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OMEN by HP 27inch 1440p Display Monitor G-Sync 1MS 165hz $488 Delivered @ HP


I saw this in my Email saying its on sale and I was looking for some Monitors and this caught my eyes.
Don't think its $1400 monitor but a $488 for 165hz G-sync Monitor is good deal in my opinion.
Also don't forget the shopback 2.5% cashback~!

There are also OMEN Sequencer Keyboard for $100 to grab and some more but I don't find them to be of a good deal.


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          • @BraydenF: 😂Well in my case I just needed a new monitor

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    Does anyone know do we have any grounds on the complaint or receive a discount voucher on this? It is not fair for us that received the order confirmation and without even a phone call or discussion for an alternative, but received an order cancellation notice.

  • Ordered when the sale started and then they just cancelled it today after so long, when i called up they said they have no stock…..

    • When did you placed your order? If everyone's order got cancelled can we say this deal is a scam?

      • placed my order dated on 18/05/2020 apparently 9:50 AM

        • That was so early… Even before this post? I ordered mine on 19th

          • @Ca1vin: think it made a mistake, should be 19th 9am rather than 18th. But just going off the email received.

      • I received the email on the 19th at 10am, i m not sure if i ordered that morning or the night before

    • Called them after the cancel notification, got the offer on the other 27" mentioned above but with a 4-6w delivery so went with refund instead.

      • Lol wtf they didn't tell me its gonna be 4-6 weeks. I'm still waiting for their sales to call me but if this is the timeframe gtfo haha

        • They did not pro-actively tell me, but I opened that model on their website and ask if the delivery estimate there was true in this case.
          I still have not been refunded… So, I do hope this comes soon.

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    Just organised a chargeback on my order. Will not trust a company who baits and switches. Complaint lodged with ACCC

    • For an online specific store, stock levels should be far easier to manage. If this was with physical stores across the country, it would be understandable if there were issues.

      However, this was worsened with how it went "OOS" then "back in stock".

  • My order is now cancelled, they didn't even bother sending me an email or offering something else. I guess it was a price error, they don't want to make it clear and just say it is OOS.

  • Ordered cancelled…

  • Got my order shipped out yesterday afternoon with delivery expected today. Ordered on the 18th though.

    • Do you mind updating here if you ever receive it?

      • So just an update. Ended up arriving this afternoon. Shipping took one day after shipping notification. Monitor looks great.

  • My order has been cancaled, I reviced an email that they had suspected fraudulent activity but the full amount come out of my bank account.
    Dont ring the complaint department as they dont care.

    • yeh I think that's just the standard email everyone received. Shame on them

      • +1

        got that as well
        little pissed tho was expecting a new monitor that had one day shipping on it lol.
        F%#K Hp

  • Update: over it. The substitute monitor also gonna take 4-6 weeks to ship. Got myself a gl850 instead which ships out Wednesday.. Sigh

    • How much did you get it for? and where

      • $768 off ebay using 15% voucher

  • I ordered a $2000 computer and the monitor. The monitor was cancelled yesterday, the computer just arrived but according to their website in the my orders section it hasn't even got to the shipping stage yet. I'll be sending it back since there is no monitor.

    • You can wait and say you didn't receive both the pc or the monitor. They'll then send you another pc (Joke). Can get a monitor off eBay easy!

  • Update: Spoke to one of the staffs from the phone.
    They have approved the transfer to the OMEN X25 240Hz
    no additional fees

    The proposition was to waive the $50 excess/additional fee.
    Estimated delivery time given by them was between 2-3 weeks.

  • So did anyone actually got their refund?

    • I haven't. They just cancelled my order, but never got got in touch to explain why or even explain about the refund.

      • OK they are bloody dodgy. I contacted the sales guy who offered me the alternative option which I didn't take but he never got back to me. Wrote him 3 emails..

        I had to contact hp online (their phone line not connecting) and they had to request a refund manually

    • Yes i received mine today.

  • has anyone managed to negotiate a deal other than the 2 being offered (27xq/OMEN X25)? maybe bigger monitors with some sort of discount/credit?

    • No phone call for me. Just a cancellation email. Hence, no other negotiations. Gutted.

      • The probably ran through their quota of people they could offer alternatives to. Piss poor on HP's part.

        I know a couple of people who bought the HP headphone deal, and haven't as-yet received shipping confirmations.

        • I've been practically bugging them everyday regarding the order to checkup on it, order date was 22/05/2020. It's up to the shipping stage right now, without any further information.

          (Omen X 25)

        • Agreed. Keeping an eye on the money. Still with them. No refund yet. Haven't flagged it with them.

  • Pretty poor form from HP. Overselling an item after re-opening it back up to sales. My refund has come through though.

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