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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5-4570 3.2GHz 16GB RAM NEW 240GB SSD Win10Pro Desktop PC $334 Delivered @ Melbourne-eStore eBay


not the lowest price compare to the previous time due to the price increase for NEW SSD and upgraded to 16GB RAM.

if you looking for lower spec PC.

Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF i3-3220 8GB NEW 240GB SSD Win10Pro with HDMI $194 delivered

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  • +14

    i'm still typing on a pentium G3258 @ 4.3GHz, 8GB ram with 240GB SSD.
    Also runs AutoCAD without issues.
    So what's the problem?

    • +2

      I'm on a core 2 duo, just upgraded from 3gb to 8gb ram. I don't game, so it does everything I need it to, and I work in IT.

      • +3

        I paid like $600 for a E6700 back in the day, it's still my parents machine today.

        It still runs Red Alert 2, so dad is more than happy.

        • +7

          +1 for still playing red alert 2

    • +1

      That CPU is actually a good entry level processor that provided solid performance. For people that were considering entry level gaming, that would be the recommended starting CPU to purchase, whereas the bulk of the money would be put into a GPU.

      The progression, when you had the money for it, would be to purchase one of the Haswell CPU's (i3/i5 4000 Series CPU's on the LGA 1150 platform.

      I personally use a 4690k with my 1080 Ti. It's a solid platform. I think there was still some people using the i7-760 gaming rigs.

      • I use an i7-860 (close enough) with a 1050Ti. Recently playing the WWZ (free from epic store). Runs great with an SSD and only 8gb ram

  • Does it come with caddy to fit a 3.5" hdd?

    • +5

      Yes, it does.

      • How many sata ports are there?

        • +1

          Hey, it has 3 but only 2 are SATA3 (6Gb)

  • +3

    The HP boxes are probably better value being newer (6th Gen)..

  • +2

    I'm rocking this as a ubuntu home server running docker.

    • This is good enough to run docker in a VM and still use it as a PC. Maybe

  • +1

    Would this be any good as a home theatre box, running MadVR?


    • +4

      What about the NVIDIA Shield 2017 model with a controller for $313.65? They are 4K media players and can play pretty much any media you throw at them. eBay and Futu online are doing that 15% off deal if you are interested:

      The Nvidia Shield TV is $253.96 at PLE including delivery:

      The NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is $398.05 at Computer Alliance, though this looks like less for more money:

    • +2

      It can run a Plex server. or run a few Security Cameras as an NVR, or run a backup server, or general apps that need storage.

      If you need 4k video, a Raspberry Pi 4b is probably faster and cheaper and can run 4k Kodi. So can the Shield TV, but the Shield is a better buy, and in the budget, the Apple TV 4k is also capable. The Shield is more like a "Games Console" in that it has the same/similar internals as the Nintendo Switch, but it's a generally average streaming box, if that's all you want to do with it. If you run Kodi or Plex, it's a very capable Android Box.

      You can do quite a lot with the Shield, and it hasn't changed much in 5-6 years, the 2019 refresh just adds Dolby Vision support and AI upscaling.


      You can get 1080p from the i5-4570, but you won't get 4k support with HDMI 1.4 (It will sort of work, but you won't get HDR), and you won't get HD Audio like DTS:X or Atmos from the default HDMI out, a lot of the motherboards just use Displayport->HDMI, it's not a full HDMI port on the older Intel boards. You'll need a relatively new GPU from the last 5 years to get HDMI 2.0b for HDR output.

      If you were to spend a bit more, you could get a Ryzen 3400G system which could be a lot more MadVR compliant by default, but not with 16gb and 240gb SSD. You'd also be spending $150+ on a GPU to get HDMI 4k, and VP9/HEVC decode to watch 1080p Netflix/Youtube.

      While newish i5/i7 CPU's have QuickSync to decode HEVC, and H264 video, it's not that good with the newer 4K and 8K codecs like AV1 and VP9 which are yet to be supported well.

      As a Plex server, it's okay. You would likely need to put an Nvidia GPU in there to help with transcoding performance… And you'd have limited room to install a 3.5" 8tb/10tb storage drive, but you could live without it, and just use the QuickSync encodes.

      • Thanks for all that info. What is the fan noise level like on this box?

        The Raspberry Pi 4 is probably silent compared to this, although I've heard they need active cooling.

  • Do these require toggles to connect to WiFi?

    • +1

      Dongles, and yes. They don't have Bluetooth or WiFi built in

    • +2

      A dongle, or ideally a PCI express WiFi card.

      I bought a TP-Link Archer T4E a few days ago. It cost about $50, but appears to be cheapest decent WiFi card you can buy.

      For around $20, you can get a TP-Link TL-WN881ND. It's not as good, but it seems to be okay for the price. Only v2 supports Windows 10, but I guess sellers will be selling that rather than v1, unless they have old stock. if you read reviews, the main compliant, aside from people not being able to use v1 cards under Windows 10, is slow speeds. However it the issue seems to be fixed by updating to newer WiFi drivers.

      • +1

        Just got a TP-Link TL-WN881ND from MSY for $19. Comes with an adapter for half height slots also. My office computer is 15 metres or more from the AP as well as through 3 walls so 5GHz signal is pretty much non existent to bother with anything more expensive.

    • +2

      Call me old fashioned, but I still like connecting desktop PC's via Ethernet cables.

  • 1 sold so far.

    • 4 available / 7 sold in 24 hours at 11pm.

  • I know the MT version has more room to put some pretty long GPUs, can the SFF version do this too?

    • +2

      The SFF only has the following:

      • 1 half height PCIe x16
      • 1 half height PCIe x16 (wired x 4)

      However the MT has:

      • 1 full height PCIe x16
      • 1 full height PCIe x16 (wired x 4)
      • 1 full height PCIe x1
      • 1 full height PCI
  • The 9020 was the last version of Optiplex that is notmal ATX. Thus, you can move this to a new case and with better PSU and any graphics card you want. These are great value systems. You can find ones with i7 4790 for same price as well.

    • The 9020 SFF (small form factor) of this deal is not a standard ATX power supply actually. At best you can say its ATX compatible, but it does require an adapter to use a normal atx psu. You need the dell 24 to 8 pin power adapter which is pretty cheap and available on ebay.

      There is a version of the 9020 which is just a mini tower, and I believe that has a standard atx PSU. But SFF and smaller models including will require adapters if you want to shuck it. If you want to replace fans you also need a 5 to 4 pin adapter but also cheap on ebay.

      I have shucked one of these, put it in a bigger case to connect a bunch of drives using a pcie hba adapter. It works fantastically as an OMV media server!

      • Yeah, but as you say if you're going through the effort to shuck it than sourcing a cheap adapter is no issue. I am just comparing this to later Optiplex models which are no longer ATX compatible at all.

      • +1


        Cheap as chips

  • Also, i laugh at people thinking these are not capable machines. They can do most tasks required. My main system is a Ryzen, but I use Optiplex's for all sorts of other tasks. Great value.

  • Does anyone know if either of these (paricularly the cheaper Dell Optiplex 3010) could output 4k video to a tv or monitor? Or would that be asking too much?

    • would like to know this too. Want to use it as a cheap 4k alternative as well.

    • The i5-4570 has Intel HD Graphics 4600 which supports 4K output and with the DisplayPort it definitely should.

      • -1

        May only support 30hz though, which does get a bit tiring on the eyes IMO even for regular web browsing and the like. Scrolling just looks janky.

        • +1

          I had an i5-4440 and it ran at 60hz. Scrolling was like normal.

        • +1

          I checked Intel's specs and it'll do 60hz.

    • You can use Displayport 1.3 for 4k monitors, but HDMI 1.4 won't output full 4k modes and/or HD audio. It's doable, but you won't get HDR either. HD audio is possible, but you might have to find specific Intel Drivers to get HD Audio, due to Intel DRM shenanigans.

      Easier to avoid this and get a newish 5-6 year old GPU with acceleration for VP9 and HEVC video.

    • Summary:
      - 4K video (24-30 Hz)on a hdmi TV, yes.
      - 4K desktop via Display Port on monitor, yes.

      But not 60Hz 4k over HDMI.

      I don't know why you'd want a full PC for HTPC these days, when fanless arm boxes are so cheap and powerful.
      "Kodi box", Android TV box, etc.

  • Now just need a special on a 1050 graphics card.

    • A 1030 is all you need for 4k video.

      • Will that play Netflix 4k?
        Thought there was a 4gb gpu requirement

      • Overkill. A GT710 will do the 4K video job. Or even the integrated graphics, with caveats.

        1030 is for 3D games, just not as powerful as the 1050.

        • +1

          GT710 won't do HVEC x265 decoding, while GT1030 will.

          Most 1030's come with low-profile options for some server chasis.

          • +1

            @RedHab: Thats a bit sad, considering cheap ARM SoCs will do 4K HEVC.
            You can get a whole "set top box" for less than the cost of a GT710.

            However the Optiplex can easily decode HEVC 1080P in software, but may struggle with 4K.

  • +4

    Not cheap for a gen4 i5

    • The price seems okay. I just paid around $210 for one with the same CPU, 8GB of RAM, a hard drive instead of SSD and no warranty.

      • I bought a used dell laptop business grade latitude with i7 5th gen cou for less than $300 shipped

        • +1

          With how much RAM?

          • @rogerm22: Only 8gb RAM, but hey it's i7, 256 M2 and touchscreen laptop

            Anyway, just share my opinion , cheers

            • @DarthLord: For the system I bought, the price was comparable or less to other Dells with the same specs. I could have bought a slightly slower Lenovo with only 4GB of RAM for $50 or so less, but decided to go with the Dell, as the Lenovo only had USB 2.0 ports at the front.

              If I had waited and kept checking new listings for bargains, I would have been able to find something cheaper, but I wanted to buy right away.

              • +1

                @rogerm22: Yeah good, this desktop should last you years to come


        • That sounds like a pretty good deal, guessing it was just a one off?

  • bit pricey, i bought one off gumtree with the same specs except only 8gb ram for only $150

  • +1

    Good for running Manjaro or Ubuntu 20.04 as workstation to do run serious workload ;-)

  • These are solid, @techyescity would approve!

  • chuck in an old 1070 or a 1060 and you have a beast 1080p rig

    • +2

      You can't fit a normal sized GPU in this.

      • +1

        why not? it doesn't have a pcie3.0 slot?

        • +2

          box too smol

    • THis CPU will bottle neck a 1070, a 1060 will probably be alright but be ready for stutters. Also the PSU may not be capabale, all these points only are valid only if you can move the contents to a new cabinet that supports full height GPUs.

    • google SFF

  • Can anyone pls advise if this is capable of GNS3 lab setup?

  • Will these fit a GPU like a 1050? or doesn't fit in the case

    • Look for something in a low profile. Also low power draw.
      YouTube is full of builds with this exact same set up and putting 1050 low profiles in.

  • Still using 2012 system and cant fault it.
    Only need an extra ram.

    Point here is that get a high end and it will last plus 5 years !!!

    i7 3770

    • +1

      My main desktop system is similar to that! i7 3770, 16Gb RAM, SSD and I swapped my old HD7970 with an RX 570. It's more than enough for my needs, still plays games (1080p) well enough… I can't see a need to upgrade for ages!

  • Do you think something like this could be used as a NAS with a low-TDP CPU?

    • Yes, but you'd want to think about storage limitations in that case. You can either pair it with a 14-16TB Drive, make a DAS and attach it, or move it to a new case/psu.

      • It'd just be a casual single (maybe dual) drive home media server.

        • get something bigger - storage wise
          'this maxes out with 1 x 3'5 inch

  • +2

    I run this with a gtx 1650 low profile, SSD and 16GB of ram. I can game at 2560x1440 at 40-60 fps at medium settings.

    • Same result with a GTX 1050 low profile :P

  • Can you fit a normal gpu in these?

    • No. Low profile only.

      • 1650 low profile it the best you can fit

    • Yes. If you leave the door off, or cut a hole in door :-)

      But there is no power connector for GPU, just the PCIe slot.

  • Damn. Faster and more RAM than the work laptop I just got given by Telstra!

  • -1

    im still using a potato

    but i'd never waste $330 on this antique

    • Ignorance is bliss. Nothing antique about this. Technology has not moved that quick since 2011. In fact, I just ordered a xeon from 2011 for a new server I'm building.

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