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25% off Full Price Items @ ASOS (+6% Cashback w/ Cashrewards)


Enter code 25AFTERPAY at checkout to receive discount.

Ends 5pm AEST on 27 May 2020.

Code can be used multiple times per customer up to a maximum pre-discount spend of $950 per order. Can't be used with other promo codes or on gift vouchers, delivery charges, Premier Delivery or ASOS Marketplace. Only valid on orders delivered to Australia, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Cocos Islands. Selected marked products excluded from promo.

Can stack with 6% cashback at Cashrewards

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  • Probably one of the best sales you'll get from Asos. Virtually no exclusions and while the spend xx save xx codes offer slightly more discount they're a pain to deal with returns.

    • Nah you just get returned the percentage of it that you paid. Did it last time and no problems.

      • If the return puts the total of the remaining items below the threshold they'll drop you to the next savings category and you'll lose that discount.
        Note this is only for the spend $250 save $75 type deals.

    • when you click on the get 25% banner and it takes you through to a huge range of sport items which are exlcuded from the sale so not that great.
      better to have 20% entire bag without catches but they rarely do that anymore.

  • F…. there delivery kills me though 30 bucks!

  • Since when was delivery so exxy??

  • free delivery is now over $100 instead of $60 (I think) before

    • They have very generous free returns and their deliveries were so cheap for ages, I can't hate on them for jacking the minimum spend for free shipping. Everything has gone up.

  • It's was free delivery over $30 spend. I used to buy so much off them. They can shove $30 for delivery right up their…..

  • So wait, do I have to use Afterpay for this to work, or is it a standard sale code?

  • Their delivery is probably high at the moment because of the pandemic and there aren’t many flights. I order kids clothes from Next with a free delivery, but at the moment it is 25$. They will go back to normal as soon as they can.

  • Quick browse for men very few deals and the styling is mostly awful juvenile tack (says the dude gettin on in age). Feel like the variety style wise used to be a lot broader than it is now.

  • When did ASOS stop offering premium/premier service? The one where you paid a fee for free express deliveries for a year?

    • Must've been fairly recent. I renewed mine sometime in Feb. The only mention of Premier no longer available for purchase was a reply to someone on Twitter 25th April.

      • Current Premier Delivery subscriptions still running. Purchases and renewals are not. That said, I'd expect longer delivery times. Made my first order since before COVID on the 22nd May, was told it would arrive 1 June, when it usually would be 3-4 days. My package looks like it's being routed through the US atm.
      • It seems like this isn't a permanent decision as they mention keeping an eye out for when it appears again.
      • Their reasoning being social distancing measures etc, and though not mentioned, I assume the huge reduction in flights is playing a big role too.


  • Hmm. I'm on the Australia site, the items are being shipped to Australia. The items are full priced (the item page even informs me of the 25% discount. When I enter the code I get:

    "Oops! The code you entered doesn't exist. Please check and try again."

  • Anything specific good to buy from ASOS? Not willing to sort through 1000's of Male Crop Tops in order to find a good buy…

    Seems that most products are best to buy at discount on their own website?

    • I use ASOS to compare similar items rather than specific bargains.

      If you're after just clearance items at bottom prices then probably not the best site.

  • Sales included? It's a pretty awesome discount.

    The economy isn't doing that well, I spose I expect to see much more of this over the next 12 months.

    Anyone ever bought their 5-10pak t-shirts? I'm just after basic tees

    • It doesn't say sale items excluded but the two items in my bag that were on sale were excluded, so maybe?

  • Noice!! Grabbed airmax 270 for 156$ . 64$ cheaper than other stores.

  • Ah I miss the glory days when it was free shipping with no minimum spend…

  • Every item I've added isn't eligible ..not on sale either. Mainly Nike trackies

  • I always check this sale for cycling bib shorts…..And I've just realised that those are ASSOS and this is ASOS. That took too long for me to realise.

  • Nice find OP. 25% is decent yes delivery isn't ideal but finding 2 buys at 25% shouldn't be too hard. There's a good selection on ASOS and a few end of season summer dresses and playsuits catching my eye to just limit my buys at 2.

  • Got a sweet deal on some air force 1s :) usually $150 everywhere. Paid $109 with this code

  • Did anyone have a problem with CR with this deal? The code was listed but it's not being tracked