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De'Longhi, Portable Convection Heater, 2000W $49 @ Amazon (Shipped) & JB HI-FI


2000W Maximum Power: Ideal for spot heating as it provides instant warmth, with a 1 Year DeLonghi Warranty
Adjustable room thermostat, to select and maintain the desired temperature with three heat settings for added versatility
Wall mountable in addition to traditional free standing use, the HCM2030 heater can be installed as fixed heating appliance
Safety Features include: Overheating safety thermal cut-off, Automatic tilt switch, Anti-frost function, Double insulation
Convection Heaters pass air over an electrical element. As the hot air rises it is replaced by colder air which is heated in turn. This convection circulation naturally warms the surrounding area. Models also feature double fans to speed up this process.

JB Hi Fi

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    1 year warranty? Seems short considering I'd only use it for a month a year?

    • thats the trap

    • I believe these are micathermic heaters, particularly if it is lightweight/easy to carry. I had one, lasted about 2 years. If they get knocked they break, some of the panels stop heating. With time they break anyway. I think they dont mention micathermic cause those heaters have a bad reputation.

      Seriously get an oil column heater for convention, they are like 99% efficient as compared to 80% efficient for mica. They can outlast you. I would not bother with a more expensive timer model, just get a $8 wifi plug and timer control it via google etc. Also, some of those timers make an audible ticking sound.

  • 2000W, how many hours you want to turn it on usually?

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      2000W, how many hours you want to turn it on usually?

      Impossible question to answer without more information (answer will be unique to each scenario).

      It depends on factors such as:
      * how cold your room/space is,
      * the size of your room/space,
      * what thermostat setting you select,
      * the amount of "heat leakage" your room/space has,
      * etc.

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    Have this and it's great for spot heating. Have it plugged into a smart socket and set to turn on 30min before I need to get up in the morning. Makes getting up so much easier when the mornings are freezing.

    • I do the same.. but I'm sure the instructions say not to do this.

      • +4

        This comes with instructions?

      • I'm pretty sure no heater would advocate having the heater going without someone watching it. Certainly not with all the rooms occupants sleeping.

        • +15

          If there are more people in the room they can take turns watching the heater; it's very boring though.

          • +1

            @aml123: Or you can watch the others sleep AND watch the heater, it's a twofer

    • Could you guys recommend any smart sockets that you've had a good experience using? Def like the idea of it turning on 30 mins prior to getting up.

  • +3

    Really good little heater for a bedroom. I use the lowest heat setting (around 700w) and with the thermostat you can keep a nice temp without letting it run all night or using all 2000w.

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    Bunnings has an Arlec model that is very simlar to this, but it also has a 24hr inbuilt timer - same price. Only has a single fan, but all the other features including 3-level heating seem indentical.

    If you don't need an inbuilt timer, then free delivery on this listing seems a reasonable exchange.

    • Wonder if this is much different???

  • +8

    These dumb heaters go well with HeaterMate. I'm not affiliated. Set a temperature threshold and it will turn on/off as needed. I find it impossible to sleep in a cold room and this really helps

  • Compare to other type of portable heater, is this type of convection heater the most cost effective? For example vs oil fin type?
    Thank you

    • +1

      Oil heaters are cheaper to run and will keep a room warm longer after you switch them off.

      • Cheaper, yes but how does the heater influence anything after it's turned off?

        • +4

          The oil in the heater remains warm after the electricity is turned off.

      • +13

        They use the exact same power for the same heating. So they're going to be equally cost effective.

        Oil heaters stay warm when you switch them off, but they also take a while to heat up when you switch them on.

    • +3

      I had asked this question before too. All heaters have the same running cost because they are just turning electricity into heat. The most cost effective solution is reverse cycle air con.

      • It's a bit trickier than that. Reverse cycle air con is the most efficient in an engineering sense because it is using energy to pump heat - so 1 unit of electricity can pump, say, 4 units of heat. This is like an 'efficiency' of 400%.

        However, cost-effectiveness depends on the outcome you want. Heaters like this and RCAC both do space-heating, which means lots of the energy ends up heating things other than you. I am a big fan of a heated throw rug. They are 100% efficient, but they use less power because they heat your body directly. They won't be useful for keeping you warm while you cook, or for heating your bedroom before you wake up, but they are amazing if you are stationary, like reading on a couch or working at a desk or watching a movie.

        Ultimately I'm negging this deal not because I hate space-heaters but because it's always this price, so this isn't a saving, so much as just a product recommendation.

        • If I'm stationary the most cost effective method is putting on a jumper + beanie and a wheat bag warmed in microwave for 2 minutes.

        • -1

          What is 1 unit of electricity?

          • @whooah1979: Watt or Kilowatt. It is a variable in this case (Depending on desired heat output, or electrical input).

  • +3

    Had two, very quiet and cosy for a bedroom.

  • +7

    Can vouch for the $29 Kmart convection heater. It's 2000W and has a built in timer too. Really good value and works great.

    • +1

      just bought this thanks.

    • +1

      Thanks, I will go to Kmart today.

      • Kmart-None left around me in Brisbane.

    • was just at IGA buying milk and noticed they also had a similar design $29 heater. cannot speak to its quality.

      • Things to keep in mind is if it has a built in timer (not so important) and a fan (which is more important).

    • +1

      "Accidentally" bought the last three at my local Kmart due to this comment. All your fault :P.

      • lol yeah they usually sell out before winter hits. Same thing happened last year.

  • Will this heat up a small living room?

    • If the living room is sealed, possibly. If it’s open plan, no.

  • Does convection suggest there is no fan? I guess I'm asking if it is quiet. I have a fan heater but I can't use it in my bedroom to warm up the room in the morning because it is too loud. Have used oil heaters in the past because they are silent.

    • +1

      It has no fan and is silent

      • Not sure if these negs mean it is a dumb question and is obviously silent or if it's a dumb question and it is obviously not silent… I'll go with your answer and assume it's silent. Thanks.

        Edit: Ah, I see the description says it has fans. Do they need to be used though?

        • Usually the fan models have a separate switch like on the Kmart one (single fan only) so it doesn't have to be used. But it's better to have it on and it's not loud tbh.

    • Models also feature double fans to speed up this process.

      • Ah, I missed that. Do they need to be used? Would rather use it on a lower power without a fan than a higher power with a fan.

    • I had one of these (cheapie brand) without a fan and it was terrible. Didn't heat the room. I had the same model (with a fan) and it was amazing. Definitely get one that has a fan if you can.

  • +1

    Buying the Kmart one save $20

    • Did you save $20? Did you account for travel time, parking, fuel, etc?

      • +1

        Free Shipping on All Orders over $45 @ Kmart
        If buy 2 will save $ 40

        • Why stop there?

        • might be too bulky for free shipping :/

  • +1

    Can't exactly say it's a deal, it's been that price since last year when I bought mine. Also available at Harvey Norman.

    • +1

      anything the same price as it is at harvey norman cannot be a deal.

  • +1

    The last Delonghi convection heater I had (model HCS2552FTS) was supposedly double insulated (no earth pin), however the case was metal and the active (live) wire connected by a spade lug about 2cm away from the metal case. Granted the case was powder coated, but I fail to see how this could possibly comply with Australian standards. I hope this new model is better designed.

    • 20mm is enough to prevent arcing.

      • I think you've missed my point — I'm not talking about arcing. What happens if the spade lug comes loose, and the connector touches the metal case? Being that the case is not earthed, the only thing preventing the case from becoming live is a thin layer of powder coating. Double insulation usually requires a plastic case, not metal.

        • What happens if the spade lug comes loose, and the connector touches the metal case?

          The RCD will trip.

          • @whooah1979: Even in those houses without an RCD, or with defective RCDs (I'm sure less than 0.01% of the population test them monthly)? Wow!

  • In a small bedroom is this more or less efficient than a split system?

    • +2

      Far less efficient than a split. If you have a split use the split.

      • Depends on whether your split is an invertor or not I would say. Ours isn't, but also the breeze from an aircon sometimes makes it feel colder!

  • Just a heads up. Choice mag has this heater with a heating score of only 55%.

    • How was this score calculated? Which heaters do they recommend?

  • +1

    I have just bought this for my 9 month old son's room. Room size is approx 5m x 3m.

    At max setting, this can heat up the room from butt-freezing cold to take-off-my-jumper in 10 minutes. Excellent maintenance of heat due to the convection principle.

    The issue now we have now is that it can get too hot, so we have to constantly turn it down. Please note to all potential buyers - there's no timer built in. You will need an auto timer.

    For all the reviews and haters out there, you can't dispute that this is an excellent heater for it's price and brand.

    • So are you saying the thermostat is faulty, or you just don't know how to use it?

      • +1

        The thermostat just turns off the element but it doesn't mean the room isn't hot.

  • +1

    I've used this for over a year in my bedrooms and it's still going strong. Turn it on almost every morning in the bedroom (3x3m). Very quiet and small unit, but packs a punch. Takes only 20-30 minutes to heat up the room. It's size makes it easy to store away over the summer. Would highly recommend it. All i need is a smart socket, would like to turn it on automatically 20 minutes prior to waking up.

    Just bought another one for the guest room. Thanks OP.

    • 404

      But there's this one for $30

      No fan or timer though

  • has been this price for donkeys years at HN and JB

    • Price with free shipping?

  • TIL I learned my bedroom panel heater switches are different. 1 is 750w and 1 is 1250w. I never actually knew this!

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