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Crucial BX500 480GB $95.36, 960GB $143.95, Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVMe $168.93 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

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  • Is this good? OzB history suggests there's been much better prices in the past

  • I heard a lot of people complaining about the bx series on this website, and to just spend the extra for the mx?

    • and to just spend the extra for the mx?

      Pretty much.

      DRAMless SSDs like the BX500 have no DRAM cache to store in-use "hot" data, meaning there's no buffer between the NAND cells and the OS, so the data is read/written directly from the NAND cells which are far slower than DRAM (with sustained reads/writes sometimes dipping into HDD territory). This also severely reduces NAND endurance because the NAND cells are always in-use.

      The MX500 SSDs are great, I can personally vouch for them, as are the P1s, both of which are traditional DRAM cache SSDs.

      The BX500 SSDs are a victim of poor marketing and they really should be considered an intermediate step between a HDD and an traditional DRAM cache SSD, more along the lines of Seagate's "hybrid" SSHDs, which have a small flash cache of 32GB for in-use data which the controller dynamically prioritises, with the rest stored on a traditional HDD; the result being a storage medium that's a bit faster than a HDD especially when it comes to boot-up times, but that's considerably slower than an actual SSD, especially for sustained read/write operations.

      The BX500 is all flash-based, so it will be faster than any traditional spinning disk but it's less-suited to use as a boot drive and better suited as a secondary data drive where you want better performance than a HDD but won't be relying on it for booting, application loading, multi-device media streaming, etc.

      • Performance is fine without the DRAM that's not why it sucks it's the firmware, at least on the BX500 240Gb drive. Lasts for a few weeks/maybe a month as an OS drive then performance turns to crap, worse that a spinning disk(8mb/s with worse response time according to task manager). Seems to be all the temporary files written/deleted from the BX500 that causes it to choke but it's fine as a steam drive which is all I use mine for now.

      • I don't know why the BX500 exists at all, it's only $10-20 difference in price to the MX500 and sucks in comparison.

        • The MX500 has been around a lot longer and used to be far more expensive. It competes with the Samsung Evo drives

    • If you must get an SSD right now, then yes MX500 is a better choice.

      BX500 is a DRAMless SSD and Crucial puts el cheapo/inferior TLC NAND in there so it chokes further when the SLC cache runs out. It's unclear whether Crucial uses driver + machine RAM hack (i.e. borrowed some RAM from the system to compensate for lack of DRAM).

      As a game drive, an external SSD/USB 3 not aimed for really heavy writes or an alternative to USB flash drive, BX500 is not so bad (if the price is fair). 240GB BX500 was in $35-$36 mark. If you must use it as an OS drive, make sure to turn off virtual memory on this drive. If you can avoid doing heavy writes of large files, then it can have its uses.

      • I need something to store games/large recording software on as my decent SSD is 500gb and nearly always full. For this price this is a good option?

        • No, because the price is not good / attractive at all. $150 mark is the target price point for Samsung 860 EVO 1TB. You generally wait for Samsung to run one of those rebate promotions (even though Samsung does take ages to process the rebate, you will get it eventually). Or, wait for MX500 to be heavily discounted.

          Also, while gaming on BX500 is fine (gaming is mainly reads with short writes - game saves), for large recordings, it isn't a good idea. It isn't because BX500's poor sustained write speed, the main issue is that due to it's DRAMless nature, it can at times enter a phase of background garbage collection (which impacts write speed a lot). If your usage pattern involve writing data constantly for a prolong period of time, then avoid low end SSD, especially ones which are DRAMless.

  • Is Shopping Express and Shopping Square the same company ?

    • No. Shopping Express same as Futu on ebay, but not Shopping Square. Title is wrong

    • Shopping Square / Zapals / Apusexpress is a Chinese drop-shipping company that misrepresents their true origin of their stock on eBay and scams on people. They also like to argue here how they're a legit Australian business that sells Australian stock.

      Shopping Express is a great company that I bought from in the past.

  • The 480GB is $93.01 on Amazon with free prime shipping https://www.amazon.com.au/Crucial-BX500-480GB-NAND-2-5-inch/...

  • I was after Crucial P1 500GB for about A$120 I eventually went for HP EX920 M.2 512GB https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B0795X5HJL
    So I believe 168.93 for 1TB is a good price.
    Not to advise anything friends i just came across a guidance of how to upgrade SSD for MacBook Air 2015 and ppl tested the HP EX920 in and it worked like a charm. And do it does to me in my mbr. It is running at pcie express X4 compared to the original apple ssd only runs at X2.

  • Hmm, get the P1 or wait for killer deal on Samsung 970, which would be at least $100 more ?
    Or just get an Optane which would hold the Windows boot, and most of the apps I need to load ?
    Already have SATA samsung 1TB SSD.

    • P1 is a QLC SSD with SLC cache, that's why despite it being m.2/NVMe, it is being priced in the SATA3 range. As the drive fills up, its ugly side of QLC write does appear. P1 is really for people who have devices which are limited to m.2 somewhat (i.e. thin profile NUC) and can resist chasing mid/high end NVMe SSDs, which are generally overkill for most people. If you only have a SATA3 SSD, are you really going to be able to benefit from one fast NVMe SSD such as 970? Do you really generate a lot of 4K video contents or have need to do heavy mixed read/writes to benefit from NVMe properly?

      980 Pro is on the way, but it is an even bigger overkill.

    • I have a few P1's installed in various systems. They are pretty good for storage (games) drives. If you want something that will make your OS boot fast I would go with something faster.

    • You should go for the HP drive Benjaminv suggested above if you want performance

  • there postage seems hopeless for multiple items

  • i just want a cheap 2TB NVME, any deals?

  • Crucial P1 was one of the WORST NVMe drive I have ever owned. Don't use it as a primary drive.

  • I bought one of these on their last special and they mailed it in regular envelope.
    Was broken on arrival and I returned it on 27/04 and have no heard back.


  • BX is fine for an OS drive / light application and game use for a huge percentage of people.
    Put one in an old PC with windows 10 and it now feels like brand new hardware.
    Of course don't use if for intense tasks or large volumes of downloads.

  • i got sick and tired of space so i said screw it and bought a wd blue 4tb ssd for $690.

  • Is there a 2TV version?

  • Anyone receive their SSDs yet?
    Mine was dispatched on 8-May but hasn't arrived.
    Ordered other PC parts this week which have already arrived.

    Also, can anyone elaborate on their dislike for the P1?
    In terms of bang for buck - seems hard to pass up.
    I bought one 6 months ago for $180 as a primary drive (Ryzen 2700, 32GB 3200Mhz RAM) and haven't had any issues.
    Seems to load everything pretty snappy. Only used ~555GB - about ~375GB remaining.
    I haven't tried faster drives so maybe I don't know what I'm missing out on?

  • After 14 days since paid my order, they finally reply my request.

    I been told the P1 1T is out of stock and let me wait for another 5-10days to see if they can restock????

    Cancelled my purchased and will avoid this seller in future