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[NSW] Maxtra Filter 3 Pack $9 (Save $27) @ Woolworths Revesby


First post, saw this at morning. Cheapest price I have ever seen ,$9 for 3 pack filter. Checked online stores close to me only Revesby is on special.

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  • Any of these in Victoria?

  • Fantastic deal if you can get your hands on it. OP, do you know if these are made in Germany or China?

  • I love filtered water but was sick of replacing these cartridges on a regular basis. If you are like me, then consider getting an under sink water filter system, it works great.

    • how much did you spend? and care to share the link on what you are using? Tnx

      • There are a lot of variants and companies who sell them, I went with PSI Filters as they had good reviews. Best to call them up and Peter or his wife will recommend you a product based on your requirement. I went with this one and spent $325 to get the filter plus two additional cartridges.

        Optional - I didn't want an additional faucet in my sink so just bought a three way tap from Bunnings.

  • Show's up as $36 here on the app (just looking online)
    Would be worth a go popping in maybe

  • its a long process changing stores to keep checking on the app lol

  • Thank you op grabbed some. 1 left on shelf as of 12:35pm.

  • OK so bring on the negs, but why do we have these? I remember hearing they arent good at filtering out the bugs (cryptosporidium and giardia), so why do people use them I rather than more robust methods? Is it to filter to taste only? Or if it's for metals, do we have enough metals in the water to warrant using these and do they do a good job?

    • It just gets rid of the 'hardness' in my water and tea for me. That's all I need it for.

      So I'd be fine to use one cartridge for a year before eventually go 'ah well it's been a year, might as well replace it' rather than 'oh bugger I might get hepatitis if I don't replace these cartridges'.

      There's a surprising amount of dissolved heavy metals in drinking water because most of the older houses, even newer ones, uses lead pipes for drinking water. I remember where I used to live had exposed lead pipes in the kitchen. I don't really care about the lead deposit beside its horrible taste.

      FYI, "In 2004, Australia lowered lead exposure limit to 0.01 mg/L from 0.05 through the 2004 Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. However, this is a guideline, not a mandatory standard.". from 'Lead: Its Effects on Environment and Health, edited by Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K.O. Sigel'.

  • No love in WA

  • Awesome deal if you can find any stock anywhere. I just did a search online at many Sydney metro stores but none show having any stock. Possibly might luck out and stumble across some if you look in-store but I'm not that committed to go searching store-to-store.

  • Officeworks Price Match?

  • My local woolies had none of these normal maxtra on the shelf. They only had Maxtra+ limescale or something with orange on the box. They were 30% off but still $36 for 3.

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