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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) 32GB Wi-Fi $244.30 (Extra $50 off over $250 Spend with Pop-up) @ Samsung EPP


So this tablet model normally sells for $244.30 on the Samsung Industry Partner Store. When on the Samsung website you need to disable your ad-blocker so you get a Samsung pop-up window offering a "Sign up to get $50 off" discount code when you spend over $250. Due to this tablet being under $250 I had to add the cheapest item I could find on this website which was a 60W USB-C Cable ($10.46). The final Price after discount code had been applied was $204.77 including shipping. I'll comment on this post in order to include some screenshots.

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    what's a good use for this tablet?

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      Put it in the bin i think it only has 2gb ram.

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        was also thinking along those lines lol

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        It is faster than BigW or Target Chinese tablets and have AMOLED display. However I failed to reason why Samsung put an underpowered SoC and too little RAM/storage (base model is 16GB storage). This could have been a killer tablet for cheap with say at least the Exynos 9610. I tried this at JB Hi-fi last year and it's stuttery at best. Might be very decent if you just watch videos though, gorgeous display (for the price).

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          Lol AMOLED display at $200 are you dreaming ? It has a crap LCD display with very bad brightness

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          Don't forget the models at JB Hi-Fi are filled with Samsung store demo/bloatware. It really doesn't help at all.

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            @hypie: I fail to understand why they continus to do this. It just cripples the performance and just gives their products a bad rap.

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        yeah, my 2 years old lenovo p8 that I bought here for about $129 has very similar specs to this :)

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      Round off the corners and use it for a discus. Or this: Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Wi-Fi (SM-T510NZKGXSA) 128GB for $328.30 on the Samsung Education Store, can be had for $278.30 if you sign up for newsletter and get the $50 voucher. Much better tablet for another $75 or so and 3GB RAM instead of 2GB.

      • but is the SM-T510NZKGXSA actually faster apart from the +1GB RAM?

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      makes for a pretty good coaster

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      Great watching netflix, you tube, web browsing or light gaming.

      Perfect for young children.

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      use it for the kids or watching netflix

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      Bought one for my young daughters schooling. Does alright, but substantial lag using google search and it drops to like 10fps in fruit ninja. I hate using it, i'd rather a Galaxy s5.

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    2gb ram..my mi tv box has that much..useless

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      Nvidia shield has 2gb.

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        Exactly, the Shield is an absolute beast…people constantly misinterpret the amount of ram they actually require. What do you people plan to do on a 10" tablet?

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          People aren't likely to be multitasking very much with a Shield, so ram isn't as much of an issue. The same logic doesn't apply to a phone/tablet. 2GB is a joke in 2020 for an Android (non TV) device.

        • Comparing the Shield with an tablet is apples and oranges. Try multitasking on the Shield with 2Gb of RAM and see how much it slows down. You are going to be multi-tasking on a tablet and hence need more than 2Gb of RAM. Sweet spot for Android is 4Gb.

    • My tv box has 3gb ram and 64gb storage and was under $100 when I got it over a year ago.

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    How do I get an account? I want to buy as a present

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      "……………as a present to someone i hate"

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        How do I login to this? This tablet is great for someone who uses for surfing and streaming.

        • Once watching the stream it's fine, but the lead up in the OS navigation etc, garb and laggy, same goes for browsing, if you are used to anything close to a flagship mobile for surfing you will really dislike the experience of this tablet.

    • You look for the button that says "create account"

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    No doubt about it is a budget tablet but it's great for streaming, got a reasonably good battery life or alternatively you could just resell it for $300 on ebay.

    Tablet Review

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    I've had this tablet for a few years now and it's still going OK but the battery isn't great anymore. I've been think =ing about passing this on to my kids and upgrading, what android tablets would be considered good these days?

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      S6 Lite is on the way, and I think it would replace the Tab S5e. Or if you can still find an S5e at a decent price, might be a good shout.

      • Tab S5e is actually better than the S6 Lite inspite of being an older model.

        Tab S5e has an amoled screen whereas S6 lite has LCD.
        Tab S5e has 4 speakers whereas S6lite has 2.

        Only benefit of S6 lite is that it has a stylus if you need it and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.


    • perhaps you have the 2016 version if few years :) This thread is about the 2019 version (slightly better/different) :)

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    Good deal. Have taken my 2016 version of this on multiple holidays . Perfect for YouTube. Movies . Games and internet . Don't know why people here seem to think 2gb ram is not enough to do all of the above . If you need more power of features then buy a laptop

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      because mobile phones has 4,6,8GB

      • 12,16GB if not more now as well

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          A mobile phone doesnt have a 10" screen.

      • Most good mobiles are also $800+ and have a 4" screen . This is a tablet with a 10" screen…. Completely different tools for different jobs

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          Unless you're talking about the iPhone SE 2020 which has a 4.7" screen, there are currently no mobiles on the market with a 4" screen that costs $800+

          • @WoodenSpoon: @WoodenSpoon: I ment 6inch. Even so there is a huge difference in watching movies on my Samsung galaxy to my Tab A tablet 10 inch. Massive difference. And they are priced at $1400 give or take

    • People become to expect a level of user experience when using flagship mobile phones, when your experience is heavily downgraded an under powered device it's really noticeable. As long as you know what you're getting into, you'll probably find yourself going back to using your phone for what you intended to use the tablet for because of the user experience.

  • +10

    I have this tablet, works fine for basic browsing and streaming services. Just don't expect everything to be silky smooth at this price point. The next model up and the entry level ipad is double the price

    • Honestly best bet is a pre-owned Lenovo Yoga they are around $300 and have a fantastic VA panel with awesome contrast ratio. Great for watching movies. Battery life not as long as Android tablets but having a full Windows OS also has a lot of advantage in what you can use it for.

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    It seems like a good deal

  • +1

    Good catch OP but wouldn't recommend. Nothing below the Tab S5E is worth it in Samsung's tablet line up.

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    Save your money for the S5e

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    Bought mine in Jan for $229.20 from EPP with $50 voucher. For $204.77 incl cable this is a good deal for those who are happy with the specs.

    reading, streaming, surfing and simple gaming has been fine. Wifi rec not the best but I have a chunky case on it which probably doesn't help.

    addit: also doesn't have adaptive brightness which is probably the biggest pain.

  • +1

    Why are these tablets so lame? Talk about planned obsolescence they are out of date before you buy them.

    I would have thought that with so much more SPACE than a mobile phone the manufacturing costs would be lower OR performance would be higher, but perhaps Im wrong as everything is scaled for smartphone manufacturing. Maybe the costs of the screen is the problem as they need to cripple the hardware in order to subsidise the cost of a larger screen?

  • -1

    Pretty expensive for a coaster

  • +8

    Excellent deal, these are great for kids.

    You would pay double or triple for an ipad which isn't any better for netflix, youtube, etc and light gaming.

    Its basically a meme to bash android tablets and praise ipads. My first kid got an ipad the second got one of these, they wouldnt know the difference as all they do is watch videos.

    • So you are making it obvious you have a favourite child then?

      • +1

        nice try! The older one had the iPad first and gave it to his little brother when he got his "new ipad" which was one of these "cheap" Samsung tablets.

  • What is the higest specced samsung tablet these days? Or the newest one?

    I'm trying to decide if i want a new laptop for holidays, or should i get a new tablet. I have an old samsung tablet that is a POS that doesnt charge anymore.

    Or maybe an apple tablet? But i really can't use apples and i would hate to have to learn.

  • +2

    How do you get a Samsung account??? Has anyone purchased?

    • +1

      None in Stock.

  • Still have stock?

  • is this good for games? How's the battery life?

    for the mrs, currently has a kindle fire hdx from 2013 and it doesn't hold much of a charge anymore

  • I tried to disable the popup blocker but to no avail, i also tried to go via microsoft edge (IE) but neither … people who have access, could you tell me if there is a good price on the galaxy tab 4, 5e or 6? Thank you!

  • Same price also available via education store but no tablets in stock.

  • +1

    Hi can anyone help me access one? Kids want an iPad but can't afford one this looks like a good deal thanks Sam

  • +1

    Seems decent value. I'm still using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) that has 3GB ram. Dead set the best device i've bought in 10 years. Still runs great. Just wish it was easy get a modern version of android on it (stuck on 5.x)!

  • -2

    Looks expired, price jacked up to $349 now

    • Did you even click the link? From the EPP store not the official store…

  • +1

    I signed up for a Samsung account (via my gmail address) but then it asks for a valid email address.

    Is there a list of the email addresses that are valid Industry Partners somewhere?

    • same here. any ideas?

  • If stereo sound is important, I recommend the s5e. Best sounding tablet I've used. Even better than my 2018 iPad Pro 11.

  • OOS on Educational Portal

  • Cheers OP

  • $200 isn't exactly a budget tablet. For this price you'd expect some tangible benefits over s Chinese tablet that's sub $150. What's the benefits? So far all the comments aren't very flattering so why all the up votes. Show me a nice SDM660 tablet under $300

  • FFS I have my HP tablet that I bought in 2010 that is still good for browsing and streaming. In fact it has the best speakers for any tablet I've seen. How is $200 for a browsing and streaming tablet a good deal in 2020?

    • What would be a better deal then? (in 2020 I mean, just so there's no confusion about what year we are in)

      • Wait for 2021

  • I cannot access EPP store.

  • what do i put in for the samsung email verification? i'd love one of these to study for uni.

  • I don't have any Apple devices and don't see a need for a tablet, but if I was to buy one, it wouldn't be this one. Android tablets are pretty bad, even the flagship Samsung flagship tablets are no match for the iPad.

    You can get this for basic web surfing or netflix watching, but don't expect it to rival the iPad, but then it also doesn't have the price tag of the iPad so you get what you paid for. Spec wise, its pretty bad, only 2GB of RAM.

  • +2

    It would be good if someone could explain how to access the partner site.
    It is a good price for this device.

    I've got the 2016 model and it is an ok unit.

    And from the number of ticks it suits a lot of other people who don't want to spend $700 on an ipad.

    • -4

      Where did the ticks come from, do you have a dog or was it the neighbours?

      • Was that supposed to be funny ?

    • +1

      Alright mate, I've just rechecked this post and I see that there are a number of people that aren't sure how to access the Samsung Industry Partner site. To my knowledge (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong), there are 3 different Samsung websites for purchasing Samsung gear, there possibly is more but I am unaware if there is.

      The 3 Samsung websites are:

      Samsung Retail Website
      - Anyone can purchase off this website, this estore is open to the general public.

      Samsung Industry Partner Website
      - This website is for the employees of companies that do business with Samsung. These companies (Telcos, Mining companies, big business etc.) essentially have an agreement with Samsung allowing their employees to purchase selected Samsung gear at discounted prices. In order to register an account, you need to use your company email address and if your company has an agreement in place you will receive an email link to access this website.

      Samsung Education Store (EPP)
      - I believe this website is exactly the same as the industry partner website with the same discounts as well. So in order to use this website and access discounted pricing you will need an email address ending with edu.au. So if you have access to an edu.au email address or can sign up for a free course that offers you one then you will be able to register for this website and access discounted pricing.

      • +1

        Just tried this method by registering using my kid's vic.edu.au email and upon registration, it asked for "Please enter your employee email below to verify your Samsung account." and that's where I stuck…

      • Thanks , am able to use an education account. Unfortunately as reported by others no stock.

  • +3

    A great tablet. I have the older version, which had only 16GB memory, which isn't enough. This can use the latest version of Android OS which can use extra memory.
    A bargain.

  • Interested with 10" tablet but then it's too heavy to hold with one hand…I wish it has < 400g weight

  • +1

    how would the easiest way to get a edu.au?

    • It shows out of stock once you get through the edu way.

  • I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 4G at Vodaphone for 22 a month for 24 months with 20 GB of data and I got 11 cashback at Shopback. I did it becaause my main computer and NBN has crashed twice. the bonus data has now ended and they are back to 5GB

  • This or the P10HD ?

    • +1

      lol I was looking at the P10HD too…I've decided to spend a bit more and get the Teclast T30 (has better performance than the galaxy tab A and P10HD)

      • I just keep thinking $300 is too expensive.


  • +1

    I don't get the pop up for the $50 discount. Is it just me?

    • Turn off adblockers

  • Diss the 2GB RAM tablet all you want, but my Samsung Galaxy T330 has been my main device for five years and it has 1GB. I'm only looking to replace it now because my apps have updated out of compatability.

  • +1

    Has anyone managed to get the $50? I got the pop-up but despite registering with an email (never used before) and it still received nothing for more than a day.

    • Same problem here although I may have registered on Samsung before. I don't remember.

  • Not sure if anyone posted (that I could see) but theses are the current prices on the Samsung partner store.


  • Can someone confirm it?

    I am on education store and all is gone now!

    • All gone even on the partner site, you will have to wait till they have stock

  • Poor Samsung ordering process :( (Samsung EPP / EDU)

    I've initially placed an order on 30, April and waited for my phone to arrive but unfortunately, my order got auto-cancelled this morning due to system error in ordering process then I had to re-order it again but been advised by Samsung chat team that even my second order had faced another system issue although payment has been fully paid for both orders and no resolution nor compensation for both errors… Very disappointed with Samsung Australia customer service.

    Order Page: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/299421/79381/samsung_p...

    Error Page (2nd Order): https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/299421/79382/samsung_p...

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