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Collect 10,000 Bonus flybuys Points or $50 off with $x+ Spend/Week for 4 Weeks @ Coles (in Store or Delivery)


Just received a targeted email for an offer of collect 10,000 Bonus flybuys Points or $50 discount with $50+ spend in one shop each week for 4 weeks.

Check your email.


Fri 15 May to Sun 24 May 2020


Mon 25 May to Sun 31 May 2020


Mon 1 Jun to Sun 7 Jun 2020


Mon 8 Jun to Sun 14 Jun 2020

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    Targeted. Please amend,,… you BUMDER

    • +2

      Updated thanks

      • Is it not available on click and collect. I ordered online it showed on my flybuys activity but now in my activated offers this offer is gone. What did I miss here. :(

        • +1

          My email states
          Offer valid only at Coles Supermarkets and Coles Online
          Same on the link with this deal.
          It has been mentioned previously on similar deals that these may disappear from activated offers but still work. Since there is 3 weeks left you could call them and check before committing to the end,

        • +1

          Don’t worry, it occasionally disappears, as per Yola’s comments. You will get a week 2 met if you shop in store.

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    Buggers… $170+ spend requirement each week for me :(
    If I could afford to spend $170+ each week on groceries, I wouldn't even be bothered about flybuys or $x off.

    • +7

      You have to wonder why. Do you use your reward card for every shop? You spend $100+ a week and flybuys picks that up? Might be best to get a new account, divide the shopping up and start putting through $40-50 amounts only for a few weeks, then stop using the card…or sparingly, maybe once a month to remind them you’re still alive. I only use the card for decent rewards only (x3 points not good enough), and might put a bag of rice on it, during the quiet times. I also have duel cards, one under my rodent’s name, because he lives with me and eats food from Coles.

      • +1

        Accounts seem to require mobile numbers now

        • Yes does the rodent have one?

  • $70 for me :-(

    • Me too

    • Same. I always used to get spend 4 X $50 shops, for 10k points.

      $70 is too much

      • Same here. Used to get 50, now 70, pass

        • +1

          I always used to get $50, got $60. I assume it's because I had one shop in late March for ~$64 when we were told to stock up with 2 weeks of provisions, and it looked like we might be in lockdown for up to 6 months. If Coles do not understand that on the other side of that, with a recession on and a full cupboard, that I might not want to spend quite that much at their stores, then I will be happy to prove it to them by shopping at Aldi for the next 4 weeks. If you want me to come back Coles then improve your offer: $50/week or GTFO.

    • $180 for me! I haven't been able to do one of these in over 6mths or more!

    • +1

      Mines the absolute worst.. $220 speed for 10,000!!!!

  • +1

    This is for the ones who stood their ground. For Tommy and Gina who never backed down. Tomorrow's getting harder, make no mistake. Luck ain't even lucky, got to make your own breaks.

    • Toom toom
      It's my life~

  • $60 for me on 2 A/C's

  • 2x $70 offers here. Slightly off topic…. Coles egift were removed from Suncorp a couple of months ago. Was getting them thru Member advantage, but now they have dropped off the available list. Not sure if that’s because I have hit the monthly limit or they have suddenly been removed. Anybody else with this issue?

    • I have other member said the same. So maybe not just you

      • Hmmmm. Ominous signs then!!! Mind you I have $2500 in Flybuys points/dollars I can’t transfer to Virgin anymore…..

        • They also removed eBay affiliation . Can’t even redeem for vouchers anymore.

      • Yes Suncorp suspended Coles on their request.

    • Had the same email from The Good Guys Concierge that Coles gift cards had been dropped around the same time due to COVID19. However checked tonight and egift cards are back, but got no notice about them coming back. I thought concierge shares the same rewards as Suncorp, I may be wrong.

    • Just bought some from AGL rewards yesterday.
      5% off eGCs

      • How long does it take to receive the eGCs from AGL?

    • My Suncorp app has this message “due to issue with provided coles gc are n/a”

  • +2

    Not enough good specials to stock up on so I will have to pass. Plus they have cranked me up to too high a minimum now.

    • That's your own fault for letting them. Don't swipe your card every time you shop. Small shops spending $10, OK if you want. Spending $150 with no rewards? Don't scan it. The amount it pushes up your minimum spend on offers will never justify the amount of points you get.

      Heck, if you get a $70 offer and need $100 worth of groceries, splitting it and cutting off as close to $70 as possible will be a win for you.

      • +1

        Nope. Never use it other than these special offers and the occasional freebie

        • Do you have someone else using a linked card? Or a linked credit card that awards points? They have no means to determine how much you're spending at Coles to up your required spending if they aren't getting the information from somewhere.

          • @Ryven: No, just the one card, no others linked.
            I suspect I know the truth of the matter though: buried deep in the T&C they reserve the right to create a 'token' representing your associated credit or debit card. This 'token' follows your spending habits within their group whether you scan your Flybuys card or not.
            You could split off your Flybuys spend and use an isolated payment source but personally am not that motivated

            • @King Tightarse: Isn’t Apple Pay / Samsung pay always dynamic, so other than the provider do they track on device id?

            • @King Tightarse: Yeah, that could do it.

            • +1

              @King Tightarse: Yeah I am pretty sure I have read before that they track you via your credit/debit card.

            • +1

              @King Tightarse: I suspected that so always used different GC with different accounts.

  • Got this too. 😀

  • $60

  • Oh I got an interesting offer:
    $130 for 4 weeks to get 10,000 points
    $180 for 4 weeks to get 20,000 points.

    • +2

      Same on Card 4 for me. Way way to much spend….. equivalent to $90x4 for $50 x2

  • +2

    Received 10k for 4 x $50 weekly shops. Won't be using as shopping at Woolies in their Deals.

    Pts/$ is not as good as the 2 recent targeted Woolies 2 week Deals with 2k for $30 spend in wk1 / 4k for $50 spend in wk2.
    Just shopping the 2 x $50 shops for 8k bonus pts.

    • +1

      Yes me too. I did 2 x $30 shops this week and will do 3 x $50 next week, that was an excellent offer. I may even do this Coles one, I have spend $60 x 4 for 10k, depending on the items in the catalogue. I am a bit low on a few things from when there were no deliveries.

      • Like you, need to stock up after lockdown.

        Did 4 x $50 shop last week with Woolies for 16k bonus pts + 2k for an 18c banana (5c min purchase)!
        Have 5 x $50 4K offers next week.

        Don't think I'll be taking up these Coles offers for a while. Still have about 40 Flybuys Dollars to spend from pre-virus Coles offers.

  • Mine is $90 pw.

  • -1

    For it to be a real BARGAIN and all shouldn't the offer of spend be for LESS than I actually spend each week? That would make it a bargain wouldn't it?

    But I suppose I'm just stupid for thinking that way. Spend an extra $20 a week for 4 weeks and they will give me $50 worth of flybuy cash! The maths that makes that a bargain alludes me.

    • u r vry clever

      • If I had only realised how good this deal was, upped my spending so I can capitalise and convert my BARGAIN flybuy points into velocity points.

        That would have been clever.

    • $50 over 4 weeks = $12.50 per week. If you spend $30 a week, you're going to be an additional $7.50 out of pocket for $20 worth of items. Sounds like a bargain to me.

      • +1

        Well to get that $50 I had to spend an EXTRA $80 over those 4 weeks = (-)$20 per week.

        Take off the $12.50 they give me back (see your calculations above) = (-)$7.50 per week.

        So I take that $7.50 out of my pocket (as you so rightly suggested) and give it to the closest coles cashier and I'm now (-)$15.

        When do I get my $20 worth of stuff? Do I pick that up around the back or does it get delivered?

        • What do you mean? You've bought $50 worth of items. $20 more than you normally would have. After the offers, you're $7.50 out of pocket for those $20 in additional items per week. I'm not sure how you think you're down $15.

          • +1

            @Ryven: Because I only ever needed $30 worth of stuff…

            But I spent an extra $20 anyway on, well stuff I suppose.

            I did that 4 times in a row, because that's what the deal required.

            Now I have $80 worth of extra, um, stuff. It's hard to find space in my cupboard and fridge for all that stuff.

            Now I get my $50 back in flybuy cash right? BARGAIN time baby!!!

            Now I can go back to coles and get more, ah, stuff. I mean, I don't know where I'll put it, but I'll find somewhere. I don't really need anything, but I'll find something to buy, probably more, um, stuff.

            Hopefully none of my stuff expires.

            I can't wait until next month, hopefully they will let me do it for $50 again. I can easily spend $50 a week there now, I've figured out where to store all my stuff.

            <<<<<<FAST FORWARD 1 MONTH<<<<<<<

            Oh no, they've put my deal up! Now I have to spend $70 a week! That's an extra $20 worth of, well, stuff each week that I need to buy.

            I suppose I could find some room if I throw out all this toilet paper. Why did I buy all that last month anyway? Oh that's right, I needed to make my weekly spend

            • +1

              @cheaplee: You can literally spend your flybuys points on more groceries in coming weeks. Mine usually go on frivolous ebay purchases.

              And, I'll be honest, I generally spend similar per week to you at Coles. So I check specials for things I'll need soon. Less than a month of shampoo and conditioner left and it's half price? Add that on. The last week or two you can add a few long life items and they won't hear from me for several weeks after the promotion ends. Which has the added bonus of allowing my targeted spend to generally drop back to $50 before the next offer.

            • @cheaplee:

              Now I have $80 worth of extra, um, stuff.

              Lucky you stocked up on non perishable stuff, might save you $80 that you would normally have spent over the next couple of weeks(more if that stuff was on special)

              Oh no, they've put my deal up! Now I have to spend $70 a week!

              Doubly lucky your other account has a Spend $30 a week offer.. potential to save another $80

              Oh that's right, I needed to make my weekly spend

              Why??.. couldn't resist a bargain?

  • got nothing lol,
    was It not enough of a blow not getting that Woolworths rewards glitch

  • +2

    150 per week for me…
    Time to stop shopping for a while

    • or get another account.

  • $100 per week here. Dreamin'

  • Nothing for me. :(

    I really need to change my flybuys, I have collected so many point and they don't send me anymore offers!

    Can I change my flybuys card?

  • $300 a week for 20,000 points… lol… pass.

  • "Spend $50 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks!" … yAY!

  • This is my first time using flybuys. What does 10K points get you?

    • 5002 Velocity points when you convert them on a 15% special offer

      • Wrong way to go given VA's situation. Is the freeze or velocity redemption lifted?
        10K points = $50 to shop at coles group.

  • Funny how they didn't offer these when people were madly rushing to Supermarkets….

  • Sign of the party is over when after 8-10 weeks these reward offers start to pop up!!!

  • Spend $290 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks!
    Crazy coles!

  • Screw Coles, delivery price went from 8 hours free to $12.

    • Yes I noticed this too. It happened about 2 weeks after the iso started and just as I qualified for priory. And they know that "our most vulnerable customers" as they call it are the ones who want delivery the most. Also during this time they decided to sneak in the requirement to log in with a mobile phone number or your account is locked for "your security". Bah humbug.

  • +1

    Mine $290, ROBBERY!

  • Mine says $80 in one or multiple shops each week for 4 weeks.

  • Multiple shops is better…

  • +1

    I activated this offer and met the first week's spend, but now the offer has been removed from my account for some reason. It says "you currently have no activated offers".

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Same thing happened to me

      • +2

        Update - I just called FlyBuys:

        They advised me that the offer doesn't show in the account after the first week (it's just set up that way, didn't say why).

        However they assured me that the offer is still active as per the initial terms (4x weeks $50 spend / 10k bonus points).

        • Offer usually appears back in your account on Wednesday, but does not affect eligible shop on Monday/Tuesday. You'll find it the same practice next week.