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HP OMEN Sequencer Gaming Keyboard $99.88 (Was $279) Delivered @ HP


Looks to be a decent deal for a RGB gaming keyboard.
Reviews seem positive, most criticizing it's (usually) high price.

EDIT: Don't forget 9% CB from Shopback like I did

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    Spacebar looks huge! Anyone with smaller hands try this? Are you hitting the spacebar accidentally?

    • Purchased the keyboard from this post - my small(ish) are fine with the extra sized spacebar. I was looking for a new keyboard and this is much better than the other options I saw for around the $100 mark.

      I like the ability to be able to change the colour of specific keys etc. I've used a colleagues cherry red keyboard at work and found it louder and probably not as nice to type on than this one.

      The keyboard as a whole requires a higher hand position than the crappy flat keyboard I had prior - so cannot rest your wrists on the desk and have to hold them vertically.

      Another thing that is noticable is the the macro keys on the left of the keyboard prevent you from resting the left side of your left hand on the desk to the left of the caps keys etc.

      I used a program called SharpKeys to remap the omen key to the home key as I use the home key a lot.

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    no cherry switches/ left side troublesome P keys/ 2 USB ports
    Thank you but no thank you.

    • I love the side macro column for gaming and it's so hard to find one now. Most people want minimal footprint, but I love having "pinky" keybinds.

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    Too big, needs to be TKL for better posture while gaming long sessions.

    Tech info: has blue switches, probably gateron.

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    Compatible products

    • OMEN by HP Courier Short Sleeve Tee (5RW05AA)

    Errrm, cool.

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      Damn, I'm not sure if my current clothes are compatible with this keyboard.

      • Get naked

        • +4

          I was using mine at work and just tried this. Thanks I just got promoted!

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    I have this keyboard and it's pretty good. RGB is a bit dull in comparison to some others. The volume dial is great. The biggest down side is the HOME key is not a HOME key. You can change a registry setting or download F24toHOME.exe from github but stupid idea to put the HP software on that key.

    Mechanical switches are great.

    Had the G910 prior and it was rubbish.

    • Has the lack of Home button impacted your use?
      How's the 0.2ms response time - do you feel like it's more responsive? I assume sound's bit loud since it's blue equivalent?

      • Did some research and it seems fn+omen = home.
        Will validate once I receive the keyboard

        • Actually shift+7=home

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    This keyboard has two major issue, still cannot justify to pay $100 for it. 1. The home key is gone, as it has this Omen key which is pretty useless unless you own an omen computer. 2. There is no windows context menu key, it has dual Windows key. I do not recommend this keyboard as they cannot even get the basic stuff right, which is a shame. The designer at HP has rock in his head.

  • Are these optical-mechanical switches really better than traditional mechanical, like they claim?

    • Technically, yes. Would you notice it? No.

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    Thanks OP - got one.

  • Thanks OP

    What's with the giant spacebar?

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      Jump quests

    • XTREME sessions of Flappy Bird

  • Sounds like a fair deal and the whole "home key" situation can be fixed but "Ships in 4-6 weeks" is the main reason I did not go for it.

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    Seems to be a very long shipping time but looks fairly good for the price.

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    I got my confirmations aying estimated delivery 21 May 2020 - looks good so far. Will update tomorrow

    • Same

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        So excited that I had a dream I was using the keyboard and trying to setup the Home button LMAO - havent receive keyboard yet. Thanks for deal again OP!

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          I am typing on this keyboard now - it feels AMAZING!!

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    Got this delivered today. My first mechanical keyboard and I'm loving it!

    • When did you order and how long did it take?

      • Ordered mine Tue, May 19, 5:53 PM delivered today at midday.

        Also loving it.

        • that good ha?

          • @KindSifu: It's actually quite impressive (bit too audible for me personally but the feel is so nice). Keycaps are smooth & the casing is aluminium - good smooth feel and look (though you don't usualyl touch the casing anyway). Home button does make it tricky but it's liveable considering you can also set it as a macro button.

            • @Classo: Thanks for the update. Received notification from HP that it'll be delivered tomorrow(Wednesday). My first mechanical keyboard (I've been using a Logitech K120 all this time), so looking forward to it.

              Quick question, doesn't the size of the space intefere with the operation of the keyboard? Like accidently presses?

              • +1

                @KindSifu: Nope, if anything it actually gave me extra room to hit space. It's actually quite logical - no accidental click on space thus far. Has 4 support/balance points under the space bar as well which makes it firm. You'll see once you give it a try.

                The only challenge is the Home button since I'm used to pressing CTRL+HOME on a spreadsheet (but easily fixed with CTRL+SHIFT+7) - you'll see when you get yours! Also F11 (light adjustments) & F12 (game mode - locks windows button away) function keys.

                You'll need to download Omen Command Centre via Microsoft Store (this was painful for me - had to reinstall windows because of some corrupted files & the app is not as robust as Logitech but it has the basics)

                • @Classo: Is it just me or is the keyboard like extremely loud?

      • Ordered on 19th and delivered (ACT) on 22nd.

  • FYI
    CTRL + SHIFT + 7 = HOME
    CTRL + SHIFT + 1 = END

  • The only issue for me is keyboard can’t save static light setting, and lost default light after install Omen Command Centre. You can only choice animation light after OCC installed when you use this keyboard on other computer.It’s really annoy When I used it with my iPad Pro.