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[eBay Plus] 10% off Coles eBay, Free Delivery over $49, Max Discount $100


10% off Coles eBay for eBay Plus members.
Free Delivery over $49.
Max 40 items per transaction, and Max Discount $100.
Gift cards excluded, see Terms and Conditions for a list of excluded area codes for home deliveries.

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  • They give you almost expired goods. Delivered bread with 1 day expiry left.

    • There were also missing orders which couldn’t be reached to either eBay or coles.

  • ive been meaning to give this a shot. can you get anything actually useful eg long life/pantry products?

  • Have had several bad experiences with Coles eBay deliveries - near expiry, missing items (which they didn’t bother to refund) wrong items sent (had to bring into physical store to sort it out), not following instructions (eg. they replaced out-of-stock items with the next best thing when I have left instruction not to do so. I had to bring unwanted things back into physical store for refund / exchange). Too much trouble !!!

  • I think it’s good value if you need supermarket basics delivered. Very tiny range of fresh food… I combine with Harris Farm. I’ve never had a substitution and anything missing has always been refunded. Spent $50 today for free delivery and a further $5 off with code. Compares well to the regular $12 delivery fee unless you spend $200. You can choose from a good range of delivery times too.

  • Bad experience with Coles eBay, delivery driver never arrived yet on system they said that no one was at home, missus was home all day. They refused to redeliver, order cancelled and only refunded when I complained via eBay.

  • Be very careful, half the stock that you see on eBay was out of stock. Got the refund but very slow delivery and importantly I missed deal on Woolworths as hoping to get those through Coles eBay. Not worth it even if it is 20% as they won't supply all product.

  • well, I wanted to order some of my weekly groceries only to find that half of my shopping list is not available on eBay .. what f(profanity) joke

  • -2 votes

    ordered 2 times, driver was an (profanity), when i asked him to come inside with the cart and go to kitchen he said that hes not allowed to enter peoples houses, told me to get my bags out of the plastic cases myself. one bottle of water was missing, and the tuna was small tins 95g instead of 400g ones, chips were crushed. not to mention i had 14 bags that i had to pay for. not a good experience

  • They will cancel your order, keep your money and ignore you emails.

    • Why don’t you use eBays refund issue, coles will never reply so you win the case automatically.

      • Used PayPal and eventually got a refund via them but that's not the point.

        • Thing is I’ve used eBay coles delivery over 10 times, yes things will be out of stock, sometimes the wrong item comes but I’ve never not gotten a refund. 9 times out of 10 it’s automatically refunded and once was just because an item they delivered wasn’t the right thing (wings vs no wings).

  • Is this like a different business to their normal online orders from their own website? Seems odd if not.

  • just to give my 2 cents, had an issue once with eBay Plus about a cancelled delivery that still came. called them up and there was some back and forth but i ended up being refunded. haven't had an issue with coles delivery since. they have a smaller selection of items than their direct online store, and often run out of stock, but the free delivery threshold is much lower. mostly purchase long term goods, at the start of the week, with the current specials (think chips, frozen foods, soft drink).

  • My oos item refund is instantly credited to my PayPal account.

    Don't know why people is having issues on oos refunds.

  • Here's my bad experience with Coles eBay delivery: my meat products and a few other perishables had an expiry of 2 days upon arrival. I contacted them and they said, there's nothing they would do to compensate me. Their policy is a 2 day expiry which I find really bad personally.

  • Any suggestions what sort of items are good to get with this? Given you can get a lot of Coles stuff half price if you're willing to wait and stock up (or at least a deeper special than 10%), and there's lots of items they don't have on Ebay, I'm not sure what's worthwhile getting here, if anything.

    • The value is in the free shipping for $49 spend whereas with Coles online its $200. They do not have as many specials but I usually get these and Coles label products that do not go on sale. The range in quite limited and changes a lot and have to do other online shopping as well but it is useful to me as I am in iso. Takes ages to go through pages of what is on special. Delivery has been OK. Items have been out of stock but refunded and once a $2 item was missing even through on the invoice and charged for. Contacted seller online and received a response and credit within the hour.

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