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Dell Inspiron 14 3493 Laptop 10th Gen Intel i5-1035G1 8GB RAM 256GB SSD $791.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Decent price for the specs compared to the Lenovo one for $799 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532713). This comes in cheaper at $791.

The i5-1035G1 is also supposedly a little faster than Ryzen 5 3500U.

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  • Not too bad for a meat and 2 veg laptop

  • awesome.

  • I have this and it's a solid laptop for general use - wish it was USB C though

  • I'm tempted by this one - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Dell-Inspiron-15-3593-Laptop...

    i7 and NVIDIA® MX230 Graphiocs card - worth the extra $300?

    • it has a normal HDD instead of SSD

      • What are the drawbacks on this?

        Also, how much is the NVIDIA® MX230 Graphics card and advantage over Integrated Graphics? I won't be donig any serious gaming, just Zwift.

        • +22 votes

          In regards to HDD vs SSD - massive difference in boot, load and data transfer times. For example, I timed my Asus laptop before and after SSD upgrade - boot time was 56 sec on HDD and 11 sec on SSD.

          Once you go SSD you will never go back.

        • It is the single most obvious, cheapest and most accessible upgrade you can make to a computer that doesn't already have one. It's like listening to music on a CD vs music as an MP3.

        • I have heard Zwift runs fine even on an old Intel HD 620, so the integrated GPU should be fine. The MX230 should be about twice as fast for gaming though, e.g. 111 fps on Starcraft 2 medium settings vs 52 fps with the integrated GPU.

    • Depends, what do you plan to use it for?

      Overall, I'm leaning towards no

  • Do these support RAM upgrades?

  • Im still tossing up between this and the 15 inch 1TB HDD which is cheaper by $10. Is the 750GB storage sacrifice worth it?

    • +39 votes

      I would never go for a HDD over an SSD. Spinning hard drives seem abominably slow once you're used to flash storage speed.

    • buy only machine with SSD, otherwise it will be slow

    • no to HDD. like ever.

    • Always get SSD as boot drive:
      HDD are fine as file storage… not for boot drives, and preferably not for anything you plan to use often… but for file storage then they are still good value.

    • Or if you want an in between there is HDD with SSD cache but if one part of it breaks down the whole thing goes.

    • Ssd is probably the single biggest performance increase you'll get in everyday use.

      • I only do basic tasks like youtube, excel, web surfing and watching movies. Is the only performance increase only going to be the boot-up times? Because I currently have 2 laptops, one with HDD and one with SSD and cant feel much difference between them except the powering off and on times.

        • No, should be a pretty large difference even just opening a browser, opening excel etc. If you have Photoshop or similar, check the differences in load times on those.

        • Everything will run significantly faster with an SSD. Don’t get fooled into buying something 50x slower

          I wouldn’t recommend a HDD to my worst enemy in 2020 (as the main drive)

        • No one in their right minds get a HDD in 2020 for running their operating system!!

        • Hey idk if you bought yet, but here's my 2c

          (Also dk if you hook up your laptop to a bigger monitor or not)

          But Laptop specs alone,

          Since you are doing Excel you may benefit from the bigger display.
          And can always add an SSD down the track once you feel the need.

          What do you use now,or?

    • You need to determine what size you'll need. You can add an additional hard drive anytime but can't mod the size.

    • Im still tossing

      Tmi mate =p

  • Good spec if you can neglect its bezels :)

    • Can't neglect them though. Ugly af

    • +1 vote

      this is the price you pay for the flexibility offered

      has SATA slot and nvme slot, and you can have both occupied AND still install a higher capacity battery

      also 2 RAM slots

      shows the legacy of Latitude 3490 model which this Inspiron shares chassis with. that was a thought through model. the only issue was when pushing that model to its limits (both LTE module and extended battery present) you had slight issues doing the LTE antenna wires haha

    • neglect
      fail to care for properly.

  • What about the work bundle on Dell website? Does it worth to get it and sell the bundle?

  • Not for me. Thanks to the bezels. It's 2020 Dell!

    • Is that the reason why all the pics in the listing have the screen turned away? :)


      I would love to see a 14 incher with tiny bezels that carries 2 ram slots, 2 hdd bays (sata and nvme) and still has space left to install a 4 cell battery if need be

      • Tell me if you know too :D

        • +1 vote

          if I know one that would be Latitude 5491, but that's a brick of a laptop
          I am a big fan of Latitude 7490, but only one hard drive slot there. otherwise, it's perfect. I almost bought one, a guy on gumtree is selling a fleet of 7490, although with HD screens. but $680 each. I could put a good 14" FullHD panel in there (I have a good one), but the one drive issue it a show stopper in my setup. when I move from laptop to laptop I prefer to take my 2.5" ssd from old machine into new one and voila that's personal files and downloads migrated. shame

  • Does this model support charging via USB type-C port (PD)?

  • Back in stock

  • "The i5-1035G1 is also supposedly a little faster than Ryzen 5 3500U."
    1-4 core speed is up 30-40%. That's big in the CPU world.
    However the 3500U Vega 8 iGPU is still slightly ahead of the 1035G1 Gen 11 iGPU.
    In the mobile world its generally: 4-series Ryzen > 10-series Intel > 3-series Ryzen > 9-series Intel.

  • I got error "This code can't be applied to your order" when I tried to use that coupon code PDPC20
    Wondering if anyone has the issue please?

  • Which one is better? This or the Lenovo ThinkPad E495 14" FHD IPS AMD Ryzen 5 3500U/ 8GB RAM/ 256GB SSD $799.50.

    I may be able to cancel the Lenovo order and buy this instead??

    Asking for my boy who starts yr 7 next year

    • This Dell has a faster processor but real-world use - you won't see a difference.

      The Lenovo one has arguably better graphics (Vega beats the intel uhd). It also has usb c if that matters much.

      From experience, Lenovo's E series' chassis is robust and can take a daily beating.

      I say you can't go wrong with either one.

    • I got a Lenovo E495 for my year 7 boy this year. Great choice. Solid machine. You can add more ram as it's 1 stick as stock, you can add a second SSD and the USB-C fast charge is great with kids who forget to allow enough time for charging. The only gripe I have is the Ctrl key is slightly in the wrong spot for me. He never complains. S pecs are good. Will run about 4 hours with wifi, bluetooth, and screen on full brightness. I also have an E595 for myself which has the numberpad and a bigger screen. My wife wants too now.

      • Thank you ShipShapeRC!

      • Excellent review, ShipShapeRC! Do you have any issues with the Realtek WiFi cards on those laptops? And if so, what have you done to them, did you replace with the Intel one? Lenovo emailed me the "driver fix file" which I am yet to install but I am not sure if it would fix the issue?

        • One occasionally dropped out on the wifi the other was rock solid. It might be fine all day and be dropping every 10 minutes the next, it was weird. After one of the generic windows updates they are both solid as now and have been for months. I was going to replace the wifi card but it was not needed in the end. By the way if you do have to open them up, it's real easy AND the screws stay in the case when undone, so you dont lose them. My old dell laptop kept dropping screws out all the time so I had to buy spares - and then they fell out! The dell was okay. It was a good few years old and took a pounding. Build quality seems better on the Lenovo though, even on these E 'budget' series.

  • Just wait for another few weeks, it will be lots more options for laptops with AMD 4500U/4600 & 4700/4800U 7nm CPUs, much more powerful, efficient, and very likely the similar price range.

  • Would have been a good deal if it had IPS Display and USB C

    Will wait for the Lenovo E490 with Intel i5-1035G1 to drop to $800

  • Those Bezels! Wow! Literally matches the iPhone SE… Well Almost! They can literally fit a 16" 16:10 screen in there.

  • Inspirons usually have weak batteries.

  • Anyone received their Dell and care to share their thoughts?

  • I ordered one, had to replace my First Gen i7 Asus laptop. Not concerned about the bezel, just need something for general web use, Citrix virtual machine work and downloading. Expecting it between 21 May and 1 June.