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[eBay Plus] SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card - 200GB $38.80 | 256GB $51.20 Delivered @ FFT eBay


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    That extra 56gb is a killer

    • Lol, read my mind

  • Any deals on 512GB Cards?

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    512GB cards please :/

  • This ok for 4k videos on the s20?

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      Probably, but to be absolutely sure, you would need a U3/V30 rated card.

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    Classic question: good for switch?

    • +1

      Yes, good for Switch. I’m using the 200GB version.

      • are Samsung evo plus' better? or same same?

        • +2

          Bet. Tar.

        • evo plus are faster

    • Yes, the Switch cards are pretty much a rebranded version of these!

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        Nintendo aren't exactly the guys to look at for using state of the art tech though and the ultras are generally much slower than the evo plus from samsung for random reads ie loading games. anandtech
        Note random read speed of sandisk 4K testing:9MB/s samsung:13MB/s
        random read speed (4K test) is generally a better benchmark to look at for loading games in my opinion.
        worth considering given they usually are in the same ballpark prices

  • Anyone used these on a Surface pro?

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      Used on surface book 2, all good.

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    Not the cheapest. I bought 200GB one from shopping square ebay 7 months ago for $29.95.

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    currently on amazon au - 200gb sandisk is 29.95 + 5.50 delivery = $35.45

    • Thanks! Why do ppl upvote this price I wonder…

      • but the 256gb is dearer on amazon atm

    • Link? I can only find one for $44.35.

    • Link? It's showing up as 45 bucks for me.

    • Got a link for it?

      • Just checked but it's gone up now on amazon

    • Yeah have bought this 200gb and the same seller had 400gb for a reasonable price. No issues with either really and have pumped them all full of data.

  • Is the supplier iothub reputable? I dont really trust ebay sd cards

    • I don't trust this group. I have failed card once from them and they refuse to refund in full. After a month and only I phone them, as they have ignored my email, they refund the card but not the postage. Go with Amazon.

      At one time, I've bought a card from pcbyte, they are the same group, and the card looks fake and it was faulty.

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    You can use an SD test app and if it doesnt perform then you may be eligible for a refund?

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      use h2testw program to test.

    • See my post above.

  • Is this good to go on a DJI osmo action cam?

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      Why are you looking at a 1Terbyte at $600-700? How many games do you have that required so much memory? Most Nintendo switch games are between 5-20gig. You could fit 30-40 games easily on a 512gig memory card.

      • … cause i got too many games. I sold all my 60plus switch carts and bought all digital games.

        • Just rotate what you have really don't see much point having everything on hand ..

    • +2


      Do you know how crazy it is they managed to fit 1TB into something the size of your fingernail, how much R&D that took.
      1TB cards only came out last year and there's only like 1 or 2 models that you can actually buy, all very high end. The only one I can actually see availible to buy here is the sandisk extreme pro 1TB at officeworks for $345, not $700. That's not even that bad price per GB considering everything.

      You want that for a cheaper price per GB than what mainstream microSD cards go for now? Not going to happen until the tech improves and larger size cards come out

  • Is this good to go on a DJI osmo action cam?

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