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Pine O Cleen Washing Machine Cleaner Fresh, 250ml $4 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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Pine O Cleen's Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner helps remove limescale, hidden dirt and removes 99.9% of bacteria (E. Coli, S. aureus) whilst eliminating bad odours. This leaves a lasting freshness that ensures your washing machine stays clean and can effectively clean your laundry.
Features & details
Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner that removes 99.9% of Bacteria (E. coli, S. Aureus)
Prevents bad odors, creates lasting freshness
Helps remove limescale
Helps remove hidden dirt
How to use: Just add Pine O Cleen Washing Machine Cleaner as per the directions below without any laundry or detergent.

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  • has anyone tried using dishwasher tablet to clean the washing machine?

  • I just use bleach

  • Im pretty sure a cup of vinegar does the same thing

  • NOT worth wasting money on such Washing Machine cleaner, we clean our Washing Machine with sprinkling of Baking Soda, few caps of Vinegar & few drops of Eucalyptus Oil.

    I hope this helps.

    • Thanks. N00b question but how does one actually clean a washing machine? do you just start it without dishes?

      • Yes, immediately after you've properly loaded your dishwasher with your clothes and start that first.

      • I thought this liquid is a Washing Machine cleaning, as I said in my earlier comment you need to clean your washing machine every fortnight. I hope this makes sense.

  • Do people even clean their washing machine?

  • https://www.choice.com.au/home-and-living/laundry-and-cleani...

    Every use
    * Check your clothes' pockets for coins, keys and tissues as you load the washer, because having them bouncing around in the wash is bad for the machine.
    * Place small items and delicates in a laundry bag to protect them from getting caught in seals and joins, or otherwise damaged.
    * Double check for any laundry left behind after you've taken the washing out. Damp laundry left in the machine can start to smell, and even cause rust spots on the drum.
    * Wipe out the inside of the door seal to clean off mould and scrud (the detergent deposits that can built up inside your machine).
    * Clean the lint filter (if fitted).
    * Leave the door ajar (if your laundry allows) to extend the life of your door seals.
    * If your machine has shifted during a cycle and is now off balance and bouncing around, move it back into place or adjust the feet to make it level again.

    *If you only wash in cold water, run a cleaning cycle or run the machine empty on its hottest cycle with a bit of detergent. This will help clear out scrud.
    * Wipe away mould deposits on door seals and other surfaces using hot soapy water and a soft cloth.
    * If you notice any scrud build-up inside the drum, remove it with hot soapy water, a sponge and a bit of elbow grease.

    * Check if the machine is properly levelled and adjust feet accordingly if necessary.
    * Scrub detergent out of nooks and crannies with a toothbrush, and don't forget about the detergent dispenser.

  • I'll give it a go for $4. The washing machine has a build up of fabric softener that comes out in black particles that stick to the washing. I don't have any vinegar, eucalyptus or baking soda so would probably cost just as much to get that.

  • I'd be a bit wary of the vinegar suggestions.
    MAY cause degradation of rubber in the machine.

  • I never used to clean my washing machine until I saw the "scrud" that collects on the outside of the drum (where you can't see it) on all machines. The scrud occurs due to the fillers used in washing machine powders and fabric softeners.

    From Choice June 2017
    The blotchy marks that are sometimes left on your clothes after you've washed them can be caused by 'scrud' (a technical term, believe it or not!). Scrud is a waxy build-up of fabric softener or detergent on the drum of your washing machine. It's more likely to build up if you only wash in cold water, and (counterintuitively) if you don't use enough detergent. Aside from leaving marks on your clothes it can also cause problems for the washing machine itself so it's worth taking care of it early. To eliminate scrud, try the following:
    Run an empty cycle with just hot water and a good detergent, first letting it soak overnight
    If you wash in cold water, run a warm or hot wash every once in a while to reduce the amount of build-up
    Use fabric softener sparingly, or better yet not at all
    Try using a little more detergent
    Clean your washing machine's dispensers regularly, and
    Wash your whites in hot water with a good detergent. Not only will this help keep scrud at bay, it also helps your clothes retain their whiteness.
    Another factor that contributes to black or grey marks on clothes is water hardness.

  • Slightly off topic.
    I have top load Bosch washing machine. It has hose to connect to the drainage as any other machine. But:

    At the bottom there is a lid we can open and then there is an screw type opening which has water on it. We need to empty them like once every fortnight.

    What are those water? Why it doesn't go to the same hose as the other water (from washing)?

  • I read up on this a while ago. Apparently powder detergent is better than liquid at preventing build up of goobers and fabric softener is the worst thing.

  • Available again