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Galaxy S10+ 512GB 4GX/1TB $949/ $1044, Galaxy Watch 46mm $331.55, Galaxy Note10+ 256GB $1234.05, LG V30+ 128GB $379.05 @ JB HiFi


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    Can add xiaomi A3 to the list at $284, not bad.

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      I just had issue with my Mi A2 giving me a battery error because my 1.5yo daughter loves drowning everything in water at the moment.

      A basic electronics pry tool, 30 seconds later I was into the phone, disconnected the battery connector, cleaned up all the contacts with 99.9% alcohol and put it back together in under 5 minutes. Back to 100%.

      The ability to self-repair and the extremely low cost of the parts makes these phones a fantastic value.

      • Hey, do you just use methanol? My local chemical supplier will usually only sell 70% isopropyl to the public and afaik the easiest way to get pure ethanol is to know someone who works in a bio energy facility or distillery. Can it be bought without a license?

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    The Galaxy S10+ 1TB Dual Sim comes down to $1044 - that seems decent too.

  • anyone have note 10+ exynos how bad really the battery can last?

    • I can get 2 days with typical use. Heavy use reduces to 1 day or less (e.g long sessions with bright display).

      Though I only charge to 80% (and recharge no lower than 20%), so I most often get down to 40-50% by the evening.

      At 4300 mAh, this is almost a 50% upgrade in capacity, but also a significantly larger display (amongst other specs) than my last phone, which had a SD. I think generational improvements in efficiency, and larger capacities, have made good improvements to battery life.

      Also what's great is the charging is fast. I only need to be on the wall for 15-20mins.

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    i wish the star wars edition still available

  • 331 for the watch? It's showing 349 for me.

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      you have to use coupon

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    V30+. Nice display but other than that very outdated

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      I do love the dac/amp of these lg phones but your not wrong. I decided to jump in a mobile game some friends play but it was bad enough I just play on bluestacks =/.

      Need one of those phones to come out with latest tech. It's always something that stops them from being perfect for me (last gen glass, soc etc.)

      • Are there any midrange phones with decent DACS? I care nothing for display and never watch content on mobile, but listen to lots of audio. Not keen on V30 if it isn't going to get Android updates for very long.

  • Thanks op. Ordered the watch

  • For those interested, the Galaxy Fold is also reduced in price with this code.

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    Watch is $299 at Samsung store with $50 off coupon

    • I ordered last night via c&c from jb hi-fi last night. Do they give refund?

      • How'd you go? get it from jb? or cancelled?
        It's back in stock at samsung atm…

        • Since there was no stock at Samsung store , i went to jb and just collected it because im a bit excited to get my hands on it.

    • No stock

  • Is the preappied screen protector on the S10+ any good?

    • It does the job but it's not amazing.

    • Easily scratched, you'd only get a few months out of it.

      But better to know it's there in the first place, plenty of ppl thought they had scratched the display of their big new Note10+!!

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    Gotta be 5G now for such an expensive phone!

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    They are still selling the V30+? Really…..

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    Is it worth spending an extra 350 for the s20?

    • I couldn't justify spending another $350 for the S20, considering the difference in specs it's just not worth it for me.

  • Is the S10+ 512GB 4GX dual sim? (Doesn't seem so, but just thought I'd check.)