This was posted 1 year 5 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$50 off $199 on Contacts / $100 off $199 on Glasses + Free Delivery @ Specsavers


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  • My prescription would be old now and I would need to get a test from them.

    Is the way to go to get a test in the next couple of days for the prescription and place the order online to get the frenzy deal?

    • Same question I have. I last got tested in December 2017 and I think they allow you to use the prescription for two years after that point. I'm wondering if they have extended that based on COVID-19.

      Also, if you do have what would be considered an active prescription with them then how do you make a purchase online? I've only ever done it instore. Do you type in a prescription ID and then your health fund number during checkout?

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        Glasses and contacts aren't a restricted item so you don't actually need a current prescription (despite them trying to make it sound like its illegal to buy without one) so apart from the chance your prescription isn't quite right any more there's nothing stopping you from ordering.

        You just need to enter the details of the lenses you need (which will be listed on your prescription) when ordering.

        Not all suppliers will be accepted by your health fund though, although 99.9% sure should be ok with Specsavers. Your invoice will have a health fund provider number that you'll need to submit with your health fund claim and not all overseas suppliers will have one.

        • Not true. If you attempt to use a prescription dated more than 2 years ago it won't let you proceed.

          • @tonydav: Then just lie on the website to get past that page. They want you to get a new prescription but you don't have to. Last time I bought glasses through them they said they recommend I get a new prescription done. I said no. They said they really recommend it. I said no, I don't have time for that. And I purchased the glasses anyhow. :)

    • Would like to know this too :)

    • Only if you can do it before this expires tomorrow night.

    • I've always had a prescription generated during the visit to the optometrist. But you better call up your store and ask them for an appointment. As they are all covered by medicare, you could probably call up any optometrist for an appointment (but ensure to tell them you won't buy glasses from them and you just want a written prescription…)

      • I called them and explained that I would like an appointment and that I needed the prescription to make the purchase online to take advantage of the click frenzy deal.

        She said that was fine and took my booking. I have read other peoples comments about not handing over the prescription which would be dissapointing.

  • I'm assuming this deal can't be used in conjunction with the "2 pairs X" for deal

    • I don't think so as I tried to get a $149 pair for free but when i added to basket an error came up and said to go instore.

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    Has anyone received their contacts from the last last deal (cash rewards 50 off 199 spent)? Mine is still showing up as processing.

    • was told that some lenses on backorder so the order was partially cancelled (& refunded) and one that was available was sent without discount

    • yep i got mine a week ago, you should call them

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    Does cashback mean you can make a profit when buying glasses that are covered by health insurance?

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      i believe so

  • can this be used with private health insurance ? how do you order online and still claim from PHI

    • Yes, I do this all the time. The receipt has a health fund code against the lines. I submit the claim online via the health fund (Bupa in my case).

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    not sure if anyone else has experienced this at specsavers but i went for my eye checkup last year turned out i needed a prescription but specsavers wouldnt give me it unless i bought from them. went back and forth until they had to give me it really put me off a company would do that just to get a sale especially if its bulk billed, ive been using vision direct ever since and could not recommend them enough for their customer service as well as prices on good quality frames ^.^

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      It's a typical tactic used by these places. But you are fully entitled to the results without buying. Just push it and they'll give them up.

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      They should have a read of section 2 again then..

      • maybe they need new glasses so they can read?

    • its your prescription, not theirs. Thats why I said anyway and they gave in, but as you say they didnt offer it up.

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      Optometrists are not allowed to withhold a prescription - they must give you a copy if you get your eyes tested there (don't forget that Medicare pays them to carry out that eye examination, so you're under no obligation to purchase anything further from them).

      I believe it's enshrined in law in the Opticians Act, but also their Board Guidelines as linked above. I'd make it clear that I would file an official complaint.

      A key thing to note is you must also get the PD (pupillary distance) from them. Quite often, they're pretty sneaky about not writing it on the prescription, but it's the magic number you must have to order glasses online yourself. Be prepared that unethical businesses may fight to not give it.

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        Thanks. I've been to certain stores that keep the prescription and didn't give me the copy until I requested it. They don't give me the PD either. I prefer places to be upfront and I'll support them either through testing there or purchasing products there. Places that are unethical or rude, I don't even bother anymore.

    • I asked for my prescription after the eye test and specsavers gave it to me, bo questions asked. This was 2 weeks ago

  • can this be redeemed instore?

    • $100 off when you spend $199 or more on glasses from specsavers Online only. Includes single-vision lenses. Other lenses available at any extra cost. Enter 100OFF at checkout to redeem. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

  • I had a contact lens test same day on Tuesday.

    If you create an account on (need medicare card) you can select the Specsavers branch and view available appts and book them. I went to the Melbourne Exhibition Street branch, done in 30 minutes. Lots of Covid-19 changes and social distancing.

  • imo would do everything in store. Online and store are separate, if any issue, can go back store and chat and fix easier than calling and send back or something.

  • Apologies as its probably right in front of me but does anyone know the expiry date?

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      The frenzy code expires tomorrow.

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      Sounds like you might need to buy a pair of glasses.

  • Not for sunglasses :(

    • It works on sunglasses…

  • Nothing seems to happen when I apply the code

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    Contacts?! I thought we were meant to go contactless!

  • So $99 for 1 pair

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    Doesn't work with their 2 pairs for x standard prices, so really only a good deal if you want 1 pair, particularly 1 $199 pair as that works out at the same price/glasses as buying 2 does. If you want a $249 or above pair it will be better value to use the normal promotion.

  • Damn I'm gutted I can't use this with the Medibank $200 gift card from last year - it seems like that's only an EFTPOS card, and there doesn't appear to be a way to use it online.
    Would be grateful if anyone could please lemme know if they figure out some way around it. Thanks!

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    Looks like code: AMS30 still provides $30 off and Free shipping for orders of $119 or more

  • They jacked up price on my wife's contact lenses (acuvue moist asigmatism) from $39/box to $42/box. We bought on old price only 2 weeks ago. Not sure if only during this frenzy or permanently.

    This deal is still on: $90 cashback if you purchase PRECISION1™ and DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses

  • Anyone got theirs shipped yet?

    • I've only received the order confirmation, nothing after that…

    • literally just received this:

      Dear Customer,

      This is a courtesy email regarding your recent Contact Lens order with Specsavers.

      We have been advised of a delay in stock supply affecting order dispatch times for your product.

      Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, some orders are taking a little longer to dispatch than normal due to the limited number of international and domestic flights leaving the country each week.

      We can assure you that you will receive your order as requested and you will receive tracking information once it has dispatched.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      Kind Regards,

      Specsavers Customer Service