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[PC, Mac] Free: 2 or 13 Years License to AVG Internet Security 2020


I saw this deal for AVG Internet security one year license on Sharewareonsale. Went through the process and was given the following three license keys -

  • License Key #1: GV2WLG-2A2HP2-4847H6
  • License Key #1: FN357Q-HYYCZ2-4PC836
  • License Key #1: CLXRDA-DUY5F2-5QL7ZW

I tried registering with all three and noticed that the second code gave me access to Internet Security till May 30 2022.

Note:This is intended for new users of AVG only. If you have used AVG before, you may not get any additional time on your license.

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  • Does that not say March 25 2033?

    • It did the first time and then it went back to 1/5 2022.

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        I added the first Licence Key and it said 2033. When adding the second it went to 1/5 2022.

        The first Licence Key said a few of the extra features were expired though.

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    Any advantages compared to Windows defender ? I have Malwarebytes too.

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        So your information is 10years out of date?

        • and he lives in a cave

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      Windows Security (to give it's current name) has been consistently improved over the years since MSE was first released.

      Opinions WILL vary but most would say it's in the same ballpark as commercially available products.

      I use it professionally by default as you can be certain that every 3rd party s/w provider will have tested their s/w with it. Well you'd hope so but for me that's been trues whereas with a couple of others I've had compatibility issues until patches are released.

      Malwarebytes is great too. The free version will suffice for most.

      My biggest recommendation though is backup properly and regularly. I use a NAS local to the site and cloud where possible for critical data. The easiest way for me with many SMBs as customers is simply to run a full system backup to NAS nightly and replicate critical data to a suitable cloud provider. Typically I use variants of Macrium or Veeam. I also take extra backups and store physically offsite depending upon the Business function. It comes down to cost vs potential downtime.

      The final thing is training, i.e. try to instill in anyone that clicking on an unknown file via email etc is NOT a good idea or indeed using your phone as a USB storage device. Also consider carefully what you're doing before enabling any form of remote access…

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        Why not look at objective testing instead of listening to opinions?

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        Windows Security is the name of the Windows security center. Within that is management for the Anti Virus program known as Microsoft Defender (renamed from Windows Defender in the March 2019 builds of Win10)

      • I have noticed Microsoft programs overriding system configurations and re configuring windows firewall to serve ads. I can no longer recommend Microsoft's security suite.

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      I ran AVG for many years, but I stopped using it a few weeks ago (went to malwarebytes).

      For years the software, when set to no notifications, and 'silent mode', worked properly.

      But over the last year or so, I kept getting popups every now and then. :/

      The worst one was during an online race a month ago, where my game came out of full screen mode (going to blank screens for a few secs), avg did it's popup, and I somehow managed to keep the car out of the wall.

      It was a 'covid warning' popup… yeah. That's really great avg. I really really needed that…

      It's was in silent mode, with receive no notifications (etc) ticked… Urgh.

      Finally on my main pc, I started having something steal windows focus (since I left win 7 and reloaded my pc for win 10), even while I was typing or doing something else. Almost the same time every night. So I ran WindowFocusLogger to determine which program it was. And it was avg doing this.

      Uninstalled avg. No focus problems since.

      So, yeah, not a fan of avg anymore, lol.

      TLDR, avg in silent and no notification mode will still give popups. It also steals windows focus sometimes… Avg was pretty damn good. Now it's junk imho.

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    • when it comes to 0 days infections Windows falls behind.
      Malwarebytes still has a long way to go.

      i dont use AVG myself
      but from what i have seen in interdependent test it has massively improved since Avast
      took control.

      I would recommended any one of these emsisoft, Kaspersky, Bullguard, Sophos, GData ect.

  • Will this work if I have an existing license which will expire at the end of this year?

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      Yes, it extended my subscription till 30/05/22

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    Many Thanks OP using the 1st License Key gave subscription to March 25 2033.

    • Showing "a few of the extra features were expired" like exc3113nce mentioned?

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    Not really looking at AVG since they BSOD my Windows. (they apologies ASAP and patched the issue but hey, my computer won't boot…)

    • rip

    • Panda did something like that years ago

      they had to pay out a lot of money to companies that used their software

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    Bit Defender Fee is best AV IMHO

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    Is separate Anti-virus software still required?

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      Depends, are you the type of person who clicks when something says "click here to win $1M"…

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        hey your link to win $1M doesnt work

      • Can you send me that link? I need $1M to pay for my hacked PC to be unlocked because I clicked a link that said I had received $33M and needed to send my details.

        If I can get my PC up and running I can click on a $52M overseas lotto winnings email that won't open on my phone. That should set me up for life!

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    2-13 years? I want 6 years.

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    just tried on android app and the 2nd key did worked. thanks OP. expiry until 15/06/2022. thanks Dealbot.

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    You don't need an antivirus, just common sense.

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      Understandable logic and a common belief, but also not entirely true. That common sense stops you clicking on stupid links, or downloading suspect software, but does nothing to protect you against worms/virus, that jump from machine to machine with no user interaction.

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        What worms or viruses jump from machine to machine without opening anything? …thought they only do so if you open something that's infected with it…..

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          That's exactly why I wanted to comment, because there are so many posts that say use common sense and you're fine and it gives people a false sense of security.
          There are too many examples of different ones, but some of the more well known examples are WannaCry and Stuxnet.

          WannaCry is the one that encrypts victims hard drives and then demands a ransom.
          It's taken down hospitals, corporations, small business and individuals.

          Wikipedia explains it well enough: "It is considered a network worm because it also includes a "transport" mechanism to automatically spread itself. This transport code scans for vulnerable systems, then uses the EternalBlue exploit to gain access, and the DoublePulsar tool to install and execute a copy of itself.

          • @mrbargainz: Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..interesting…..yes…..but if you're not connected to a network, or only have the one computer in that one isolated network, then you're all good….?

            • @Zachary: Safest computer is always one in an isolated room and no network. But then unless everything you use is installed with operating system, most people are generally going to plug in a USB drive or similar at some stage for programs or their data and then there's no longer isolation 😉

  • Cheers, didnt realise the codes were generic, not too sure about the .exe file that Sharewareonsale gave me.
    But the first key gave AVG until 2033 like mentioned. It doesn't include AVG VPN or password protector but I have alternatives for these anyway :)

    • You can add these codes to avg free

      • Yeah thats what I did :)

  • Is AVG actually any good? Does it stop websites' phishing? There are numerous people online who say it's not really that good and slows down your computer (including some comments above). That sounds counter-productive, no? I already use the one from Windows 10 but I'm not sure if that's enough.

  • Is this another episode of that music service which we all hammered and all got 3 months in the end?

  • My avast AV has banned that webpage. I wonder if its preventing me from acquiring a new AV

    • Avast owns AVG

    • +6

      It’s self aware ;)

    • +2

      Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate…

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    This worked for Mac as well. I downloaded Mac trail from AVG website and used 1st key got subscription until 2033.

    • Mine says until 2040 lol …if i live for that long…

  • I think the code from this deal is still valid.

  • How does it compare to others? like McAfee, Avast?

  • +1

    The VPN doesnt work anymore. Get the error saying vpn server refused your license file. Maybe its not meant to be shared? 😅

    • i got the same error. Any IT guys here that could help?

      • Same here. 🤷‍♂️

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    In my opinion, for most users there is no reason or need to use a security tool over the operating system default, just insure you have automatic updates turned on, as well as on your browser. Can keep malware bytes for an occasional scan as a second opinion.

    • True Agree. but I think this is good option to scan the external drives.

      • Agree to both. Haven't had an AV software for as long as I can remember BUT it's nice to have the odd one on hand to scan some random files you may come across form time to time. Good practises have kept my pc safe for a very long time. My parents PCs and phones on the other hand…….. smh 🤦‍♂️

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    After installing, I suggest you to go to Settings \ General \ Personal Privacy to uncheck unwanted data to be sent to AVG.
    Normally, the app should ask for this, or it's only some data, this seems to be a lot.

  • Do I need to keep this installed to keep the subscription?

    • +2

      until they catch on about this "deal" lol

      key would be in your registry

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      Avast bought out AVG awhile ago and AVG is gone, it's just a skin of the Avast client now.

      • ewwww

        • Compared to old AVG - Better detection ratio, lighter resource usage, faster & easier to navigate UI, what's not to like?

    • Been using Avast FREE now for over 10 years.
      It has the best suite of FREE protection, offers full control and never had an issue with it.
      Best of all its constantly in the top 3 of independent Anti-Virus tests
      The anti-virus engine is same for paid version which just includes some extra features - nothing more
      No need for any paid anti-virus software

      Tried AVG and Bitdefender - not as good

      • Has Avast now been proven to stop selling user's data yet? one of the reasons I don't use it, even in enterprise.

  • From a cyber security specialist point of view, i would not recommend Avast/AVG or Malwarebytes.

    • +2

      And what is recommended?

    • +5

      Super helpful mate, what would you recommend then?

    • +2

      You would not recommend Malwarebytes. Umm why not?

      • +1

        They have a fairly poor dection rate

        • -2

          Flat file scanning. Really? Not a real world scenario.

        • -1

          You put your faith in the PC security Channel????

          Better off asking your mumma

        • yep leo works for emsisoft
          Malwarebytes has fallen flat in the past few years.

    • +3

      I laugh because at my company of 30,000 PC's we use McAfee (which I find totally crap) because "cyber security experts".

      The best combination is in my opinion, ESET Smart security, plus Malwarebytes weekly scans. Doesn't slow down your PC and the combination catch everything.

      Would avoid all the free antivirus.

      • +1

        I've been using Eset for years on my personal PC's. We run SEP in our corporate env plus Crowdstrike/Sophos and a few other backend tools for web traffic/monitoring/security

        • I wish we used Symantec, that would be my enterprise recommendation as well.

    • +2

      I recommend:
      Bit Defender
      Sophos Home

      They have proven high detection rates.

      • I would also recommend ESET, really liking it so far and bought it for $11.95 for one year and three devices.

    • +6

      From a cyber security specialist

      Which Udemy course did you ace to get that title?

    • "From a cyber security specialist point of view, i would not recommend Avast/AVG or Malwarebytes."
      …..Based on the opinion of "The PC Secuity Channel".
      Definitely NOT an authority on Anti-Virus testing LOL LOL LOL LOL

      Sorry but such unjustified opinions dont go very far here
      Especially with the "wealth" of experience on this website.

  • thanks, entered 1st code, got:

    • AVG Internet Security to 2033
    • AVG Password protection Nov-20
    • AVG VPN - to 2022
    • AVG TuneUp - to 2033
  • how to enter code on mac?

    • +2

      Make sure AVG window is active. Go to top menu bar which says "AVG Internet Security." Click preferences, enter in code.

  • +1

    Thank OP worked ! But anyone else experiencing problems with the vpn? avg apparently refuses license file :(

    • +1

      vpn not working for me as well.

  • +5

    Antivirus doesn’t work these days.
    Just physical distancing that works..

    • +1

      …or better yet, self isolation!😉

      • Don't forget mandatory quarantine 😆

    • -1

      And drinking/injecting disinfectant or antibacterial liquids, as per Trump recommendation.
      Don't forget getting some sun, maybe swallowing a small UV torch might help too?, lol.

      Don't do this!

  • +1

    Last time I used a deal like this they randomly blocked the key.

  • Choice Magazine did an "Antivirus desktop security software reviews" on 27/3/20 (just 5 weeks ago). AVG Internet Security was "recommended", it got an overall score of 90%. GOOD POINTS;• Excellent overall• Excellent protection against malware• Very good ease of use• Low impact on system resources, BAD POINTS;• Automatically disables Windows Defender• Automatically disables Windows Firewall• No parental controls. FYI Avira Antivirus Pro came first 92% overall score.

  • where do you enter the code? I created an account but nothing under subscription.

  • +5

    They are giving it away because the data collection from your usage/browser behavior is worth WAY WAY more to advertisers/government/industry/anyone wanting to buy that data vs selling individual licenses.

    Avast Online Security
    AVG Online Security
    Avast SafePrice
    AVG SafePrice
    "These four widely installed browser extensions have been caught collecting a lot more data on its millions of users than they are intended to, including your detailed browsing history. The malicious behaviour of Avast and AVG extensions was discovered almost a month ago by Wladimir Palant, who detailed how the extensions are sending a large amount of data about users' browsing habits, listed below, to the company's servers — "far beyond what's necessary for the extension to function." - https://thehackernews.com/2019/12/avast-and-avg-browser-plug...

    More on the spying from AVG related companies:

    "Nevertheless, Avast's Jumpshot division can still collect your browser histories through Avast's main antivirus applications on desktop and mobile. This include AVG antivirus, which Avast also owns. The data harvesting occurs through the software's Web Shield component, which will also scan URLs on your browser to detect malicious or fraudulent websites. For this reason, PCMag can no longer recommend Avast Free Antivirus as an Editors' Choice in the category of free antivirus protection."

    But in regards to one particular client, Jumpshot appears to have offered access to everything. In December 2018, Omnicom Media Group, a major marketing provider, signed a contract to receive what's called the "All Clicks Feed," or every click Jumpshot is collecting from Avast users. Normally, the All Clicks Feed is sold without device IDs "to protect against triangulation of PII (Personally Identifiable Information)," says Jumpshot's product handbook. But when it comes to Omnicom, Jumpshot is delivering the product with device IDs attached to each click, according to the contract.


    • Thanks for this info, I will avoid these from now on.

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