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Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation $19 @ Officeworks


First time poster, maybe a pricing error, but it's ridiculously cheap at $19.

Lowest I've seen so far.

Looks like online all sold out.

Maybe can still try in store if you are lucky.

The OW page now showing unavailable online.

Update: people are still able to grab the deal in store at OW and some at Bunnings with price beat.

Luck of the draw I guess.

Let's clean them up guys :)

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  • +1

    Woah. Good price

    • +2

      Nawt Bad. Dont forget to add the extra cover @ $14!!! What a bargain!

      • +1

        What extra cover?

        • Add Extra Cover
          $14.00 Repair / Replacement Plan
          This product is eligible for Extra Cover. Extra Cover provides protection against electrical or mechanical faults for up to 3 years, inclusive of manufacturer’s warranty. Replacement Plans are applicable for products priced below $1000 and approved claims will result in a replacement item or an OW gift card valued up to the original purchase price. Repair Plans are applicable for products above $1000 and approved claims will result in product repairs for up to 3 separate faults. Please consider the Extra Cover terms and conditions to decide if coverage is right for you.

          • +4

            @John Kimble: What value. Ignores differentiation between minor and major fault, but customer looses replace/refund/repair choice for prescribed outcomes, and refund becomes store credit! But….

            Every product with this service offered has a decent claim of a three year statutory warranty!

      • +26

        $14 insurance on a $19 item?

        • Get funeral cover at the same time, save one cent!

    • +8

      should I hand in my Ozbargain license since I saw this deal the minute it was posted but did not buy cause can't find a personal use to it :(

  • +9

    I haven’t tried but it looks like you can now link two of these as a stereo pair.

    • you can ?

      • +4

        Yep. Just a few clicks. Works well.

        • +2

          Yep makes it sound significantly better.

    • +1

      Beware, it's mostly a crock. I got them thinking they would be great for pc speakers (using a Bluetooth tx). The delay is about 1.2 seconds.

      It's fine with one speaker.

      • +7
        • +1

          I found the as superroach, a delay with lip sync via bluetooth when paired as stereo, improves music playback though.
          @bargainsniper your link is for group (of speakers) delay not linked via bluetooth in stereo.

        • That doesn't apply to speaker pair. It's for a group of speakers in a room, that are still in mono

          • @superroach: It's worth telling Google, somehow, they fix stuff like this.

      • +2

        i have mine as a speaker pair and then the whole house as a home group and i don't get any delay streaming GPM. You can manually adjust delay (as @bargainsniper mentioned but i havent had to do it myself.

        • If you are streaming say a pc, you'll notice it. A left right speaker test is a good check, as well as just pressing pause and it takes a second to react.

          • @superroach: Oh ok. I had the same issue with the JBL Link & JBL Charge 3 more noticbly with video streaming. Hmm Ill try the paired GMinis with the computer tonight

    • I think you can link a few together, I have about a few of these, the home and hub all playing the same thing. You set a speaker group in the app and just ask google to play xxx on speaker group. You can control delay etc from the app.

      • yeah you can but i think @pepper84 is talking about Speaker Pair which turns 2 mono Mini's into a stereo. Home app will see it as 1 Speaker pair and GA will be disabled on the RHS speaker. works really well actually…only annoying thing is when you break the speaker pair, you have to re-link your RHS (slave) speaker.

    • Only minor gotcha is of the speaker pair, only the RH one works for commands. Can't choose to make the LH one the 'master' or allow both to accept commands. Other than that, it works a treat - sound quality better and of course stereo….

      • The LH one is the master, but yes it works a treat otherwise.

        • Ah. It's a while since I set mine up, so I'm sure you're correct!

    • you can. ive done that in my home office. put them both under the table facing toward me and they sound great.

    • Yes, it's handy. Even the first gen have this feature

  • +18

    $17.90 with Bunnings price beat also for those that prefer :)

    • Good one !!

    • +2

      how do you get them to price beat online?

      • I believe you could possibly try and call to price match over the phone? Otherwise would need to go instore.

        • +4

          ordered one in OW at 19$ save the hassle to call Bunning or instore,

          OP 19$ seems to really ridiculous price already, really gone fast :)

          Hell of the first post! OP

          • @darkbt007: Received SMS from OW

            Order delayed: Sorry, part of our order XXXXXXXXX is delayed. Pls refer to the email

            We have sent you for further details.

        • I just called my local bunnings and said they aren't able to do price matches over the phone

    • Hi,
      Google Nest Mini Charcoal
      I/N: 0172947

      is it 48$ bunning website , or do you mean get 5% price beat in Bunning to get 18.05$?
      or price beat OW only?

      • +1

        Bunnings will price beat by 10% on the OW price, so it'll be $17.10 if you match at Bunnings against the OW price.

        • Cheers Mate!

    • Would be $17.10 @ 10 % price beat @ Bunnings $19 10% = $1.90

      • +2

        not the same product - that is a Home Mini, this is a Nest Mini

        • what's difference

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: Nest mini is the new version, same functionality but the speaker on the nest is a fair amount better, especially for bass.

            During the announcement they also made a big deal about it being made from a lot of recycled materials unlike the previous gen.

        • -2

          What is the difference?

          • @Skinnerr: Google HOME Mini is Gen 1, Google NEST Mini is Gen 2

            • +1

              @Zythyx: I meant more in practicality but thanks. After some googling, there isn't much difference apart from a few extra features like being able to be hooked on a wall, and made from recycled plastic.

      • price matched and put it out of stock too. clever haan :)

        • Yea great Bunnings

  • +1

    Got one!

  • Same price at Bunnings as well FYI

    • +7

      Same price at Bunnings is for Google Home Mini….not the Nest mini.
      But you can price beat at Bunnings

      • +19

        I suspect that Officework Price-Matched the wrong item from Bunnings.

        • +1

          Good spotting, obviously I'm not paying attention to the details 🙂

        • +3

          somebody is going to get fired tonight

      • Which is better? I'm a noob on these devices.

  • +7

    Cheap and they definitely sound better then the first gens! I hate the fact they changed from a USB power connector to a pin style power adapter though.

    • +2

      A rope walks into a bar…

    • Guessing needed for the additional power draw. These are noticable louder and better sounding than the first gen. As the old adage goes - never ever first gen ever

      • +3

        As the old adage goes - never ever first gen ever

        I suppose this is ok advice, and I tend to agree. But for the $40 or so the v1 cost when new you got the functionality for a few years, even if the updated version is improved.
        (And I got a couple for free sent to me).

        So maybe, never get first gen if it is a costly device.

        • i have the first gen and it sounds alright… guess you'd have to have both side by side to notice the difference though…

    • Damn, Was not aware abt this. might cancel my order.

  • -2

    New version is coming out

    • Really? As in a 3rd gen?

      • +4

        i dont see any new about it

  • Got one, thanks OP!

  • Nice, replacing a first gen mini for me, these sound much better.

  • Looks like they mixed the price with first gen, bunnings selling 1st gen for the same price

    • correct!

  • Got one, $6 delivery, so $25 all up not bad

    • +2

      Worth noting I think officeworks hits free shipping @ $50 threshold.

      • +1

        Hmm, should of got 3 rip then

        • That's what I did! (but splitting with two other ozbargainers, so as to not ruin the party)

  • bought one… my one's wifi is playing up..

    See if it gets cancelled.

  • wtf just paid 49 one week ago

    • +1

      I feel your pain, got two.
      Just think of the economy.

  • and in gumtree people are selling for $40-50 lol….

    • People are trying to flog bose frames for $300~ when they're $250~ brand new at Amazon lol.

    • +1

      Don’t get me started on the prices people are flogging off on eBay for Xbox one X cyberpunk and Nintendo Switch animals crossing. No doubt they are reading this right now :-p

      • i think those makes more sense cos u actually get them anymore…

  • so not pricing error then? wtf so cheap!

  • Thanks OP. Bought 4 (don't know why). Also used the Afterpay $15 offer so ended up getting 4 for $61 basically. Can also get 3 for $37 using this offer.

    • -2

      Bought 4 (don't know why).

      i know why. you will sell the other 3 for $30 each easy

      • Not really. I was planning to take the plunge into the smarthome thing, need one for each room. But I need to educate myself on the uses hence 'don't know why'.

        • I have 2 Nest Mini's and 3 Nest Wifi AP's so 4 speakers all up and just bought 5 of these. I am fully hooked on the smart home thing.

    • Correction: 3 for $42 (not $37) using above Afterpay offer.

  • Huge bargain!!

  • Thanks. Ordered one.

  • Got a home mini. Still worth buying this?

    • +1

      Has a wall mount hole and actually does sound a lot better than the normal mini, probably only worth while if you're using it for music for some reason. Different charging port too.

    • +5

      who told you to pay for shipping?

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