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Free AVG Tune Up & Internet Security (2 Year License) @ AVG


Spotted this deal over on chollometro

After downloading PC Tune Up via main 'Go to Deal' link enter code CLXRDA-DUY5F2-5QL7ZW under 'My Subscriptions' to activate your free 2 year subscription.

Also under 'My Subscriptions' you can then activate & install AVG Internet Security.

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  • The code is extended to Internet Security.
    Very handy.
    Thank you and good find.

  • where do i find 'My Subscriptions'?
    Does it not work for Macs?

  • done. easy. Cheers. is there any chance they can revoke the license?

  • Very bad reviews. Guys, research before installing.

    • Likely because ccleaner and windows defender do the exact same.. But free

    • Well to me all AV softwares are completely useless, imaging the following scenarios:
      1. Well known threats(virus/malwares etc.), can be easily removed manually or using scripts, then why use AVs at all?
      2. Unknown threats, AVs have no idea of them and thus how can they protect you from them?

      So we can see that whether the threats are well known or unknown, they do you no good but they do slow you down…

      And, that's not all, but installing them, they again almost the highest privileges on your system, and you have no idea what are they actually doing in the background. There were cases that those so called AVs sending sensitive contents e.g. online banking cookies etc to their server…

      So by using AVs you paid certain prices for a guard but it yet to know that you've just hired a useless guard or invited burglars in…

      • Doesn't help removing Cryptomalware AFTER it's encrypted all your files though. Isn't prevention better?

        • Obviously you did not read or could not understand what I was talking about.

          If you by default run with standard user privilege, event you do get infected, what the malware can do it very limited. How come it can damage all your files?

          Prevention is about doing things in a right way, not about buying some placebo and pretending everything is protected.

          If you believe AVs can really help you, good luck.

          • @cliffj: "Obviously you did not read or could not understand what I was talking about."

            Well to be fair - English is obviously not your first language and I did have to read it a couple if times to even get the gist of what you were trying to say.

            If I summarise what you say above:

            1. Malware/Virus can be easily removed so why use one?
            2. The AV software can't possibly know about all threats so would let 0-day ones slip through.
            3. No matter what the threat, AV software will slow the system down.
            4. AV software gets the highest privileges on your system and no-one really knows what they're doing in the background.
            5. By using AV you've paid for protection but in fact have just invited the AV vendors to spy on you.

            That sound about right? At WHAT STAGE did I not directly respond to what you'd written or not understand? I responded directly to the very first point you made. NOW you say running in standard user mode instead of admin what malware can do is limited. It is true that it is harder to accidentally install malware in a standard user then an admin one. Absolutely true. But that is NOT what you initially said at all.

            Look each to their own - it seems to me you don't have any trust in AV software vendors and that's fine. The less people run AV software the more work it means for me anyway. There isn't a week that goes by where I'm not removing malware and PUPs off some customer's computers.

            The only reason I commented is because crypto malware in particular has caused my customers to lose a lot of personal data over the years (hardly anyone does backups). Those running good AV software don't seem to have a problem as the AV catches the rogue behaviour before it starts.

            Thanks for your comments mate have a good day.

            • @Ramrunner: Not exactly, but getting closer to what I meant to say.
              My point was, for well known threats/virus, you don't need AV at all either:
              1a. How to remove them and recover the system is already very clear, the user can do it with or without AVs. Or,
              1b. There is not much AVs can do neither. Take your crypto malware as example, what can AV do if the files were already encrypted? Nothing, unless the so called encryption was some kind of toy.
              2. No one can know all threats. 0 days are just one example AVs are not likely to be able to detect. Malwares do not necessarily use 0 days or exploit any vulnerabilities. In some cases, it's the user voluntarily executed the malware.
              3. Not only slows system down, they also block legitimate user operation in some scenarios.And it was not uncommon they corrupted the OS.

              AVs would be beneficial in scenario 1a. Other than that they would be useless or even problems. End users have to know what they are doing or event the AVs told them it was a threat they could event opt to disable the AVs and let the malware run. I saw too many such cases. It is a catch 22: if the uses know what they are doing, they do not need AVs; if the user don't know what they are doing, no one can help them. In both scenarios, AVs are almost useless if not completely useless.

              It could be better if you can advise your users to do things in a right way. Installing AVs may somehow alleviate the problems, but in long run, it's hard to tell whether it's worthy to do that as the users would feel they are protected and… but yeah, no one but themselves can protect them.

              • @cliffj: "but yeah, no one but themselves can protect them"

                That is the most legit comment you've made and I fully agree with you.

                I agree if you don't go to suspicious sites, don't open any dodgy email, don't let any one remote in to your system when they say they're from "Telstra or NBN and we've found a problem on your computer", don't use pirated games, don't use anyone else's USB stick in your computer etc, etc, etc, then you should NEVER need Antivirus.

                In summary - use your computer responsibly - you will not get a virus - you and I are on the same page there.

                For the others?

                Look, you can pick up a key for an AV that is rated in the top 4 if you shop around for less then $40 per year. And the top 4 DO tend to block malicious sites very well, they DO block malicious email attachments well, and they DO recognize heuristic behaviour like possible crypto malware quite well so to put it bluntly, it DOES offer SOME protection for naive users.

                And those users feel safer spending that $40 for some protection.

                Is it a false sense of protection - you say yes, I say no, it has some benefits. But I'm happy to disagree on that one. We are all human and we all have opinions.

                Thanks again for your constructive comments and have a nice weekend.

      • These days, pretty much all antiviruses check for suspicious behaviours, which lets them detect new threats that they don't yet have signatures for. While the behavioural detection is not perfect, if it's well written, it can detect a lot of new threats. In the case of Kaspersky, for example, it malware makes changes to a system it can detect this and rollback the changes.

        There are several antiviruses which call only very minimal slowdowns, which usually won't even be noticeable.

        • Such protection creates more problems than benefits it brings.

          I was once an AV advocate and was actively submitting samples to AV vendors to add to their libraries. Soon I found there was something wrong as almost everything I found was either could not be detected or could be detected but could not be removed. And the last straw was that I found one was for sure a trojan or something as it registered itself as auto-runs on multiple locations and kept auto-restart when the process was terminated. And you guess what, the vendor said it was not malicious. They finally admitted it was malicious when I insisted a 3rd time with analysis of dis-assemblies.

          After that I immediately uninstalled AVs from all my machines and I could no longer trust them any more. It has been more than 10 years since then, no issues at all.

          Regarding performance hit, I don't really have a latest comparison. Last time I did it was 9 years ago. After uninstalling the AV comes with the laptop, the Windows 7 experience score bumped from 5.9 to 6.9. Not much difference if you just use it to browse.

          But yeah, if you have no idea what I was talking about, then my suggestion is not likely going to help you anyway.

          • @cliffj: I know very well what I've been talking about. I've been testing antivirus software for 29 years. The performance hit, varies greatly from one antivirus to the next. But, for a handful antiviruses it is so minimal, that you would be hard pressed to notice a difference.

            For the average user, it would be foolish not to use an antivirus. Personally, I can use no antivirus software and not get infected, because I don't open suspicious email attachments and other random files.

  • which part is bad. i’ve used avg tuneup for years and found it an awesome utility

    • It gets a bad wrap got not actually doing anything windows can't natively do.

      But it's honestly faster and more convenient for people, so it's still an appreciable software.

      Not for everyone

  • Very spicy, thanks!!

  • Thanks.. worked!! I was looking for a deal as my McAfee 1 year subscription with my Dell XPS was about to expire.


  • Had a lot of pain the past with AVG, blocking lots of things that aren't viruses like game .exe's from legit games bought in microsoft store etc. That is probably some of the reasons it gets bad reviews as stated above blocking things even after adding them to the exception lists.

    • Exactly, deleted it straight away.

    • AVG was bought by Avast a few years ago and the client has been replaced with Avast using a slightly different AVG skin so it's actually good now.

  • Thanks OP. Threw it onto my PC's at home.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • +31 votes

    Anyone else feel that the windows 10 built in security is enough? :O

    • +11 votes

      Windows defender in Windows 10 is actually better than AVG if you look at AV-test.org

    • It is enough, it actually performs amazing.

      Only reason to not use it would be on a performance level, as it has a bigger system impact than a select few programs. Though it's quite small.

      My biggest issue with Windows defender is how it handles detected files. I always prefer it ask me immediately whether I want to quarantine or keep a file, which defender doesn't. And actually it's annoying getting a removed file back and working.
      If course this only happens work keygen and activators, so not a huge issue.

      99% of people would benefit from just using defender.
      Many people here will benefit from using none at all

    • This is a good deal, but I've also been running Windows security on Windows 7 and 10 for years now with not a single issue. And I visit some dodgy sites at times too, so Im personally not installing it on any of my computers.

    • About time MS re: built Windows from the ground up (and learned from their previous mistakes) to minimise the risk in the first place.

  • Does the licence expire if you reinstall Windows?

  • Still nags to install their VPN service!

  • No Isuses here

  • Thanks OP!

  • Some years ago AVG was top rated not sure now. Even ccleaner over whelming ads at notification bar very annoying

  • Thank you, OP!

  • Windows Defender is free and safer than giving access to your data to a Czech app

  • Thanks OP!

  • Just a note for everyone. Make sure you're doing all the activation in-app, not on the browser. It's good for 700days.

  • freeeebeeeiiiisssss oh yeah

  • no need for these bloatware anymore


    Been using Norton many years back before changing to NOD32
    Now using McAfee which the subscription can support multiple devices for single license
    and really happy about it

  • 3rd party antivirus software do more harm than good. They slow down your computer and actually make you more vulnerable by increasing the attack surface. It's essentially just one more heavily intrusive app on your computer that could get compromised.

    Really, the only thing ppl need to is have a dedicated account for admin access and then run any dodgy exe though a sandbox VM which is already a feature built into Windows 10.

    Even if you do want to use antivirus, I don't understand why anyone would think a 3rd party tool would be better than Windows defender.

    Who would do a better job? The company who own the OS and has visibility of vulnerabilities across every Windows device in the world or some Russian company trying to sell a concept that was required in the 90s?

    • MS doesn't have complete "visibility of vulnerabilities across every Windows device in the world" otherwise they wouldn't be still patching it every month (unless really incompetent). It's bloated Win NT code and time it was re-written from scratch to remove the operating system design issues from the 90s rather than patching the patches. It took them years to even come up with their own anti-virus.

      Imagine being a car manufacturer then expecting the car owner to pay someone else to add the door locks every time… That's MS and antivirus till they provided Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) as an add-on.

    • My experience is a bit different from yours. I'm currently using ESET's product. I had an attempt with Windows Defender in early buggy versions of Windows 10 as my ESET activation was about to expire at that moment. IMHO, its false-positive rate was quite high and drained my laptop battery significantly faster than ESET. Windows Defender also caused my IDEs to have longer response and build time that I have to even specifically whitelist them. I haven't had any virus problems with ESET for nearly 6 years now and it gives me perfect performance so I'll just continue using ESET. YMMV

    • the only thing ppl need to is have a dedicated account for admin access

      I suspect you lost most readers here.

    • https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/performance-test-april...

      Windows Defender has a higher false positive than some third party antivirus. Also just because it's a windows antivirus doesn't mean it has less of an impact on performance. Look at the results Windows Defender slows down the computer.

    • A number of third party antiviruses, cause less slowdowns than Windows Defender does. I don't use it on any of my computers, as it causes very noticeable slowdowns at times. This won't be the case for every system, but a lot of people find that WD does cause noticeable slowdowns.

    • Internet security is far more than just antivirus. I long ago lost count of the number of times I've been called by family members and friends to help fix issues that could have been avoided.

      No matter how many times I tell them if they're not sure about something, don't click on it, people will still click on things. "Don't reuse your passwords"… they still do. Check your credit card statement as soon as reasonably possible… no, 12 months later at tax time is too late. No, your bank doesn't want you to re-verify your password for <insert dubious reason>. No, that friend didn't duplicate their account on social media just to ask you for a loan. etc.

      People just do careless things with computers all the time. It can be out of ignorance, laziness, expedience, or they're just victims of very clever manipulation by evil-doers. Man, even staff on one of Google's security team were fooled by a clever gmail scam a few years back. How is the average person expected to be smarter than an expert?

      So for me, the trade-offs of a bit of speed and memory are well worth it if it reduces risks.

      • In theory if you remove the cpu from their PC they'll never get a virus, it also has some other side effects like, not booting and doing nothing, but they're all small compromises for ultimate security.

  • You sir are a legend. Thank you!

  • You are a champion

  • Got one for my pc. Thanks op.

  • adr8 OP re " Spotted this deal over on chollometro "
    Because this is a foreign language to me, could you please explain why this is a free code.

  • Don't go for this, just use Windows Defender.

  • Code doesn't work with Mac…

  • Why the negs ?

    You may not like AVG or the concept of an antivirus other than the vaunted Windows defender ?lol?

    However, it is still a legitimate deal, two years free of an established security software, code works and some people do utilise it.

    Appreciate it OP

    Where are the mods to remove these obviously irrelevant negs?

  • I’ve got AVG and I’m sick of the annoying pop ups that keep coming up trying to get me to upgrade and pay more

  • Does it work for Macs?

  • Fantastic thank you!

  • Hi there, tried to use the code and followed the instructions, however, I could get only 4 days for AVG tune up and 30 days for AVG Internet security. Any hints?

    • Expired.

    • I got the full days yesterday when I activated it. Yet today when I login, it is showing me 4 days and 30 days of tuneup. Dirty tactic by AVG to have people install their software on their PCs

    • I had the same problem last night but when I re-entered the code this morning, I received 366 days of use before expiry.

  • Are you sure it's 2 years, I got only a year..

    • Go into your licences and check to see if you have options there. Mine shows me multiple options, with different durations, including 30days. So just pick 700 days.

  • I had similar experience to George E K above, but tried again last night got a year, also first try on a laptop.
    Give it a go, thanks Op.

    • They changed it to a year. Those who had previously used the code still will have a two year license.

  • It's free it's ok.

    But you won't believe how bad the UI is designed, how hard it is to use this antivuris software, simply right click and scan a folder would lock it self up.

    The UI is very very slow, even a junior could design a better software

    if anyone paid this crap, should ask for refund

  • Thank You!!

    Worked. 1st time it didnt for some reason but after logging in via the AVG app, then inputing code it did work.

    Ran it and it cleaned up my PC and it is running at least 30% faster. Dont know what it did but it took hours to do for some reason.

    Thanks again

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