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Bonus 1000 flybuys Points (Worth $5) with Any Netflix, The Her, Active, Baby Gift Cards, Coles Mastercard Gift Card @ Coles


The Her Card

Nike, MAC, Bardot, Playtpus, Forever New, Tiger Mist, Showpo, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tony Bianco, Aveda, Princess Polly, adidas, H&M

The Baby Card

Adairs Kids, Baby Bunting, Bardot Junior, Ripe Maternity, Purebaby, Booktopia, Toyworld

The Active Card

Nike, Puma, Foot Locker, The Athlete's Foot, Intersport, Surf Dive n Ski, New Balance, Merrell, Billabong, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, adidas, Sportspower, Compleat Angler, Camping World, Giant, Drummond Golf

$5 purchase fee applies to the $100 Mastercard. Bonus Points can only be collected once per account.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2020.

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    $5 purchase fee applies to the $50 Mastercard too.

    Bonus Points can only be collected once per Gift Card type. I think it is up to 5000 points from this deal.

    • Does 1000 Bonus points apply to $50 Coles MasterCard purchase? OP and photo show only $100 Coles Mastercard.

      • can't say for sure about this deal. but the last time bonus points for the CMC was posted, many people confirmed they got the points for the $50 card.

      • +1

        The title in the photo says any, not just $100. Asked mods to modify this deal.

  • Sooo….correct me if I wrong.

    Buy Coles MasterCard of x denomination.

    Pay $5 cold hard cash for the privilege.

    Get 1000 flybuys points. Technically $5 but only can be used once you’ve reached 2000 points or a multiple. And can only be used a Coles/flybuys affiliates, for only certain things.


    • +5

      free money laundering?

    • +3

      It used to be $5 profit per card, but even at $0 profit it is still lucrative enough for me to buy a few thousands.

      For starters, you get 3x-4x MR on amex edge. You get to convert not-so-popular amex spending to widely accepted mastercard/visa. It is also cheaper to cash out mc/visa than amex for those doing MS.

      You are also able to pay with discounted egiftcards, which can be purchased with other cards that possibly give u some additional pts/cashbacks.

      And finally, a valid disposable card with $2-3 left inside can do lots of fancy things. Trials/referrals/no headaches to cancel.

      • What is "MS"?

        • Manufactured spendings to get more points.

    • The Coles gift Mastercard can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted

  • +3

    It says any Netflix gift card. Couldn't you buy a $20 one if they sell it and get 1000 points?

    • +3

      I can't see why not.

    • Do you have to get the $50 denomination pictured to trigger the deal? The T&Cs are vague on this point.

      • +2

        It said any, not $50 Netflix gift card

        • Yes, you are correct.

  • +1

    It used to be 2000 points for a $50 Netflix gift card. :(

  • +4

    About time Flybuys dollars should be redeemable online, including Coles giftcards. We've been staying at home for the past 1.5 months shopping online, unable to use neither of the above despite significant balance. So disappointed with Coles.

    Woolworths scored big time. Respect for these guys.

    • I totally agree, they need to work on their website. You can use flybuy points and GC with Target online. I know you can use GC on Woolworths online not sure about the rewards points.

      • +2

        Woolworths Rewards can be redeemed online once linked to the shopping account.

    • I find flybuys difficult to redeem in general because some places depend on having competent staff. Coles Express for example - although flybuys dollars are accepted, if the person working there has no idea what you're talking about you're out of luck.

      • +2

        Just say you are paying by card and swipe ur flybuys card. Simple.

        • I have never used flybuys dollars to pay for gift cards, but am interested in doing this. Can you do a part payment or do you have to have enough flybuys dollars for the total amount?

          • +2

            @maccam01: Not in Coles, OK in other partners stores. Generally, flybuys partner stores do not allow split payments for giftcards.

  • i cant see it in t/cs of the blurred photo but is it a Bonus 1000 flybuys Points once only per household account or multiple purchases get the 1k points too?

    • +1

      It's ALWAYS once per household account; it's not Woolies …

  • I received a targeted flybuys deal for 1000 points with a $100 Coles MasterCard. If I activated it, does anyone have any experience if this will this stack with the above deal?

    1,000 BONUS POINTS when you purchase a $100 Coles Gift Mastercard®

    500 BONUS POINTS when you purchase a $50 Coles Gift Mastercard®

    Activate the offer below and purchase your Coles Gift Mastercard® in store, it’ll be a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget. When purchasing a Coles Gift Mastercard®, a $5 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card.

    • +3

      They should stack.

      • Thanks for that!

        • Got the same offer. They stack, but only 1000 extra points. Noting the targeted offer is for 10 cards, not just the 1. So 11000 points on 10 cards :)

  • if they don't have the sign available in store will i still be getting the points?

  • So I'm assuming if I purchase 4 $50 Netflix cards in different transactions, I won't get 4000 points?

    edit; I need to read properly.

    • +1

      You need 4 flybuys.

  • +6

    Can confirm that buying a $20 Netflix gift card will definitely net you 1000 flybuys points

    • +4

      And I can confirm that a $50 Coles Gift Mastercard does as well.

      • Is it meant to say anything on the receipt about the points?
        Or do you just see it online later?

        • +4

          You can see the bonus points the following evening after your qualifying purchase in your flybuys account. Unlike Woolies, Coles doesn't list any bonus points you earn from buying gift cards

  • anyone know whether the netflix cards would work with this deal?

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