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Huawei Mate 30 Pro + Bonus: FreeBuds 3 Wireless Headset $1104.15, Huawei Mate Xs 5G $3599 @ eBay Allphones


Enjoy :)

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        I might be negative. But I am not a bot. And I am most certainly am not a positive bot or engage in collusion. Being negative still serve a service here by warning people from scam deals like this!

      • I negged it as well. freedom of speech pal, run along.

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      I for one own a huawei P30 Pro, absolutely awesome hardware and I am a big google fan. If I am in the market for a new phone, I think this is a good price for the hardware and I will sideload the google apps that I need. So yeah, this post does get an upvote from me.

      You are negging this deal based on the amount of sales numbers?? Did you consider the past BMW and Tesla deals that got upvotes here.

      • Talk about false analogy. The cost of a phone avg from $600 to $1200. The cost of a car is around $45k! Why don't you look at the number of upvotes for phones deals in the past and how many they do sell instead?

        • +1

          Look at the rules for neg mate. Hence your neg has been removed.

          My upvotes ans downvotes in this site is based on my perceived value. So in your standard, i shouldn't upvote a deal because I don't buy one? And instead neg it?

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            @aspirepranesh: Did it occur to you that ozbargain don't enforce the voting rules both ways? You can +vote for no reason. You can +vote because you saw a bird fly by your house.

  • Time to use my 1500 jobkeeper payment.

    • If you're not spending your 1500 then you're doing it wrong. It's called "stimulus package" for a reason.

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    i want this phone but even if it was $200 i wouldnt buy without google services. not worth the drama

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    BTW, for some reason you are not allowed to negged this deal either because it's a Huawei. My neg vote for this deal is removed because I have the nerve to question a crazy deal for a $1000+ plus phone that you can't use any proper Google services!

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      Check the rules for negging on this site.

    • +2

      you are allowed to neg a deal as long as you have a valid reason, say in this case maybe no GMS preinstalled as a warning. I didnt upvote it because I think it is not good value. I think Ozbargain is deal site not a political one. But this type of drama had happened many times already, everytime when there was a Huawei deal since last year when US banned Huawei. Many people regard Huawei as a symbol of China, and simply voted based on their political view.

      • That’s why we love OZB

    • I feel you too

  • +4

    $3599?????WTH…..i can buy 3 iphone 11..
    btw, do we need 5g in australia

    • -1

      5g is cancer to the brain. Honestly I dont think we really need this technology.

      • +1

        agree…i will wait for iphone 11

    • +5


      No matter what phone company this was, $3599 is ridiculous…. But since it's Huawei, either the bots are out or someone is equally bored as they are patriotic.

  • +5

    over 3k for a phone, and its a deal. wow.
    it would want to do a hell more than the current phones on the market can.

  • $3599. My gods, cost more than my computer. Can also consider buying a car for that price.

    • Can get a very solid Pc rig with this money or a LG OLED tv

    • +2

      With $3,599 I will buy a samsung A71 and a good size TV. Still I will get some change…

  • +2

    why would you buy a spyware phone from the Chinese govt?

  • +1

    in 5-10 years time when a big leak comes out that shows the scope of Google spying on us, what will the neggers of this deal do???

    • I wonder the same.

      I am gradually moving away from Google services once I realised how much they know about me.

      I don't trust Chinese apps as they are crazy in gathering user data and for the same reason I don't trust their US counterparts either. Both are crazy people trying to make money from our data.

      • +1

        Trust the oz government, trust me .

  • Pay $3,600 and get $1 change? No way… Pay $1 and get $3,599 change then it is called OZB.

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    $3599! Is that the price of Australian baby formula in China?

  • Nope, nope and nope.

  • Can I use uber on
    P40 pro?

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      I think most of you are hiding your hate for the Chinese behind this deal. This might be expensive for you and you can just move on. However it seems you have to come back and have a go at anything Chinese.
      This phone is unique and there has never been one similar to it, Samsung has got one but it is horrendous. Plus this is no different to any other product, when there is no competition you can price yours at whatever you want. Think of LG OLED TVs they were more than $10K and then you could have bought a similar sized TV for less than $1k.

      • I couldn't have said it better myself. Ozb is supposed to be a community of smart people that actually think. Those people yelling their irrelevant comments are being "censored" by "bots" should look at deals involving shitty Chinese products. People criticise those by listing facts and they get very high votes.

    • +1

      Hi tanastra

      I will be more appericated if you could do more research before you commenting this, as far as I know mate xs current deal pretty much the lowest price compare with other region or global price. would love the see better deal elsewhere.

      agreed its not a cheap phones, its unique phone current still cost lot to build it.

  • +1

    still using my 2 years old huamei mate 20. still very good compare to my friends' IPHONE. Camera is awesone.

  • +4

    I dont get all these no Google nonsense. I own a Huawei Mate 30 RS, I installed GMS and Google Play Store the day I bought it. There has been no problem since then. I use Google, Youtube, Google Map, Goole Play Store to install other apps. What is the problem?

    Yes, the only thing is, you don't get to use Netflix. But if that is the thing stopping you from getting this phone, so be it.

    And if you are arguing about China spying on you and use apps to track you, you are plain pathetic. I've got no words for you.

  • Is the mate 30 pro the 4G or the 5G version?

  • +1

    I do not normally comment, but I have to neg this deal.
    I thought OZB main idea is to promote bargain as in good price, I do not think it is a good deal and I do not like to see OZB degenerating into a platform for product promoting.

    I would not think the deal of a phone that do not have secure authentication system thus can not be used as daily phone is a deal, leave along the price of this phone is priced even higher than most of the flagship phones, like Xiaomi, Oppo, pixel,etc .

    To use this Huawei phone, apparently you either have to accept no google/ios backed banking app and lots of other daily use app, or download some code from unknown source like jailbreak Iphone. I would not use or recommend jailbreak phone to any one I know. I do not think ozbargain community should ever recommend some product require and encourage them to jailbreak the operating system, leave them vulnerable to online hackers or scammers.

    Google and Apple developed sophisticated system to protect the security of daily average users, so banking, emailing, share trading App is reasonably secure without too much of risk of losing all your money or your precious photos ,files,etc. Even that they constantly found system vulnerabilities that taking advantaged by some dubious apps, user have to upgrade Android or IOS often to protect security.

    I am no computer pro,I will not buy or use a jailbreak Iphone. even it is super cheap. I would not call it a deal given you risk of losing so much more if not all your money to hackers,or lose your personal infor or photos to scammers when you use it as your daily mobile phone.

    Same goes to Android phone like this one as well.

    Besides, so much effort or likely lots of frustrations to fiddle with the system to get around google ban ,to get you mustuse app to work if they actually ever work. I believe your time and efforts also consider as part of cost if you to get this phone. IMO time and effort cost is totally value much more than the money you saved, or even more than the total value of this phone to get this "deal".

    I do not have experience of this phone, and I am not into arguing "how good " this phone is, OZB is not product promoting forum after all. This is how I do not understand how is this a "deal" . It was so highly upvoted while all arguing was "how good phone this phone is" as in good hardware.

    • +1

      Cool story.

  • Great deal! The free buds are tempting

  • Just wondering how you get an extra AU 100? Any code?

    • Its automatically applied at cart.

      • oh,I guess that pomotion is gone….because I only get 15% off…..Thank you

  • For $3600 that thing better fold origami

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