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Surplus Goods Hiker Jacket Green Colour $69 (RRP $179.95) Shipped @ Superdry AU (Fr Size XS to 3XL)


Your go-to outer shell, the men's Surplus Goods Hiker Jacket by Superdry is the perfect layer for exploring the great outdoors. Made with a zipped fastening, the adjustable popper cuffs and bungee hem and hood are added so you can achieve a secure and protective fit. Details include a Superdry logo badge on the sleeve and tonal camo print detailing.

Designed for practicality, the reflective back stripe adds visibility while the three zip pockets are perfect for holding essentials on a long hike. Made for commutes big and small, this jacket is great for all types of adventures.

  • Hiker jacket with a zipped front fastening and padded lining

  • Hood with adjustable bungee cord

  • Long sleeves with popper fastened cuffs

  • Army green with tonal camo detailing

-Three zipped pockets

  • Reflective stripe on back

  • Straight hemline with adjustable bungee cording

  • Finished with a Superdry logo badge on the sleeve

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Superdry AU


  • +12 votes

    Why is this Superdry brand popular? What is so good about them?


    How is Superdry fit and sizes compared to Adidas/Nike?

  • -2 votes


  • +2 votes

    Purchased some Superdry Hoodies last year, I went L as i'm normally an M so you typically need to size up.

    I have to say I spent alot of time looking for some nice hoodies for the winter, I went to Nike, G Star, Adidas etc. For me Superdry offered the best fit, as well as maintaining comfort.


    Went my normal size… hopefully it fits. Otherwise a free return I guess.


    I prefer Napajri in relation to its function and style

  • +10 votes

    i am a size 'L' but in SuperDry land everything fits me with the size 'XXL'
    best to check their sizing in store first.

    on a further note i've been watching their sales over the last few weeks in my emails and even though it says
    60% OFF yada yada!… the prices have actualy gone up slighly and some have stayed the same.

    … in regards to said item there is no way that jacket is worth $180 bux. SuperDry is "always" on sale.

    the price they display after discount is the real price… give or take + or - 10%.
    the do some rotation a couple of percent here and there constantly.

    You might get a real discount if the item is the last one in that sizing and it's the end of the line.
    otherwise… it is what it is. the quality is pretty good in most cases and personally it fits me well.

    i don't want to keep buying super dry because i'll end up being a walking advertisement.

    just to reiterate. this isn't really a 'sale'. i've been watching some of their garments for weeks and they cost 'more' than they did 2 or 3 weeks ago. it's a ruse. but it is what it is. END of the WORLD sale 60%!!

    i'll pass and wait for a 'real' sale.

  • +2 votes

    Is this from China? I don't want to be gum stick to a Chinese shoe.

  • +1 vote

    Wait… There's only One zipper for the main opening?!


  • +1 vote

    Does anyone know if these jackets are any good when it rains?

    • +3 votes

      I doubt it very much unless it has a coating that is not mentioned. Outer is polyester, it might be water resistant but I wouldn't trust it in a downpour. Kind of funny that they call it a 'hiker' jacket, you would be mad to take it hiking.

    • +2 votes

      Definitely not waterproof. Gotta shell out the big bucks if yuo want waterproof.

      Also it's fkn annoying they don't list what size the model wears along w his height etc. I find that comes in real handy.

    • +1 vote

      Haha yeah the irony is killing me with this product - a product made to be a hiking outer shell which practically means it is made to be rained on, by a brand called Superdry… but product isn't water resistant or anything

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    This the Hunters jacket from DayZ SA?


    Love their hoodies, thick cotton with nice detailing.

    Makes me look 10 years younger than I am.
    Wifey saids it's like she's with a 25 y.o. 😅

    I pick mine up at DFO around 50% off rrp.

    Myer usually has Superdry at 30% off during their sales. When their stores used to open and you can try things on…

    Back on topic, I'm not keen on that green jacket. Not my style.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP. Brought one😁

  • +1 vote

    I see people been saying size up, but I ordered a jacket last time size up and was too big. So I guess I'm getting right size this time. Thanks.

  • +1 vote

    Ol' mate in the photo doesn't look too impressed with the jacket!

  • +2 votes

    Wish I hadn't seen this…couldn't resist haha. Thanks OP. Add in shopback and this is a solid deal.

    Am I right with the following:

    Shopback referral bonus with original account $10
    Shopback new account bonus $5 plus 7% of $69 (approx $5)

    Means total out of pocket approx $49?


    Ordered one size larger than I normally would. Normally a medium in most Adidas/Under Armour clothing so I opted for a large based on the comments. Hoping it fits well. Thanks OP.


    Thanks op. Thanks for triggering my weakness. Super dry on sale. Brought one!

  • +1 vote

    I love the jacket I purchased from Superdry. Great quality. I'm normally an xl on a good day, so I went with xxxl because I heard their sizes run small. It is a bit big on me, but I prefer a baggy fit. Highly recommended

  • +8 votes

    Dude looks iced


    Sweet!! Got it for dad cos this brand makes him feel young. Haha

    Thanks OP!!!!!!


    uh this isnt a waterproof shell is it?

  • +1 vote

    Thanks mate didnt get the jacket but scored other discounted items in my size surprisingly

  • +1 vote

    Don't forget cashback, 7% on cashrewards?

  • +1 vote

    Heaps left in the Canberra centre store and helpful staff. Thanks OP

  • +3 votes

    Already received mine! Im normally a L to an XL. Went for 2XL - fits perfectly. Superdry appears to fit narrow on the shoulders.


    I'm usually a Small with SDry jackets (have quite a few), but my Small just arrived and it's way too big. Crazy big in comparison to all my others.