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New Customers $10 Monthly Credit on all SIM Only Plans @ Telstra


New customers only. And you also get $45 cashback at Cashrewards

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • Must note only first 12 months

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      So if I cancel after first month with the smallest plan ($15 - $10 = $5), I'd be making a profit of $45 - $5 = $40 !?!?

      • Cashrewards says they may take up to 100 days before payout. So you may have to pay $15-$20 before you get your $45 and cancel. Still a profit!

      • hi @fattofu, where did u see the smallest $15 plan? I went in and can only see the smallest plan for $50 30GB??? am i missing something?

        • There is a separate page for the mobile data plans that has the same $10/month discount: https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/data-plans

          • @James Henstridge: Thanks james! but how do i get there from the cashrewards site to get the cashback?
            I guess i could just do a search on the telstra website after clicking in from cashrewards?

            • @Tomato: Go to - Personal - Internet - Mobile Broadband - See SIM only data plans.

            • @Tomato: From the top menu drop down Personal and select Tablets; then click on a sim image (Browse data plans).
              EDIT: beat me by a couple of minutes :)

  • bum still one month to go with Telstra.. Did get the $10 off my current plan…

  • Given the average person is currently only using a fraction of their monthly data allowence, they could probably afford to be a bit more generous.

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    Wonder if this works with JB Hifi plan or join a JB Hifi plan and ask for $10 new customer discount afterwards

    • I did that last Nov when I signed up to jbhifi plan and then went on chat to claim the port in discount as new customer

      • Chat doesn't seem to want to play ball with this stating they can't touch JBHifi plans.

        • I thought Telstra Chat is down currently?

          • @Kritik: Working for me? Poke around the plans pages and scroll down the bottom. You can send a message and it seems to link you up to someone. Does mention they're available 9-6.

        • you can say you were told there is a port in discount of monthly $10 by a different chat agent…

          • +1

            @krishnabhargavt: There is chat history right in front of them. They can see that you’re lying straight away.

    • Curious as well, as I got the Galaxy s20+ deal from JB on saturday, which they said the phone purchase is a JB thing and the plan is sim-only with telstra. Will try this this afternoon and see if it works

      • Please post an update if it works

        • No good so far, they are saying it is not applicable to this plan. Still trying. Will advise you if that changes. Cheers

    • Yep I got it the day after I signed up :)

      • please tell me what method and what you said to get this? I am trying on telstra live chat through the mobile app and they are not buying it currently. Cheers

        • +3

          I just said:

          Hi can you please add the $10 new service credit to 04xxxx

          Thats it..

          Did it last year on jb plan and last week on a new mobile bb plan

    • Can confirm I've just done it. Signed up in jb. Then on telstra chat asked for the click frenzy $10/mth credit applied to my new account I've just set up. Phone is 04xyz. And it worked

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    vodafone you can get 100gb for $50 per month plus 120 credit

    • But you can't use it everywhere because they have less coverage

    • +1

      I recently changed to Vodafone from Telstra.

      I can notice the slower data speeds, not huge. But maybe 1-5 seconds extra to load a page/download an app

      But my biggest issue is, when in my local shopping centre. Vodafone gets no reception, whereas Telstra has full reception

      • +1

        For some people it's the other way around.

    • Hmm, gonna look into that. My contract is already finished thinking of a better plan if possible?

    • I thought it's $50 because of the $120 credit ($10 per month for 12 months). Regular price $60.

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    Apologies if this breaks ethical boundaries, but are people still porting out of telstra, waiting a month, then porting back in to access "New Customer Only" deals?

    • +10

      It does not break imo, if they can't/won't give it to existing customers, we are entitled to leave and port back in and yes, I (and others) port in and out because of this.

      • +3

        I just do a new service then get an to swap my current number onto the new plan afterwards.

        • +1

          I did not know you could do this. So you can change your number a month after signing for the plan? is it as simple as asking on chat to change your number?

          • @TheHummingBird: Yeh tell them you want to change your current number onto the other account. They will close the first service and put the number on the other account.

        • Interesting…Might give this a shot for the tablet SIM and see what happens. Worst case just cancel the service after the first month and its only $5.

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    Also works on Mobile Broadband plans

    $15 plan is now $5 per month (for 12 months)..

    The $15 plan comes with 5GB but then shapes to endless data 1.5mbps .

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      $5/month for unlimited 1.5mbps sounds quite attractive

      • +4

        with potentially $45 cash back, this becomes free for 9 months. Have signed up and my plan reflects $5/month for 12 months

        • +1

          I just got 2, thanks henrus

          Had 2 ipads that are now out of contract on $35 per month for both.

          Now it's 10 per month with the potential for 90 cashback. Cheering!

          • +1

            @Hughesyboy: Um… You might just want to check how you've done it.

            You can only get Cashback on service per order. So if you've made two seperate ordered then you might be ok.

            The other thing is it's only new services so if both the $35 iPad plans were on Telstra and you just changed plan then you won't get the $10 credit.

            • @henrus: Thanks for the concern. I've got it sorted, 2 new separate orders and cashrewards has confirmed tracking already. Have already suspended the two ipad services due to covid and will fully disconnect once telstra have online reps again. The ipads were 35 total, $20 and $15 each.

              I actually "upgraded" my partners phone as well with no problems. She was on 50 per month, now shes on the $50 plan minus $10 per month and the cashback has been tracked on that one as well.

              Even if one of the cashbacks is knocked back or the phone plan $10 discount is taken off, I'm still well ahead for 10 minutes worth of effort.

    • +5

      I can confirm that the shaped speed is very useable for web browsing/light youtube as it had been my primary internet source for some time

      • Totally agree. It was faster, more reliable than my ADSL. Hardly any dropped connection while playing online games at shaped speed!

        • +1

          Because it's got very good latency compared to a congested adsl

    • My employer is currently offering $55 cashback through their employee rewards programme. Basically 11 months free. Perfect for my internet on the mine site I work at. The tower is so congested I'd be lucky to get 1.5 mbs anyway.

      • Better check T&C. Similar cashback offer ($55) through employee rewards but "Excluding 5gb Sim-only plan".

  • Does anyone know whether they still block the use in Mobile phones, for the Mobile Data/Tablet Data option?

    • A relative is on the Telstra mobile broadband plan and puts the SIM in a mobile phone (iPhone) and have the iPad (which is WiFi only model) use the portable WiFi hotspot via iPhone.

  • I've been getting $10 off 3 x $50 business plans since they came out, 90gb shared data.

    • Apparently they're phasing out the data sharing.

      • Business?

        • Sorry didn't ask about business.

          • @Munki: Yeah its only personal, been for awhile now.

  • Is JB still doing $65 and $400 gift card?
    $55 a month might be worth it.

    • Yeah it is, however chat was telling me this discount is only available if you sign up through Telstra directly. You can try I guess. I'm gonna keep trying to reach an agent who will give me the discount. I literally only signed up two services one on Sunday and another yesterday.

      • Thanks. I’m at JB now, the offer is still on the wall.

        Do Telstra do it automatically or would I need to try and get JB to do it for me?

        • +1

          The discount? Telstra reckons it's done through the system automatically, but only for eligible customers through them directly.

          The gift card is done through jb directly. They just sign you up and give you the gift card once it's all gone through.

          • @Munki: Yeah the $10 discount. So I’m trying to get the $400
            JB card on the $65 plan with 60GB and then take off $10 for this click frenzy.

            • @Owgasm: I don't think that's gonna work, but good luck!

            • +2

              @Owgasm: The discount is applied to eligible plans, AFAIK the JB HIFI Plan is different (plan codes) to our in-market plans online. The script to add the discounts in our CRM would skip over the JB plans when adding the discounts.

              • @JaxDefected: Ah insider info!
                Thanks! Appreciate it!

              • @JaxDefected: so would it be possible to add the $10 port in discount to Jb hi fi plans. and how do i do it.

                Much appreciated- I need a new phone

            • @Owgasm: I think you forgot Cashback $45 too if possible. Not sure how it works but if can get all of it then wow amazing discount!
              Actually my use the gift card a new console wooohooo!!!! GOD damn good idea.

    • Interesting, will check it. Thanks

  • Does anyone know what the definition of a new customer is? I'm already a telstra customer with a postpaid mobile broadband, i am wondering if i would be eligible as a new customer for a new plan.

    • Hi Jes - We would be looking at any customer taking up a New Service, or porting their number from another provider to Telstra.
      If you're an existing customer and take up a new service you would be eligible for the offer.

      • Is the $10 credit really for 12 months or for the life of the plan?

        • Hey OChobie, apologies for the late reply, the discount is applied for the first 12 months of the service being active

          • @JaxDefected: Hey JaxDefected
            so would it be possible to add the $10 port in discount to Jb hi fi plans. and how do i do it.

            Much appreciated

      • If I am already a Telstra sim only mobile customer and want to take up the $15 mobile broadband plan, does this constitute taking up a new service? If yes, I also have the Valued Customer Bonus of $10 off my monthly mobile bill. Will I still get the $10 off for the new service?

        • im also thinking about this too, i also get $10 off my other postpaid and wondering if im eligible for the new offer. please keep us posted.

  • I've tried porting to Telstra Prepaid for a couple of weeks now. Never hear anything back from them and other comments seem to say their system is broken and they can't port new customers.
    Telstra network might be the best , but their customer service is absolute shit.

    • Hope it works, just signed up to $65 200gb

      • Finally got it through a couple of days ago. Good luck!

  • Guys, do you any get Cashback? Seeing how this Cashback work?

  • +1

    i thought on any JB plan there is excess data charges not shaping?

    • That is referring to Sim Only Plans directly from Telstra, such as $15 for 5GB with 1.5Mbps speed cap after, but no extra charges.

      I have been using it for a while and happy with speeds if you only need office stuff / web surfing you don't need more.

  • +1

    Can i use the plan in Apple watch?
    I have one but no plan activated yet.

  • Isn’t this deal the same as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/538729 ?

    • Actually, technically, that's the same as this one….since this one was posted first

  • is there any packages smaller than 30GB one ? couldn't dfind any

  • Can i use zoom on 1.5mbps

    • +1

      Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down).

      • no wonder people can stream netflix on that speed

        • 720p maybe but not HD or 4k

  • received my sim just now for those wondering. it is not active.

  • +1

    Surprise surprise - Telstra didn't apply the $10 credit for me. Why is nothing ever simple with Telstra :(

    • Same here. Also received a second sim card today which I don't understand why.

    • +1

      Same here so raised a complaint with the TIO

      • why all the fuzz, just message them and they will credit you

        How i know this? It happened to me too.

        • +1

          You try getting hold of someone at Telstra, I could not which is why I went to the TIO

          • @LyndonM QLD: i mean use the telstra 24/7 app, just type your question and someone will reply in the same day or next day
            its easy and convienent

          • @LyndonM QLD: btw i wouldn't go to tio for little things like this otherwise they wouldn't take cases seriously.

            • @[Deactivated]: When I spoke to them I was told they had so many callers about the missing $10 credit they had to call in more phone staff!

              • @LyndonM QLD: not sure about you but worked fine for me.

                • @[Deactivated]: Believe is not I had a call from someone at Telstra who quoted me my TIO reference number and now all sorted!

                  • @LyndonM QLD: i know it works but i would use too for serious issues. But if they are not resolving the issue then i would go to tio.

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