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ThinkPad E595 / 15.6" FHD / AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / $777 Shipped @ Lenovo


The popular E595 is back - not the lowest price ever, but pretty decent given the current climate. A great post and summary here by zrmx, with comments suggesting people are already receiving shipping confirmation. Feel free to customise at an additional cost. Apply eCoupon TA-OZB595 at checkout for the discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30PM weekdays) with any questions. Ends 11:59PM AEDT 17/05/20, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU
  • 15.6" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB SSD M.2 PCIe
  • 8.0GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz
  • 369mm x 252mm x 19.9mm (2.1kg)

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  • +17

    Very good price.
    But if not urgent needs better waiting for 4500u & 4800u just around the corner….

  • +16

    Buyer beware. I ordered E595 directly from Lenovo on April 9. Base spec. Shipping 7-14 days. After ordering the delivery estimate blew out to mid June.

    Apparently the item shipped 28 April.

    3 tracking numbers later (one to NSW, I'm in QLD, 2 with no relevant information to me) after a lot of correspondence - they admitted that the laptop still hasn't been MANUFACTURED (keep insisting its custom spec… Can guarantee as per my order/invoice it isn't). I realise the pandemic is changing things - but their communication has been utterly shocking.

    Today was my revised date (May 12) although they couldn't confirm dispatch or receive by May 12. I didn't receive anything, and the three tracking numbers still dont correspond. I have lodged a Purchase Protection case with Amex/Chubb tonight.

    • +3

      Ordered one of these from Lenovo end of Feb and didn't receive until the end of April. Supply chain seems to have been hit by COVID19 but would be nice if they made that clear before the order is placed.

      • +2

        I ordered one in Jan, about the time Wuhan was going into lockdown and people were freaking out.

        Order sat in the same status for 3 weeks (something like order received), then progressed to shipped and arrived a week later which is in line with what people were saying at the time that it would take a month.

        So probably fair to say that Covid19 has impacted their timeframes.

    • +1

      All folks with delays sound covid affected. My order last year shipped within a short while and arrived in Aust promptly. Supply chains have been messed around. I'm typing on my E595 now. Very happy. Occasionally the wifi drops although greatly reduced with windows updates. Although to be fair I think it's my NBN as my phone keeps dropping occasionally at a worse rate. My son's E495 (exactly the same guts) never drops wifi, but he works on it much closer to my router. Both machines are great. Get about 4 hours of batt life with full brightness, wifi on, bluetooth on, etc. You can extend that with saver settings, but I'm rarely away from power that long.

      • The Lenovo I bought my partner a year or two ago took far longer than it was supposed too. Hadnt even shipped by its due date, I got that info from them.

    • +8

      I've bought three laptops from Lenovo over the last four years (an older E595, an E570p and a T470), and can agree they're sales support and delivery times can be terrible.

      Delivery can be very slow, particularly for things going for discounted prices. I suspect that much of what they sell through the store isn't actually in stock at the time, so there's a good chance of waiting at least a couple of weeks, if not a month for particularly popular deals. And yes, the communication of their sales people is absolutely terrible.

      However IMHO their prices can be fantastic for the build quality and specs if you wait for the right deal to come along. Their support has also been great in the couple of times I've needed it (one laptop had a keyboard bezel not completely attached correctly and fixing it would have meant opening it up. Something I'm comfortable doing, but wasn't willing to do for a brand new laptop that came with on-site repair warranty). The other time was needing to have a faulty dock replaced, which after a couple of phone calls, I had a replacement sent out quickly via courier.

      Other than that, for the price, I really can't fault them. Like Dells, they're quite simple to work on if you need to do upgrades or repairs (due to kids I've had to replace a couple of keyboards and screens), but parts are easy to get and cheap off eBay, and repair videos are simple to find if you want some guidance.

      I probably won't be in the market for another laptop for a while, but when I do, there's a very good chance it'll be another Lenovo.

    • +1

      I contacted lenovo client agency, they told me my order is processed and delivered on time but after it is arrived OZ customs, it is out of their control and I have 2 wait until release. So, if ur order is over 1 month, just wait and nothing you can do.

      • +1

        Based on my experience in the last few weeks… They are more than willing to make up whatever excuses to satisfy you. In the end for me, they admitted the unit wasn't manufactured yet. Appauling.

        • It doesn't matter, just wait mate. I already spent thousands dollars on their machine and really satified with them.

          • +3

            @Liquid Pro: It sort of does matter when they have no idea where it is, you dont know where it is, and you have made full payment in "good faith" that a product might be delivered… All while timeframes continue to blow out.

            If you're a tech manufacturer your commodity is constantly outdated. Being lax about dispatch times benefits nobody.

    • I ordered one last year 2019, took 1 month to arrive so just let you know

    • I ordered a legion laptop over Easter and it came within 3 business days from Hong Kong

    • It isn't just Lenovo, DELL, HP et al are affected by delivery issues because of the Wuhan virus.

  • +3

    won't find cheaper given the current climate.

    You mean near economic collapse? I'm sure we'll be able to find cheaper..

    • +4

      Economic collapse means your power of purchase will improve?

      • It does in deflationary depression!

        • Just wait a few more months, you can buy something even better for a cheaper price

          • +9

            @boretentsu: Just wait a few more months, you can buy something even better for a cheaper price - They been saying that to me since the Commodore Vic-20, glad I did not listen because I hear next month you will get better and it will be cheaper, again. If I waited till it was finally cheapest and best I would never have bought. With IT ask "do I need it", "is it a good price today". If yes to both, do it.

  • +3

    I spoke to them on chat. 4 weeks to get it to Australia and then up to 14 days shipping internally

    • Previous post from May 5 - this guy received his in 3 days. Maybe the trick is not to customise? Also, see this for estimated times.

    • +4

      No customisation

      Ships between 26/05/2020 ~ 27/05/2020

  • +2

    wah? It retails for $1699?? Am I reading this right?

    Bit heavy at 2.1kg. My HP elitebook G3 is only 1.4kg

    • +6

      Lol RRP is a joke.

  • Rather a laptop with a touchscreen

  • First time poster.

    Am I missing something, you can buy the 16GB 512GB SSD version from Landmark Computers for $989, without the 4 week wait.


    • -3

      Just sheeple. Don't worry. You're all good.

    • +7

      And $212 more with no cashback?

      • +2

        Yeah you beat me to that comment!

      • +3

        Are you a fake account created 10 years ago, just to comment on the lenovo $777 delivered deal?


        • Lol, been sleeping 10 years waiting for the day. Actually I get most comments when I talk about the NatureHike tents. People think I own the company in China because I say they are great. I would make a comment and never go back to find people had been speculating about me for months. So funny, just a boy from the bush in Oz.

    • +1

      Am I missing something

      Maybe. Many wouldn't need a 512gb drive in a laptop, RAM can be upgraded to 16GB for just over $50, and also doesn't include delivery cost.

    • From Landmark it's $989 plus shipping (different prices depending on location) for insured delivery.

      From Lenovo its $982 (plus a further 3% cashback) for those same specs with free delivery.

      So all in it'll work out being $50+ odd cheaper from Lenovo directly.

    • Yep, specs & price are completely different.

      Horses for courses

  • +1

    Good deal, but that is the SMB pricing for this model.
    Although the 256gb model has been dropped and replaced with 512gb (all other specs the same for $881.51)
    LMC deal looks better with double the ram and Pro edition, not home.

    But for those on a budget, difficult to get such a good laptop for $777. $10 for pro codes on eBay and this is upgradable.

    • Two ram sticks better than one. Guessing 16GB is 2x8GB.

    • Can you please share the eBay link you're referring to? Thanks.

      • EBAY?
        Talking about the same Lenovo Website, but when I login it re-directs to Lenovo Pro and it automatically applies ecode "SMB".
        Never recall actually purchasing anything from the Lenovo Website before.

        The LLC deal linked above requires no codes.

    • BS codes, though.

  • +1

    I like the number 7 ! This deal has it all over it! 🦄

    • +8

      Like my username😜

      • Oh yes!! Haha

  • T series is much better build quality than the E series

    • +7


      Should at least double the price. So, irrelevant.

    • -1

      And a BMW is better build quality than a Kia. It's apples and oranges, they aren't supposed to be the same build quality.

      However the E series are still pretty solid for their price bracket compared to other brands.

      • -1

        LOL. BMW? KIA?


        • +1

          I actually went from 20 years of driving BMWs to a Kia Optima. Build quality not the same, but a very nice car nonetheless.

    • E must be pretty bad then. Been a Thinkpad guy forever because of the red nipple thingy and keyboard, but the T460s has been a disappointment - keys failing, power plug bad connection, headphone socket dead, speakers (both) unbearably buzz and distort over 25% volume.

      Battery life is criminal.

      • got to add on the "Sticky Surface" after 2 years.

      • My mileage differs then. I have a T460S with touchscreen and fingerprint reader. Bought on an Ozbargain deal of course! It's used everyday and has traveled overseas many times. No problems at all like you have. I did feel the touchpad sensitivity got worse after some updates. My battery life is still pretty good too. It has a few times had the screen go all funny on startup but a reboot always fixed it.

  • Great price! The Lenovo webpage actually says an upgraded wifi to Intel 9260, not sure if that'll come through, but good price nonetheless.

    Do note the website does note shipping dispatch time as within 3-4 weeks, so just be aware.

    Yes Lenovo will have 4000 series Ryzen chips in the upcoming E14/15 models, but with some calculation and conversion, they'll likely drop in at the $1k mark. Also the IdeaPad Slim which is selling already starts the 14" with 4500U at $1.35k. So this is still a good price for a laptop <$900, if you need one within the next 5 months.

    • Good that they have done away with the woeful Realtek wireless cards (assuming they actually have). I have an e495 and have had nothing but problems with the wifi and bluetooth (unstable, drops out frequently then last week started throttling speed to 7mbps). I couldn't find any local stock of the AC 9260 card so have gone for the old style USB wifi.
      Otherwise a great laptop

      • My E595 only occasionally drops and I'm not sure that's not my NBN and distance from router. My son's E495 (which is used closer to the router) never misses a beat. I looked into it, its an easy change over if you ever get sick of the usb thing.

      • +1

        I recently raised a case with Lenovo support on the poor Wi-Fi connection stability. After sending me a bunch of different drivers and asking me to collect system information, they offered to send the laptop back for either a refund or a Wi-Fi card replacement. They mentioned they'd replace it with a different one, I presume a normal Intel one. So if you're keen to get this fixed, get in touch with them.

        • Thanks for the heads up. For the small cost of wifi card vs being without my laptop, I would just grab a card. However I'm sure there are those whole use it less frequently.

      • +1

        Replace it with this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wi-Fi-6-WLAN-Card-Intel-AX200NGW... for $27 you'll have a vastly improved experience.

        I will always go out of my way to avoid Realtek network controllers, it's a key consideration for me when recommending or choosing products. Intel remains the gold standard here, whether it's wifi (AX200/1), LAN or SFP++ Intel are astronomically more reliable. The i210-T1 PCIe card is around $70-80 and I would always spring for one on a PC or workstation that didn't ship with an i210 or i350 onboard.

        • can you just chuck one of these in a PC with an M.2 slot then? that's pretty cheap

          • +1

            @GenghisGun: you'll need the antenna component to connect to the antenna interface too. So the card itself is just a replacement of an existing wifi card.

          • +1

            @GenghisGun: Hi GenghisGun, no unfortunately wifi, bluetooth and mobile broadband cards use either A or E keyed M.2 cards/slots, while storage uses B or M. https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG_0... Here's an image from an Arstechnica article (https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/02/understanding-m-2-th...) that shows an E keyed slot for a wifi card on the left, with a B keyed slot for a SATA SSD on the right. Clearly a device with an E keyed connector won't plug into an M.2 slot designed for storage devices.

            There are some PC motherboards with M.2 slots designed for wifi/broadband devices, so it's not unheard of, but you're probably thinking of a storage M.2 slot which will be M keyed for NVMe devices and probably B keyed for SATA SSD's.

            You can buy PCIe riser cards with A/E compatible slots for use with M.2 wifi cards such as this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Desktop-Wireless-Network-M-2-Ngf.... If you want the best wifi adaptor for your PC, it's actually extremely difficult to buy retail devices with the Intel AX200 (Gigabyte have one for around $80 from memory), so while it's slightly Frankensteinian, it will look fine from outside and it will be superior to pretty much anything else.

            Just get yourself an Amplifi Alien (once they're finally launched in Australia) and you'll have wifi comparable to gigabit ethernet* (*range dependant, obviously).

            • +1

              @TrevorX: Thanks TrevorX for the explanation with Links. Learnt something today !! .Great to have ozbargainers with such good knowledge.

        • Hi TrevorX, will you be able to recommend something similar ( has both Lan and Bluetooth) for my desktop PC ( or this can be used in the desktop). I have around 7 years old hp compaq pc.Thanks in advance

          • +1

            @skjaus2015: Hi skjaus2015, I'm slightly confused by your request, as you've asked for both LAN and bluetooth. No such device exists, as those are very different technologies. If you mean wifi & bluetooth, then the AX200 card above is what you need, and my post to Genghis above lists a PCIe riser card that will allow you to install it in your PC. If you need bluetooth, I'd still highly recommend the AX200 for that, as it's relatively cheap - you can get cheap USB bluetooth adaptors, but usually it's fairly important that this is reliable, so stick with an Intel card and you're unlikely to experience issues with it.

            If you need a LAN card, look for an Intel i210-T1. Unfortunately it's difficult to get stock of these in Australia - I buy them from a national distributor and it usually takes a couple of months to get them from Intel. But if you need a LAN card I'd only get that, or go to an i350 or above for servers (I tend to use X710's these days).

    • +5

      Actually, cost to power ratio is better on the 4000 series, you'll definitely get more for your dollars - more power and more battery life, all else being equal. If the manufacturer decides to upgrade the features/specs between generations then of course cost will go up in turn, but that's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

      That's also based on the manufacturer tray price for CPU and chipset - in reality Lenovo et al may choose to dump their stock of previous gen parts at a deep discount and/or choose not to run discounts like this for some time on the new 4000 series parts. Realistically you'll be waiting until Black Friday sales before you see significant discounts unless other market pressures come into play. This could happen if Lenovo builds up too much inventory over the coming months. For the past couple of months we've seen heightened demand for consumer IT due to people desperately trying to get sufficient home offices set up on a short time frame, but three things are going to affect that - whether people have now purchased most of the products they needed (even if they didn't get what they wanted and just made do with what was available, they're unlikely to be replacing it in a hurry), businesses reopening and reducing the demand for working from home, and the overall economic position of consumers (people without jobs and no prospect of income aren't going to be making large electronic device purchases until their situation improves).

      If manufacturers choose to operate limited production this year due to drastically reduced demand, you'll actually see prices rise further than exchange rate falls would suggest, as demand could easily outstrip supply in such an unpredictable and volatile environment.

      Personally I feel the 4000 series is a no-brainer - there's no way I'd be buying anything else this year. AMD are really getting their act together with their Pro series too, so they have an extremely attractive competitor to Intel's vPro options, with a slew of design wins with OEM partners. Comparing either AMD's previous gen products or Intel's 14nm 10 series alternatives to the upcoming 4000 series is misplaced logic - they're different products that will have very different performance and usability. So even if the price difference is substantial I'd argue the 4000 series will remain a very attractive product, as weight and size will come down, battery life will go up, all while real world performance has significant gains. Given the 100+ products already announced, this year is nothing short of a sea-change in the computing landscape that will be remembered in a similar vein to the AMD Athlon 64, albeit with far broader commercial success this time around.

      So by all means, buy this now if you're desperate for something today. But otherwise hold onto your cash and keep an eye on the 4000 series releases, as your money will stretch further insofar as it will buy you a much better device that's far more usable and will last you significantly longer.

      • +1

        Yup I agree with you. Although I'd also add that this would be a good buy if one has a hard budget limit of under $850-$900.

  • If looking for a cheap laptop check out the dell refurb site. Prob get it much quicker.

    • Yes delivery will be a lot quicker, but most are refurbs (as-new) but you risk an actual refurb. All my purchases from the outlet have appeared new, but that is the risk.

      For a similar price from Dell's Factory Outlet after cashback will either get you;

      i5-8265U, 8gb and 1 TB mechanical drive (ouch) and terrible 768p (double ouch). The AMD GPU slays the Intel GPU, so also need to consider that.


      A 2 in 1 i3-10110U, 4gb. But this is a 2 core CPU and the Lenovo benchmarks 73% faster on all cores. Don't even talk about Intel Integrated performance, that is just embarrassing. I personally don't like touch or 2 in ones for most use cases. Screens just get dirty, but great for sales and interactive presentations. (personal choice)

      Note: Leno did make a strange choice with a single RAM stick, adding a second (which a user can do), adds a whopping 40-60% increase in GPU performance, which already slays the Intel offering, so won't be required unless you are gaming. (not really a gaming laptop anyway, but you can play many titles on medium.

      Although not as sturdy as the T series, the E series has a better build quality than the Dell's in this price range.

  • +2
  • +1

    Like others have said, great price (I"m rocking a E485 with the 2500U and 32gb of ram) and it's a pretty solid workhorse. I prefer it to the 'flasher' Elitebook 1030 X3's we have at work (although just got a Zbook to start using).

    Unless you were desperate, I'd wait for the new models, which will be much more powerful and will likely have better battery life. I'm crossing my fingers for a X13/T14 with 32gb

    • I just ordered a refurb HP 2 in 1 for my wife with the 2500U. Only 8GB so I hope to double it. Pleased to hear yours is a good workhorse.

      • +1

        Probably won't need to double it. Many new laptops still come with 4GB (which I would not recommend). 8GB is a good amount for office work and a sensible amount of multi-tasking.

        Switching from Chrome to the New Edge Beta Browser (Chromium Engine), significantly reduces memory usage and improves performance. Now I would never have recommended or considered Edge a few months ago, but here we are.

        • Yeah chrome seems to be so memory hungry these day/ Will try thanks.

    • The new models are likely to not be anywhere near that price

      • They will eventually. And I'd still pay an extra couple of hundred over the 3500U to get the latest 7nm mobile chips…

  • Any discount for Ideapad with 4800U ?

  • -1

    Are there price match options if I had bought an identical one during the 6% cashback last week?

  • +1

    My order from mid April now says delivery won't be until 3rd week in June.

  • +1

    again, how to get a silver color E series?

    • Online chat with agency to c if they have the silver option.

      • They couldn't make it easier and just add a Colour choice to press on product page/order? XD

        • Coz silver module is not a normal choice, even in US and China, silver version is a hidden option or you have 2 pay more on it.

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