….not.

          • @Untameable: I'm sure it sounds amazing. My comment was mainly in reference to a lot of the gear labelled 'ATMOS' which is extremely sub-par yet the manufacturers seem to think they can 'pull the wool' price-wise. Sony's add-on ATMOS speakers are the best example… cheap 4" full-range drivers in a thin chipboard box worth all of about $10 a pair (if that!) yet they retail for over $200! I suppose it's not their fault, if the consumer is willing to pay then they're laughing.

            UPDATE: Looks like Onkyo are the same! They sell the SKH-410 ATMOS Speakers included in this pack for over $250 but as per the Sonys they're only worth about $10 as seen in one of the pics here… just crappy little 4" full-range drivers in a cheap chipboard box. Please don't be fooled people!

      • Yep, just looked into the ATMOS, Surrounds and the Centre speaker supplied in this pack and they're very very low-end. The Centre channel has 2x 8cm Woofers plus a Tweeter and the Surrounds only have an 8cm Woofer each! Very low-end indeed.

        • What do ppl expect to a HT package for under a $1K? Anthem amp with Focal Utopia speakers?? LOL

          • @vinni9284: Sometimes I wonder! It's behaviour such as this that made me turn my back on 'keeping up with the Joneses' with HT gear many years ago. The relentless cycles of tech upgrades with diminished improvement each time. I decided enough was enough and jumped off that merry-go-round to dip my toe into the world of 2-Ch audio instead. I've never looked back!

            • @SteveAndBelle: Remember it's not as simple as the size of the drivers as the only thing that matters….

              My Kef R7s could look bad on a quick glance spec sheet :) let alone my actives

              • @scuderiarmani: Oh, absolutely… but you and I know the calibre of drivers in these ATMOS boxes and they're definitely nothing special :) I'll drag out my 8" Pioneer PAX full-ranges or my non-HPD 12" Tannoy Golds one day and do something with them… one day ;)

            • @SteveAndBelle: Fair enough.

              Or you can go like me. Have the best of both worlds.
              1 - Dedicated 2 channel pre and 2 channel power amp with XLR bypass
              2 - 9.2 channel prepro, with XLR out through 2 channel bypass to the dedicated 2 channel pre & 7 XLR out to another 7 channel power amp

              But then, it is a little more than a $1K setup lol


              • @vinni9284: Not sure why you were negged but yeah, if surround sound is what you're after then there are plenty of ways to achieve it :)

                • @SteveAndBelle: Thanks for your +

                  No idea but you make an opinion that doesn't settle for ppl, they neg you without doing further research or understanding the crux of the discussion. Btw, they can neg as much as they want, as I have been there, starting from buying el cheapo junk to second hand masterpieces purchased for the same price as the junk!
                  In my view, too many ppl look at the psychological "savings" they portray and not the value/quality of the product.
                  $500 off!!!! Wow, lets buy it!!! It's a massive savings but you probably can get that without all the hype.

                  Smart marketing

                  • @vinni9284: Yep, gimme 2-ch vintage any day. Getting hard to find good stuff these days though :( The recent problem I've been having though is that a lot of this very new Chinese Class-D gear is incredibly good and sooooo cheap to boot. Auditioned a $400-500 Class-D Crown Amp at a friends place a while ago and was blown away at the clarity of it compared to the multi-thousand dollar Rotel Amp it replaced! It's the new-age hifi Dilemma :)

                    • @SteveAndBelle: Most equipment is made in China these days, where the new receivers are now made in Vietnam.
                      What Rotel amp were you mentioning?
                      I purchased a Crown D amp and it didn't work properly on my system as the Receiver's RCA pre-outs didn't mesh.
                      I have the Rotel RB1590 and it rocks considering it weighs @ ~ 40KG

                      • @vinni9284: Yeah, the Class-D stuff though… phenomenal nowadays when A-B'd with decent Amps of years gone by yet at a fraction of the price!

                        Not sure what the Rotel was… possibly a 1080 or something? 15+ years old so of course they would've drifted with age but yeah that little Crown D, wow!

            • @SteveAndBelle: I’m in the same boat . Sold my old onkyo 5.1 and then my marantz 7.1 and just bought an old NAD 2 channel . The simplicity of it !

              • @tigerproud: Glorious isn't it?! Even in a nice 2.1 system… the clarity is mindblowing and adds its own dimension & depth to movies.

                • @SteveAndBelle: What is a 2.1 system? Left, Right & sub? I'm only familiar with stereo amps and surround receivers.

                  • @philart: Yep, left & right simplicity but with a sub if needed. A sub can come in handy if your mains just can't get down low enough and/or you like that extra kick for movies. Most of my vintage speakers offer incredible clarity & imaging but sometimes some of them need a little helping hand down low so it's nice to have the option. I've also incorporated a small Sub into a low-powered valve Amp system with great results too.

  • if I wasn't living in a unit and if I wasn't considerate for my neighbors, I would probably be on it

    • Trust me. It may go loud to a certain limit before distortion kicks in, but it's not going to rumble your whole place.

      • Can you even hear bro

          • @vinni9284: Why does it always have to become a dick swinging contest in the comment section for this type of stuff.. Just because someone can't afford a fancy system, doesn't make their opinion any less valid.

            • @Ryballs: Why are you directing your comment to me?
              My opinion is just as valid like everyone else's. My response was perceived incorrectly hence the responder was sarcastic.
              The problem is that there are too many extremely sensitive people on this forum that get offended and hurt/devastated when a response is not politically correct.
              I say what i want to say. If you don't like it report me

              • @vinni9284: Jesus calm ya farm mr sensitive I'm just saying the system you own doesn't make your opinion any more or less valid

              • @vinni9284: As I'm not an enthusiast, I'm appreciative of your knowledge and advice here @vinni9284

                As someone who's time poor, your insight is invaluable.

                I'm sure there are others here who would agree

                • @JJlikes2eat: Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
                  I give ppl my opinion whether it is good or bad.
                  In these forums, you have to expect many ppl that love to neg, as they have no idea or experience in what they think or/and not really looked at the reason of the response.
                  I look at cost vs value for money.
                  I'm going by many years' experience of owning audio gear (including something like this post) so you could say that i have some sort of "credible" input.
                  If I have made at least one person learn something throughout my feedback, then i'm happy.

    • would be ideal for a small room ? no need to max out the woofer…

  • Fantastic deal! A (good) Atmos setup is barely achievable at $1000. The speakers don't look too flash but for the price it's well worth it. I've been blasting my Onkyo atmos receiver for a few years now and haven't regretted the amount I put into my sound system.

  • -1 vote

    At this price range better of spending a bit more and going with a Samsung Q90R or even the old n950 unless you have a large space to dump these speakers

    Both sound as good as Harmon Kardon speakers in premium car audio etc. good bang for buck

    • HK is premium car audio? Or are you just going on factory overpriced add ons…

      • Good enough for me I'm very happy with HK's in my car I've had Alpines, MK, Focals and all that jazz

        Having floor standings at this entry level price is sacrificing form for function for the vast majority of setups outside a dedicated theatre room and if you did have dedicated spending this much is laughable

  • good price

  • +2 votes

    If someone is looking for these features in particular like I am, this receiver is:
    - Not Apple Airplay 2 compatible,
    - Not eARC compatible.

  • Can someone who has experienced a proper 5.1/7.1 system with Atmos tell me how it feels/sounds compared to good ol 5.1 surround sound? What's the difference and is it worth the upgrade? I'd say I am an enthusiast, just haven't upgraded my system in ages. Got a 100" screen with projector, decent Marantz amp with awesome Energy speakers/sub + other stuff.

    • What model is the Marantz amp?
      Energy are lower end Klipsch speakers

      • NR1506, does the job well for my needs

        • does the job well for my needs

          Well you are answering your own question.

          The 7.1 will improve the sound 'effects' a little, depending on your room setup and audio source. These all have to be in sync for it to work 'optimally', position of your speakers etc

          The good thing about your amp, you have pre-outs for the front two channels, where this Onkyo doesn't have this feature.

          I wouldn't waste my money on this package IMO.

          Energy speakers are better than the el' cheapo re-badged Onkyo ones here

    • At first I didn't really see the much improvements in 7.1 Atmos sound. Yes you do hear that extra sound coming from top and around you but wasn't much of a big deal.

      Anyway, last week my amp had an issue so its back with the manufacturer for warranty repairs. Meanwhile, I am using friend's old 5.1 amp to continue my movie experience in isolation. But now I am missing that extra sound, so much so that, I have often stopped watching the movie because its not 7.1 atmos anymore.

  • Shame postage can’t be done, really looking to buy a system, no Bing Lee in Adelaide everything’s overpriced here 👎

  • Atmos is nothing more than a meaningless advertising word now. You can get Atmos cellphones, lol.

    Anyway these speakers are probably garbage, but you could keep the receiver and buy new speakers evntually I suppose. I just wouldn't bother wasting the money.

    • Not meaningless here since you actually have height speakers…

      Reviews online also suggest these sound good for movies and better than comparative Yamaha systems.

    • Don't get overly confused about Atmos, there's 3 kinds of Atmos under the same umbrella term of Atmos.

      Which is VERY dumb,

      but it's also designed to be "the same thing" for people who are dumb.

      I guess they know their audience… /shrug.

      Headphone Atmos is Virtual 7.1 HRTF, mostly software panning and room reverb on top of regular stereo sound. It's pretty average if you don't have a good quality headphone, and you can get this for free with HeSuVi software on PC, or you pay for the licenses to get the software version on PC.

      It's similar enough to most Virtual 7.1 speaker DSP chips.

      Atmos for Phone headphones/speakers is… Mostly DSP correction. It is just software and EQ, but if you have headphones, it can apply the Virtual 7.1 HRTF.

      Streaming Atmos is the step up to Atmos for Headphones.

      EAC3 or DD+ Atmos, is 5.1.2 or 7.1 over a stereo file, used for streaming and ARC audio. It's up to the movie/TV production audio encoder as to how good/average it is, because it has limited space and quality.

      Typical DD+ is around 128kbps, DD+ Atmos is up to 768kbps, ~640kbit shared for rear/center/height pairs, which can be 40-192kbit audio, and also any Atmos Object layers or background/explosions or dialogue tracks, etc.

      It really depends on the mix, but it's not High quality compared to TrueHD Atmos which has… ~19,000kbit to play with, including 20 objects, ie crickets/helicopter/dialogue sound layers which can be moved around the virtual room to add moving explosions and rip/tearing sounds that move around the room.

      Arguably, Netflix's version "Isn't Atmos" due to the heavy compression needed to get the extra 7 channels of of audio, in bitrates used for Dolby Digital 5.1, which can even out to under 40-64kbit per channel.

      It very much depends on the movie production team if it can compress well.

      Proper/Full/Native Atmos is sent over Dolby TrueHD 7.1, and sends the height channel as well as mixing and object audio over the 7.1 data.

      Because it uses HD Audio, it requires HDCP, which is why it can't be sent over the internet, and why it can't be sent out over ARC.

      • 1) Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) is not 128kbps but up to 640kbps over 5 channels
        2) Dolby Digital Plus Atmos? TrueHD Atmos? No such thing - Dolby Digital Plus/TrueHD and Dolby Atmos are completely different formats

        Appreciate the effort in trying to explain compression and how all Atmos formats are not created equal but you need to brush up on your facts.

        *this confusion in formats is the reason the marketing works - people always chasing the latest greatest format logo on the box without understanding what they're actually getting

  • To stem the confusion, I have pretty much the same system as this and it is actually a 5.1.2, not 7.1 as listed by some. The 2 Atmos speakers are CAN be set up as additional speakers but are primarily the .2 and only work when required. If you want a 7.1 system, although this will do it, sort of, it's not what it was designed to do.
    My only gripe about my system is out of the 7 odd inputs only the first 4 can do 4K, not all of them, so instead of having my PS4 listed under 'Game' it's under STRMBOX, which annoys me.

    • The Atmos Speakers can act as whatever you like. But obviously for ease of install sitting them in top of the fronts turns them into Atmos as intended….

      Early 4k receivers only had 1 input able to get 4k…

    • You can actually change this in the settings of your receiver and rename what 'HDMI 4' for example is referred to as.