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[VIC] Ozito Black 4 Ah Batteries $39 Each at Bunnings Caroline Springs


It’s on at Bunnings Caroline Springs Victoria, possibly nation wide. 4 Ah Ozito batteries for $39 each to match Aldi upcoming sale.

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    So Black ones just have cheaper cells then the red ones?

    • I've got both black and red batts, the black ones have so far been great (can mow my lawn twice before recharging).

      I suppose it's possible they'll have a shorter life, no way to know really.

      • What brand do the red ones use?

        • I haven't opened them up, tempted to now though…

  • I know the aldi ones use Samsung cells, any idea if Ozito uses the same?

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      The normal Ozito batteries dont use Samsung cells. So i would say these cheaper ones do not use samsung cells either.
      The normal ozito ones use a no name brand from china. Couldn't find any info on them

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    I really wish they'd put this all online, need a drill but can't make it to a bunnings :(

    • No stock in SA? Or that doesn't check SA?

    • Thanks heaps, this was bang on for Mernda (at least until I reduced the count from 13 to 12)

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    Sweet! Thanks for posting. I’ll stop by after work tomorrow and hopefully grab one.

  • What's with Bunnings not including items on sale from their web site.

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      You have to go in store so they have a higher chance of add-on purchases. Offset the cost of such a sale with impulsive people, I guess.

    • Don't want to encourage discounting, and be seen living in another's shadow.

    • you can call them and they will reserve some for you

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    Got 2 of these in the last deal… they've been great for the lawnmower.
    Good Luck everyone!

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    SA Noarlunga, Red 3.0 + smart charger, $59.
    Isn't online and wasn't available at Seaford.

  • Been to Ashfield NSW store, none.

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      Give it a few days to a week before theyre seen in NSW stores. Other states get them first for some reason.

  • haha black box red box game all over again (I have enough overall luckily)

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      For the uninitiated - what is this?

      • A battery for Ozito 18 volt tools.

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          Sorry - meant to ask what is the red box black box game?

          Are the black box batteries brought in as a special line by Bunnings so they don't have to discount their red box batteries?

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            @XabiFernando: I know when they started price matching Aldi with the ozito 4ah a fair few stores sell out of the red box ones.
            So i think they bring the black box ones in a a different item number so they can say they price match with this particular item. Looking at the projectsuit site the stock levels seem to be set to a max of 20 per store. So once they sell out that is it. rather than go through all the red box batteries.

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            @XabiFernando: Yes. Same specs, same warranty, just a different code and the plastic trim is all black instead of red+black. The boxes are all black too, so you can point them out to the Bunnings guy when there is no "on special" price tag.

            The standard 4Ah battery is PXBP-400 (Bunnings code 6290574)


            The promotional 4Ah battery is PXBP-40B (Bunnings code 0169989)


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        Usually Bunnings just drops the price to match, but last time it was on they brought it in as a separate item which was not available everywhere initially


  • Cheers Polka! Just raced to my local (Newstead, QLD) and found them on the tool shop counter Asked to get a stock level check and was told these were the last 12 for this store… so if Newstead is also your local either get there NOW or get there first thing in the morning otherwise you'll miss out!

  • Tried Gordon NSW, with photo from this post, refused to match "we don't match other Bunnings stores". Stinker.

    • Was it for the black box batteries? They definitely won't price match the red box version.

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    Here's a nudie pic of one of the black box batteries I just purchased. TP branded 'MH46259' cells. A quick Google search revealed a smaller capacity version of these are used in cordless Dremels so they can't be all bad.

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      Top form. Thanks for the share.

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        No dramas. Great that the ALDI batteries have Samsung cells and odd that the Ozito stuff doesn't but in saying that I've had 6x 4Ah Ozito batteries for at least 3 years now, hammer them to death on the reno & garden tools and they're still working perfectly well. I think desires of only accepting branded cells has been debased for a while now. I've definitely had my money's worth!

        • I think proper unbranded cells are ok.

          Just some dodgy unbranded ones can be recycled/refurb batteries which tend to die quick.

          As long as it's not those you should be ok

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            @voter1: Completely agree. But coming from such a big modern seller, plus common experiences, their warranty removes most concerns for me.

            I've had shocking warranty experiences with trade quality (and price!) tools, from trade sellers, with normal use.

            Honestly… if I had an apprentice or wasn't fully kitted-out already, I'd buy all these.

            As a comparison, I've done the same with NBN, Mobile, cars, with everything. Quality/cost always changes, along with risk profiles.

            • @Ulysses31: Yep, yep, yep! Compared to 20 and even 10 years ago this cheap stuff has come so far and from my personal experience a lot of the traditionally high-end stuff (the supremely expensive Bosch Pro gear) plummeted in quality. Sure, this Ozito PXC stuff may not be able to compete side-by-side but it gives other gear a crazy good run for its money but it's the hassle-free, over-counter replacement that sold me initially… not that I've needed to take advantage of it much but having a $700 'Pro Grade' & 'as new' Bosch PEX-150 Sander blow up in my hands during an urgent reno job (absolutely not my fault either!) and not being able to duck out to get it replaced then & there basically sealed the deal with me and so called 'high-end' power tools. If you can't get the job done in the time you've allocated due to a failure then the perceived quality of high-end power tools is worthless.

    • +1

      thanks mate.

      • That's the red battery… but yes, it's a video nonetheless ;)

        • I think he means cells are the same. The code and brand for the cells are identical. I don't think the manufacturer would bother with making a brand new PCB and new component assembly line for just a discount battery. I think the case colour is just for value perception. When you see black = cheap, when you buy red and see black at half price, you don't feel bad.

  • Can these batteries be used on the red (fast) charger? (or) separate charger for these?

    • Fast is fine

    • All powertool batteries need to be low-resistance for fast discharge, so can fast-charge as well.

  • +1
    • Thanks for sharing but wow expensive adapter for basically a pass through. I knew these existed but would have guessed they are worth about $10 how wrong was I!

      • Well they are only worth about $10, so nice tidy profit for each one sold.

        • yeah nah they're 3d printed which is why they're so expensive. you can Frankenstein something together with say a knockoff battery and a cheap or broken tool.

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            @chickenface: I had a mate 3D print the parts for me. He said "negligible" cost of actual materials. And that's with a pretty high infill.
            Don't get me wrong, no issue with people making profit for something people want and their time/effort. But it's not because of the 3D printing.

            • @dufflover: be easy enough to undercut if it was profitable.

            • @dufflover: Would you mind sending a link for the 3D plans?

              • @JJlikes2eat: I had actually made myself an AEG tool to Aldi tool adapter, but had gotten the plans from Thingiverse; in my case I actually got separate plans a battery plate and the part that goes into the tool.

                I did a quick search and there's one Ozito battery to Ryobi tool thing already:

                In the end it depends on your value of time/effort/knowledge/reliability/etc.

  • Are most of the 4 AH batteries (ozito, aldi, etc) made up of 8 cells?

    I need 8 cells. Thought I had some from a laptop battery but after charging them most of them are displaying 12v or something silly

    • Yep, 4x cells for 18V @ 2Ah then another 4x cells paralleled for the 4Ah packs (8x cells in total)

      • +2

        You sure they're not 5 or 10 cells?

        The Einhell battery page shows 10 cells in the exploded picture, which also matches the nominal Li-ion voltage of 3.6v x 5 = 18v.

        This is the same reason that 20v tools are cross-compatible; the seller just notes each cell as being a nominal 4v instead - even though they're identical.

        • Doh! Sorry. You're absolutely correct Switchblade and I should've known that plus it's even clear it's 10x cells in the nudie pic I took above. It's been a BIG weekend :)

          • +2

            @SteveAndBelle: Not a problem - it was your Einhell website links that I was already exploring from your other post anyway lol

  • Anyone has a link to that site where you can see the actual stock levels? Can't believe I didn't see this earlier, I've been checking continuously for when they'll drop…

  • damn i've just got 1 at $69 the other day!! oh man!! thx OP.

    • +1

      If it was a black cell one, buy another one.
      Then return the new one with the old receipt.

  • Saw some at the local Bunnings, unfortunately I couldn't justify it as I have no Ozito tools :P

  • I thought they cleared all these 4Ah black-box ones last time for $29…

    • Hint: look at Aldi's moves.
      Nothing to do with a "clearance" in the typical Bunnings meaning.

  • What do ppl use these for? Convert battery to fit more expensive brands skins?

  • All this black vs red but can anyone say what the difference is? People have only said the box is diff.. But bunnings must be making them cheaper somehow else why bother?

    • Available stock for price-matching.

      The reds are everywhere, all the time. The blacks come out on special to match Aldi, BUT - suprise suprise - I've got no stock within 500km of me.

      Bunnings gets to claim that they price match, and also don't make any less profit by forcing me to buy at retail prices.

      • Keep an eye out. My Bunnings only started putting them on the shelf this morning. I literally took it out of his hands as he was stocking the shelf hahah

        It's likely coming to a store near you!

    • I bought the last one in my closest store in Qld and I asked the guy what the difference is.

      He just said the black ones charge slower.

    • I asked the guys at Bunnings. They said they are exactly the same but one is a promo while other is always available.

      I'm guessing the promo ones only goes to Bunnings stores that is close to an aldi

  • Technically illegal to call a former $29 item on special for $39. Nobody will fine a giant. When JB took over GG everything went up 30% and had a 20% special. New Pty Ltd said the lawyer, we create loopholes not specials.
    I got an old one in a red case and a new cheap $29 in the black case. Given the mower a bit of thick gras the black battery died. Shall I swap cases now to get a new red one for the black under warranty ?

    • Shelf price is $69, so anything under is a discount - not illegal.

  • +1

    my NSW local had none this morning (will check another time). The apparent tool expert was grumpily stating they don't price match Aldi as a different brand, as I tried to explain my question if they had any. Mealwhile they have drills on promo price to match Aldi :/

    • I spotted all 20 at Katoomba still in the shipping box on the top shelf above all the tools, check the carton for the i/n 0169989

  • Just got back from Caroline Springs Bunnings, they’ve got 3 left.

  • +3

    Hiya guys,

    This link may not be real-time but it's def worth checking. I checked this morning and suddenly noted McGraths Hill NSW had stock updated to 20. Went in and grabbed two. The lady at the counter didn't know I showed her the unopened box lying around and said I want this LOL. The stock should be 18 now it's not updated in the below link but it's worth checking as it shows in stock at least when the stock arrives. Thanks to whoever provided the below link.


    Good luck!

    • Hopefully a local store gets their box soon then haha

    • Just grabbed two at McGraths Hill.

      12-14 left on the shelf In the tool shop.

  • +1

    BTW if anyone wants product ID to call Bunnings to check stock here it is: 0169989

  • There are 10+ stock @ PER Wangara and Innaloo

    • -2 at Wangara ;)

  • +1

    Saw this being stocked at Bunnings Southport, so def nationwide. But as usual Bunnings removes it from the website…

  • Got the last 1 @ VIC Notting Hill at 1:30PM

  • +1

    Will they drop the fast charger to match Aldi's $19.99 price?

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