• long running

Free Sendle Premium (Was $10/Month) - Parcels Delivery from $5.95 Domestic, $13.45 International @ Sendle


Reviving long running deal posted 2+ years ago. Sendle premium is also available through nab, shopify, readytoship etc.

A cheaper alternative to Auspost and they offer pickup, signature on Delivery, tracking, redelivery, cover for loss
up to $100 at no extra cost.

Parcel Size Same City Nationwide
Satchel (500g/A4) $5.95 $7.50
Handbag (1kg/4L) $8.50 $9.95
Shoebox (2kg/8L) $10.50 $12.65
Briefcase (5kg/20L) $10.50 $14.95
Carry-on (10kg/40L) $10.50 $21.95
Check-in (25kg/100L) $10.50 $29.95

Obtained from Sendle Domestic Rates and Services Guide.pdf. International rates here.

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    I use them everyday and have not had one issue. Even if there is a surcharge to some remote postcodes, still same price roughly as parcel post without having to drop off. Every other time way cheaper. Don't forget to link velocity points for 5 points per domestic parcel or 10 international.

    • So, Sendle is competing w/ AusPost
      who now charge a Flat-Rate: $ 8.95
      [for from 1 g to 5 Kg] Nation-Wide
      no pickup.

      How soon do they pickup (remote)?

      Are terms different for rural and
      remote users? How much more are the

      Sendle seems 2 have a Pick-Up lead
      over AusPost, as well as sig/deliv

      Both incl $ 100 cover, but how much
      is Sendle's add-on cover?

      AusPost may have a Size lead, tho:

      I -think- AusPost may take a light
      parcel [of any size?] for the same
      $ 8.95 (eg, a styro body board?)

      Is there an Express service? Cost?

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        You know
        the text
        you enter
        will wrap
        cally right?

        • Didn't know but thanks your a great help here

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          I thought he was writing in verses

          • @mrau: :
            upon these forums
            pleasant verses are written
            bereft of word-wrap

      • Flat-Rate: $ 8.95 [for from 1 g to 5 Kg] Nation-Wide no pickup.

        This is only for small parcels in their boxes you need to purchase additionally I believe.

        • This is correct. The volume size is very, very small. Even when I sent a typical board game it's too big for their small box dimensions so you end up paying like $15+ anyway.

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    And if they damage your parcel it's bad luck. They simply don't care. Been with them for a few years and initially was very happy but lately they are getting worse and worse

    • +3

      Most likely a change in the courier driver somewhere down the delivery line.

    • +8

      I mean you only need to look at their Facebook for a snapshot of their service.

      People please note: THERE IS NO TELEPHONE SUPPORT.

      Four weeks waiting for a response on a parcel and nothing has been said or updated. Three emails sent, zero response. It's why we went with Australia Post, unfortunately. They don't care.

      • +5

        It is like:

        You: Hi I miss the parcel. 1-5-2020

        Sendle: We have got your email, please wait for 2 days until human being relies. 1-5-2020

        Sendle: Hi What can I help you? 3-5-2020

        You: I lost my parcel please follow up. 3-5-2020

        Sendle: We have got your email, please wait for 2 days until human being relies. 5-5-2020

        Sendle: Can you provide details blah blah blah? 5-5-2020

        You:Reference:ABCXYZ 5-5-2020

        Sendle: We have got your email, please wait for 2 days until human being relies. 7-5-2020

        Sendle: Please allow 2-4 days for us to check thank you. 9-5-2020

        Sendle: Please allow 2-4 more days for us to check thank you. 13-5-2020

        Sendle: Sorry we can't find your parcel. 13-6-2020

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          Yeah they are the pits when something goes wrong.

          I have been using Transdirect for a few years now - you have the option to choose the courier and often is cheaper than Sendle. I can send 20kg from Syd to Melb or Bris via TNT overnight for $22, much better than risking it with Fastway or Couriers Please.

        • +10

          No offence but you could have provided all that information up front so they don’t need to ask any other questions ?

      • -2

        AusPost -had- phone support Pre-COVID,
        now: It better be about med's you need
        …or Don't Call us!

        Even Pre-COVID', support for AusPost's
        own mail order (bought 2x; got 1x open,
        ie, shrink-wrap missing) product

        The number you reach has to contact the
        Online Dept, and - someday - you get to
        speak to someone. For now, just write.

        4-5 Pre-COVID weeks later, I get to
        speak with Online Sales support, only
        to learn I have to wait for a Mailing
        label (Return Auth'n)… and for them
        to receive & check item

        (Photo Not Good enough; so, AliExpress
        has lead on AusPost!)

        Not possible to return it via nearby
        AusPost shop!

        Different Issue:

        Shop is China; Online pretends to be HK
        (1 corporation. 2 systems!)

        As we speak - albeit in COVID'-era, I'm
        waiting for a parcel from Perth, that
        was due last Monday, later last Friday,
        maybe Monday? (So, Surprise me!)

        It shouldn't be too hard to beat AusPost

        • +1

          … And yet Sendle succeeds, at least here and there

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      Ive been missing lots of parcels frequently these couple months.

      1. Sending Parcel Sydney to Regional
        In transit for a month and reported lost parcel. After their "investigation" still missing. Few days after lodging a claim form, the parcel suddenly appear in the destination.

      2. Sending Surgical Mask Sydney to Sydney
        Shown Delivered but not received item. After complain, item comes up and with different excuses like delivered to wrong address at first..

      Likely Sendle using CourierPlease and CourierPlease is more like contractors run the specific area. The service really depends on which location we are lol.
      It's all about luck.. ..

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    ive had bad exp with these guy one package been going from vic to nsw metro, still not there after 2 weeks, had packages sitting on door set for days no collection

    • +2

      I'd take that up with your local amarex/fastway franchisee. Find out why they don't want to come to you. I'm not negging your comment, just seems strange.

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    I have a problem with their useless guarantees about 2 day delivery, cheaper than parcel Post, eBay delivery date. There are so many clauses that it's impossible to claim on them

    Remote delivery is an additional $14 I've found, so cheaper to do Aus post

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    I've never had a problem sending or receiving with these guys. They use CouriersPlease in most metro areas. The bloke that picks up and delivers in my area is extremely rough looking, and reeks of cigarettes; but he gets the job done on time. It's cheaper than AusPost, and that's all that really matters so long as the parcel doesn't go missing, but I haven't experienced that as of yet and I've been using them 2017.

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    I use sendle a lot and it has mostly been positive. Just note that they changed their T&C's relating to lost packages. Any claims for parcels not delivered, they only reimburse you for the value of the goods and not the amount you paid to send the parcel.

    • -1

      Isn't it the other way around ?

      • -1

        I think it is the other way around..

        Everytime I've contacted them regarding lost packages they've ever only credited shipping costs never even ask about the parcels value

        • How many times have they lost your parcel? They have asked me for proof of the value of my parcel they claim to have lost. Still waiting for their final word. Right now, out of pocket, no goods, no fresh updates.

          • @mrau: Plenty of times.
            I'm in the process of dealing with an absolute mess with them right now, a lost parcel that they claimed was delivered & a damaged parcel that got returned in a different box than what I sent it in with the label of the parcel that they claim was delivered yet another orders tracking info shows a parcel going to the other side of the country was returned to us damaged…

            2 buyers without their orders and no response from sendle

            • @TheXylis: I got a fair value insurance payment from Sendle the other day. I think it took about a month to get here, but I'm reasonably satisfied as the item is not irreplaceable. The shipping I paid was $11.95, about 1/40th off the value of the item. I just need to learn from this and use DHL for anything truly important.

  • -1

    I guess anything is better than AusPost parcel delivery really, from a receiver perspective.

    • How's that? Parcel lockers are fantastic.

      • I use Parcel lockers too, although they are 15 mins drive away.
        Its because the delivery is so poor that i'm using the lockers. They never ring and just leave a card + my local post office doesnt open on Sat

        • Indeed, home delivery is rubbish unless it's StarTrack, which I think it's their business.

  • +1

    Local deliveries no problems at all - Never had a problem.

    Sendle International, a bit hit and miss.
    Sent a parcel to Fiji from Melb recently - I usually use AustPost, but Sendle was $12 cheaper !

    Took - 7 1/2 weeks

    Somehow ended up in Germany, and sat there for 2 weeks, at which time I launched an investigation.

    After it got back on track, took another 4 weeks to finally get delivered.

    This happened recently, so could definitely have been due to shipping route challenges.

    • +2

      It's not too bad..

      Someone sending letter to Austria and get miss directed to Australia for 3 times lol

      • +2

        This reminds me of my very first online shopping experience in the 1990s. Bought 4 cd's from the USA from cduniverse. Tracked them DAILY to see when they would arrive, went via Austria first for a few weeks

  • But they’re so slow. Even without corona.

  • +2

    I found SmartSend using an eBay username worked out cheaper. My last lot of parcels went via Couriers Please took 2days Melb -> Brizzy.

    • Does this interface well with an ebay seller account? Easy to print out labels without having to export buyer info?

    • I've been using Sendle for awhile and have been looking for an alternative, how is the customer service with SmartSend?

      • Yes, also do you have the associated costs of sending items by weight/volume?

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    Their domestic delivery partners are Fastway/Aramex and Couriers Please. If there was a way to downvote this vendor more than once I would. If any seller touts "We ship via Sendle/Fastway/Couriers Please" it's my cue to pass on whatever's being sold.

    My last experience with Sendle was a nightmare. A mate interstate sent had me a surprise gift of some historical materials (gaming memorabilia) that I had been looking for. The shitfight took dozens of calls and literally hours of my time to resolve.

    I was at home and a Couriers Please "We couldn't deliver" card was pushed under the door. The card DID NOT INCLUDE A REFERENCE OR TRACKING NUMBER in the space provided and it instructed me to go to a collection point which I'd never heard of. When I got to the address, it was a BOARDED-UP/SHUTTERED former convenience store.

    Calls to their contact centre were painful. The only information I had was my own address, the attempted delivery date/time and an almost-blank delivery card.

    "We can only help you if you have the sender's details". I explained that I don't have their name or address as I didn't know the parcel was even coming to me. Response, "Well I suggest you contact them to get the details. Maybe it was for one of your neighbours?" Facepalm

    • +4

      I've had decent experiences with Couriers Please and Sendle. Fastaway is shit but seems better since they have the amazon delivery contract. Either case any delivery service can be shit.

    • +1

      Couriers Please is Rubbish, as is their customer service, would highly recommend avoiding at all costs. Would gladly pay double the price to use DHL.

    • +3

      100%. Fastway's name has become so bad that they are changing names (but they will say it has nothing to do with it). Both these companies have offshored their customer service and they really don't give any hoots. If you ask a question thats too hard to answer Fastway customer service will even hang up the phone on you instantly (no joke, happens regularly).

      Fastway at the beginning of the 2000's was a premium courier company and people were paying over $100K to buy franchises/areas. They were making 4-5k a week easily even 20 years ago.

      I have a mate who owns a CBD area for Couriers Please and he works like crazy, he says his head office has driven everyone insane with unreasonable demands but he still has ethics and does his job to help his customers. Whereas in my area when I need a pickup, it takes them 4-5 days to pickup something and thats after reminding them daily. Then they won't even scan the parcels and you never know where its at.

      • The Couriers Please person for my area is alright, 95% of the time picking up items on the day I book for. I have heard of certain areas in Melbourne where it took at least 2 reminders over 2 days before they pick up. So it really depends who works your area. The same apply with Fastway except bad experiences happen much more often.

  • Can they deliver stuff with lithium batteries internationally?

    • No, you can't even ship items with lithium batteries nationally with them. Best bet would be with AusPost surface mail.

  • Use these guys all the time, especially for big parcels. Having pickup is awesome.

  • +11

    I would highly recommend people DON'T use Sendle. ever
    I've never had such horrible experience with them
    and they are experts and shifting blame because they just subcontract the deliveries to various couriers and those drivers don't give a shit

  • I used this deal the other day and have used them twice and received parcels from them at least once. So far all positive experiences.

  • +4

    Several packages lost/damaged, months to resolve and they dodged all accountability and wouldn't honour any shipping insurance each time. Never again Sendle. Pay an extra dollar or two for Aus Post if you actually want stuff to arrive.

  • +2

    I had a claim regarding their pick up same business day or next business day otherwise it's free, it was through eBay but the guarantee was still applicable. I emailed them and they told me that in order to receive my credit I need to message eBay… eBay told me that Sendle have to initiate the credit on their end first. This went on for a several days with both parties, eventually I just gave up (Wasn't worth it for the sake of $8)

  • +1

    Sendle is just terrible from experience. What can I say - delays, shifting blame, cutting costs.

    No wonder, because any enterprise backed by Federation Asset Mgmt is just terrible.

  • +3

    As much as I wish I could recommend these guys I really wouldn't. The amount of times I've had to contact them with issues has been not worth the money you are saving. yes they have competitive and reasonable prices but on 5 occasions I have had misunderstanding from the courier coming to pick up the parcel simply because they did not read the instructions. The first 3 times I could understand and tried to show some grace but it became a bit ridiculous so after the 5th time I stopped using them. All 5 times resulted in 2-4 reschedules for pick up because the courier did not read the instructions which were very clear about where I had left the package. Customer service was ok and they were kind, apologetic and responsive in a timely manner but somehow the courier's failed to get the message still. Deliveries had no issues however but due to the issues with pickup they were not delivered in time as estimated.

    In total I have sent 15 packages with them - 5/15 had issues of the same nature. This was 1.5 years ago - hopefully they are better now but who knows!

  • +1

    Another negative for any company that associates with Fastway.

    Last year, Amazon for about a month or so used Fastway to get things to Perth. Must have had so many complaints. They eventually gave up and are using AusPost and Toll. AusPost non express taking three weeks during Covid, but it does come. Express Post is still great.

    • I had the unfortunate luck of having Fastway deliver some preserving jars i had ordered from the USA. Bought well before the end of the tomato season so i could preserve when the bulk of the crop ends up ripening.

      Fastway effectively held them hostage for a month before they delivered. When i called "oh yeah, we're getting smashed at the moment"…

  • +1

    The only time I ever hear about Sendle is in relation to something going wrong. And when something goes wrong, it really goes wrong as getting any kind of customer support is near impossible.

  • +4

    I started using Sendle recently, getting shit picked up has proven to be hard work but with their pickup guarantee they refund the full price and still deliver the item! Now I have a better understanding of how they work I allow an extra day to despatch the goods and after the guarantee, which I've had no trouble claiming, I'm only paying for about 50% of my items, and my customers are none the wiser or inconvenienced, winning! I'm happy enough with them, at the end of the day they're all as bad as each other!

    • Can you clarify what you mean by pick up guarantee? Are you saying if the courier decides not to come on the day then you will get credited the delivery cost?

      Because everytime my courier couldn't come he just put 'futile' and I rescheduled the next day..annoyed, but just went with it..

      EDIT* Oh you mean the delivery guarantee by 'x' date and if it goes beyond it gets refunded??

      • +1

        "Are you saying if the courier decides not to come on the day then you will get credited the delivery cost?"
        Click on Help bottom right on your dashboard, then on "My parcel wasn't picked up", follow the links, you've got 5 days to make a claim and so far they've credited every one I've made without argument!

        • Dang! Wish I knew that would have scored probably an easy $100 by now xD Will definitely know for future.

  • Last year I dropped a parcel at drop off location for ebay.The buyer contacted me after the delivery time and it was still at the drop off location.I had to collect it and send it through Aupost.

  • +6

    As a heads up: sendle is basically a software company that leverages other couriers and postage services, with no phone customer support, so if things go wrong, like they often do with postage, it can be very frustrating.
    Tracking also seems to be useless.

  • I used to use Sendle frequently, but after they lost one of my parcels, I realised why Australia Post were far superior, and worth the extra dollar.

    Sendle apologised but offered no support from losing my package, apart from waiving the delivery cost. Their tracking is not as reliable as Aust Post.

    And if you do need help, they take ages to respond and follow up. I notice they now offer insurance on sub $100 parcels which they didn’t at the time, so that’s an improvement I guess.

    • Australia Post is not that much better. Just received an item that was sent 1 month ago (was stuck in Chullora branch for couple of weeks according to tracking). The next day Aust Post delivery guy came asking for the parcel back, saying that according to their system, it was meant for a different address? WTF, the parcel contained the exact thing I ordered 1 month ago, the postage label have my full name and address on it. Now I am not allowed to use the item till Aust Post sort it out, after waiting a month for it.

  • they are the worst. dont recommend using them. Parcel never came. made seller look bad.

  • +2

    I recently sent a parcel to Sydney (CBD).

    They sent me a message saying they couldn't locate the premises, and to please provide further details.
    I looked up the address on Google Street View and it was clear as day… massive street number on the building out front.

    After their mandatory 2 day reply time frame, they finally replied with "Thanks for the additional information. Now that we have the correct address we've been able to successfully deliver the parcel." Umm.. wot?!? Exact same address, photo of building dated a few months earlier.

    Just an excuse for a delayed delivery into the CBD.

    Pickup courier was Fastway… who I absolutely HATE!

    You can't even specify "Do not use Fastway" as they contract out the work to them.

    DO NOT USE, just a front for Fastway these days.

  • +1

    OK 95% of the time. My issues with Sendle tend to happen when the parcels get transferred to third party contractors in regional areas. They either get lost or delayed. Tracking was often inaccurate in these cases. Seems like they have little governance on these contractors. Sendle has also decreased their insurance coverage from $1500 to $300 (that says something about their confidence). Don’t send anything over $300 via Sendle, especially to regional areas.

    • How does the insurance work? If I declare the item value is $300 and it goes missing, they replace the $300 for me?

      • There a Claim button on your screen once the item is determined to be lost. It will take you to the procedure and what they want from you, including purchase/sale receipt of the item, and the description must be similar to what you have on your shipping order. Then it takes about a week for them to process and finalise the claim.

      • 'Just realised that the Premium insurance coverage has reduced. Initially they had $1500, then last August, they dropped to $300, now only $100 for the Premium and Standard plans! They must have a few lost packages and claims…
        Also saw "Remote parcel deliveries are charged a simple flat-rate surcharge of $13 (or $11.81 excl. GST) on top of the national rate" making them a lot more expensive than Aust Post for small to medium size parcels. I guess the surcharge is an encouragement for regional contractors to do the job properly (most of my previous issues has been with them).

  • Good prices but I don't recommend if your sending anything of value. A lot of bad experiences.

  • Haven't had any issues with them so far, they use Fastway on my parcels.

  • Terrible service, avoid unless you don't care about what customers think about your business.

  • I've been using them about 8 months for eBay and non eBay sales. Great pricing compared to Aust post. Have not had any issues so far.
    Thanks OP, didn't know about the free premium account!

    Sucks that they don't deliver to PO BOX. that's my only gripe.

    • And not parcel locker

  • -3

    I just wanted to add that Sendle are the first freight and delivery company in Australia who are CARBON NEUTRAL.
    That's a big plus in my book.

    • Since they are just a booking agent for other courier services I'm not sure how valid that claim can be.

      • +2

        Just means they're offsetting the carbon their subcontractors emit by buying carbon credits from elsewhere (planting trees etc).

  • Went checked my account it says already premium. And in the bottom it says premium plan valid until October 2019. Whuttt… Now is 2020 already…. Weird… And not sure how did I get the premium at first place…

  • +1

    Terrible in regional areas. They use depots 100s of Ks away from the destination then keep trying to deliver over and over and again without giving options for local pickup even where there are alternatives (including a post office) If I see Sendle on a website I stay the F away.

  • I've had no bad experiences with Sendle themselves. They use Couriers Please, and I've had some issues with them when sending via Sendle, such as missed delivery bookings and lengthy delivery times.

    Last year Sendle set up a new thing where you could drop off your parcel at third party sites. Newsagents, servos, etc. Dropped mine off at a BP, but the guy there refused to take my parcel. Threatened to call the police if I left it there, despite me showing him how it all worked. I had to drive to the Couriers Please depot to lodge it directly, as it was urgent and I wanted it away asap. Sendle did refund me the fee on that one (I wasn't asking for one, they just did it), and did explain they'd "experienced some issues" with the third party network. I've not used the third party sites since, so no idea if that's improved.

  • +1

    Sendle has been a nightmare for me.
    Couriers Please has been good - they pick up the item, but you have no idea with they come, I spend a good part of the lock down near the door waiting for some guy to pick up my parcels.

    Fastway is shocking. They've missed 2 out of 3 pick ups. I decided to cancel the 3rd order. About 10 days later, the fastway guy shows up and says, I'm here to pick up your parcel.

    So, I've decided to stick to only Auspost. At least I can lodge it at the post office at my convenience and ensure that it is scanned on lodgement. I've been getting volume discount, and will be onto Band 4 soon so highest discount for small business
    And remember, Senlde's advertised prices for PRO DOES NOT include GST (not like Standard and Premium which DOES include GST)

    Here's a little comparison to keep things consistent when comparing prices.
    Prices are Same City | Other Major City | Rural (define differently for each company)

    Auspost 500g Band 4: Minimum 160 parcel / 8 weeks $5.82. $7.25. $8.50
    Sendle 500g Sendle Pro: Minimum 400 parcel / 8 weeks $5.45. $7.13. $20.42

    I really don't think I'm going to be sending 400 parcels per 8 weeks.
    It's definitely Auspost for me!

    • Note also :"Remote parcel deliveries are charged a simple flat-rate surcharge of $13 (or $11.81 excl. GST) on top of the national rate", so definitely expensive for regional areas.

    • Fastway is horrible dude, they are the slowest courier service

      • and never pickup on scheduled day

  • +1

    just fyi, from the replied i get:

    For anyone signing up using the link https://try.sendle.com/en-au/partners/nab, we're happy to provide them with the Premium plan for 12 months so they can save $1 per parcel as compared to Sendle Standard.

    No need to provide any documentation for this - we trust our customers to provide the correct details when they sign up with us.

    • Are you associated with sendle??

  • +1

    My 2 cents; I'm on OzB to save a buck. Today's parcel was $15.95 quoted at Aust Post shop, and $9.95 with couriers please. That's 6 bucks I'll put towards some other deal I don't need but can't pass up here.

    I've sent 5-6 with Sendle in past and it's been good. A tea chest size 25kg box for $29.95 to Perth door-to-door vs $182.75 Aust Post 22kg limit is a good deal. Express Post for same distance is $741 if curious.

    I have also emailed their customer service and it took 3 days to get a generic unhelpful reply, so I understand I'm getting what I pay for. That said, Aust Post just took 8 days to send a parcel 20km across the QLD border to us so I'll take cheap over expensive when service is similar. Thanks for the post OP!

    • Don't send heavy items through Aust Post, costs go up very fast. I suggest look at Interparcel where you have a choice of courier companies and time (express). Sendle do not give you these choices.

      • Good tip. How do costs compare to sendle? Online booking?

  • Auspost is still Cheaper in a few cases, e.g. I was going to ship this item to Melbourne From Adelaide, It was some like 3 Kg box (cubic dimension was like 43cm x 24 cm x 15 cm) On 1st October 2020, Auspost was like $19, Sendle was showing to me like $21 or something

  • But only that time it was expensive, usually cheaper on medium sized small items i send, and what people prefer as well.
    Although the best thing is them choosing Couriers please like 9/10 times who are like really fast in shipping.

    Another downside is that they dont have letter options, so e.g. you can post something less than 2cm height and of envelope-like size, less than 100g with auspost for only like $2.2 (even with tracking is $4 extra only, still cheaper than Sendle) But at sendle it's at least $7.5 National.

  • can we drop off a parcel at a hubbed location and to deliver to another hubbed location? will that work?

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