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Google Nest Hub Max $129 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, the price just dropped insanely on this :)

Cheapest I've seen by a long mile.

catalogue page - full catalogue - ends Wednesday 6th May

eBay Links

Coupon Code: PIZZA5

Charcoal Colour Here - Out of Stock
Chalk Colour Here

Also available for $129 on their main website for those that might want to price match in the morning.

Charcoal Colour Here
Chalk Colour Here


  • Keep on top of your busy schedule with the help of this Google Nest Hub Max - Charcoal.
  • Make video calls with family(1) and friends using a simple voice command: "Hey Google, call Mum." Plus, the Nest Hub Max's auto framing feature means the camera can keep you in view as you move around the room.
  • Compatible with a range of other smart home products, you can coordinate your smart home from this central hub - dim the lights, lock the door, turn the TV on and change the thermostat simply by asking it to(2).
  • Keep an eye on things at home with the built-in Nest Cam(3). Check in from your phone and get motion and sound alerts. And with a Nest Aware subscription, youll also get continuous video recording and familiar face alerts.

As always, enjoy!

Original Coupon Deal

Mod Note: The Good Guys eBay Link has expired. Link updated to main site.
Mod Note 2: Chalk Colour Available again from eBay Store.

The retailer has confirmed that this was a price error. As some orders did get fulfilled (a small number of users reported picking up their items successfully), the deal will remain published but marked as expired.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      • What u on about? Netflix can chromecast buddy

        • +1

          Can confirm Netflix won't work on these, can't cast Netflix to it either.
          Foxtel go, Stan etc all with it's just Netflix that won't work.

    • Must use a native app such as PLEX that has chromecast capability. Infuse etc etc

  • at least someone will be fairly busy today at TGG - either cancelling each order, or processing each order 😃

  • Got 2 x at officeworks. They price match but with delivery included :( … local TGG’s didn’t have C&C option. still great price.

  • I'm unable to order now from Good Guys (direct), looks likes like they've removed it:

    Error:The following products "Nest Hub Max - Chalk" are not buyable.

    • Yup, cancellation emails probably incoming.

    • The jig is up

  • Do you think 💭
    1. Honour Order
    2. Cancel order

    • 9k clicks, people buying multiple. I reckon they will cancel. Proven history of cancelling orders that were price errors (Xbox deal, Nintendo deal etc). I guess it will depend on how many orders there are, I'd say 90% chance it will be cancelled. If say only 20% of the 9k ordered one, that's still 1,800 units. Just on ebay they sold over 1k, I assume they sold another 1k+ through their store.

    • Cancel for sure

    • Option 2, lockitineddie

  • Just got a pick up notification from good guys for the order i made last night.

    • they can still refuse to hand it over, like CWH did with the perfume deal.

  • Done

    • +4

      Dang. I just got to officeworks!

      • HAHA

  • No, missed out while deciding over coffee :(

    • which coffee, mate? Must know. :)

    • +1

      you should have been deciding colours, not coffee.

  • +3

    Office work just said they won't honour now because TGG is sold out…
    Pheww at least I don't feel bad wasting money on $hit I don't need :)

  • Are other people getting confirmation orders? Not sure whether to order pricematch through officeworks to make sure I get one.

  • Can't get OW price beat online, can't get through on the phone. Looks like TGG is out of stock now too.

    • OW won't price match now, has been taken down from TGG.

  • Pricing error I’d say. Item isn’t even listed anymore.

  • Just finished OW price match over the phone. Got 2. Thanks OP

  • Congrats to those that manage to get it price matched at OW.

  • +11

    Nabbed one from Officeworks! The girl at the checkout was ringing through the order as the supervisor was chatting to me about the Hub - when she looked at the price she gasped, and I grabbed my receipt and ducked out as fast as I could before they could stop me… As I was leaving the door, I heard the supervisor say "129 bucks?!?" and said some other stuff in a shocked voice as I left. Wouldn't be surprised if word gets out to stores to stop them matching this soon, so get in quick!

    • TGG has taken it down from their website, so unlikely it will be matched now.

      • +1

        True. At a local OW store. They're deliberating whether to price match it.

      • +1

        *Update** ended up buying two as they honoured the price! $260 for 2 as they included delivery price (TGG didn't have them in store for C&C)

    • and I grabbed my receipt and ducked out as fast as I could before they could stop me…

      They will still have you on camera.

      • +3

        I'll tuck my precious Home Max under my arm and run for the hills.

    • Could you please upload your Officeworks receipt after you've redacted any personal info?

      Might try go by my local later today

      • I'll go digging around on my lunch break if nobody else beats me to it

  • Ha!! There's a surprise!!

  • -1

    Was up for 8 hours and in that time they didn't take it down

    • +1

      Because everyone works midnight to 8am

      • They would have to have someone at that time

        • For what purpose?

          • @John Kimble: To correct price mistakes obviously.

            If anyone is unemployed right now, this could be a way for you to create a new job.

            Should be extremely easy for you to convince them to hire you also, given their history of price errors.

  • -3

    Don't worry, TGG should honor all the orders, the CIA will gladly subsidize the pricing error. :)

  • Just got my confirmation to pick up from The good guys. Won't be able to grab it till at least lunch time today so that'll give them enough time to cancel it if it's an error. I'd hate to get over there and they refuse to give it to me. But will see what happens. Now i just need to find out why i actually got one. :)

  • +1

    Just picked up for the good guys.

  • I've just ordered one , paid by credit card , everything went through , don't know wait and see.

  • Ebay chalk up again got my other one :)

    • Yikes I bought the wrong one.

    • Cant see it. Where?

    • +1

      Are you sure that is the nest max and not the normal nest hub?

      • +2

        Ya I can see 8 nest hub sold in last hour. People might be buying hub instead of max.

  • Seems to be $129 on several outlets, including the Google store itself. Have I missed something?

    • +6

      Oh this is the max my bad 😬

    • +1

      Max…. The key word.

  • At good guys, they are saying it's an error.

  • Getting 'this product cannot be ordered' - I suppose it was a pricing error, as normally wouldn't they just change it to out of stock?

    EDIT: They've just removed the listing.

    Cancellations incoming. Congratulations to all who price matched at OW

  • thanks op got email to pick it up!

  • it is the price error. my experience with good guys, they will cancel it. good luck ozbargainers.

  • +1

    Just got the email notification that mine is ready for pick up - I'll head in there shortly and see that they say.

    • +1

      Please do report back as my popcorns are ready

  • Does anyone remember when Dick Smith used to post insane deals and honour them to inflate their revenue figures? And we all know how that ended…

    If they honour this - it might be the same strategy to boost April sales figures on the last day of the month, while also pandering to bargain hunters.

    That being said - I got one before it expired! Nice find OP.

  • Just received my digital receipt from a direct TGG website order with delivery, and it says dispatched. Hope this really is the case!

    • When did you buy ?

      • Just before 7am

  • +1

    Office works coburg is price MATCHING ($122.55) and have 4 left as of 9am. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Coburg, Vic? I'm nearby and that store didn't come up in my searches.

      • +1

        Capalaba just palmed me off stating out of stock hahaha.

    • +1

      thx you andlep, the checkout staff let me grabbed the last for less than a mintues

  • Doh! Missed it. Spent last 20 mins calling OW for price match, by the time I got to them GG has taken off the deal :(

    • +1

      they pricematched for me. i think the lady didnt check as she spent all morning matching lol

      • +1

        You must've spoke with the same lady I talked to! She was super nice, first thing she asked 'Are you going to price match the Google Nest Hub Max' :D

  • +4

    Not allowed to pick up in store. Have to wait for refund. Should have price matched office works

  • Went to OW Liverpool they sold 6 this morning, lucky bastard

  • +5

    time difference to WA hardly ever works in our favour for price matching! Someone post a deal at 5pm EST instead!

  • is the good guys website down? i cant get tru , it says access denied.

  • Not to worry. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy them at scalped prices later today.

    • You got it!!

    • some listings are already up on ebay haha, $219 but i think the prices can go lower

  • +1

    Officeworks are now refusing to price match as out of stock

  • Got on at 830 and grabbed one from TGG. Whether or not it will be honoured due to stock levels remains to be scene.
    Anyone wonder if they do promotions like this to gain a huge cash injection when they need to increase cashflow? Then refund when they have made debt payment etc

  • +1

    This is TGG we are talking about here. They have previously cancelled my order on a phone case due to price error - a PHONE CASE. No chance of honoring it but I'm just here for the possible store credit (also unlikely). Kudos to the savvy OzBargainers who pricematched via OW.

  • +1

    My local good guys received a text to not honour the price, I went in minutes after opening with pick up notification.

  • +1

    Pulled from the website, the only thing there is the smaller hubs for the same price.

    It's a bit scammy isn't it, being in the catalogue? Seems similar to what happened with the switch lite.

  • Picked one up from Good Guys store. Still hoping my second order from eBay goes through, but doubt it.

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