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Xiaomi Mijia Night Light Generation 2 $7.99 US (~$12.42 AU) Delivered @ GeekBuying


After several requests I've finally been able to secure a deal on the second generator of the very popular Xiaomi Mijia Night Light. The 2nd generation incorporates several improvements including an attachable magnetic base that can be rotated, increased brightness and increased lumens. A comparison of the 2 can be found below.

  • Apply the coupon NNNDELIGHT at checkout to get it for $7.99 US (~$12.42 AU)

Free shipping included, 1 per account and AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

Model MJYD01YL (1st Gen) MJYD02YL (2nd Gen)
Rated Power 0.25W 0.34W
Colour Temperature 2700K 2800K
Lumens 0.7lm-3.8lm 3lm-25lm
Rotation Angle —— 360°
Sensor Mode Body Infrared + Light Sensor Body Infrared Sensor + Light Sensor
Delay Time 15s 15s
Sensor Angle 120° 120°
Dual Brightness Adjustment Yes Yes
Placement Mode Adhesive Adhesive + Magnetic Mount
Battery Type 3 x AA batteries (Not included) 3 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Operating Temperature -10 — +40℃ -10 — +40℃
Size 84 x 84 x 36mm (L x W x H) 80mm x 62mm
Other Features —— No Blue Light & No Visual Strobe

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    • That was with priority shipment!

      • But almost two months difference still waiting :(

  • So if GeekBuying refunds after 90 days, does that mean no light? Or does it still just sail on and I eventually get it?

    • +1

      It still sails on.

  • +3

    9 weeks on and this still hasn't arrived…

  • It's pretty clear cut for me. It's advertised as an already generous 30-50 business days (42-70 calendar days). GB making up some arbitrary 90 days limit is irrelevant. I have had countless items arrive from HK/China over the past few months, all around the 4-6 weeks mark.

    For the record, today is the 70th calendar day.

    • The 90 days limit is their refund policy if the item has not been received. That's as simple as it is.

      • +1

        simple and frustrating

        • It's the best I can get from GeekBuying.

      • +1

        Paypal dispute is more simple.

        • Ok

      • \Its not that simple as 90days get a refund. I was told to wait till 20/8/20 (item bought on 13/5/20) to ask for refund or resend. Please ask GB to clarify!

    • Ridiculous!!

  • Just wondering may be on this cargo ship


    • I guess if we don't end up getting soon then it may very well be the case :D

      • I am just joking XDD The order details said AirMail.

  • So if it passes 90 days, we are all automatically refunded or do we need to make a dispute?

    • Reach out to me or email GeekBuying.

  • 25 July and still nothing.

    • I bet you didn't receive it on Sunday the 26th either.
      Where you really expecting to receive this on a Saturday?

      • I got delivery on Saturday few times. I think Australia Post is working on Saturday but not Sunday.

        Maybe I'm wrong

        • for express post items

  • +1

    Guess what?!!!!

    Still haven’t received it…

  • Op, does last mile mean the item is in China, Australia, or on the sea floor?

    Package status: In transit
    Country: China -> Australia
    2020-05-22 17:04, Last mile=> Destination country post, number
    2020-05-22 15:04, Departed from Yanwen Facility
    2020-05-21 08:27, Process completed in Yanwen Facility
    2020-05-20 18:36, Picked up
    Powered by www.17track.net

  • I came back here to see if anyone else didn't receive this… glad I'm not the only one lol

    • If you receive it you will be the only one lol

  • +2

    This is getting ridiculous. States 'Estimated Shipping Time:30-50 business days' over that now, time for PayPal dispute.

    • It's not GeekBuying's fault but you can do that if you wish. Otherwise they'll refund you at the 90 day mark.

      • I've made dozens of purchases from AliExpress and other OS sites and while freight times have blown out none of them are approaching anywhere near this.

        • +1

          I'm not saying it's normal. It's not normal. It should have arrived, but for some reason it seems they've all disappeared. Because people chose free untracked shipping there isn't much that can be done to see where it is. Geek can lodge a claim to the courier but only after a certain amount of days.

          So you can do your PP dispute or wait 9 days (hoping that it might arrive, though unlikely) and GeekBuying will refund.

  • +1

    I recommend people start their Paypal disputes as it will take a while to get your money refunded. I raised a dispute after 70 days. I gave Geekbuying a week to respond, no dice. I escalated to claim on the 77th day, still no response. Paypal then gave Geekbuying 10 days to respond, which they haven't done yet. So 17 days after raising the dispute (and 87 days all up since ordering) I should get my refund. I suggest people go from raising a dispute straight to escalate for claim, otherwise you will just lose a week like I did.

  • Geekbuying are filth. After not responding to Paypal for 15 days, they submitted some generic tracking number (even though the associated OP here has admitted that there is no tracking) as proof they sent the item … and now the clock has been reset with Paypal saying it will be another 12 days before resolution is reached. They simply delayed my refund (due in 2 days) by providing a fraudulent tracking number. The last time I bought something from them, they refused to send the item citing a price error, even though they emailed us all a code for the MiBox at a discounted price. Never again will I buy again from this vermin seller.

    • +1

      associated OP here has admitted that there is no tracking)

      Some people have tracking depending on their shipping method. What method was yours? If you have no tracking and was provided with a tracking number then it's certainly something I'd like to speak to them about.

      Up to you but if you could provide an order number I can speak to my contacts there.

      they refused to send the item citing a price error

      I remember that one. No obligation to honour price errors, even in Australia. From memory the price had gone up so the next lot of stock from the supplier was going to be a loss.

      • I paid $US7.99 like everyone else here. There was no tracking. Their imaginary tracking number just stalls my refund request. It's a shonky practice used by aliexpress sellers to delay refunds.

        As for the pricing error, it wasn't a usual pricing error on their website. They emailed customers saying "buy xx for $xx" then when we did, they decided not to send it. It wasn't that much cheaper than normal either.

        Price going up on the next lot isn't a pricing error by the way…

        • Ok just checking. So do you want to provide the order number or not? I'll get them to refund as well.

  • +2

    I messaged them a few weeks ago and they said they will look into it and ask their shipping company what's going on and get back to me. I Hadn't heard back from them and got through again and this time I got a response.

    Hello ,sir .we got news form the carrier. that As you selected Airmail Shipping and didn't request the tracking number during the checkout, there will be no tracking number to follow the delivery online for the package.
    However, please rest assured the item is on its way. You can go to the local post office to check ,and if you havn't received it by%2020/8/19,pls contact us for a refund.

    It's ridiculously long but we've already waited this long, so a couple more week won't hurt. I know it's easy to get angry and frustrated but it's not necessarily Geeybuyings fault as it is out of their hands once shipped. I didn't get tracking, and I checked the site now and there are several options that were not there before. Can anyone verify they got tracking and what the last location was? I'm starting to doubt these even made it out of China as everything else I have ordered from China has arrived here without issue pretty fast but then sat in Australia for weeks before being delivered. This could very well be on AP as they have lost three of my parcels with tracking within Australia in the past 3 weeks alone. Either way, we will get our money back so give them the benefit of the doubt as it's more than likely something completely out of their control that has happened.

    • even made it out of China

      Under water somewhere there after recent flood.

      • somewhere down there the marine life are having a hell of a party

    • There was no available tracking option then. I got some random tracking number (UD024245705YP) they supplied to Paypal that actually says the item left China on 22 May. It could be real, it could also be a generic tracking number - but these never actually "arrive". AliExpress sellers provide these "never arriving" tracking numbers all the time - not sure what the point of these is.

      I've ordered half a dozen items from China since I bought this light, they all arrived in 3-6 weeks. We are now at 84 days … these lights aren't likely to miraculously appear now.

      I also highly doubt AP lost every single order of these.

      • +2

        That tracking looks legit. I get a lot of those on non-tracked items from China. They aren't the usual registerered tracking, they just track smaller parcels until they leave the country. Sometimes they show up when it arrives in the destination country but It's up to the destination country to put it in the system when it arrives and AP rarely does that with these, if ever so you usually won't see anything further until it's delivered.

        Since May, AP have been processing things manually and most of the smaller tracking across the board is being ignored anyway so I doubt those ones will show up at all. A lot of sellers are having isues with all of this. China can't be blamed for what happens once it leaves there and Last Mile usually suggests it's been handed off locally.

        • Don't understand why nobody received it with this deal.

  • Well. I have a mystery Aus Post shipment coming today…could this be the ill fated light?

  • I have not received mine. I bought on 13 May and was told by Customer Service yesterday to wait till 20/8/20 to ask for refund or resend. This is not according to their refund policy of 3months mentioned earlier.

  • Still nothing… time for PayPal dispute

    • Prepare for Geekbuying to draw the refund process out. As I previously mentioned, escalate to dispute ASAP and then, get ready for the waiting game (up to 3 weeks if Geekbuying play to form).

      • Paypal still can do it before Nov.

  • OP should (if possible) just share a spreadsheet where we all can enter our order IDs for a refund. Those who don't want to provide their order IDs on the spreadsheet can simply follow other routes.

    • good idea.

    • I assume the OP supplied GeekB with my order number - this is the email they sent me (spelling/punctuation as per email).

      As you selected Airmail Shipping and didn't request the tracking number during the checkout, there will be no tracking number to follow the delivery online for the package.
      However, please rest assured the item is on its way. We ship everyday to your country successfully with this shipping company.

      Also we have many shipping complains from customer, but finally the package will be delivered after 2 or 3 months. If you still have not receive it three month (over three months). The deadline for the package is 3 months. Please feel free to recontact us after this time frame if you haven't received and we will do our very best to assist you.

      • I never received your order number.

        • Fair point. GeekB were probably replying to the PayPal dispute.

    • Just PM me with the order number please.

      • I have PM you my order no. hope you have received. TQ.

        • Yep got that one.

          • +1

            @Clear: Thank you. Apology for any inconvenience. I know you are doing us a favour and its not your fault this happened. Thank you so much once again.

  • It is time to request the refund as it never arrives as others. Op, would you like me to pm you the order number?

    • +1

      Yes please.

  • +1

    Just raised a PalPal claim and noticed that the deadline for claiming is ending very soon.

  • Is anyone else working with @Clear on this issue? I PM'd him but haven't heard anything back.

    • +1

      I got your message. I get a lot of PMs in general so I generally reply to everyone at the same time

      • Thanks mate,. Wasn't sure what the protocol was. I realise this is a bit of a strange one. I don't mind if there is a refund or credit or replacement etc.. do we need to raise it direct or is through you ok?

        • You're welcome to contact them directly. I just try to nudge things further along for a more favourable outcome. I'm having a big discussion with them about it tomorrow with my list of order numbers :)

          • @Clear: Any update?

            • @superforever: There are timezone differences. It will always be afternoon or preferably evening when my day job is over.

  • Just remembered this hadn't shown up. I did the paypal claim too and interested to see if i get the same dodgy tracking number.

  • This was the email I got back when I emailed them about the missing package…


    Hope you can understand.

    We suggest you can contact the lacal post office for information .

    Here is the tracking number UD024246034YP , Tel: 613 8847 9980

    If you recieve the package , please contact us .

    Thanks a lot .

    • Hope you can understand.

      So did you understand? :P

      Jokes aside, WTAF it is? May be raise the PayPal dispute and PM OP?

      • I'm starting to understand this is classic misdirection method.

        Have PM'd OP but no reply. Raised a Paypal dispute but first course of action i was told is try and settle the matter with the seller.

        And around the merry-go-round we go…

        • There are still couple of days left before hitting a 90 days mark, so lets hope for the best that OP resolve this for each of us involved.

          • @IMadeYouReadThis: I am also waiting for OP to resolve. Look like most of the people who bought the item have not received.

        • Open a PP dispute then immediately escalate to claim. Then message Paypal and them you have been getting the runaround and they will push through the refund quickly.

          Ironically in my case, GeekB providing the dodgy tracking number that only tracks in China … actually worked in my favour, as Paypal were able to see no update from 22/5 and paid me immediately.

          • @sinners007: have disputed paypal (I hate how dispute are hidden beneath transactions, so if you do lots of online shopping you'd have to go to your statements, generally paypal are dodgy like this, preying on the people with lack of knowledge / process. same goes for ebay - owned by both)
            So make sure after you open a dispute, you then escalate (if you escalate after final date, that is it, you missed your chance, another example of dodgy paypal).
            I have now raised dispute and escalated, and now awaiting seller response.

  • +1

    I've been advised that refunds will be issued from the 18th if you've not received your order. I'm sorry but it's the best I can do.

    • and how they are going to know that someone has not received the order?

      Do we contact them directly, PM you (I already have) or PayPal dispute?

      • Order numbers I've received have been passed on but my recommendation would be to contact them directly as well as messaging me on the 18th.

        Otherwise you can do a PayPal dispute and let PP decide the outcome.

        • Paypal will side with the buyer (and rightfully so). Only issue is the delay caused by GeekB offering up the "delaying" tracking number & Paypal allowing 15 days to "investigate". If that happens, all people need to do is message Paypal and tell them the tracking hasn't updated since 22 May (if spaceboy's and my tracking numbers are anything to go by) and the refund will be instant.

          • @sinners007: Yup I mentioned that PP would side with the buyer. Out of my control unfortunately.

            • @Clear: Is there a problem with doing a paypal dispute? You seem to be hesitant.

            • @Clear: Otherwise you can do a PayPal dispute and let PP decide the outcome
              That sound's more like Paypal is a gamble - which it is not.
              Paypal will side with the buyer for item not received. Pretty simple really.

              • -2

                @sinners007: And thus PayPal decide. No need to be argumentive about it really. Turns me off from helping because I genuinely have no obligation being the middleman here.

  • +1

    I bought 3 of these on the 13/5 still fing nothing what a joke

  • +1

    Still not received my order. :(

    • I don't think it will arrive just do a PayPal dispute.

  • Anyone got their refund?

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