This was posted 1 year 5 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Golf Umbrella $9.99 @ ALDI


Greetings everyone, ALDI has this popular deal back once again :) Well received previously, and seems like great value to me.

Seems to be available in 5 different colours, starts 24 June.


Vented canopy
Moulded grip handle
Assorted colours

As always, enjoy :)

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    What's the build quality like on these?

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      Yeah I would like to know from someone as well, I like the $10 Bunnings ones which are solid

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        I have a couple and have managed to snap one rib (I searched for "components of an umbrella, apparently that's what they're called :)) on each, however it's more likely down to mistreatment from me as each time was after I had "half thrown" them onto the concrete garage floor fully up to dry out, and happened to land on a point at the wrong angle. Otherwise they've been pretty solid.

        • what is the right angle out of interest?

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            @jastreb: 90degrees. Thought I would respond to my own comment as it was so obvious. :)

            • @jastreb: Beat me to the smartarse answer, d'oh!

              I've always dropped these fairly haphazardly after running in from the rain, so all the other angles at which I didn't break something would qualify as "correct" angles ;)

          • +13

            @jastreb: How acutely obtuse of you.

            • @quog: upvoted for making me look up obtuse and teaching me a trig lesson.

        • I was adjacent to this site so thought I'd just cosine this post

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        We seem to have accumulated a stack of them over the years. Seem to last a long time, and you would have to run through a lot of them to compare with the cost of a benchmark quality one like Blunt. I recall the last one to be thrown out had started leaking right at the top. And another ended up parting at the end of one of the ribs. Both were a few years old though.
        Go for a dark colour as they can get a bit stained over time in the folds.

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        I have some of the Aldi and Bunnings and I think he Bunnings are better value

        1) They're always available all year around for $10
        2) The Aldi seem to develop this odd sticky handle after some time, had a few do it. Although it still functions fine, its kinda icky to hold.
        3) Build quality is similar, maybe slight edge to the bunnings brolly.

        Overall won't be in a mad rush to buy another one.

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          2) The Aldi seem to develop this odd sticky handle after some time, had a few do it. Although it still functions fine, its kinda icky to hold.

          YES! It did with mine as well.

          Magic solution:
          Wipe away ALL gluey rubber using Metho alcohol o similar cleaning alcohols.

          The handle is now a shiny plastic one, not rubberized, just plain smooth plastic.

          PS: Did try with talcum powder but got sticky again after a while.

          Alcohol solved the problem, for life! ;-p

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      I have one from a few years ago, perhaps more. Hardly been used, but build quality seems very good. The only problem I have with it is that the plastic handle has degraded so that it is sticky to touch. Had thought about throwing it out, but then this question prompted me to google the problem and I found cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol might be the solution. Seems to have worked, I don't know whether it will get sticky again over time. So thanks for the question, avoiding a replacement purchase is the best bargain of all!

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        Erm, where have you been putting with the umbrella handle?

      • You can also use a fine sand paper to take off the coating.

      • Bug and tar remover works too.

    • Only issue I've had with one is I had to glue the plastic handle back onto the pole, it came loose (could pull it completely off) for some reason.

    • Quality is good, but they do vary a bit in a few years

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      I bought a 'Sports Umbrella' a couple months ago from ALDI and that is decent quality. Its just black too so no green and red bunnings branding either.

    • I have bought 3 of these over the last couple of years, but they were all knackered after a few months. Ribs detach easily. Probably good for one season I reckon.

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    I have 3 of these. I have to say the quality is very good. Very strong and sturdy. Mine managed to survive the storm in Sydney CBD a few months ago.

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    Other option is $10 Bunnings golf umbrella and easy to claim warranty, showed receipt from glove box that was 2 years old and they gave me a new umbrella ……

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      there's warranty on these things?

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      But the Bunnings one has a Bunnings logo on it.

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      Am I retarded or does bBunnings website not list them?

      • I haven't seen them on the website, but you can usually find them in a bucket near the service desk at the front of the store. If you ask someone near the entrance, they should be able to tell you if they have any in stock.

      • There are literally thousands of items in store that aren’t listed on the Bunnings website. Why? Dunno. When I really need something and it’s not listed online I’ll still head down to my nearest store. If it’s something you think they should have, they usually do.

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    I have one, good quality, very sturdy, lasted 2 years already

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    I miss the Woodworms

    • Upvote. They’re awesome

    • 😭

    • Yes! Mine still all going strong after like 5+ years. Only way they die is if I lose them…

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    If my Woodworm umbrella's were not still going strong I'd give this a go

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    Is this okay for other sports & activities? Or just golf?

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      Just golf. Sorry.

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        But they do also sell a junior version for mini golf.

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      I used mine while playing rugby but it didn't last long.

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      Certainly not any good for polo or water polo.

      Perhaps perfect for high wire walking.

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      Do yourself a favour by spending a little bit more for a second hand golf club off eBay. I don't know what they were thinking when they made these but the club head is way too small and the shaft has way too much wind resistance.

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        There shouldn't be any wind resistance on this one… it has a vented canopy.

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      Not recommended for swimming.

      Also illegal to use with horse ridding, bicycle riding and scuba diving

      OK to use for chess, either tournaments or casual games at the park.

  • are people going to hoard umbrellas?

    • Can they fit eneloops

    • Yes.
      They need a dispenser for all those toilet rolls.

  • how big are these things? big enough to cover me and my backpack?

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      The one I have is huge, I'd assume the size hasn't changed.
      It seems robust, however it's pretty heavy and the handle is not comfortable IMHO, especially if you're carrying something else.
      It should be ok for a relatively short walk though.

  • I've had mine for 4+ years. Still going strong.
    I highly recommend them.

  • i don't play golf, can i use this in normal life?

  • How does this compare to the Bunnings Umbrellas?

    • Bunnings one is way better quality.

  • I bought one last year for my golf bag. Hasn't rained when I've played since :(

  • They are pretty good for 10 bucks

  • Bought one a few years ago and got rid of all the older ones. It was great. Went to buy one recently but didn’t have the silver lining like the old one. Felt inferior to the older one.

    • Edit - Found some in store in Oxenford - it does have the lining. not the same as the ones earlier this year.

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