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KIND Bars (Box of 12) $22.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Introductory price on KIND bars @Amazon. Couldn't find anywhere in the market the price that would be even remotely close. Great bargain!

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    If you buy these bars i think you can only open it when we get to stage 3 relaxation of restrictions

    • Is it bad etiquette to neg terrible Dad jokes? ;) (PS I didn't in case someone does!)

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        I would have negged that but I can't :(

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    junk products

    • Why? You don't like the taste or is there something wrong with quality?

      • It's cheaper and healthier to buy a packet of nuts/almonds etc.

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          Exactly, why buy chips when you can just eat boiled potato!

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            @Jenny Death: why would you waste water and energy boiling potatoes!!!

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          That's a strange comparison at first place. It might be slightly healthier to eat nuts and almonds (but definitely not cheaper, as the price per 40g bar comes down to only $1.90), however, these bars are also gluten free, have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and have super high customer rating in the US (just checked Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt product with 6,349 reviews and overall 4.7/5.0).

          • @Told Ya: One upvote, must be an awesome product and bargain.

            • @PlushToys: I have tried the Caramel Almond and Sea Salt. They are quite good. Been searching for them online, but found them expensive. Glad amazon's having an offer now. Will probably get 2 boxes for the bargain and to save on delivery fee.

            • @PlushToys: Lol bro chillout, your saltier than a KIND® Caramel Almond & Sea Salt 40g bar.

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            @Told Ya:

            (but definitely not cheaper, as the price per 40g bar comes down to only $1.90

            That's almost $50/kg; almonds are usually < $20/kg, sometimes < $15 / kg.

    • They don't taste good?

      • i dunno. maybe they mean junk food (unhealthy)

      • Had them when they were giving them out at Central, they were pretty damn tasty, nice dark chocolate and good nut action

  • Doesn't say anywhere how much sugar they contain.

    • 12x40g

    • 5g sugar, 6g protein

  • meh, i'd rather go for Carman's nut bars or the protein version even cheaper. still has shopback flash deal for another hour at catch and free shipping with trial too.

  • Thanks will give them a shot!

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