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Google Home Max $188.10 (Save $10 with Code) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Best price I have seen.
Great speaker even more so at this price.
Has an auxiliary port which makes it more future proof than dedicated wifi speakers.

Model: GA00222-AU
SKU: 649078

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    Has an auxiliary port which makes it more future proof

    I think you mean past proof?

    • +2

      has USB-C port for future proof I guess

      • I believe these are just for charging other devices. Happy to be corrected.

        • The port can be used for charging, however, it was designed to get an Ethernet(network) in

  • +4

    It's unbeatable at this price. Sound Quality is superb and now it's a steal.

  • I don’t keep up with all this smart home business. So is this essentially just a google mini with better speaker?

    • +2

      The Google home was the original. Mini is smaller, Max is bigger. Go figure.

    • +1

      yup. basically a big ass Google Home.

    • Does it have better mics too?!

      • +1

        the current version of the mini has 3 "far field" microphones, the max has a 6 mic array

    • +6

      MUUUUUUCH better speaker.
      These are actually amazing value at this price, even if it was a dumb speaker.

  • +10

    Westpac customers can also get this for $177.85 using the rewards page in the app or website :) There's a JB Friends and Family reward page which has it.

    • +1

      does having a Westpac bank account gives you access to JB Friends and Family portal?

  • great deal if ur after a good music speaker

  • Would this be alright in a bathroom which gets a little steamy?

    • too big, waste of money and unlikely if steamy

    • +7

      That's how you get corrosion on your logic boards.

      • Can you suggest anything that would be alright around moisture I've always wanted to bang some loud
        music in the bathroom without damaging a quality speaker.

        As long as you have a decent exhaust fan wouldn't anything to be alright?

        • Why not google mini? Cheap enough.

          • @Krazy-dah: I've got a couple of them in the house I might try but I'm probably looking for something a bit louder

            • +2

              @Sammy Boi: The home or the nest? I found the nest mini to have a much better sounding and louder speaker to the old home mini.

              • @Captain-Danke: Home mini and nest mini. They are kind of just sitting around not being used

        • +1


          Mobvoi makes a shower speaker that has features of a Google Home mini

          but if you are super tightass Harvey Norman, JB Hifi all sell waterproof BT speakers for under $30 (which you'll need to pair to a phone)

        • +1

          A little more expensive but the Sonos One is moisture resistant and sounds great. I use one in my bathroom for listening to music with no problems.

  • USB-C port - future proof?

  • Wow, this has really dropped in price. Wasn't it around $500 at launch, or was that something else?

    • $400 for mine, 18 months ago.

      • +1

        ouch….sorry to hear that mate

        • +1

          I got 1 at 350, one at 298 and now this so it all blends in the end! Vs the rest of the market they were all great value at the time.

    • +1


    • Don't worry, the next gen Google Home Ultra Max will retail for $500 again. ;)

  • +3

    I bought and returned it recently because it can't be used as soundbar for TV. It has sound latency which can't be fixed. Check reviews.

    • Or use the aux cable?

      • With aux cable there is still slight latency, I implore people to research if the latency is dealbreaking for them

        For me it's mostly okay as I watch everything on PC with it and if the latency is a problem I can adjust ON VLC

      • +1

        Tried it. Very static-y. Not recommended for that purpose.

        • +2

          That's pretty poor engineering and I would say if it has latency via a physical connection

    • Works on my tv with zero issues fir 2 years now. UAX cable.

      • aux?

      • you probably never notice half a second delay between video and audio :) I can't leave with that. Try to enable both TV speaker and AUX output and see what I mean

    • Perhaps check out the slightly older Sony SRS-ZR7. Mine is connected via HDMI to use as a TV soundbar as well as Spotify casting. No noticeable lag and I’m super sensitive to lip sync issues to a point where I can’t enjoy the show I’m watching.

  • +1

    anyway with suncorp acc can also buy jb gc for 5% off and you can buy the exact amount you need, eg: $188 and you will receive it instantly.

  • How does this compare to Sonos?

  • +1

    Wish they had the charcoal!

  • has anyone gone into JB and just asked whats the best price they can do on these? My previous experiences with JB are they will normally be able to give you some discount on their normal list prices, so 5% may not be the best you can get. May try on the weekend.

    • +1

      Yeah I always get further discounted prices on sale items at JB
      you're definitely thinking along the right lines

    • ^ this

    • Yes I did this in JB Hurstville and got it for $179 with little effort a month ago.

  • +2

    These are great. I got one a month ago - really impressed.

    • +3

      Yes same here, had to hunt around at various officeworks until i found a charcoal one for $198.

      Never thought i'd use it as much as i do, absolutely fantastic piece of kit. This price is a steal.

  • +2

    Currently for similar total cost you can get either:

    • I am confused. HomePod is $298 each?

      • 6x Google Home Max = $1128
        4x Homepod = $1192
        2x Sonos Play:5 = $1138

        All speakers are priced and sold as ‘each’ (single unit).

    • -3

      you can't sync music for multiple Google Home Max. That is the main issue with them

      • +4

        You absolutely can - add them all the a Home Group and cast to the Group, couldn't be much easier.

      • -1

        I tried and got bad latency between speakers

        • They have latency adjustment sliders for all speakers. I didn't find I needed to change them but you might want to take a look.

      • That's not true at all - you can sync them easily - and can adjust the latency if needed but I've never had that issue.

      • +1

        i have 6 synced, works perfectly. no delay. added my chromecast on the TV with my sweet soundsystem to the group, and there was a delay. adjusted the delay slider and now its all synced. sounds amazing having audio in your whole house

      • -1

        didn't try with chromecast grouping…but aux input has sync issue for sure

  • Randomly saw a review of these on YouTube this morning through Autoplay and now they discounted. What are the chances?

    • +33

      Dude, can you start watching lg cx oled tv reviews please.

      • +1

        can you watch videos on houses as well, prices are too inflated.

  • Doesn't look at good as a soundbar but it does the job and doesn't look too bad

    • You can plug it into the TV?

      • +1

        Has an aux-in I believe

  • Damn no charcoal

  • +1

    I'm really late to this whole smart speaker ecosystem
    Can I please get some good or reasonable reasons why one would purchase one of these?

    I'd love to hear what some of you guys use them for

    • +3

      ozB: Buy first, question later

    • +2

      Ive got a home mini, and its really useful for just playing background music, asking whats the weather, setting reminders/alarms, playing news bulletins etc, just small stuff that you dont have to go manually search on your phone. I havent bought an expensive speaker like this one, but all the reviews say the sound quality is amazingly good and i think competes with some sonos products.

      • +2

        As above, plus timers, and adding stuff to the shopping list. They're actually really handy in the kitchen. But for asking general questions, it frequently misunderstands (answering a similar but different question), or quotes web pages that may or may not answer the question - so it's pretty hit and miss for answering kids questions for example.

    • +2

      Alarm clock, calender, weather forecast, Spotify, record random triggers that you didn't even know (be sure to check/delete recording database for the bed room units 😱) and put on cricket sounds to stay awake at night.

      Forgot to add…dinner voice pager "it's dinner time!")

      Or have fun with it.

      (try "hey Google do you love me?" …" I sure do, do you want to answer some questions to find out what kind of team we will make?".

      (Try " hey Google up up, down down, left right, left right.)

      And many more

  • I tried connecting my TV to one of these via Bluetooth, but the TV asks for a PIN (it doesn't have one). Any ideas how to get around this? (Won't accept 0000, 1111, 1234, etc. the usual).

    Also tried using 3.5mm aux port but there's something funky going on with it. Either it's not stereo or the alignment of the pin isn't right or something. With the plug fully in, it's mono. If I fiddle around with it I can get stereo but then it's not plugged in securely.

    Other than that, good speaker…

  • Also: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539578

    Nevermind. DJs is out of stock.

  • Can anyone explain how stereo pairing works with aux input? (Or doesn't it)

    • Would need a Y cable. Easy enough.

      • That doesn't sound like true stereo pairing. I'm referring to the inbuilt feature these have that allow them to be paired as stereo speakers. Although I guess a Y-splitter would achieve the same thing.

        • Ahh, I see what you mean. Not sure. I assume it’s in app.

    • I'm pretty sure you only need to plug in one 3.5mm auxiliary connection and the pairing is done through the Google Home app.

    • +1
      1. Pair the speakers using Google Home app. It allows speakers to be placed horizontal or vertical.
      2. Plug line out from your player to one of the Speaker back. It will automatically separate the left and right channel wirelessly between them.

      Yes, there is a latency. For example, when you pause a song.. You will notice that there is a ~1sec lag for that command to take effect.

      From the reading I did so far, it appears that the input from 3.5mm goes through the internal DAC. Even though you are feeding analog signal through 3.5mm to your max, it reprocesses the audio to split L and R channel.. And wirelessly transmit it to the other speaker.

      As a result, you do get L and R channel separation (and a decent sound stage mind you).. But with a ~1 second delay.

      Y splitter beats the purpose as you will have to unpair the speakers to use it that way. I wouldn't recommend them for using with telly.

      • Thanks. That's very helpful

  • +1

    These are great! I have two of them (charcoal) paired as stereo speakers and listen to music (lots of prog rock, rock) and podcasts through them all the time. The home assistant stuff is useful to turn on and off the lamp, ask a quick question or set a timer. For this price, I absolutely recommend! I bought them for $198 each.

    • +1
      • Huge delay arises when you pair two of these so don't even think about using a pair as a TV soundbar replacement. One as soundbar replacement works fine, pair two and your audio will be about a second behind the video. If just for music not a problem because a pair will be in-sync just delayed by about a second from the source transmission.

      • To quote another ozb user; they were able to get past the latency issue on Bose wireless speakers by separating the wireless stereo-pair in the app, then using 2x RCA to 3.5mm cables and wire each speaker to the Left/Right RCA’s on the back of the TV.
        With this method you will probably need to turn off the microphone on one of the speakers to prevent both triggering and trying to answer you.

        • Have tried this and volume adjustment becomes a right royal pain. Grouping them does not help. Only way is to open both in an app and adjust volumes separately. A right royal pain with the sound variation on TV channels today.

          • @rifter: I see. Sounds more complicated than how the user explained.

            • @thebadmachine: Problem is "Speaker Grouping" does not work for aux audio input.

  • +1

    Off topic: but noticed JB are no longer listing Homepods on their website.

  • Great speaker, i have 3. I paid $540 for firat one when it was new. Thia is a steal.

  • +1

    Nice, just walked in and got a charcoal one for $188. Helps I've had a $100 voucher sitting around for a few months.

  • So tempted. Can the smart functionality on these be turned off to just be used to play music via bluetooth and/or wifi?

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