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Giveaway of The Day — Allavsoft 3.22.4 Download Free Videos from 100+ Websites and Convert to Popular Formats!


Good reviews.
Remember to TURN OFF the auto-update feature (will revert to trial version if updated) <OPTION><PREFERENCE><GENERAL>

Downloads free videos from 100+ websites
Downloads video in 4K 4096p, HD 1080p, HD 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p.
Converts video to popular video or audio format.
Built-in player plays downloaded movies, music in popular format.
Supports video download add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
Supports breakpoint resume, keep download history, action after download.
NB: Llifetime license with no updates.

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Giveaway of The Day
Giveaway of The Day

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  • The web site says it works with eHow videos. Has anyone tried it with YouTube?

    • I use 4k downloader BUT I still can't work out if it's downloading the original file. It always comes up with different filesizes to Firefox videodownloadhelper

  • Giveaway of the day

    I'll wait till the day is out thanks anyhoo.

  • I use this one, it's pretty easy to grab some music from spotify with it to use on your mobile with the player you want and not spotify's horrible player when you are offline or trying to save some data on your plan.

    • Does it keep the quality well?

      • +1

        they sound pretty good, i just set it to maximum quality, which is pretty good since i have a premium account.

  • this is good for norty sites as well!

  • anyone got a direct link?

    • +1

      The DOWNLOAD NOW button downloads directly (no email required)

      • thats not true!

    • +1

      This is the link they emailed me.

  • It is asking for a licence name and code to register.

    • Installation

      Unzip the package you`ve downloaded and install the software by running Setup.exe.

      Register the software during the installation process with your Name and the activation key below.

      Registration key:


  • Boooo…. no support for Mac

    • Yeah… get a real computer!

      • +1

        naaahhhh….. Windows… painful….
        Mac… free OS upgrades :-) pain free use… Best re-sale price… ;-)

        • Mac… free OS upgrades

          Not free…
          You already pre-paid at the time when you bought the Mac…

        • +1

          It's a really expensive way to run a Unix OS, really.
          Mac users are, as mac users are.
          They're happy with what their PC does, and thats all that matters.

          I've done 15 years in IT, and I can assure you, the big difference is that a Mac or iPhone user will say "Oh, OK" when they're told there's NOT an 'app for that' or the PC\phone just can't do it. (APPLE phones STILL can't bluetooth a song, even with no copyright!!!!!!)

          Where as PC users, and Android\WebOS\FireFoxOS users, want a workaround.

          Most (not all) Mac users I know would be just as happy on Ubuntu.

          Different strokes for different folks.

    • try using a windows based VM machine ? lol

  • Hi All,

    Anyone installed this on Mac and think that this could be a malware of something?

    BTW, I am interested in this if it can remove DRM from videos. Any ideas. I didn't find this information on their official website.


    • Malware is so broad.

      Is there a really high chance its taking all your cookies and mining your browsing history? Yep.
      But tons of websites do that also.

      Is there a chance its a cryptolocker or a worm? Highly unlikely.

  • OP does this work extracting music from spotify program?

    • I just tried it and it does.

  • works well. Thank you!

  • Failed with the first video I tried, the Met Opera's nightly stream. Other downloaders will download the video but fail to get the audio, this one downloaded nothing at all.

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