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$15 off Your Order (Pick up / Delivery) @ Menulog (Min $16 Spend - Including Delivery Fee)


Menulog has partnered up with ESL Australia. As part of ESL's Counter-Strike's ANZ Champs starting today, they've given out a code just for tonight.

Minimum spend is $16 (includes delivery, so $12 order + $5 delivery is fine).

Mod: Pick up is also available.
Can schedule order for tomorrow (Wednesday). Add voucher at payment screen (I have a voucher code).

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  • My order was prepared by the restaurant but never delivered. Called the restaurant and they said no driver was assigned.

  • +1

    My Red Rooster order was delivered, arriving 8 minutes after the scheduled time. I have to say, it was delicious!

  • Just had my $2 charcoal chicken and chips for lunch. Thanks OP!!

  • Thanks OP, very delicious cookies received

  • damn it, my order got cancelled from pizza capers, serves me right for trying to order a vegan pizza, no stock? who knows? instant noodles it is then :(

  • Thanks OP $4 schnitzel from schnitz for lunch delivered to the office.

  • Order got cancelled too, damn

    • What was the reason? Because of the store or Menulog?

  • My order was nothing, nothing, nothing. Bam - Delivered (at a fictional time). Hmmm. Yay for Menulog. It's a good thing 3/4s of this order was free!

  • Got delivered to the wrong house…

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Order was cancelled last night but just hopped on Live Chat and they gave me a new voucher!

    • Same terms?

      • Expires in September but the order has to be for $16 minimum including delivery

  • Cheers OP great find also thanks Menulog and Subway for lunch nom nom :)

    I think with these codes best bet is to order from big fast-food chains as opposed to smaller places. Less likely for the order to get cancelled.

  • Cheers OP just ate my $2.5 wokitup

  • How are people being notified of cancellation. Email?

    • I think if you login and go to your order history, it will have a status there.

      • I got an email and text message.

  • Cheers OP, whole family enjoying Snitzel for lunch.

  • My order was due at 1230, was notified by the app that it was on it's way, missed a call from an unknown number at 1227, called it back but got a message saying couldn't connect and to contact customer service, the app said they lost contact with the driver, went online and was 62nd in the queue so called the restaurant direct, got told my order had been cancelled.

    First time trying Menulog.

    • +4

      Sounds like your driver is enjoying your lunch

    • An hour after I was supposed to receive the order I got confirmation it was refused, they "weren't able to accept your order" If the code wasn't valid for certain restaurants then fair enough, but don't leave it until the order is due to be delivered to cancel.

  • +5

    my order was found this morning dumped on the letterboxes at the entrance to units. The package was open/half eaten and tampered with. This was not there last night when it claimed it had been delivered. Someone obviously dumped it there in the early hours. Menulog were very poor with giving and explanation infact each response was just a pre-written statement not pertaining to the issue. Its really put me off trusting them for food safety or delivery in the future, quite distressing to find your food like this the next day..especially for partner of whom this was their first time with a service like this. Shit happens, but big thumbs down to how Menulog handled this, I would hesitate using them again for delivery with or without voucher now!

    • +4

      Last week I ordered dinner. Restaurant due to open at 5pm, order expected at 530pm. Seems the driver marked as collected around 520pm or so, yet the order didn't arrive. Turned out it was still sitting on the restaurant bench, and the driver marked it as delivered at 630pm. Menulog couldn't get in contact with the driver, and they don't have GPS tracking like Uber Eats. That night Menulog had the order re-sent (I wanted it), but I complained and 2 days later was offered full refund or credit.

      So long story short, their drivers suck and know how to game the system, or they just drive for them for a night or something then give up and go back to Uber Eats. But with no GPS tracking, there's no way of knowing what happens with your order

      • +1

        in this case it was GPS tracked and showed the driver getting to the entrance of the units then marking it as "delivered" however there was nobody actually there in reality when checked if they were waiting.

        • +1

          I'm a driver and Menulog definitely has GPS tracking

  • Order delivered 45 minutes late, no response from Menulog nor the restaurant via phone either.

    • Same here lol, attempted to live chat but was 100 people behind, didn't bother complaining as the price was good.

  • Knew I should have just ordered some ice cream or something last night. My pizza for lunch was cancelled :(

  • Update: got my KFC delivered but really wasn't the best feed.

  • Thanks OP. Delivery was delayed twice but it eventually arrived 45 min later.

  • just finished my lunch from Thai. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Wow that is a big delivery

      • +1

        did they have to quarantine it for 14 days?

  • Both my orders went through! Got a roast chicken which I'll use for sandwiches and salads till next week. Thanks OP

  • Pre ordered HJs for 12:45 delivery, never arrived and at 1:45pm it was marked as delivered even though it was not. Think I just got robbed off a good meal and 50 cents, can't get in touch with Menulog or Hjs just being put on hold the whole time, feelsbad.

    • So you can pre-order HJs now. What a time to be alive.

  • Order was confirmed by restaurant by email but the meal was never delivered. I had to call up the restaurant and pick it up myself.

  • Just got my red rooster order, they confirmed the pre-order last night.
    Whole chicken
    Large chips
    8 nuggets
    Large Chicken pops
    Large Gravy

    $10 delivered.

  • +3

    I placed an order for delivery at 12:10pm today and received a confirmation once the store opened in the morning. After waiting 30 minutes for delivery but no food or update from Menulog I tried calling the store however there was no answer so instead started a chat online with 50 other people in the queue. I was able to get through to the store eventually and they apologised as my order was picked up by a outsourced driver and should of been delivered. They promptly followed up with their manager who advised they'd cook a fresh order and deliver it as soon as possible. By this time I finally got through to someone on chat who initially tried to blame the mobile app for not updating me with the progress of my order and recommended I turn on push notifications or reinstall the app. I insisted they check in their system to understand why my order was showing as delivered when it wasn't in which they also explained it was due to a courier issue. The workers I spoke to at the store were super friendly and did their best to rectify the issue and even provided a follow up call as soon as they knew my order was delivered to ensure I got it. Apparently they are continuously having issues with Menulog drivers. My food arrived over an hour late and Menulog did offer me a $5 voucher for the inconvenience.

    • +3

      Looking at all the negative comments here on Menulog's delivery service, it seems like they really need to sort their shit out.

  • Thanks OP. Lucky my order wasn’t cancelled and had a delicious $2.8 lunch :)

  • Saw the message after dinner time last night, but pre-ordered lunch for today.. Thanks OP!

  • Seems like a real mixed bag, with individual drivers and restaurants affecting the end result.

    Had 2 X very yummy meat pies delivered right on time for lunch, for $1, for Mrs and me. Looking forward to Chinese takeaway for the family tonight.

  • +2

    Had a fantastic lunch, they even messed up my order and gave me a larger size.

  • Deal of the century!

  • Got lunch, fingers crossed for dinner. Wished I smashed it a bit more…

  • Thanks again OP, just collected my HSP for dinner!

  • Thanks OP. I reckon this qualifies as deal of the year so far!

  • Thanks so much dv1den! Just received confirmation for pick up.

  • Restaurant confirmed when I ordered last night, got it just now successfully with no problems and on time! Delicious $4.50 dinner :)

  • +2

    Went for pickup after reading the comments on here. Orders accepted. Thanks OP!

    Still not sure what ESL is.

  • +1

    60 cent mini burrito just arrived. Don't know how they can justify $10.50 for this rubbish but for 60 cents its ok.

  • Order got cancelled

  • Mine got delivered, on time, and nicely packed. Nothing spilled.

    Maybe I got lucky.

  • Got a large wood fired pizza pickup for $1.80. Eating it right now as I type. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Received my order as well. Luckily no cancellation.

  • Just had my Deluxe burger, chips and drink all for $4 - delicious - many thanks for posting

  • +1

    Great stuff both my lunch and dinner orders arrived as expected no hassles. Definitely on par if not better than ubereats. Although the SMS notification for driver picking up food was delayed for the dinner run (SMS arrived 10mins after the order)

  • +2

    Should of just done pick up.. order marked as delivered but food never arrived, called menulog who spoke with the driver and he insited that it was delivered correctly. Think I'll stick with Uber eats atleast you can track them on there.

    • I think they need to do the photo of delivery like a lot of drivers do now . Value of goods doesn't warrant it though .
      The cat eat it :)
      Anyway overall the large majority won .

  • -1

    Picked up order

  • thanks OP and Menulog

  • Had restaurant delivery (min spend for free delivery) 20mins early, thanks OP.

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