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Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Router $529 (Was $579) + Delivery or Free Pickup - Scorptec (Save $50)


First Post. Had my eye on this considering my recent change to the new 1000/50 on HFC connection.
Just so opened to be on sale @ Scorptec, still it has been MUCH cheaper on previous deals on Ebay plus but that was just before COVID-19 happened.
Think its the only sale for UDM in Aus at the moment too.
Save around $50?

Edit 1: Thought I should add Until stocks last, you can check stock by clicking on the orange limited stock button and tracking their volumes for multiple stores.

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    Great router, I picked one up by chance via a computer alliance ebay sale in early March… I am now looking to augment this with another UAP (i.e FlexHD or UAP-IW-HD)

    • Thats awesome! I'm still contemplating on pulling trigger or not on this, it is more of a WANT then a NEED so I might wait until another good sale comes as I saw this was selling for around $460 on an Ebay PLUS sale, unreal.

      Yep, adding to the arsenal another UAP will cover your housse great.

      • Hi, thinking of getting this or the pro version - the only thing stopping me is no POE. How are you powering the UAPs - injector?

        • +1

          UAPs with injector or get a POE switch and run the cable from where the switch is to the AP

          • @Section: Correct, either cheap Poe switch if multiple devices (i.e. uap(s) or cameras) or injector if just one AP

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    Good device, but shame it's still wifi 5 with wifi 6 devices now more and more prevalent

    • -1

      Agreed, but WIFI 5 can handle up to 1300mbps?
      I doubt NBN will be reaching speeds of 3000mbps in the near future, correct me if i'm wrong though.

      • +12

        WiFi has nothing to do with internet speeds. WiFi is for network access.

        • +7

          Yep - my router tells me I have up to 20 devices accessing wifi. Accessing internet/streaming etc is one aspect, but there's also streaming/moving files between local devices and my server, which would be well served by having the higher overall bandwidth offered by wifi 6.

          • +2

            @suburbanmale: Ahk gotcha, thanks for the information Sheamas88 and suburbanmale.
            This would also be good for my Plex media server setup too.

        • This is not true.

          Wifi has a speed limit too and obviously WiFi 6 is faster than WiFi 5. Now that we have gigabit internet in Australia, it is entirely possible (and likely for most consumer grade routers) that using WiFi will bottleneck your internet speed if you have a gigabit connection.

          • +3


            This is not true.

            My comment is 100% correct. WiFi will NEVER change your internet speed, it will only change your network speed.

            Plenty of hobbyists have 10Gbps networks, but might only be getting 100Mbps downloads, doesn't mean their network isn't benefited from the higher speeds. Not everyone builds their networks only to handle the download speed of their internet and no more.

            • -11

              @sheamas88: That's incredibly stupid and you're missing the point entirely, of course network speed and internet speed are related. If IS>NS then IS=NS at point of use. There's your relationship. You were factually incorrect and you should feel bad about yourself.

              • +6

                @Timothy-1: what are you smoking mate? You are looking at @sheamas88's argument from a different perspective. NS and IS are related but NS is not dependent on IS. Turn off your internet (not router, just switch off internet) and see if you can still use your wifi or not? Bamm.. now you don't have the IS in your equation. You can still do local file transfers, stream local media, local ipcam streams etc. This is your network speed that sheamass88 is referring to. So it's better to future proof irrespective of your internet speed if you are that sort of guy. Not to mention all those cloud/local smart home devices that would be adding strain to your wifi in not too distant future.

              • +1

                @Timothy-1: Great contribution.

            • -1

              @sheamas88: WiFi will change the speed at which you can access the internet. Considering the ongoing cost of internet, it makes sense to choose appropriately specced WiFi devices if you are paying for gigabit.

              WiFi has nothing to do with internet speeds
              My comment is 100% correct


      • +2

        Remember that 1300mbps is shared between all devices on the network, and then it would be affected by congestion, etc - so more is better unless you've only got 1 wifi device connected.

      • +6

        Please don't go around telling people they can use WiFi5 and get 1300 Mbps. That is marketing BULLSHIT!

        A standard 5GHz, 40 Mhz channel (which some people will be lucky to get thanks to WiFi Co-Channel Interference) will really only get around 300-400 Mbps if their lucky.

        The 1300 Mbps is if every radio and you can use max size channels which people rarely see. Plus most notebooks don't have strong enough antenna's to reach those speeds.

        @KillJoy… no that's wrong. it is what the max possible speed can be. Some AP's can't even reach that speed. Yes they mention the UDM in its data sheet can hit 1733 Mbps… but that is on a VHT160 channel (meaning all channels) and I doubt most people have a completely free 5 GHz channel. Plus 5 GHz does not push very far.

        • +5

          Ease up big fella.
          My comment was more of a question then a statement so I wouldn't think I was telling anyone anything.
          Apologies if there wasn't more punctuation that I could've added for you to recognise that.

          • +6

            @Section: Sorry mate. I work in IT and often see people giving mis-leading comments. Worst one recently was in JB HiFi 'Yes lady, this Orbi Mesh System boost 3 GBPS thourghput so your devices will all get amazing faster than cable speeds.'

            The sales guy has no idea what the 3Gbps meant and was misleading people.

            Re-reading yours now I see the ? mark. Sorry.

            • @daven1985: Agreed but the average consumer (& sales person) is not a heavy network user and will never notice the difference.

              • +1

                @Kontiki: Yes… but they are still lying to make a sale.

                Even if you manage to get your wireless running on VHT160 and getting the 1733 Mbps the UDM can theoretically do… it is theoretical. Because the device your phone, Phone/Tablet/Laptop doesn't have equal size antennas. So they can't run at those speeds.

                Hence why I think of those levels of 1300/1733 Mbps as marketing bullshit.

            • +1

              @daven1985: No worries at all Daven, my apologies too for being a smart arse in my remark to you.
              I understand your point and completely agree with you.
              Hope you've been well.

              • +1

                @Section: Going well… and hope you are to…. I mean how dare we agree in a forum of sorts.

                {Insert insult to keep people happy}


        • I think i adequately covered myself by saying 'congestion, etc' for the lay person to imply this limit can never bee reached, but if you want to be mightier then thou, then by all means continue to misdirect your frustrations.

      • Even if you don't use your wifi for intra-network transfers, the 1300Mbps is actually impossible to get due to overheads. Plus, it only works when you're in the same room as the router. It drops significantly the further you are away from the router.

      • I've used heaps of different WiFi devices, the fastest I've ever seen out of anything is 600 megabit. Fastest out of the Unifi APs has been 400 megabit.

    • +1

      What device do you have that is Wifi 6 enabled, or will be soon?

      • +4

        Yeah "prevalent" seems like a bit of a stretch.

        I understand where he's coming from - if you buy an expensive piece of networking kit like this you'd want it to be viable for many years.

        Having said that, adding a WiFi 6 access point is very easy, and as far as I know I've never even seen a WiFi 6 device yet, let alone have one in my home

        (edit: yeah WiFi 6 phones are a thing - my bad)

        • FYI, I said "more prevalent". I don't think anyone can suggest they aren't becoming more prevalent. Clearly you haven't seen the new batch of smartphones

      • +2

        Three laptops and a SFF desktop with 802.11ax cards and a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra. Again, it's not enough to get my knickers in a twist and wifi 5 is fine for now, but I doubt I'd upgrade my router to one that doesn't have wifi 6, which is a shame as this is a damn good unit.

        • Go for separate router and access points instead then. I don't see the massive appeal of this device for the price.

          • +1

            @klaw81: I'm really not looking for tech advice, I understand the options for upgrading my network - I was just commenting on this device and its lack of wifi 6, which is the reason I similarly wouldn't buy this device

    • +2

      If you want to have Wifi 6 from Ubiquiti right now, you can get AmpliFi Alien :)

      • Thanks! I didn't realise this had been released, I'll look into it!

        • +1

          Alien has not been released locally, the software is different and doesn't run on UniFi OS like the UDM.

          UniFi wifi 6 APs are in the works :-)

          • +1

            @Twix: Just had a quick read of some reviews which pretty much said the same, and noted its limited features compared to top end asus and netgear routers. Looks like I might wait a bit longer for a fully fledged Unifi OS device.

            • @suburbanmale: About the most you can do with AmpliFi products is port forward, DHCP server and set static IPs. It's good for those who want something that works well and don't want to play with much networking settings.

              Yeah wait a few months.

          • +1


            2 UniFi 6 devices in FCC databases, 1 In-Wall and 1 Long-Range AP. But usually the first implementation of UniFi is not good (Like there first AC AP is very hot).

            • @sanglt: Yeah I'll wait for the reviews and thermal testing.

          • @Twix: Have Ubiqiti actually confirmed anything about WiFi 6 UAPs? Will they be compatible with current routers?

        • +1

          I've got an Amplifi HD. Doesn't run Unifi OS indeed. The simplified Amplifi OS is pretty good though, they still release new features for it after more than 3 years of ownership.

    • +1

      The problem is 802.11ax standard hasn't been ratified yet. So it's possible that, like with iirc 802.11g, companies will release devices which aren't compatible with the final standard.

      Also the 6ghz spectrum isn't yet available in Australia.

      But to your point about compatibility, yes that's why i got Ubiquiti kit, because you can upgrade components (like the router, access point, etc) individually. I am puzzled why people have gone crazy over this device, it's bloody expensive. It's cheaper and better IMHO to get the USG kit individually.

      Lastly its RRP is $us300 ~$au460

      • +2

        It is the all-in-one nature.

        Your comments are valid, but if you are someone who just wants an easy to use home network the UDM fits the bill very well.

        1 device, easy setup via the App and your network works. You can even add somelike the Flex HD as a mesh point to increase your coverage. Easy and simple.

      • +3

        I am puzzled why people have gone crazy over this device, it's bloody expensive. It's cheaper and better IMHO to get the USG kit individually.

        If you're already bought into the Unifi ecosystem, the UDM is the only viable choice if you want IPS/IDS or Smart Queues on a gigabit WAN connection and don't have space to rackmount their Pro devices. USG 3P can only do 85mbps down with IPS/IDS on.

        If you want a faster USG, want to stay on Unifi with a similar form factor, the UDM is AFAIK the only game in town right now. It's unfortunate Ubiquiti don't offer a cut-down version of the UDM, ie. the faster CPU but w/o the switch and Wifi AP, a lot of people would jump on that I'd bet.

        • exactly this! IPS / IDS and DPI kill the regular usg and the usp pro manages a bit better however with both turned on they wont manage if you're on a new 1000/50 line (the normal usg wont even get you full speed on your 100 line), both will throttle. Usg is also about to be replaced so could always wait for that but hey.

    • Yep crazy to spend $500+ on a non wifi 6 router at this point IMO.

      All new (decent) phones are wifi 6 now, you can bet the next generation of consoles released at years end will be wifi 6, more and more laptops will be… The list goes on.

    • +2

      This is a whole load more than a wifi device. That's a bonus, it's everything else it had which makes the Ubiquiti DM special. This is a great price.

  • +1

    Good post-COVID price OP, been keeping my eye out for a sale for the last month and haven't seen anything below $560.

  • Hi, can anyone recommend a decent modem to pair with this router for nbn fttn? Thanks

      • +4

        This doesn't have a modem component.

        • -2

          Wrong. I am running my Nbn Hfc directly from my nbn box into the udm configured with PPPOE connection logged into TPG without my TPG modem.

          • +4

            @aarick: Klaw is not wrong for a FTTN connection. UDM is a router and doesn't have a modem or phone port required for FTTN.

            Your UDM setup is right for a TPG HFC connection.

            FTTN - modem and UDM.
            HFC - NBN NTD and UDM.

            • +3

              @Twix: Thanks for clarifying..wasn't aware how fttn works..

    • I use the Netgear DM200. I have gone through 3 of them in 8 years. Mainly due to lighting strikes blowing the model. Though I would rather blow my $70 modem instead of the hundreds of dollar router.

  • +4

    ok if you need the features i guess.

    i was looking into an all-in-one, but settled on an edgerouter x and unifi lite AP to cover the whole house - together cost me just under $200 (during ebay sale).

    with the gigabit plan, i get 900/46 on lan, and 500 over 5ghz wifi :)

    • +7

      I just did something similar - EdgeRouter X and 2 x Unifi AirCube AC access points blankets my whole house, shed and yard nicely, with excellent WiFi performance. Total cost $280 (the AirCubes were a bargain!) and I'm set for many years.

      • +3

        I upgraded from ERX and 2x UAP to UDM+2xUAP. I find UDM's AP coverage impressive even alone. Then the managing part is so much simpler and easier though UDM. It's expensive, but if my UDM died today, I wouldn't hesitate to replace it.

        • +1

          I have the unifi controller software is running as a service on my htpc, which saved me from forking out for a cloud controller. Other than 3 wired PC's, I don't really have a use case for wifi other than running a few family members phones - usually just go for whatever does the job cheapest heh

      • I am looking to do something similar when NBN is connected. Do I need to have a EdgeRouter X to use the AirCubes? I assume that the set up is NBN connection device>>>EdgeRouter>>>AirCube?

    • +1

      I've got the same setup and it works well. The dream machine is nice to have it all in one but too expensive imo.

    • Wish I knew about edgerouter before I bought the udm 2 weeks ago.
      Been having lots of issue with WiFi on 2.4Ghz as per this post

      Seems like a common issue.

  • can you guys recommend which Ubiquiti AP good enough for Home Office with 3 levels? thanks

    • +1

      It depends on the layout of the building, the construction materials and the amount of other WiFi signals out there, but I really don't think a single access point would do it.

      I quite like the AC AirCubes because they're cheaper than the AC-Lite devices, but they don't actually do a "mesh" so maybe they're not the right solution for you.

    • +1

      the ac-lite ones if you need them now otherwise wait for the AX ones to be released.

  • +2

    I bought this as part of the previous 15% discount on ebay for $531 and the performance and signal quality is amazing.

  • +2

    Agreed that this has been way cheaper in the past, but there are benefits to buying from a physical store. I bought one of these from Scorptec a month ago at full price (smh!) and it was faulty (wouldn't get past the initial setup). A quick phone-call and confirmation email and I exchanged it the next day. I can't imagine the hassle if I had ordered it online and had to wait a week or more to deal with a postal exchange.

    Fantastic router, and far more capable than I'll probably ever need. No WiFi 6 is a bit of a bummer, but we don't own any WiFi 6 devices (yet). If we need more coverage in the future we can always add in a Unifi 6 lite AP or 2.

    FYI for those on NBN with TPG (and similar ISP's that require PPPoE), during the initial setup the UDM has to sit after the TPG supplied router to get an internet connection. NBN Modem > TPG Router > UDM (TPG Router Ethernet out into UDM WAN port). We're moving house soon so I haven't bothered fiddling with the UDM settings to remove the need for the TPG router since we don't know what sort of NBN service will be available at the next house.

    • +2

      The TPG router can be removed if you don't need VoIP as this device can do a direct pppoe connection. Have it setup now on mine on tpg nbn hfc.

      • +1

        Good to know you've got it working! I've seen instructions on how to do it but I'll be doing everything I can to move away from TPG when we move so I'll leave it as is for the time being.

        • +1

          Try superloop. Recommended to a friend and he has been happy with them. He was with Aussie Broadband and had issues with drop outs which Aussie was never able to resolve (or they didn't really bother contacting Nbn to investigate further). Switch to superloop and they got Nbn out to finally resolve the issue.
          I've been with TPG and they been great so far for the many years I've been with them from adsl to nbn, else I would switch to superloop as well.

          • @aarick: It's funny, I was with TPG back in the super early days of ADSL1 (2004) right up until 2016 when I switched to Telstra as the NBN wasn't ready at my house and they offered HFC Cable. When NBN arrived at our house 18 months ago (HFC) we switched back to TPG but we've had 15+ instances of outages that last 1-2 days at a time and TPG keep pointing me to a clause that says they don't have to do anything unless it lasts over 2 days. I'll definitely have a look at superloop when we move.

  • Considering upgrading from USG + AP-Lite + controller on NAS to this, but the price is still a little too high. Another $50 off and I'd snap it up easily.

  • +1

    I would love to get this and pair it with some Ubiquiti AP but unfortunately, cant self cable the house.

    I am just hoping there is a deal soon for the ASUS Zenwifi CT8.

    • The UDM has a inbuilt AP. To add more APs configure wireless uplink. UniFi - Configuring Wireless Uplink

      • +1

        So this is Meshing by another name? and I could cable them in later I suppose when I have the $$$ ?

        • +1

          Yes you can cable later on hence why I like it, gives you optionality

          • @George Z: I was looking at the Wireless uplink function, I cant see if it has a dedicated wireless backhaul option like the Asus CT8. Or should I just grin and bear it until I can get it wired in?

    • +1

      Correct this is why I am looking at pairing the UDM with the uap-flexhd

      • Prefect combo!

  • Not the cheapest. Paid less than $500 for this.

    • +3

      I have the significantly less powerful USG 3P and can hit 950mbps just fine on 1000/50 ABB connection.

      Or are you talking about w/ IPS/IDS enabled?

      • Yes,enabled.

        That's the spec, which is why ABB recommend Nest.

        on a 100Mbs connection it only takes 2-3Mbs over the whole router including the firewall

        • Does Google nest have ids/ips? Wasn't aware this existed. If no, then it's not a fair comparison.

    • +2

      UDM hits 950/48 with IPS on.

      • Wow thats great - Is that from your own UDM?
        Gotta hand it to technology, able to process that much bandwidth while keeping network secure.

        • Not mine. The speeds from some dudes on whirlpool.

      • Have you got smart queues on to rate limit your upload so you don't hit nbn policer?

        Would be interested to see what results you get by setting only upload to 50mbit and leaving downstream unshaped.

        • Not mine. The speeds from some dudes on whirlpool. Yeah it's recommended to set the upstream shaper to 50.

    • +1

      I think it can process up to that hence gigabit WAN port, but it goes down to 850 if you have all the security features enabled and heavy IPS/IDS, throughput will be significantly reduced if every packet is being watched and inspected thats why if you want to go for the 1000mbps then sacrifice a bit of security. Each to their own.

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