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eBay Plus Month: AirPods 2 $99, AirPods Pro $249, Galaxy A70 $299, SodaStream $19, Xiaomi Purifier $179, Neon Switch + Game $449


Fun starts June 1. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

29 May 2020: ebay.com.au, Australia’s number one shopping site, is launching its first-ever month-long shopping event, eBay Plus Month, offering huge savings on essentials and free express delivery on millions of eBay Plus items, at a time when Australians are tightening their belts. Items have been selected using eBay data on what Aussies have been commonly searching for and buying during isolation. Items include Apple AirPods (2nd Gen & Pro), a Nintendo Switch Neon and an air fryer following purchase spikes in headphones, gaming consoles, and kitchen appliances. As well as exclusive deals, eBay Plus members will benefit from Spend & Save offers on millions of eBay Plus items (from 1-14 June), and 20 per cent off select eBay Plus items (from 15-30 June).

Some of the confirmed deals:

June 1: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) $99 - 100 units dropping at 10am, 2pm & 6pm AEST
June 2: Finish Powerball Tablets (5x 45 pack) $49
June 3: Apple AirPods Pro $249 - 100 units dropping at 10am, 2pm & 6pm AEST
June 4: Healthy Choice Air Fryer $99
June 5: Ugg Boots $50
June 8: Samsung Galaxy A70 $299 4pm AEST - Code: PAICFL90
June 9: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H $179 10am AEST
June 10: Apple AirPods Pro $249 - 100 units dropping at 10am, 2pm & 6pm AEST
June 11: King Size Merino Wool Quilt $39
June 12: Red Wine Mix $49 PAICB09
June 13: Bluey Showbag $9 4pm AEST
June 14: Global Ikasu Knife Block Set 4pm AEST
June 15: Pre-order PlayStation 4 game: The Last of Us Part II $49 - Individual Deal Post
June 15: Pre-order PlayStation 4 game: Assetto Corsa Competizione $41 Code PFFSH14
June 16: ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T $149 Code PFFCS97
June 17: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $99 10am, 2pm, 6pm - Individual Deal Post
June 18: Nintendo Switch Neon with Animal Crossing $449 10am AEST
June 18: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 $320 2pm AEST
June 25: SodaStream $19 PJVI94 Sold out

Mod: June 19, June 22, June 24, June 26 Deal Post

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            • +1

              @jayzee: Amazon Prime is the best value subscription service there is.

              Ebay Plus is easily the worst - that's an impartial opinion.

            • @jayzee: I hate Bezos, but Amazon prime has literally paid for itself several dozen times over.

              Amazon prime free shipping over the last year has saved me $100+ (multiple packages from US for $0 - including a cast iron pan).

              Free games and DLC from Twitch prime.

              Amazon video has several weeks of good shows (movie selection is kinda crap, lots of B grade and below movies).

              There are also prime lightning sales, most of which have several hundred or thousand units available.

              eBay plus is beyond a joke.

  • Got em this time!!

  • Just missed out, anyone know the listing for the airpod pros?

  • +2

    There's literally no point in trying for half these deals. People use bots to buy up all the AirPods in fractions of a second… They really need to add captcha to these deals.

    • +2

      Myself and many others on this very post didn't use bots and were lucky enough to get them…

    • +2

      I scored one without any bot or shortcut, you need to smart.

    • you snooze you lose

  • +1

    See you next year for the airpods

    • Next quarter actually. They run this at the end of every quarter.

  • +1

    The deal started at 10 am, the second round was at 2 pm and third round was at 6 pm.

    All of these time, the sale got open ,the eBay product page opens and shows "This item is out of stock." What a disgusting thing that in just fraction of time(in seconds) or till the page gets open the item is out of stock.

    Why do they have to put these kind of deals on Ozbargain as there is no meaning clicking and waiting for the item, knowing it will always be out of stock every single time.

    I don't think even a super computer will be able to do this (buy quantity of 100 in just 3 seconds).

    So whoever is buying these items in such a short time, they are wasting their time on this planet. They should be with some advanced civilization.


    • lol! If you'd have been a successful buyer. You wouldn't complain.

      • +1

        If a person gets through a deal why would he complain! Common Sense dude.

        And it's not about getting it or not. The only point is everyone should get an equal chance to at least stand in a competition instead of declaring the winner at the beginning. Thanks

  • +4

    Spamming on PC with FTTP connection. Still no bingo..
    Maybe some luck with some non-airpod deals?
    Planning on switching to Prime after my Plus membership expires. These deals are too limited too justify the membership cost

    • -3

      Spoiler Alert: Prime is shit too, hardly anything to buy.

      • +7

        At least Prime has Amazon Prime Video, Music and Twitch Prime. Ebay Plus has nothing apart from free shipping on Ebay Plus items only (which are few and far between now).

        The only point of Ebay Plus is the for stupid gimmicky lucky dips like this one.

  • Damn it sold out so fast at 6PM. It sold out in 9 seconds after the first person bought one- https://offer.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&ite...

    • Do you think having a min 10 feedback requirement will weed out the bots?

  • Yah finally got one! :)

  • +1

    I was redirected to the success page after pressing "Confirm & Pay". I was shown a message saying I saved $150 and that the estimated date of delivery will be the 4th of June. However, I'm not seeing the order in my transactions and I wasn't charged at all.

    Did anyone else have this happen to them?

    • Yep. Live chat was no help. Gave me the bs about payment for others were processed first.

    • same ! live chat said "Yes, that would confirm that the order is still pending for processing. You may check again by tomorrow to see if it has been confirmed through a confirmation email" I took a screenshot and sent it to them as well. may be it's not in my luck tried it three times today :(

    • Probably doesn’t help but I received a Tax Invoice to my email from Titan Gear shortly after

    • +1

      If your CC is charged and you got an invoice from Titan, then the order went through.

    • Don't worry, the amount will be charged to your CC when they start shipping.
      Same for me last time.

  • Oh yeah yeah yeah

  • Is there someone who managed to buy it this time and the last time as well? Just wondering if Ebay is trying to de-prioritize the previous buyers?
    I had been spamming the check out button and didn't work for me this time.

    • People commented above has brought from multiple rounds so no de-prioritize as such it seems.

      • -1

        Yep, got the pods this time (2pm) and also the last time as well.

    • -1

      I’ve managed to get at least 1 in every deal. So I don’t think so.

      • +4

        I'm not saying this as someone bitter who has missed out as I got my airpods in a past deal and haven't tried since, tried to give others tips yesterday on how to 'win'. But don't you feel at all guilty that there are people who have been trying since the first time ebay ran this deal and are still unable to get a pair while you self proclaim to have got many pairs and again from your previous comments have sold some for profit. Yeah each to their own but I think it's quite telling that you have never actually posted a deal to this site yet clearly benefit from the posts.

    • The issue is that they put a delay on when it became active.

      So, it became active 30 seconds after 6:00 thats why a lot of people missed out because every other deal, it was 6:00 on the dot

      • Not really, if you had it in the payment page and you spam click confirm it shouldn't matter when the listing becomes active. If you are not at the checkout screen, just refresh the listing every second and press 'Buy Now' when it does become active.

        • The stock become available 30 seconds after the allocated time,before it was always on the dot. So, I had no idea I would spam click on this deal for like 15-20 seconds and then just give up because past deals, by the time 15-20 seconds were up, everything was gone.

          I'm confused why there they put stock 30 seconds after 6:00 but obviously should have just kept spamming for the whole minute.

        • Is it possible to do this for Airpod pros?

  • +11

    Unnecessary stress. Tried 3 times today and couldn't get it. Not worth it. It's like throwing a few gold coins in a crowd.

    • I caught the gold coin today at 2pm after it failed to get past my basket at 10am.

      • Shouldn't have closed the window. Didn't get a chance to get back to the basket page since

        • My one was in basket and I kept clicking pay second time round and won

    • +1

      got my cc declined at 2pm (perfectly fine cc, just bought something yesterday), lagged like hell at 6pm. i clicked confirm & pay the moment 2pm and 6pm hit. this is just luck.

      • +4

        That'll teach you for campaigning to apply GST to all imports! :)

  • had item in cart but forgot coupon then sold out.

  • Can it be successfully obtained using ebay app on mobile?

    • +1

      It can but you'll probably be too slow.

      • So what's the best platform/strategy

        • +1

          See my comment above, use Chrome, copy the code and make sure you have the listing page open before time. Then it is just the matter of refreshing the page until you see 'Buy Now'.

    • +1

      Almost impossible with the app unfortunately if you are not at the payment screen with code already loaded.

  • do we know the powerball tablet link?

    • Who cares. Ebay Plus can EAD.

    • +7

      Most likely this link.

      • Good spot, link was correct. Purchased

      • Thanks doweyy

      • Thanks Doweyy…just had to scramble for the code… :)

      • Spot on! Thank you!

    • These or tidepods? Asking for a friend :)

    • Works out at 40 cent a tab. Needs to be about 20 cent to make it even a deal.

  • +1


    Got one.

  • +1

    Selling out at about 70 per minute….nice slow burn.

    • 110k+ dishwashing tablets up for “grabs” Gonna be a lot of clean dishes!

      • Still nearly 200 to sell at 10.10….slowing considerably
        I only have 5 tabs left…..will have a week of dirty dishes before these arrive….had been using Ultimate (@27c a tab, local Woolies deal on 72pack)….hope these are ok

      • 110k+ dishwashing tablets up for “grabs” Gonna be a lot of clean dishes!

        Of course. considering people are cooking/eating more at home this year. Surprise they did not go as fast as hand sanitisers and TPs at their peak.
        But congrat' to all those who got this "participation prize".

  • Would've bought some, but still going strong from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/256062

    • From 2016?!

      • +1

        Yeah, post said to buy 5… so I did :)

  • Are the Powerballs considered cheap? These are Quantums right?

    • -2

      Works out at 40 cent a tab. Needs to be about 20 cent to make it even a deal.

      • +2

        It's 22.2 cents per tab?

        • +1

          your right. i clicked on a wrong link. Yep good price

  • Anyone knows the link for airpods pro for tomorrow?

    • It should be by titan_gear

      • do you have the link of them from this morning? i can't see this seller having listed any that sold today

      • yeah i don't see an airpods pro listing by titan_gear

  • where do the coupon codes appear?

  • +3

    anyone know the galaxy a70 seller?

  • How many tablets were there ? Was it 10/2/6 like the pods ?

    Any thoughts on how many airpod pros there are?

    • There was a single drop of 500 units.

      I'm expecting 200-300 pairs of AirPods Pros if eBay is chipping in roughly $20k per day.

      • Noice! Not too bad at all

  • titan gear never sold airpods pro before.
    so tomorrow's deal would be from different seller, like MobileCiti

    • here's the link to MobileCiti's listing just in case

      • lol

      • Just wondering how you found this link? I can't seem to find it by searching on ebay or via mobileciti's store itself.

        Edit: It was listed as $250 initially, added it to my cart and it's $350 now, weird.

      • Seems to be showing as a different seller? I'm seeing oranje.itptyltd from that link.

        • He juked ya

  • +7

    AirPods from yesterday have been dispatched.

  • -2

    Will the same code as airpods be used for the pros tmr?

  • Do you think the AirPods Pro will sell out as quickly as the others?

    • +1

      Nah, not a chance.

    • Welcome to Ebayplus

    • +1

      I will be surprised if it doesn't sell out in the first minute .

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