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Book Depository $5 Cashback on ShopBack ($10min Spend) + 1-3.5% Cashback (via SB app)


Make sure to claim $5 cashback offer through app before heading to book depository

Also 3.5% cashback for new user and 1% existing

Offer Terms and Conditions
• This offer must be ‘claimed’ via the banner displayed in the ShopBack app, or promotional notification sent via the ShopBack app. This offer is valid until 29 April 11.59PM AEST or until the maximum number of claims have been received (whichever occurs first).
To qualify for the $5 Cashback Bonus, you must then make any purchase ($10 minimum spend, excluding shipping) from Book Depository through ShopBack between 12:00AM and 11:59PM AEST (inclusive) on 29 April 2020.
◦ While the claim must be done on the ShopBack app, the purchase can be made on any other devices including the ShopBack desktop/mobile site or ShopBack Button browser extension.
• The $5 cashback bonus is in addition to the usual cashback you receive on purchases from Book Depository.
• Limited to one bonus per customer.
The $5 cashback bonus will not appear in your account after a few days. The bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 June 2020.
• Breaches of any of Book Depository's cashback terms and conditions (cancelled orders, purchases of items excluded from cashback etc) will void your eligibility for the bonus.
• ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.
• You must have earned at least $10 confirmed cashback from general purchases to withdraw the $5 Cashback Bonus.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3850)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • -1

    Hi OP, do you know if Ebay will have any shopback deals? thx

    • +4

      Lol how would OP know that 🤔

      • +8

        OP must be psychic.

        Hey OP… can you please give me tomorrow's Powerball numbers?

  • Sweet, thanks. Was about time I bought something off my wishlist anyway.
    Now I have a book and cashback to look forward to. Good start to the day.

  • Is it coming up for anyone else?

    • +1

      It appear as a banner on the app
      You have to tap it to claim the offer, then only proceed to book depository after

      • I can't see it OP

  • +5

    Not as good as the $10 dollar one that happened a few months ago but might push me to buy a book.

    • +2

      Looks like they have scaled back as $10 was the norm before.
      Not worth getting it at the moment for me as a sale on the book would save me more.

    • +1

      I find most books in my wish list with massive price hikes due to our very low exchange rate atm. I'll wait until we recover as $5 won't bring it down anywhere near prices from 3 months ago.

  • +7

    Don't forget to check Booko

    The three books I just cheeked for myself are over $5 move expensive at BD than anywhere else….

    • +3

      same - cheaper at Amazon.com.au (ironically Amazon owns Book Depository), and Booktopia …

      • +2

        Does this include postage though? I've rarely found a book on amazon that is cheaper including post

  • +3

    Just checked for a book I wanted to purchase.

    Amazon: 13.35
    Book depository: 24.47

    That's nearly the double the price!

  • +16

    This company has a history of not paying rebate payments as offerred and blaming technical errors. Until they have systems which can carry out their offers reliably they should not be in the market making offers that they routinely fail to pay. Hence downvote.

    • +4

      Never had an issue with them personally

    • Which company? Shopback or book depository?

      • +7

        Shopback - If anyone cares to have a read of the latest fiasco when many Ozbargainers were induced to spend on the basis of their offer that never paid see here:


        • +3

          Yep I've been rejected by them twice now with that deal, once when I submitted the missing claim and then again after following gotyourback's instructions on replying to the rejection email.

          Sorry OP and book depository, this neg is against shopback only.

        • +3

          Another fiasco more recently at Dan Murphy's:


    • +3

      Yup, I'm one of the many who got caught out by the recent Dan Murphy's Shopback fiasco. Unreliable company.

    • +4

      Shopback did a $5 bonus cashback on ebay sales back in December. 5 months later it is still "pending"

  • Are people getting their deliveries from the UK now that passenger planes are restricted? Don't know if air frieght keeps up with demand

    • +1

      Still getting mine, just taking a bit longer

  • +1

    Not showing in app

  • Some hefty mark-ups relative to prices on booko.com.au

  • +7

    Time after time, Shopback shows that it cannot provide a fault-free service. For that reason I'm negging (sorry Book Depository).

    For example, see the comments at the following:
    * Dan Murphy's
    * BWS

    So proceed at your own risk - you may not get your shopback amount.

  • +1

    $10 minimum spend, is that inclusive of GST?

  • +5

    Downvoting as I did not receive cashback via the BWS deal, and the many comments received of similar experiences across recent deals not limited to BWS.

  • Is this is the cheapest place for Molskines?

  • +4

    MAJOR warning for Shopback who are notorious in not paying out for these upsized stuff, and their customer service is dreadful. Do some research on other people's experiences w/ SB.

    Not negging you OP, negging SB. I made a thread recently about it too: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533794

  • +3

    Negging this purely for the straight up scam they pulled with the BWS cashback, literally followed their instructions to a tee and was rejected. Sorry OP nothing against you just a warning for everyone.

  • +1

    Shopback and/or Book Depository rejected my cashback for $10 bonus cashback at Book Depository on 10 Dec last year. Every other cashback invariably goes through except for these inducements which routinely result in half the posters pointing out that their promised bonus cashback gets rejected.

    Not sure who's responsible, but as others have said, Shopback are repeat offenders. I'm happy for Shopback and Book Depository (who's prices have risen disproportionately to other book retailers and aggregators since the currency drop) to share a well-earned neg…

    I'll continue to shop via CashRewards.com.au and booko.com.au for better cashbacks and book prices.

  • +1

    Shopback refuses to honour my BWS cashback. Use Shopback at your own risk.

  • +1

    Will avoid Shopback from now on, $10 book depository Shopback offer on 10/2/20 was rejected despite following all the steps correctly.

  • Anyone got their bonus cashback tracked yet? Been almost 2 weeks and nothing.

    • The $5 cashback bonus will not appear in your account after a few days. The bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 June 2020

      • If Shopback and/or Book Depository are true to form, chances are it won't appear then either…

        • I got the last 2 $10 cashbacks successfully. But it used to give you the bonus as an tracked item in your account. Didn't go for the BWS one but I hope they honor this.