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Dell XPS 15 9500 (NEW) i7-10750H 16GB RAM 512GB NVMe SSD $2777.85 @ Dell


Hello there,

I just checked and it turns out that the student discounts stack with the code HONEY7. This brings the brand new Dell XPS 15 down from $3698.99 to $2777.85!
I have the 13" 9300 but this one has an extra NVMe slot and upgradable RAM. The bezels on this thing are very slim too.

There is a 1TB model too that is actually cheaper but you can't stack the coupons with it. With HONEY7 and EPP5 is still comes down to ~$3003.

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  • I understand that 3698.99 x 0.85 x 0.93 x 0.95 = 2777.85.

    For the 1TB, you said that you cannot stack coupons, so the total becomes ~3003. Can you give details on how you calculated this.

  • I would like to have a new XPS 13, the coupon code is working as well but still need to pay $2777. Still too expensive for a 13-inch laptop.

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    Really cool. Still a bit expensive so unsure if I should pull the trigger…

  • Has anyone had success returning devices to dell without restocking fees incase there are issues ? (they seem to have a 15% restock fee if they deem your return as change of mind).

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      Yeah I bought an inspiron 14 earlier this year and had some heat throttling issues. I contacted their service centre to resolve the problem by reinstalling the OS, BIOS etc. While it helped with the temperature of the laptop a little bit, I still did not like how hot it would get. I returned the laptop eventually a month after it arrived.

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      Returned a XPS 15 a couple years ago due to screen issues and was not charged any restocking fee. I think if the return is genuinely due to an issue with the machine then there would be no fees involved.

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    Tempting but Dell XPS laptop's are plagued with QC issues, so most certainly will have to return it :( Amazing design though!

    This model is known to have a defective trackpad.

    • I've found their support awesome. I almost had to send mine back due to sound issue but they spoke to engineering team and issued update that fixed it

      • what was wrong if you don't mind me asking?

        • Sound was at 100% all the time. Could turn it down but it wouldn't do anything. Only through headphones. Was very strange

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      Tempting but Dell XPS laptop's are plagued with QC issues, so most certainly will have to return it :(

      Spoken like a person who has not owned a XPS. I have one from 5 years ago which were apparently the worst when it came to QC. Still use it to this day and it has been rock solid.

      I've known people that have had the (really non issue) "coil whine" that have been able to return them no problems and get a new unit at no cost to them. To be honest I've heard the coil whine machines and while you can notice it, isn't a huge issue.

      • +9

        XPS 15 owner here and have had it for over 4 years. It’s been plagued with issues - freezing, bsod’s, overheating and fan speed randomly jumping to 100% whilst idle. A Dell update which was pushed corrupted my bios at one point and Dell’s only solution was a repair with a refurbished motherboard. Which unfortunately has also had the same issues. I don’t consider it reliable at all and would not buy one again. It’s an incredibly beautiful looking machine, with an amazing screen, but the QC issues point is very fair.

        • -1

          overheating and fan speed randomly jumping to 100% whilst idle

          Although not on my XPS I've had these issues on other Dell's I've used for work. But I've also had these problems on ASUS and Lenovo laptops I've used in the past too. Sometime I think Windows does something funky coming in and out of power saving/stand by modes that causes this. I dunno if the fault is majorly hardware related.

        • Bought the first one that came out 4 years ago. Had to return it a year later due to overheating. 2 motherboard replacements 3 full resets. First motherboard had melted slightly due to heat, don't ask me how, the tech that came and found the issue was similarly shocked. I loved it and it was probably my absolute favourite laptop but cooling issues made it unusable for me

      • +4

        Spoken like a person who has not owned a XPS.

        Quite the opposite actually. I've purchased 2 XPS 13 laptops and a XPS 15 and they've all had QC issues to varying degrees. The latest XPS 13 9300 was particularly bad with the main issue being uneven screen backlighting on the 4k model (glow around the edges and dark discoloration on the bottom half of the screen). I ended up returning that for a full refund.

        Most people might not even notice certain QC issues (backlight bleed, coil whine, fan issues, uneven hinges etc) and will be completely fine with it and it won't affect the lifespan of the machine.

        On a Dell Inspiron laptop this would be totally fine, but on a XPS model that's supposed to be their premium line up it's unacceptable.

        In saying that you can also get lucky and receive a machine with no QC issues so YMMV.

      • +1

        Plagued by issues with 9550 and 9570. Both returned and not gonna be buying another one as long as there are widespread reports of QC issues which this one unfortunately has as well.

  • When compared to apples valued products this, is definitely worth it over apple, but in the pc ecosystem outside of apple it's expensive as hell based on those specs.

    Must be Dells Branding.

    • Definitely when you compare to the high end apple versions, because you can upgrade components later on the Dell. My sister has a 16" macbook and while it is pretty, it is huge too. I like how compact they can make the xps 15 and still have an SD card slot :)

      • +5

        1080p display on a $3000 laptop is very poor though. The trackpad has been noted to have serious QC issues and MaxxAudio which you cannot uninstall without messing with SecureBoot is garbage. Had XPS15 9570 before and enjoyed it but there's a lot of issues with this laptop imo.

        • +1

          If the display is a good quality 1080P display, I don't have too many problems with it. I would prefer if Windows desktops opt for 1440p (or 1600p in this case) because Windows scaling can still be a problem and 4k displays suck down power like nothing else.

          But I completely agree on the QC and firmware. I also had a previous 15" XPS (9550) and while the hardware was theoretically quite nice, the firmware (big problems with SSD speeds and random freezing in AHCI) and software issues (messing with Premierecolor app borks the 4k display colour space even if you uninstall the app) that I had were never resolved despite being a noted problem for a very long time.

          As someone who gets used to Mac OS and Windows within a week of use, I…would actually pick the Macbook Pro 16 if you had to make me choose between the XPS and Macbook.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser313434: It's a very high quality 1080p screen, it doesn't strobe on low brightness so it is good for office work, most people just look at the resolution without comparing the real specs.

          • @DisabledUser313434:

            If the display is a good quality 1080P display, I don't have too many problems with it.

            Exactly. I don't get the benefits of a 4k screen at 15 inches or below anyway. If you actually intend to use it as a mobile device without AC power, you absolutely don't want a 4k screen (or touchscreen) to improve battery life.

            • @serpserpserp:

              I don't get the benefits of a 4k screen at 15 inches or below anyway

              simple rule of thumb - if you can’t see individual pixels, you don’t need higher pixel density.

  • Anyone know what happened to the base model which was $2800? Would have loved this discount on that…

  • How do the graphics and battery compare to the MBP 16 w/ 5500M? This has an 86Wh battery and MBP has 100WH, not sure if it will be a large difference or not

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    Dell cheaped out so much on the cooling that the VRM doesn't even have heatsinks unless you go for the i9 version!! The already mediocre midrange CPU throttles like hell because of it. Ridiculous that dell expects you to pay a premium for this

    • Thanks for mentioning this. No one that I've watched so far covering this model has mentioned that.

      I was thinking of buying the new xps even with Intel, but AMD is so much better for mobile (and basically everything) it's not even funny at this point.

    • How do you know the VRM cooling is different? I9 is not available yet anywhere for the 9500 since Intel has no 10th gen i9 chips yet. I think you are talking about the old 9570 model

      • +2

        Yeah it was true last year's model. I don't know if it's true on this year's model but I don't have any evidence it isn't. Plus it just leaves a terrible mark on the brand that Dell did this to a laptop that is supposed to be premium.

        It's something to be aware of if you're buying because they did this on last year's model and there's nothing showing the thermals on the lower spec models are any better this time around. It's not something you should buy an expect to run well untill reviews and teardown are in. And in of the lower tier models specifically because what Dell did last year was send reviewers the i9 models with the improved thermals and then left it to the consumers to find out that the model that most of them bought (with the i7) didn't have that.

        • Not surprised, in my experience Dell consistently puts out poorly engineered and manufactured laptops. The new 9500 seems to once again reflect this with trackpad and stability issues. Given their reputation the new model price rises are a ridiculous joke

    • There is no i9 model; you’re probably referring to the previous generation 9590

      Not sure if anyone has pulled one apart to confirm the heat sink on the current model as I can’t find anything online

    • -1

      Fun fact: thin laptops overheat - result: cool by (whichever method) throttling or fan noise, or both. Rule of thumb: don’t buy thin for (sustained) performance. Luckily, most users never require more than mediocre performance.

      • Even Apple did a better job cooling the MacBook Pro 16. Razer did a better job with their laptop. The Gigabyte Aero 15 or MSI P65, all fine. Asus G14 is considerably smaller, better cooled, and faster. Yes it's a totally different kind of laptop, but it's representative of what Dell could do it they cared. But they don't

        And no it's not just the thinness. The i9 version of the laptop was fine. Dell literally didn't want to pay for a $2 piece of metal to cover the VRMs on the i7 model like they did to the i9 model. There are literally no downsides to this beside cost.
        That's how 'premium' they think this laptop is. Not worth spending an extra $2 on to keep it from throttling. Yet they expect you to pay an extra $4-500 on it compared to other premium laptops. The RRP for this is higher than the MacBook, it's gross

  • This or Hp spectre x360 -13 -aw0121tu. ? 4K screen 16gb ram 2tb hard drive. For around $2400

    • The HP spectre x360 comes with intel QLC SSD with mediocre performance. But the ssd is replaceable

    • The 13inch x360 and the xps 15 aren't really comparable. This has way more power and is more intended for creators and anyone who would benefit from a 45w tdp. The x360 is much more along the xps 13 design.

      Your decision would mostly be governed on what you intend to do on the machine

    • I wouldn't get the OLED spectre 13. The models I looked at in JB had very noticeable burn in of the taskbar and wallpaper. Also if you look closely there is a faint diamond shaped black wire mesh visible on the screen formed by the capacity touch layer wiring. It reduces the perceived resolution

      If you want a premium 13" laptop the Surface Laptop 3 looks decent, but high end specs are expensive

      The upcoming HP envy 15 2020 looks good on paper and should be cheaper and faster than the Dell 9500. It has an OLED screen though so burn in is a risk, but at least they have hopefully fixed the bad touch layer mesh visibility problem

  • bite the dust and buy it or wait??

  • I prefer the older 7590, unless you need the dual thunderbolt slots and 16:10 aspect ratio the older model is much cheaper and is more practical.

  • The XPS 13 I bought earlier this year is being picked up for return due to a fan issue on Monday after 3 months of back and forth with Dell, I've had to explain the issue a hundred times and explain over and over again that it is not a software issue because the fan is literally loose when I shake the laptop and sounds like a jet. I have to wait over a month for my replacement to arrive as well.. so I have no laptop in the meantime. really really bad customer service

  • Anyone know when the 17" 2060 model is coming?

  • +1

    Pahaha GTX are you kidding me?! $2800 and it isn't even an RTX 2060. I guess this is a deal for this certain laptop but this seems pretty bad. Can someone explain the appeal for this? Thinness?

  • +1

    This has to be the most expensive xps release ever. Previous generations you could get 4k panel for less than $3000 (i7 16gb 512gb/1tb), now you have to pay 4k+.

  • +1

    Would go xps17 next time

    • +1

      its on sale too

      • Thanks, I did see that post too.
        But as I posted there my old 9560 still doing what I need, would be a waste to upgrade now. Would recommend paying the 200$ extra for the xps17 over the xps15 now though.

  • +1

    So tempted, but its really expensive

  • +3

    Dont bother, new AMD Ryzen 4000 mobile annihilates Intel's offerings.

    • +1

      Patiently waiting for when OEMs will wake up and design their products around ryzen 4000. Don't hold your breath though…

    • +8

      Yes but we have no choice since these AMD chips are not offered in any laptops with decent bright 4k screens or anything other than some ghastly looking RGB plastic gaming shit box for teenage boys

      • Yep, unfortunate reality, maybe next year.

      • Well… they don't have to be RGB plastic shit boxes. Most PC chassis are made of steel or aluminium and you don't necessarily have to have RGB on it either.

        • Talking about laptops here mate

          • @qvinto: What about the Zephyrus G14?

            • @Void: A great laptop but still not on par with the xps build quality and aesthetic.

            • @Void: Like I said, no bright 4k screen. Only has a 300nit fhd screen

              • @qvinto: We're talking about a laptop here. Does 4K really matter? It just sounds like a buzzword to me. Now the 300 nit I can understand.

                • @Void: In my experience once you get used to a 14"+ 4k, high brightness, high gamut screen it is hard to go back. I definitely wish there were more AMD CPUs available in laptops, but to be somewhat fair, this is the first time ever in history AMD has a competitive laptop CPU linup offering so no wonder OEM's planned for business and usual and went with Intel when decision were being made 12+months ago

                • +1

                  @Void: 4K is especially nice if you have to read lots of text all day long for your work (e.g coding). You'd have to run 200% scaling on laptop (which yield the same screen estate as FHD), but text are just so much sharper and clearer. I can even easily see the different between MacBook retina res (220ppi) and a windows laptop 4K 15.6" (280ppi). As a reference 27" 1440p ~110ppi, 24" 1080p ~92ppi.

                  • @Kingduytan: I guess so. I think I want to keep my PPI virginity so I don't have to look for specific displays in laptops lol, already spoiler them with IPS.

  • Here in an in depth review with all the issues covered https://youtu.be/YcH3wzS8Xck

  • +1

    Doesn't ryzen bust intel up on mobile these days

    • +2

      Yes, but Intel pays companies like Dell bribes to not go AMD.

  • I created a post here asking for people's thoughts but am interested to know from those that might not have seen it and have been commenting here. What would people think is a good price for these specs?

    Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core (16M Cache up to 5.10 GHz)
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 VRAM
    17.3" FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS Grade Edge-to-Edge Matte 144Hz LED - 98% SRGB Colour Gamut
    16GB DDR4 2666MHZ (1 x 16GB)
    Kingston A2000 1TB PCIe NVME M.2 SSD
    No Secondary M.2 SSD Drive - Optional Upgrade
    No Hard Drive - Optional Upgrade
    Intel AX200 Dual Band WIFI & Bluetooth 5.1 (up to 2.4 Gbps)
    No Optical Disc Drive - Optional Upgrade
    No Operating System Selected - Install Your Own Operating System
    3 Year Platinum Care Onsite Pickup and return Protection

    • ~$1400-1600

      Edit: Just looked at the thread and it's an XPS, should've said so. Probably around the $2000-2200 ballpark then. Got mislead by the first 3 words I read on a comment. If this is a plasticy or thick laptop then $1400-1600 and if it's a well built XPS $2000-2200.

      • Where would I find one with these specs for $1400 - $1600? I'd be very interested? Or even a well built XPS for $2000-$2200?

        • There's that RX 5600M one right now at $1350. Apparently the XPS lineup is a bit more overpriced than I thought, so more in the $2600-2800 range then.

          • @Void: Yeah the XPS are a premium price. I guess you are paying extra for a branded laptop… Have a link for the Rx 5600M? Trying to find it and I guess I am blind! Just a reminder I am looking at 17.3" laptops with the above specs.

            • @CrocDundee: It was 15" unfortunately. I think you'd have to chuck in another SODIMM and maybe bigger SSD to match it, so it's really around $1500 completem

              • @Void: yeah that 15" laptop doesn't even come close in comparison to the specs I am looking at. Thanks for sending it through though.

                • @CrocDundee: Raw specs it has but missing some stuff like the hrr screen and the storage and RAM. Maybe look for something even with 8GB RAM if it comes out significantly cheaper and just put another one in (if XPS it's probably soldered).

                  • @Void: yeah I have been tweaking the specs here For the price, it was worth getting the 16gb ram upgrade, even the 1TB SSD was worth getting through them as the upgrade. I already have 1.25TB HDD in my previous laptop that I'll put into this new one so don't really need any extra storage.

                    forgive my ignorance, what is a hrr screen? Or is that a typo?

                    • @CrocDundee: High refresh rate. Coined by me!

                      • @Void: lol! Got ya.. This one does have 144hz hrr* which is above standard for most laptops now? 120hz seems to be standard.

                        • @CrocDundee: Most laptops are still 60hz. Last time I configured a Metabox there was a 120 and 144 option, I'd take the 120 as there is little difference.

                          • @Void: I'm finding the metabox 17.3" laptops seem to be 120hz as standard now. They will only charge me an extra $30 to go up to the 144hz so thought it would be worth it.

                            • @CrocDundee: Actually $30 doesn't sound too bad, but check other specs that may have changed other than the refresh rate with the different panel.

  • Man I'm torn between this and the G14…. I have a desktop which I mainly game on and truth be told my last laptop had a 1070 in it and I think i gamed on it maybe 5% of the time of its use… But even based on raw CPU power, the G14 > the XPS 15…. At this price point though they're the same price…. Anyone want to weigh in on which one I should get. Mainly usage would be work.

  • Guessing no shopback/cashback as none of these coupons are mentioned on either site

    • Its 10% for Dell at shopback at the moment and it worked last sale even though I used coupon codes not on the shopback site.

  • I tried to get one but couldn't find where to put the coupons. Can some one please help me? Many thanks.

    • Once you get to cart/checkout there will be a coupon box on the right hand side (on mobile) or below on desktop.

  • Thoughts on this compared to the 15 inch Intel Surface Laptop 3 for $2500 at the moment? Besides more ports/better graphics/and bigger HD (things I can live with).


    Anyone seen this model in person yet? The build/refinement of previous XPS feels much inferior to the surface/macbooks.

  • anyone manage to see if shopback worked?

  • damn! missed out, EPP5 no longer working

    • You're right I just tried. Will mark expired.

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