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Bonus $400 Gift Card with $55 (after $10 Monthly Credit) Per Month 80GB Data 1 Year Telstra Plan (Port in or New) @ JB Hi-Fi


The first offer is advertised on their website but the rest are in store only offers!

$400 Gift Card when you port your number to Telstra or create a new number on a $55 plan over 12 months. 80gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 13th.

$100 Gift Card when you port your number to Telstra or create a new number on a $35 plan over 12 months. 45gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 13th.

$700 credit towards a new phone with a price of $999 or over when you port your number to Telstra on a $65 plan over 24 months. 80gb data. Ends June 13th.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256GB only $499 upfront when you port your number to Telstra on a $55 plan over 12 months. 80gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 5th.

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  • I can't decide if i should port ! I'm with Optus on a $40 a month with 80gb and international roaming 1GB which is super handy. Currently got a s10e so not sure if it's worth upgrading to the s10

    • With the current covid travel restrictions,I'd say the roaming is useless.

  • Does anyone know if Telechoice subscribers are considered new clients?

  • How do these work? I have a boost and therefore can’t port for this deal. Can I get a new number with Vodafone (no lock-in), move it to Telstra as part of this deal and then migrate my old boost number over this new telstra number later in the future?

    It’s been a while since I’ve done this kind of stuff.

    • You need to port in from other provider including the mentioned network that are to be excluded to obtain this offer. I never heard of migrating and "swapping" the your supposedly Vodafone number with your Old Boost Mobile number.

    • Why not just port your number to Kogan for $4.90 then take up this offer?

  • Been chasing a decent deal for quite some time now.. finally jumped off my $30 35GB unlimited Netflix/Spotify Optus plan.. was a tough one to beat. Only worth it because I have my eyes on something at JB anyway and the GC will come in handy.. ~$22/month and only 12 month contract - nice!

  • Hey guys would love some help with this one.

    I'm currently on a BYO Telstra plan, however my contract has expired so it is just month to month now and can be cancelled at any time.

    If i purchase a $2 pre paid optus sim, and put like $10 credit it on it, can i then go in store to JB and get the deal and have that number ported to Telstra to get the 12 month deal and $400 gift card?

    Then after that so i dont lose my current phone number, can I get telstra to cancel my BYO contract and apply the new number to the contract i've signed up for with JB?

    Looking to buy a new TV asap so the $400 gift card would really help haha.

    Thanks for any help in advance!

  • Just left JB Homebush DFO. Was told the $10 instore port in credit doesn't apply to the $45 sim only plan and I could only get it on the $65. Does anybody have these offers written down somewhere I could show them or confirm if it's right?

    • Offers are on their website

      • I checked there but wasn't sure if instore offers were different as this post mentions $35 a month only

    • Edit: I know The Good Guys do the exact same deal and give $10 credit on the $45 making it $35 with a TGG egift voucher as mentioned on their website.

    • +1

      I managed to get signed up for $35 on the $45 plan. The guy had to check on the system first as he was not aware of it. I got the feeling it was something that they were trying to not tell people about.

      • Thanks for confirming that it can be done! Man I wish they bothered to check the details for me, especially if I've gone into the store to enquire. Not good giving customers the wrong information.

    • +1

      I signed up for the $35 plan yesterday at Liverpool JB. The guy working told me heaps of people had signed up to it. Maybe head there if it isnt too far for you.

      • Thank you!!

  • I have a dual-sim phone with:
    - a business plan with Telstra (just went month-to-month)
    - a personal plan with Vaya

    If I port Telstra out to Vaya or similar (essentially closing my business account with them) and then port my Vaya to one of these Telstra plans - How easy is it to then have my new Telstra account (via JB) changed to a business account?

    It doesn't really matter which number the business is paying for, as long as personally I'm not out of pocket.

  • +3

    I signed up to a similar promotion this time last year. For anyone who is still in-contract and wants to take advantage of this deal, this is what I did last year.

    I had ~2 weeks remaining on my existing 12-month Telstra contract, so I decided to buy and activate a $2 Optus SIM and port that number to Telstra (in-store at JB HiFi) to obtain the gift card. The new Telstra service was put under my existing Telstra account (2 services in total). Then, 2 weeks later once my existing contract had expired, I used the Telstra webchat and managed to 'merge' my out-of-contract number I wanted to keep onto the new plan I signed up for a few weeks ago without any fees, etc.

    • This sounds similar to me. My telstra service can be cancelled any time as its BYO Phone plan and passed the 12 months. When you signed up at JB, was there any issues with them knowing you already had an account with telstra? Or does that not matter, because regardless you were porting the $2 sim?

      • Nope, no issues at all. The guy who helped me mentioned I wasn't the first to do it! I figured they just want the sale/commission.

    • Don’t even bother with the $2 sim. Just go in and say you want a new service on your existing account. I did it yesterday so can confirm it works. Then as soon as you leave, get on the web chat to cancel your existing service and move that number to your new plan. Might take a day for the Telstra chat to respond but they’ll do it.

      • How long did it take you go with the web chat service? I can only 'send a message' via the My Telstra app and it has been 3 hours with no response. Not sure if I went about it the right way

        • Replied on your other comment, but I sent a message close to 5pm Tuesday and they replied near 10am Wednesday.

      • Do you think i can swap my old number from Boost to this new telstra number?

    • Do you think it will work if my old number is from Boost?

  • Can anyone comment on if the contract termination fee stays at $390 for the entirety of the contract? or if it goes down month by month like previously? (ie its cheaper to cancel 6 months in) and does this come with peace of mind data?

    • I had similar plan from telstra deal and termination fee goes down month by mont and it had peace of mind data.

    • +2

      I signed up yesterday, it doesnt have peace of mind data. It's $10 for every GB that you go over

  • Can anyone confirm the capability of dual-sim in the S20 Ultra?
    Can you get this phone from JB/Telstra using an eSim and then a secondary physical sim from another provider?

    Also once signed up via JB are you then billed by & deal directly with Telstra going forward?

    • +1

      I'm not too sure for the dual sim question but regarding the billing, you'll receive your bill from telstra

    • +1

      Yes you can get eSim from Telstra. Basically in a nutshell, you sign up to Jb HiFi plan but billed by Telstra system. I've got an eSim setup on my missus' JB Hifi plan.

  • only bummer about this plan through JB is no piece of mind data vs Telstra so if you go over you get charged

    • I think it has, it says on my account "Speeds capped at 1.5Mbs once data allowance exceeded"

  • is this offer still valid?
    someone I know went instore in Vic and the signage didn't mention the $10 off and only 60 gigs.
    he asked the staff as well and they said the same

    • The Sydney store I went into today didn't have any signage mentioning the $10 credit either. On their website it does under the 'Instore Offers' section but even so, the $45 doesn't have the $10 credit listed and apparently you have to go into a store to know that one exists - that's if the staff know what they're talking about because the worker I asked today said the $45 didn't have the credit at all.. But I know it does from others who have connected and claimed successfully then shared here

      • i was referring to the $65 and 80 gig offer
        regardless did you get the $10 off?
        sounds like hit or miss type of offer not a fan of those

        • Didn't want to bother today as I wasn't ready to sit down and port in. Next time I'm ready and they don't give it to me, I will ask them to check their JB system to confirm as sometimes staff get their info mixed up

  • If I sign up, do I have to port in on the spot or can I delay my port by 30 days?

  • I'm interested in the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256GB deal but I'm hoping it's a dual sim model..does anyone know if that's available? Their listing for the phone doesn't give details

    • Don't know the answer to your question but if it turns out that it's not dual sim, the S20 range is esim compatible.. So you can have two active sims plus you also retain use of the micro sd card slot for an actual micro sd card and not a second sim like the S10 range (someone correct me if I'm wrong please). I think with dual sims you pick one as primary service and can use the second for calls/data only (if you know it all just ignore my comment then lol)

      • +1

        Thanks, yes I was aware of the dual sim s20 with eSim, although your info may help others. At $499 the s10 5g is a lot cheaper so I was just trying to find out details on the model in the JB shops

    • I have been using S10 5G for few months now , its very good phone.I had S10 plus previously but this one is better,bigger display , better camera, bigger battery and 25 watts fast charging. No dual sim and no Sd card slot though.

  • +2

    Excellent deal. Thank you OP.
    Got my partner onto the deal and got the $400 gift card on the spot. The whole process took about 30mins. Was planning on buying a smartwatch. Luckily they had the galaxy active 2 for sale at $499 (normally $799). Payed for all in the same trasaction with the gift card; Just $99 out of pocket :)

    • +1

      Planning on buying a tv but asked if they can lower the price more if I did this as well. They said yes so keep that in mind if your looking to bargain on jbhifi

      • I actually never really thought about price negotiation at jb. Currently looking at a high end Dyson.. Don't know where to start with the bargaining after we hopefully port in and get our 400 (x 2) vouchers lol

        • +1

          Oh yeah just need to be nice. Joke around and be friendly

          Don't say anything about port in during that time and try and gauge a low price. THEN U say how about if we do a port in? They will drop more. Then say 2 port ins

          Might be quite a big difference 😉

          • @agalea101: I also get 5% off jb egift cards which can be used instore so might use that to pay the whole difference if I'm feeling extra shy 😂 too embarrassed to try get the price down with those vouchers lol

            • +1

              @khdsl: Haha yeah maybe a shot of tequila before U go in won't hurt to build some Courage just in case haha

              Yeah they don't mind if gift card or bullion as long as it counts as sale/commish

              Good luck 👍😄

  • Just signed up, the port took 1 minute. In and out in 10 minutes happy days.
    The billing cycle they put me on ends tomorrow so I have 80GB showing to use in one day.

  • I have just ported to Optus PrePaid on the $40 45GB plan, got it for $15 (was a COMPLETE nightmare porting with Optus - DO NOT TRY IT)

    Will try and port out over the weekend.

    • +1

      I just ported to Optus on the same deal this morning. Would be interested to hear how you go jumping to Telstra before the 13th. Keen to give it a shot too :)

      • Hi mate, just did it this morning at JB Airport West in Victoria. No issues at all. They didn't even ask about the 30 day thing nor mention it

    • +1

      I ported to Optus as well! Indeed nightmare!

      • It took literally 3 hours talking to them.

        • How did it take so long? I just did it through the app?

          • +1

            @michaeli: It failed when I did it online, so went on chat and they were useless - ended up having to buy a new SIM card and get a credit applied.

      • mine went through instantly online

  • I have seen it mentioned a couple of times in this thread about if you are an existing Telstra Customer, to bypass the 30 days wait period, just sign up as a new telsta service and then request Telstra cancel your existing service and transfer the number to the new service. As Telstra Reps have been impacted by Covid, how are people going about getting Telstra to do this? I have sent a message via My Telstra app but its been half a day and no response as yet.

    • I'm also looking at doing this. Can you update us on how you go?

      • I havent done as yet but it took 8 hours for them to respond from my morning message but then at night the replies were every 5 minutes or so and the overnight guy said it could be easily done. I am going to go to store today and try it out so will let you know how I go.

        • Good luck. Hope it works for you.

          • @irris02: so an update. for the $700 credit it is port only so I bought a prepaid sim at Vodafone got JB to activate and port the number to Telstra. Got on My Telstra App and sent a message to get my old number put on the new account. They were replying every 6 hours or so until I got a good guy that actually called me and did it on the spot. They do it by cancelling your old number then transferring to new plan so re activation took an hour or so but I can say It worked with a little bit of stress and anxiety.

      • I did it this morning. Had only left Boost for 3 or 4 days to Optus and no issues

    • Wish I read this yesterday before I ported to Voda. Last time i signed up for a plan like this i was able to port out and then back in a day later, no issues. Asked the rep at BNE today and there seems to be a hard 30 day limit on it now. Bit of a bummer!
      Maybe they will match the samsung EPP pricing for the s20+ 5g, one can dream right?

      • Which Brisbane store was this? I'm planning on trying my luck at the <30 day port out and back in.

      • Can confirm 30 day limit at Marion store in Adelaide today.

        Ported my wife’s Vodafone over and spent the $400 on AirPods Pro still sour from missing the eBay deal

  • I have 6 months left on my Optus contract but I can buy it out and end it early if I pay $513 to buy the device.

    If I say do that tomorrow or the day after, will I be able to in 3 or 4 days from now initiate the process to take advantage of this deal?

    Also does anyone know if these plans include Telstra 5G Data by default or if you need to pay that extra $15 per month fee for 5G?

    • +2

      You dont need to cancel your optus account first, once you port to telstra it automatically cancels optus and the amount you need to pay out will be on the final bill.

  • I have a s9+, recently started a sim only plan with optus.
    the s20 over 24 months plan, sounds very tempting when you throw in the $700 voucher which brings it down to $649.
    Has any1 else done a similar jump phonewise and has compared them?
    would take the s10+ but for an extra $150 the s20 is there also

  • There's no extra data charges on the 80gb right? (incase i go over 80gb)

    And conversely is there data rollover?

    • Peace of Mind data from Telstra doesn't apply to these plans (when they just slow the speed down once you go over at no extra cost). You get charged $10/1gb if you go over. No data rollover or pooling I'm afraid.

      • +2

        extra data charges are archaic. I would prefer if the carrier jsut ceased your cellular broadband after you used all your data but nah can't have that.

  • Ported from Optus to Telstra on $45 ($35/ $10 Credit) with 45GB data and $100 JB GC. In and out of the store in 20mins.

  • Ported my and wife's number at the DFO store. It didnt work. Store rep said wait for 24-48 hours and come back once its ported to get the gift cards.. And did not get the 2 $400 coupons :(

    is it normal?

    • I ported mine (Aldi mobile) and my wife's (Virgin Mobile) at Kotara (Newcastle) this arvo. Mine worked fine. My wife's did not… Apparently, hers was not "provisioned?" prior to closing time so they just gave her the sim card and told her to come back tomorrow to get the phone.

    • +1

      If everything else went fine (credit check and account details match) then sometimes port ins do take up to 48 hours unfortunately

  • So my old contract was about to expire from last year's $500 port-in. Was only $10 to cancel so just signed up for a brand new Telstra SIM on this deal which they do the $55/mo for also, even though it's not a port in, and then called up Telstra after to cancel my old plan and move the old number to the new SIM. 10 minutes on the phone easy done.

    • Awesome! Which store?

  • I was able to port my number to this plan. Does anyone how to activate the $10 International calling pack. I am their 1322 unable to do it through there Telstra app and he 132200 number does nothing.

  • +1

    So for anyone wondering as someone that was interested in the $700 credit and being a long term Telstra customer, yesterday I was able to get the credit by buying a Vodafone sim with a new number and getting JB to port the number accross as part of the sign up process. When I got home, I jumped on the My Telstra app and sent them a message to get my original number moved to the new account (only wway to get through to them due to Covid). At first they were responding every 6 hours or so but then I got a good guy this afternoon that actually stayed with me in the message chain to get it sorted. Transferred my existing number to the new ported number so I got the new phone and plan with the credit and retained my existing number. Sure its a bit of work but I am happy that I did it.

  • Hi OP, I just port in to Telstra from Optus last month on the 12th May, am I still eligible for the $10 monthly credit?

  • How does this work? Let’s say I want a iPhone SE new one for $999 so that means I get $700 credit that deducts the handset $999 -$700 so I’m paying only $299/24 = $12.45 over 24month period including the plan $65 per month for 24months? So I’m paying $77.45 per month for 24month = $1858

  • Just signed up to a $35 plan over 12 months. 45gb data. $10 monthly port in credit and $100 JB gift card.
    Called a few stores as some didn't want to put trough the $10 credit. Cockburn store in WA was successful.

  • Hey guys just thinking about these deals.

    Deal 1. 80GB. $55 X 12 months = $660 - $400 gift card = total cost $260

    Deal 2. 45GB. $35 X 12 months = $420 - $100 gift card = total cost $320

    If you don't need the GC can sell @ 10% off…
    Deal 1 = $300
    Deal 2 = $330

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

  • So if I'm currently on boost prepaid I can't do this right? Because that's Telstra owned? Thanks fam

  • I tried to sign up for the $55 / 12 months plan to get $400 gift cards, but was told by staff at JB Hifi Indooroopilly and Mt Ommaney that I have to wait for another 2 weeks before I can port back in from Vodafone to get the deal. Hopefully, they will have either extend this deal or something similar by then.

    • Need 30 days before porting back in to telstra

  • +1

    No problems signing up to the $35/45GB at Queen St Mall (Brisbane) was even advertised.

  • The $45 JB deal on the instore website page doesn't mention the "$10 port credit" for $35 a month, like the other deals?

    It just says 45gb says per month + $100 gift card.

    • +1

      When I went to TGG, they had posters saying you get the $10 credit on the $45 plan with $100 GC (making the plan $35 pm)

      • Thanks for that. I wonder if JB are the same as prefer GC with them, will check it out.

  • Not sure if anyone still reading but;

    I was with telstra on a deal I signed up to May 2019 and finished may 2020.
    ported to Coles optus sim which was crap as took like 10 attempts.
    Finally ported out 2/6
    Went to JB 6/6 and managed to get the $55 deal with 400 gc without any questions. (so only stayed with Optus for 4 days)
    Port to testra took like 14 hours but they have me the new sim & gift card and all good.
    Used my $400 on a p30 pro which was at $1000 and got it for $600 cash.

    All in all, definitely worth it for me

  • they added the Oppo Find X2 Pro to the current promotion.

    $799 upfront when connected to a $55 12-Month JB Mobile Plan with 80GB Data

    Saw it on Oppo facebook.

    • Oppo is expensive for some reason. No one buys an expensive Oppo. That kind of money only belongs to Apple or Samsung