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[NSW, VIC] Restaurant Grade Wagyu Slice (1.5mm) 500g for $12.50 (NSW/VIC Minimum Order $50/$100) + Delivery @ Osawa Enterprises


Restaurant Grade Wagyu Slice (1.5mm) – SPECIAL OFFER

Special Lockdown Offer

Limited to 300 trays per day.
To help us all get through this difficult time we are offering 500g of RESTAURANT GRADE WAGYU for the absolutely smashing price of $12.50
If you have not tried Wagyu before this is an amazing opportunity to get a real bang for your buck. Half a kilo of Wagyu is more than enough to feed the whole family or for individuals, our Wagyu slice can be frozen and stored for up to three weeks.※Please keep the beef in the freezer if you will NOT use it within 2 days after you receive it.

Perfect for Hotpot, Stir fry, or a quick flash fry in the pan. Why not try something different and try your delicious Wagyu slice on a fresh bread roll with some Yakinuku sauce.

RESTAURANT GRADE WAGYU SLICE (1.5mm) ※We do NOT sell unsliced/ whole block.
500G/ $12.50

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  • website on fire need rescue

  • I always find it suss when the retailer doesn't lists the marbling score but simply says "restaurant grade" — you don't really know what you're getting…

    • op said in another comment that it is 5-7

  • This is like the Gucci of steak.

    • +8

      I'm now going to buy some just to spite this comment. That's right. I'm gonna have me some spite steak. nom nom nom.

      • -3

        Wow, you watched the whole thing in 18 minutes and took time to make a comment, such speed. Why not make an informed comment about the process rather than just snide remarks.

      • +1

        light weight.. go for veal to make it more spitful

  • "To help us all get through this difficult time "

    anyone sick of this phrase yet?

    • +1

      No because it's an honest, genuine take from people that are likely going through difficult times. Big businesses saying it is a tad different.

    • We're all… in this togeeeeether…

      I hate that commercial, and now you can't get it out of your head 😊

  • Website is It dead!??

  • When will you deliver to SA? Super keen!

  • +1

    Doesn't really say what cut these slices are from. Does anyone know?

    • The fact they don't say makes you know it's rubbish riding the gravy train of the Wagyu brand.

  • does it come already frozen? if not has it been frozen before? Thanks

    • No it's not frozen when you buy it.

  • Great timing for hotpot/steamboat in winter!

  • The site has banners saying its free shipping for anything over $100 but even when i have $120 worth of stuff its still charging shipping? Anyone else have this problem? Trying to ship to Melbourne =/

  • +10

    Hey fellow OzB meat lovers!

    Here are some sample photos from myself and a few Ozbargainers from the previous deal here

    Hopefully it helps you guys make a better purchasing decision.

    Massive variability on the marbling, my second batch was definitely a lot better than the first batch.
    Personal note:
    Definitely not melt in your mouth marbling, it's more like the premium wagyu you'd find in rare wagyu beef pho
    Great if you try to use it in soup noodles (where it doesn't get overcooked)

    Sample photos by Cwongtech
    Sample 1, from batch 1
    Sample 2, from batch 1
    Sample 3, from batch 1
    Sample 4, from batch 1
    Sample 5, from batch 1
    Sample 6, from batch 1
    Sample 7, batch 2

    Sample photos by other OzBargainers
    Older deal here
    Sample 1by Trisnadi
    Sample 2by qq830821 (unhappy with quality)
    Sample 3by qq830821 (unhappy with quality)
    Sample 4by donamique, unhappy
    Sample 5, batch orderby Unnamed, happy
    Sample 6, batch orderby djprima, very happy

    P.s. Fellow Sydneysiders, apparently Tokyomart in Northbridge sells this product (Osawa Enterprises supply to them) at $12.50/400g

    So $31.25/kg is it's normal price in-store, at $25/kg, this represents 20% off!

    • Thanks for the pics. I was tempted to try this, but some of those look like they have less marbling than the budget porterhouse I buy for <$20/kg.

      • This isn't a steak, it's slices, if you compare this to Wagyu beef rolls for hotpot in Asian supermarkets this is very good value.

        Extremely large pieces, I'd probably divide one into thirds or quarters for hotpot/shabushabu

  • Rep, why the discrimination against SA? ☹

    • +3

      Oh, Karen.

      • +1

        I love Karen. Always ready to ask questions we all have in our minds but hardly verbalize. 🙃

    • Didn't you guys close off your borders?

      Could have something to do with it…

      • I really have no idea. But even if the borders are closed that has no effect on products crossing the borders as I have stuff delivered almost every week from the eastern states.

  • Not a fan of it tbh… stick to normal steak for me… not very fresh either

  • Hi All,

    Just a quick FYI the website has been upgraded and stock replenished for the day.


    Osawa Enterprises

    • "Limited to 300 trays per day."
      "396 in stock"

      Heh, good sale huh?

      Still waiting on my order for 8 packs of this going to Melbourne (delivery expected next week, can't wait).

    • It says it's out of stock now. When will you guys restock the website? Also is there free delivery for Melbourne for over $100?

      • Sadly no free delivery for Melbourne when I ordered. Delivery was $22

  • What's the cheapest bulk meat I can buy to cut myself? What's the approx price per kilo OzBargainers?

  • Hi All,

    Just an FYI for those interested!

    This deal is still live + we have a bunch of new Japanese Wagyu Stock!

    If you've already tried this Wagyu slice but want to taste the next level up head on over and check out our website.

    We have a wide range of Japanese Wagyu available allowing you to select the grade and marbling.

    All Japanese Wagyu comes with certification.


    Osawa Enterprises

  • Picked mine up yesterday, was all frozen and not fresh….

  • can you offer free delivery to Melbourne? I am sure you will get many regulars including myself

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