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Ring Video Doorbell With Chime (2nd Gen) $189 Delivered @ Ring


EOFY sale on Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) with Chime.

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  • With the new chime. damn cheap

  • $120 without chime

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      That's for 1st gen, 2nd gen still $149 without chime.

      • I don't know Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen

        Is this version 2?

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    The code PROTECTSUBSCRIBER brings it down to $170.10

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      It doesn't work. When I tried to pay, I got the following message:
      "PROTECTSUBSCRIBER discount code isn’t available to you right now"

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        I used Honey to find the code. So maybe try using Honey and see if that works.

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        I had the same experience - when I actually went to pay, the coupon code did not work.

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        Fails at payment :(

  • Good price. Bought $229 and no chime the other day.

  • Are you sure this is the Ring 2? Not the new Ring Gen 2 instead?

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      It’s the Gen 2, not the “2”. Very confusing naming indeed!

    • i can't find anywhere that says the ring gen 2 is diff to a ring 2? do you have a link?

      • I may have been wrong. Perhaps the 2 was renamed as Generation 2? And therefore they are identical?

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        This is from product review website.

        Ring 2nd Generation Vs Ring 2

        published 2 weeks ago

        Ring have added Today added the "Ring 2nd Generation" to there website. Confusingly in the spot the "Ring 2" used to be. The "Ring 2" has become the "Ring 3" and the "Ring 3" has become the "Ring 3 Plus"

        So in order now they go:
        Ring 1st Generation (720 camera)
        Ring 2nd Generation (1080 camera)
        Ring 3 (in retail stores as Ring 2)
        Ring 3 Plus (in retail stores as Ring 3)
        Ring Pro
        Ring Elite

        I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but retail stores are loving this confusion, by advertising the "Ring 2nd" on sale for $249, when it's everyday price was only ever $149 to begin with! Consumers (like Me) are thinking they are getting a bargain as the "Ring 2" (now the Ring 3) has an everyday price of $349 (comes on sale from time to time for $249)

        Hope I haven't confused you too much, like RING!

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          I think this is ring 1 gen 2

          The ring video doorbell 2 has a removeable battery which ring 1 gen 2 doesnt.

          That is what i found when i was looking.

          • @n412io: Did you even read the comment you replied to, it got renamed

            • @eRadicant: Yep replied to wrong person but couldnt be bothered rewriting so i positive voted the above comment.

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              @eRadicant: It’s not just a rename. There’s differences between the ring 2 and the ring 3. I’d say it’s more accurate to state that they dropped the “ring 2”, making some of its features available on the “ring gen 2”, while also adding a new ring 3 and ring 3 plus as an upgrade and replacement to the previous 2.

              Ring 3 isn’t a big upgrade in the spec department but it adds 5ghz wireless and there’s also size differences compared to the 2.

              Ultimately the lineup will settle down with a far simpler
              Ring (gen 2)
              Ring 3
              Ring 3 Plus

              There’s bound to be some issues and a bloated lineup as old stock gets cleared out.

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      Specification is 1080p. So It is the ring 2.

      • Which is now called Generation 2.

      • Ring 2 and Ring Gen 2 are not the same, but both are 1080p. The Gen 2 is a new base model.

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    Takes too long to open the call, by then door knocker has left :(

    • you need an echo show to make it go faster

    • Yes better off getting a Ring Floodlight Cam and you get notifications as soon as someone comes on your property. Plus you get a handy sensor light and great night viewings and recordings.

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      You need a better internet/mobile connection

  • Does recording work without paid subscription?

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      Unfortunately no

  • What's the best alternative for a similar product without the need for subscription?

  • Box Includes
    Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)
    Micro USB Charging Cable
    Mounting Bracket
    Installation Tools and Hardware
    User Manual
    Security Sticker

  • How you charge this thing if battery no removable?

    • Unscrew it and plug it in to a USB port for 5 hours

    • https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041190711-Ring...

      As per this, the battery is removable.

      Update: Nvm - I misunderstood.

      What’s the difference between this Video Doorbell and the previous generation?
      The Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) has 1080p HD video (vs 720p HD on the original Ring Video Doorbell), an additional “near” motion zone that provides motion detection in areas only 5’-15’ in front of your home, and a revamped mounting setup that simplifies installation AND removal for battery charging. The new Video Doorbell also has improved audio quality, crisper night vision, and improved wifi connectivity.

  • Does anyone know if there is ussualy power to existing door bells?

    I heard the hello nest is the better option but it’s powered

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    Imagine needing to charge your doorbell. Imagine needing a subscription for your doorbell

    • it also comes with free security flaws included so people can hack it and spy on your home.

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      These aren't for everyone but they do a lot more than just ring when someone presses the button. I like being able to see who has been at my door. Neighbours bike got stolen the other week off their doorstep, a ring camera would have recorded that.

      • So would have any other camera?

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    I have ring doorbell and multiple outdoor cams.

    I can tell you, I hate the system.

    90% of the time it’s shit.

    And it is not my wifi.

    • What kind of internet connection you got?

    • Yeah I reckon there is a connectivity issue with liveview that ring have to fix. My connection to the ring camera out the front according to the camera itself is Good [RSSI -44.0], my internet is currently AussieBB 1GB down /20Mbs up. Frequently (probably 3 or 4 times in 10) I can't connect to live view. As a doorbell recording device is works fine its just the liveview I have issues with.

    • Try the Ring Rapid app, it's a stripped down app by Ring and it opens a lot faster then the regular app.

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    This is wrong, this is the Ring Door Bell 2nd Gen or Ring Door Bell 2.
    Should update your title, not really a bargain, given that it's $149 retail without the door bell.

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      There’s still a saving for the bundle but it’s more like $19 than whatever it would have been if it had been the Doorbell 2.

  • Yeah the title is wrong
    This is ring 1 gen 2 which updates the camera to 1080p but has the same
    Non removable battery as the ring 1

    It is not ring 2

  • +1

    People need to stop screwing up the naming on these.

    • +1

      Has anyone used Eufy camera ecosystem? How’s the experience and customer support in Aus? The reviews look good.
      I was initially considering to buy Ring cameras but don’t want to pay the monthly subscription cost. So, now thinking of buying Eufy instead.

  • Has anyone used Eufy camera ecosystem? How’s the experience and customer support in Aus? The reviews look good.
    I was initially considering to buy Ring cameras but don’t want to pay the monthly subscription cost. So, now thinking of buying Eufy instead.

  • Does this work with wyze echo show 10?

  • Related products still tagged as ring 2… man this naming convention is super confusing. Rip to those people who bought quickly

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    This has non removable battery…else it is similar to ring 2.

  • Can this use the nest wifi points as the ringer? Instead of the chime component.

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    Hi Guys, this is the old Ring 1(previous name) without removable battery. I have Ring 2 which has the removable battery and bought from Bunnings for $229 two or three years ago. The only drawback in my version is that the wifi still runs on wifi 2.4ghz instead of 5ghz. The latest Ring 3 and Plus runs on wifi 5ghz.Overall. Overall it is a very old model.

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    Ok deal

  • I found that the Ring site has removed the Ring 2 version which has removable battery. It is either Ring 1 version or the latest Ring 3 and Plus version. I am unsure they have done it purposely.

  • Obligatory reminder that you shouldn't buy Ring if you value your privacy and that Ring will share your private recordings with law enforcement:


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