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Razer DeathAdder Essential $18.51 US (~$26.99 AU), Logitech G102 Prodigy $15.39 US (~$22.44 AU) Priority Shipped @ GeekBuying


Two extremely popular gaming mice are back on sale at GeekBuying for a record low price. To sweeten the deal further Priority Shipping has been made free on both mice.

The Razer DeathAdder Essential features include a 6,400 adjustable DPI sensor, five programmable hyperesponse buttons, ergonomic right-hand design, customisable lighting and more including Razer Synapse 3 support.

The Logitech G102 Prodigy available in black features a 8,000 adjustable DPI sensor, customisable RGB lighting, 6 programmable keys, on the fly DPI, onboard memory for storing profiles and supports the Logitech G HUB software. Its design is inspired by the classic Logitech G100S gaming mouse.

Click Proceed to Checkout in the shopping cart to choose shipping method before payment.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • +2

    More like a bargain than the $59 deal 2 days ago

    • +3

      Wonder if this one is counterfeit though.. There are a lot of fakes about.

      • +5

        That's what people said last time and I've never seen anything about a fake Essential. The real reason it's so cheap is because GeekBuying is a Chinese store and they're obtained by Razer China. If China had Australia's overpriced Gerry Harvey tax products they wouldn't sell anything ;)

        • -9

          Australia's overpriced Gerry Harvey tax products

          That's what you voted for if you voted for either major party. It's not some nebulous thing that happened somehow without explanation. You had an alternative and you didn't take it.

          • +6

            @Diji1: Where's the line about voting Greens?

  • +1

    +1 for the G102, such a good mouse for $22.. I might just buy another and leave it in the box for a couple of years :D

  • +9

    Any deals for the G304 (wireless version of the G102)?

  • +1

    Great deal on the deathadder, bought one thanks

  • Ahhhh I love the Deathadder but I'm so interested by the G102 cos I've heard such good things… Any recommendations? My only gaming mouse has been a Razer Deathadder so honestly no preference.

    • +1

      so I just bought both.

      • same

    • +1

      Never tried the DeathAdder. But I got a G102 and it was such a huge step up from this ReDragon brand gaming mouse I had (which had some pretty good reviews too). It's just this smoothness and precision, you know it will never fail you in tracking. I liked it so much I upgraded to the G304 two years later and have been all in on Logitech gear since.

      My G102 is still around but even then I'm tempted to buy an additional one for work.

      • Is it appropriate to use a gaming mouse at work?

        • +1

          You can turn off the led lights if your boss is a real PITA. Or maybe dial it up a notch with changing colours just to show who's the real boss.

  • which one is better for CS GO?

    Currently blaming my mx master 2s for me being s***

    • +6

      Both are great for CSGO, just comes down to preference mostly and the size of your hand sorta. The deathadder is a much bigger mouse, and has a right handed shape (nice for palm grip or if you have relatively big hands), whereas the G102 is quite small (about 15g lighter too) and has an ambidextrous shape, which is great to fingertip or claw grip (palm if you have tiny hands).

      • +1

        I like bigger mouse so I'll go with the razer then thanks

  • +1

    Is this real or fake? whats the usual price for these?

    • RRP from Razer in China is around $26 US. Selling these around cost for OzBargain 😉

  • +8

    The website is virtually dead and unresponsive.

    • Thanks. I've got Geek onto it.

  • White version of G102 dowm to $23.77

  • +1

    Any deals on the elite?

  • +2

    ayone else cant checkout website lagging

    • +2

      Same, website is crazy slow

  • +3

    The Geekbuying website is lagging badly at the moment. I can't load the links

  • +2

    Getting the classic OzBargain hug of death it seems. Geek are aware of the issue so they're looking into it! 😉

    • lol hug of death

      ozb horde mode

      lagging hard for me too - gonna try the G102, deathadder clicks have broken on me in the past. cheers OP

      • Gateway Timeout
        The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

        The spinning wheel is doing overtime for me….

      • My left click broke too. Its doing double click once every 5 clicks but Imma still go for the same since G102 is a smaller mouse.
        Deathadder is a great size for big hands like mine

        • All too common with mice in general. I've had quite a few Logitechs go on me this way.

          • @TilacVIP: To those who have clicking issues, double click primarily. You can replaces the micro switches and it will fix the problem

            For me I have the deathadder chroma and experiences the double click issue. Got my firmware updated but didn’t fix the issue. Replaced the switches that someone posted about ausmodshop and my double click issue is resolved.

            • @iamkuza: Thanks, but for most people that's not really a worthwhile option, especially if you don't have soldering gear or the knowledge, but definitely worth playing around with for those who do.

    • +1

      I doubt it. More likely due to cheap server.

      • Geek is far from being a small company 😉 My coupons always end up elsewhere anyway. You'd be surprised how many Russians get referred from OzBargain too.

        • +3

          They might not be small but this server is shocking, I'm sick of waiting 10 mins to get a mouse in my cart for it to lag out so bad that it logs me out and dumps my cart…

          • +1

            @cashie: Yes there are issues currently. Can happen to any system. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

            • @Clear: F staying up for it, though! I caught myself desperately trying to reload and re-add, login yet again… then caught some clarity

    • Code doesn't seem to be working for the logitech

      • I just tried and it's working. Ensure you have the black added.

        • yep worked after about 5 goes - it says 23.77 though

          • @G Wok: My price is based on the MasterCard rate. A currency conversion fee free card set to do its own rate in PayPal would get you around the price. Letting PayPal do the conversion results in a higher price than the exchange rate.

  • i want this but i promised myself not to buy ANYTHING till the end of 2020

    • Happy new year 2021

    • why?

    • +1

      Trust your hand not brain

    • Why are you wasting your time on ozbargain if you don't intend to make a purchase for 7 months?

      • +2

        i am exercising my will, i want to see how long can i make it

  • +1

    damn just bought Razer viper mini from you guys just a few days ago!

  • Already have the razer. Don't even play games. Bought the g102 anyway.

    • How are people buying these, the page is so unresposive my end I can't even check out.

      • same here. the page is slow and so unresponsive

  • +2

    what happened with the website?

  • I have a feeling that I am going to miss out on this once the website working again.

    • +4

      Around 1000pcs total. I'll see if I can get extension if they sell out due to the website issues.

      • +1

        yeah stuck & failed several times

    • i was thinking the same

  • It works. NNNDBRDA

  • Any discount for the g304?

  • +2

    I give up with this promotion. the website is so unresponding and failing.
    Good luck guys.

  • +2

    Nice deal but I cannot checkout after several attempts. Gateway error :(

  • Site not working :(

  • Possible to buy both at once with coupon codes or no?

    Also, site is timing out

    • +1

      Separate orders

  • +1

    Worked okay on mobile

  • +2

    lol this is impossible, i've stopped caring about the mouse. i just want to clock the 'add to cart' DLC

    • You can only clear it with the "View Cart" mod, and to clear that, you need to finish the "Register" add-on. I haven't gotten past that yet, so don't know if there's anything after!

      • +1

        Try the mobile site and see.

        • mobile site won't even load thru cashrewards app

          getting pretty ridiculous now. how hard can it be to host a website

          • @G Wok: Whew, finally ordered a Razer. Going back in for the Logi now.

            • @Scalding Coffee Cup: can't get past the add to cart screen still

              Gateway Timeout
              The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.
              Reference #1.6f3ce17.1591278765.42a6fa43

  • gave up. didnt even need it taht much

  • +1

    OP would you know if the MX Master 3 is available? I cant seem to find it listed

  • Any discount code for G304 ?

  • Got a G102. Hope it was worth it.

  • Thanks op got the white Blackadder for 28 bucks noice

    Cash rewards was weird about logging in with Google so I just gave up through there

  • +3

    For anyone trying through the website forget it… install the app - login, forget about cashrewards. no issue with adding to cart and completing purchase…

    • +3

      lol thanks for putting me out of my misery. this worked

    • It worked quite well from inside the cashrewards app. Couldn't click into any products with the shopback app even though it went to the same site.

  • Thanks. Got the white Razer.
    Excellent mouse for 28$.

    • Almost did the same…end up going with the traditional look. Any reason you went white?

      • The green lights up pretty bright. If the white isnt as bright then i could get away with it at work. Ive used black before and have bad memories of getting pwned because the palm grip was too much. i dont game any more but still use gaming mice purely for home and office work and theyre the best (as long as theres no or little led lighting or else i cut them out)

      • Well, I had a black one, so, change.

    • Mouse arrived today 29/6, so 3 weeks later.
      Razer Synapse installed, everything working as it should.

      Great mouse.