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HUAWEI P40 Pro Global Version 6.58 Inch 50MP Quad Rear Camera 8GB 256GB US$768.39 / A$1115 Shipped @ Banggood (HK)


Seems like a pretty good deal for a flag ship. Cheapest price ever.


But still a crapton of money for a phone. Best camera on a phone yet. No google apps but workarounds. Enjoy the mud slinging.

Don't forget cashback and referrals. End up saving a lot more.

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  • +4

    Actually why not get a OnePlus 8 pro with full google support.

  • +2

    another piece of shit phone from China, it does not last long and hard to use interface. no google play kit. if you upgrade google play it will flash the screen. what a hack version. just move on. it isn't worth the money.

    • -2

      And your current pgobe right now was made in Australia?

  • +1

    Great phone! Pity not having Google service.

  • +10

    No Google services

    • -2

      Post a better price or change your negative vote.

      The votes are for the deal not your personal opinion of the product.

      • +5

        I'm sorry, i'd say an opinion of a product is quite relevant. An attribute that distracts the practicality of a product should be able to justify a product.
        Such as a company who gives very bad customer service, buying a bag that is low in quality and doesn't hold even 100g. I don't see why something of this importance of no google services cannot be negged. Its like a staple in buying a phone. It's not even about politics. Its completely defines the functionality of having modern phone in the west.

        • The phone is clearly advertised without Google services and performs as per the specs. Awesome phone.

          • @matt-ozb: Most of the apps I use require google services. So that is a must have in a phone.

  • +8

    How can they justify charging this kind of money for people to put a chinese spy in their pocket? How can anyone be stupid enough to buy this phone??

  • +7

    Here's my 2 cents. There is a good chance someone will buy this not knowing of the "lack of google" issue if people keep posting it an upvoting it. You can't blame people for "not doing their research" if something keeps getting touted and up voted. Based on that I think the negs are fair for balance.

    • I thought the negs are voting for the deal not the product?

      there is plenty of high-scoring ozbargains that I would never buy .. is it ok to neg them just because I am never going to buy them?

      • +5

        I thought the negs are voting for the deal not the product?

        Well that's just your opinion

        is it ok to neg them just because I am never going to buy them?

        No, please familiarise yourself with Voting Guidelines - Negative Vote

        To let others know about issues with the deal, merchant or product.

        'No Google services' fall under issues with the product

      • +1

        The hardware description saying "Based on Android 10" and not disclosing that it doesn't support Google services is an issue.

        • It is clearly advertised without Google services. There are no valid reasons for a neg. Post a cheaper deal.

    • I think this stems from Android now means Google services and is expected to be part of the product. Any deviation needs to be outlined in the descriptions and I agree. As if a car is sold without tyres, you have to disclose.

      However a car without tyres is still a car… Without tyres.

      So is this because the car does not have tyres, or that the dealership didn't specify the lack of tyres, or really is it because the car without tyres was made in China?

  • should I get this or wait for the next iPhone?

  • +7

    I heard if you praise the CCP u can get this for $1

    • +1

      The last time I checked, it was $0.1 which is ~0.5CNY.

  • +16

    Been a Huawei p40 pro owner for a while.

    Great hardware and form factor. Camera is nice but shouldn't be the deciding factor as difference with say other flagship phones like Sammy and others in the price bracket is not significant. Invest on a proper cam.

    As a nerd wanting a play.. You will get it to a point where most apps in Google play will work including GMS (well semi/hack work).

    major things that will remain broken or semi works:
    A few app notifications are borked (sure U can hack add some more layer to address em), bank NFC contactless and anything requiring safetynet checks won't work. Do your homework.

    Would I recommend this phone to the "normal" mass GMS based users? NO

    Do I agree with the pricing release for Australia? Absolutely NO basing it on the compromised software/security limitation that's imposed on it. I paid 1400+ just for an expensive play. I wasn't happy paying over 800 for a somewhat software crippled phone. Thanks for cc price protection I've gotten some of it back.

    HMS is still premature to be an alternative to GMS. Ok it's subjective.. however for the masses that's gotten used to GMS,(even IOS).. I wouldn't recommend this phone… Different story if this was a fully native GMS unrestricted phone…

    But hey.. I'll keep on buying new phones just for the sake of play.

    • Nice review!

  • +1

    P40 Probe

    • +2

      I'll buy 50 of these for $100 each any time of the day!!!!! Makes not only a great profit but an excellent phone cam alone. Without any hacking involved! Im guessing you'd rather buy an Alcatel U3 over these if they were both $100.

  • +1

    Why you buy chinese stuff when there is no google apps on it.

    • +8

      I bought a Breville toaster from chinese stuff and there's no google apps on it.

      Chances are. Every device you have including your phone is made from chinese stuff. Including the one with google apps on it.

      • +4

        Is the Breville toaster a "smart device" that can transmit data back to Huawei HQ?

        Are you aware that Chinese companies will forward all your data (including your metadata) to the CCP upon request?

        Is there a distinction between made in China and owned by China?

        • Not a smart Dev hehe.

          I'm quite aware about data and CCP.
          Isn't the mass hacking campaign all about stealing, disrupting, malicious intent.

          I absolutely refuse to use the hms ecosystem that relies on storing your data inside China.

          Who the hell knows one day U might find yourself pinged in their airports with a target on your face marked to be Refuse entry or worst detained for hurting their feelings on social media platforms. Isn't that what's happening already.

          So many people don't even think about the possible implications of signing off their personal life (data) to CCP based/owned/controlled servers. Tiktok for one, Xiaomi Cloud, HMS cloud, etc.

          Off course people offended will point at google doing the same…. So far a comparison. But take note the us of a gov and most countries can use your social media as a basis for a character reference to refuse entry to the country.. even says so in many visa waiver agreement.

    • +1

      I think Google services and China are different topics…

      Would you buy made in Brazil that did not have Google services?

      I think the world is less convenient without Google services. They have a monopoly. I'm more afraid of Google than China to be honest

  • Noted that the display of the P40 Pro has a mix of suppliers from BOE, LG, and Samsung. The BOE one is the worst

  • +3

    I'm particularly confused everytime I see the mud.
    No google inbuilt, sure either you pass it on or sideload gapps.
    No GSM, actually that's a good point.
    'XDA too hard for me' - fair enough. Move on.

    Some ozbargainer's comment about his Breville toaster was apparently found wanting and got shot in a drive-by because it can't do smart ubiquitous data forwarding? Oh man here we go, let's root em all out. Ozb ain't ready for these watercooler politics.

    Off the top of my head…

    Hisense TCL smart TVs.
    Xiaomi Robovacs/Mi Box/Mi Band
    Delonghi/Fujitsu/Mitsubishi/Daikin Wifi air conditioners. (Full or partial chinese ownership)
    Galax/Acer/Asus/XFX/MSI etc products.
    Wifi connected dashcams.
    All your Kogan appliances and devices.
    Every Lenovo product.

    What's the next jump, someone gonna call out their living and breathing chinese PRs and chinese descent citizens neighbors too for being spyware?

    What the F is this, the comments section of the SMH?

    • I am confused too seeing this

    • +1

      I think bc Huawei got caught in IP theft, have close ties with China government and got called out (and banned) by US government (US aint no evil hey?)
      And still, it is okay for tech-saavy peeps, but for average people, it isn't worth it. Plus, those workaround could be fixed by Google in the future.

  • +6

    Don't support China's infiltration of Australia, not to mention hacking and economic bullying.

    • +1

      True. Must vote with your feet. We must stop relying on other countries. Look where us is at by becoming more independent!

      But I think we need other options before the masses will choose

      Australia must make more of her own products. We provide all the raw materials for crying out loud

    • New word learnt. Eocnomic Bullying: If you visit Woolies and the shop assistant keeps yelling at you with nonsense, then you decided not to buy anything.

    • And to some country who have sold their souls/infrastructure/country to the CCPs control…. It's almost a takeover without a war for some. Others that still have some chance such as Australia…The CCPs true colours for show!!!

      Idiots like the Andrews gov have no idea of the repercussions to future generations. Learn from countries that are pretty much being destroyed/disabled.

      The belt road and other incentives is simply that…an economic black hole trap!!!! If U are still blind to see from this covid experience on how much countries have heavily relied on China that it can bring collapse to our economy…then

      Oh and don't even mention the US of A. They have their own sins…

      Stand up Australia while we are still able!!! We can reinvent ourselves (maybe?).. Not while we only care about fighting for our rights for that higher pay year after year!!!!!!!

      If we aren't willing to sacrifice for this country..then that's our own doing.

      • +1

        You can start by replacing overworked immigrant workers doing dirty and dangerous jobs with lazy and entitled 'Australian' people.

  • +2

    I think the fact you cant even root or unlock bootloaders of Huawei phones is a big issue too. Its important because I dont trust Chinese apps 24/7 on a device. Its a valid reason to be concerned about Huawei phones, especially in this current climate which could escalate. Cant really be compared to google, because google doesn't kill you for having an opinion, they may silence you but definitely wont kill you if you were visiting China.

    • They will kill you if you visit?

      • If you are criticizing the government, quite possibly.

        • +2

          Yes you will be sentenced to death if you are a drug dealer :)

          • +1

            @RimofLeo: That's a bit rough then.

            We are giving drug dealers 20 years and people who kill other people walk in 8 yrs here in Australia unfortunately.

            But back to topic; I just want to buy a cheap phone lol

    • +3

      If you talk bad things about your government, Google will only report you to your government, then you'll lose your job and assets. Before you keep telling everyone again that Australian or American government is much better than the Chinese government, remember that Australia was built from a colony of convicts that destroyed this country's Indigenous people. Also, don't you believe that The US government or our government are tracking us as well? Whistleblowers like Snowden and others have exposed NSA and CIA exploiting mass population using mass surveillance. Remember Guantanamo Bay, Iraq's non-existent WMD, etc? Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal? Cambridge Analytica (owned by the hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, and headed at the time by Trump’s key adviser Steve Bannon) worked with Donald Trump’s election team and the winning Brexit campaign harvested millions of Facebook profiles of US voters, in one of the tech giant’s biggest ever data breaches, and used them to build a powerful software program to predict and influence choices at the ballot box. The British also invaded India and America was stolen from the Native population (Tribes like Comanche, Navajo, etc). They used slave labour from Africa and other countries.

      • +2

        Good summary.

        People seem to forget about the atrocities done by the Americans… if there's something the Yankees are good at, it's PR and marketing to other developed nations.

        Back on topic, personally, people should just pick the company they're most comfortable with giving their information to or just don't own a mobile. As a prior Windows Phone user, I have to say that Google is a lot more invasive on my private information on Android. They track so much more and sell it as convenience. Sometimes it's good but not always.

        My girlfriend uses a Huawei P30 Pro and it's not as bad as people make it out to be. The camera is also awesome for price compared to iPhone and Samsung.

        • +2

          The problem is it's not just because people forget about the atrocities done by the Americans and other 'Capitalistic' countries over time, but history can also be rewritten by the (war) victors. Winner takes all. They get to rewrite history as they please and control everything (the media, military, technology, mass population, etc). It's common sense that Capitalism will always win against other political systems. The problem is Capitalism without real democracy (like what we're seeing during this 'pandemic') is the same as an authoritarian or dictatorial system.

      • Of-course its other countries too, if someone is a suspected criminal or terrorist etc. The difference with China is they have zero human rights. Who knows what they will do with any data collected from a Chinese phone. If you like a post praising the Hong Kong Protests, if you are against the sending Chinese Muslims to "education camps" Imagine if you make fun of President Xi? Will you end up on a list and be dealt with should you ever travel to China? Most of the new Huawei phones are good, its just a pity they cant be rooted and aren't more friendly to the developer community because theres real reason to remove their tracking apps if you criticize China. The big difference people neglect to understand is if you criticize or make fun of Donald Trump or Boris Johnson, you will likely be praised, you are not going to jail for that in the west, or disappearing mysteriously no matter what anyone said, we haven't reached that point. China is not democratic.

        • +1

          This is hardly on topic… But 2 nukes. Nuf said.

          • @plague69: Its not, meant to reply to the above.

            • @drspy00: Pressed reply on the wrong post… Oh well. What else would you like me to say? lol

          • @plague69: Lol. If 'Capitalist' countries can't 'satisfactorily defeat' other countries like China using cyber warfare, bio warfare, civil war (divide and conquer), etc, they'll find an excuse to use kinetic warfare / nuke China (similar to attacking / bombing Vietnam, Iraq, Japan, Afghanistan, etc). Same old same old. Actually new and more complicated tricks but old principle.

        • Whistleblowers like Snowden and others who exposed a government agency like NSA or CIA exploiting mass population using mass surveillance had to exile to another 'non-ally' country because they were labelled as 'criminals' and will be imprisoned if they stay in the country. After the increase in unemployment in The USA due to this Bird Flu, I mean Mad Cow Disease, I mean Swine Flu, I mean govid 'pandemic' and George Floyd incident, American citizen used these as an excuse to loot shops and attack their government, then the US government use that 'situation' to deploy their military and show the citizen who's boss. In the end, the government or 'organisation' ('Capitalist') that have the most powerful and advanced military and technology, will always win and control their 'citizen'. The problem is 'Capitalism' without real / proper democracy (like what we're seeing during this 'pandemic') is the same as an authoritarian or dictatorial system.

          • @El Psy Kongroo: Funny because here you are living in a democracy and enjoying its benefits such as free speech. Yet you are saying it's the same as a dictatorship.

            • @Circly: So the only real benefit of 'Capitalism' is free speech? It seems that even our assets can be controlled / manipulated by (Australian) government's 'regulations'.

              • @El Psy Kongroo:

                So the only real benefit of 'Capitalism' is free speech?

                Who taught you that free speech is an outcome of capitalism?

                Capitalism is akin to the "free market" economic model and relies on the forces of supply and demand to adjust market prices accordingly. However, it requires being managed from time to time and that is where the government can come in, from time to time, to keep things in balance and to prevent monopolies from arising and so on.

                Freedom of speech is a product of democracy. Does "perfection" exist? Rhetorical question.

                • @bananamacbook: It looks like there aren't much democracy going on during this govid pandemic.

                  to keep things in balance and to prevent monopolies from arising and so on.

                  Too much control (monopoly) by Microsoft. For mobile, too much favouritism (bias) towards iOS and Google.

                  • @El Psy Kongroo: Thank you for using your free speech to share your opinions and views.

                    Again, does "perfection" exist? Rhetorical question.

                    too much favouritism … towards iOS and Google.

                    Because that's what Western consumers want. Apple and Google are Western companies that offer good products and they'll protect your liberties where they can.

  • I'd go for the xiomai pro 10, better specs, and full access to everything, and much cheaper.

    • It retails for AU$1999

      • Really then that must be a place holder, because it's averaging between 500 to 900 based on the store or vendor.

        $2000 or so would be for the mi mix 4.

        Well the only 4 king phones for your money in every aspect would be:

        Mi mix 4
        Mi pro 10
        Asus Rog 2
        And lastly Poco f2.

        But for me, the winner is the mi max series phones, price, battery, and size make it the king in every day life.

        Just wish mi max 4 was announced :'(

        • In stock if you want an Australian warranty too ….

          • @matt-ozb: I've bought my phone over seas, had for 2 years straight no problems.

            Warranty is only for when you are absolutely careless, I mean clumsy, forgetful unappreciative, just down out foolish.

            However if the phone breaks down, do not buy from 3rd party vendors, plus those phones are from leading companies that manufacture their own stuff listed above and sell directly to the public.

            The only phone expensive to repair would be folderble phones, and Asus Rog (the screen alone is $700 to repair, and it's reasonable as it's a 120hrz screen)

            • @DisabledUser317324: I don't disagree regarding the warranty … but you said the Mi 10 Pro is much cheaper .. the RRP of the Mi 10 Pro is $1999 .. the P40 Pro RRP is much cheaper.

              • @matt-ozb: https://www.amazon.com.au/Xiaomi-128GB-Aurora-Global-Version...

                I would assume the mi 10 would be more then sufficient, on your every day tasked compared to the pro, as I doubt the pro would even meet your needs.

                But I'm willing to try and see what they are :')

                Plus I know you looked on the xiomai store website, well no doubt it's $2000 same reason they opened shop online. The phones overpriced compared to other areas. Xiomai in Asia very affordable, but here I'd assume given the limited number maybe they are offsetting certain fee's into the customer, tax, customs fees maybe, other fees like repair costs embedded into the product marking up a huge cost.

                Here's the link you missed



                However it is much cheaper from AliExpress but customs view anything over $1000 will have to pay a customs tax upwards of $250, however I'm not sure if customs looks at the valued item towards its intended market value in usd.

    • Just wish Xiaomi did a 10x optical zoom

  • How many of the people that upvoted this actually bought it or would ever buy it at this price

  • +4

    This is too expensive for a phone which does not have Google playstore. Not worth it at all.

  • wait for a second hard one by the end of the year will cost probably under $400

  • huawei phone doesn't turn on the screen for more than 5 minute

  • +1

    huawei phone sucks that not user friendly, exaggerated , miss leading in every aspect , prepare for regrets

  • +4

    I decided to extremely limit buying products made by Chinese companies especially the ones with CCP connection. This one is a junk without Google services anyway.

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