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50% off EOFY Sale @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


Notified of an upcoming sale via email. 50% off everything. Starts 6pm Thursday 25/6 ends 6pm Monday 29/6.

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters


  • Are they any good? I'm looking for a nice place to buy coffee from. I got tired of coles "premium" coffee

    • Woolworths now stock Campos beans if you like their coffee. It's a bit too bitter for me but probably better than most of what you find on the shelves: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/94126/camp...

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        I saw that the other day, they do not look to be selling. Shelf was full and the bags were all roasted early May. For $45 I expect fresh coffee.

    • I've been a big fan of Sunset Blvd and grab it whenever they have an offer.

    • Yup. They're good! I have been buying from them for some time now. The only thing I'm not fully happy is their postage times. Fair enough that they don't do free deliveries to outside VIC but if I'm paying for delivery I expect it to arrive usually within a week. I don't know if that's unreasonable to expect(?) Sometimes the delivery has taken over 2.5 weeks for me.
      But all in all, I like their coffee.

      • Yes I think they're quite good too.

        I tried the Colombia Spirit of Peace during their last sale. It's tasty, smooth and aromatic. Quite good. Not as robust as some other blends I've tried from other Sydney roasters. I'd get addicted if the beans really hit their tasting notes of BLACK FOREST, LYCHEE, BISCUIT, LIQUEUR!

        Delivery: live in Sydney and the last order I did during their previous sale in April took about 2 weeks. I think it's unfortunate that the lockdown has slowed down interstate deliveries. Not really their fault.

    • They are pretty good, probably a tad below Axil or Duke (personal taste with a hint of placebo), but still very good.

      Would say probably better than most non-hipster coffee shop bean.

  • I bought their Roosevelt blend from their last sale and really enjoyed it. Definitely going to buy some more tomorrow

  • Perfect timing

  • What's the average roast date when receiving ?
    There/s not a lot of details on their website.

    • last bag i bought was roasted on the 25/5, and i received 3 days later in melbourne. time before that i believe turn-around was basically exactly the same, and that was height of covid restrictions

    • Lately I've been receiving bags that are around 7-10 days after roasting. Still not bad in my opinion, allows for the coffee to degas

      • I feel like not enough people know this and want it roasted the day before they drink it!

  • Highly recommend these guys, and have prettttty much run a subscription or sampled most of the more premium/single-origin roasters. And if you live in melbourne, added bonus of having it hand delivered by one of the team - super friendly!

  • 50% storewide or just the coffee beans?

  • When does it end? Still have a kg of beans left..

  • I ordered the sunset blvd in the last deal, but got the Colombian beans. Still damn tasty!

    Would recommend the coffee from these guys!

  • Do they normally honour grind size requests? I wanted some for cold brew so on my last order I mentioned a coarse grind. It arrived and it's veryyyy fine :(

  • 50% off total including shipping?

  • I loved the Spirit of Peace one. It was really easy to drink and the lychee notes were flavourful.

  • Coupon says expired now? Ozbargained??

  • Lol- my bad! Thanks

  • I've been drinking Dukes, Five Senses blends but the Roosevelt surpassed them. Can confirm they're good.

  • I was happy with sunset blvd. Would reccomend. And yes i did notice delivery took a while but may have been ausposts issue.

  • Looks like shipping is $5. So 1kg of the espresso roast comes to $32.50 tomorrow by the look of it, unless shipping is excluded from coupon. Either way, I am gonna get on this one I reckon.

  • Sunset blvd or roosevelt?

    • We've tried both a few times. Both me and my wife feels Roosevelt tastes better and stronger for milk coffees.

      Sunset Blvd isn't bad either… try both may be 🙂

    • Anyone drink either of these blends black? I move between doppio espresso, long blacks and, the occasional long mac.

      I'm working my way through my second 500g bag of the Colombia Spirit of Peace single origin, but considering picking up something else from them to try in this sale.

    • Personal preference probably figures into it; bought both together to compare not long ago - and prefer Sunset Blvd. Drinking latte style.
      Will give Colombia a try as well this time around, given others thought of it highly.

      • This may be a long shot but have you tried St Ali? Are they similar? Thinking of ordering Sunset Blvd as the blend looks closest to the Orthodox blend that I like.

        • I'm afraid I cannot comment since I have not tried St Ali before. Maybe just try Sunset Blvd, don't think you can go very wrong with that.

  • oh boy! Totally worth trying at this price. Want to change over from St Ali! 60$ per kg (as much as i love this coffee)!!

    Edit: Just noticed St Ali got a 25% off thier blends!

  • I tried Roosevelt when they had a sale the last time, it was good. Are any of the others better?

  • Hmm this code isnt working for me??


  • Just tried the code and it told me it has expired?!
    Then looked at the deal notes, code doesn't work until 6pm tonight… The wait…

  • Edit: I am a moron and can't read apparently. Starts at 6pm tonight.

  • Tried their Colombian SO and it was very good…

  • Coupon is now live: EOFY50

  • Its a good deal on the Aeropress for $25~

  • Just ordered and somehow it didn't charge shipping to Sydney? Let's hope they honor the payment and I get my coffee!

  • Free shipping guys!

  • ordered coffee with aeropress


  • Why does the cart say Click and Collect? Do they not ship outside of Victoria?

    edit: seems like it does ship outside of Vic, maybe the webpage just has Click and Collect as an element.

  • I got charged postage in nsw

  • I got the 1kg for $30 delivered!

  • I've ordered the Sunset one as a sampler, even though my grinder is yet to be shipped by BingLee.

  • Thanks for 1kg Sunset for $25 delivered, well worth it after trying the Roosevelt last month.

  • Just placed an order with these guys for the 1st time. 250g each of the Roosevelt and Sunset. Want to see how they go before I commit to bigger quantities.

  • I've been enjoying their Columbia spirit of peace SO. Have a pour-over set on the way, and thinking of picking up their filter roast. Has anyone tried that?

    Am tempted to get one of the blends, too, for the odd occasion I have my coffee w/milk - but I like my coffee strong. Is Sunset or Roosevelt considered the bolder flavour profile?

  • Inglewood roast great consistent coffee beans. For those who are choosing between the Roosevelt and Sunset Blvd. IMO is the Roosevelt is bold full bodied, bright, buttery-flavour with a sweeter blend with a caramel finish.I prefer this as a expresso or a ristretto. The Sunset much more smooth and nutty flavour with a zesty acidity finish that still cuts through full cream milk if you choose as a magic, latte or cap. I would pitch this as medium bodied. Its very popular. I hope that helps people choose with the type of drink they have.

  • What's better value, the pods or the 1kg bag of ground?

    • Lots of variables but keeping it simple

      For grounds: 1 CUP - SINGLE SHOT (7 GRAMS). 1KG Grounds will get you 140 cups for $50 ($25 on sale).

      For pods: 1 CUP - SINGLE POD (7 GRAMS). 60 POD Pack of ‘THE SIX’ will get you 60 cups for $60 ($30 on sale).

      Back to your question better value 140 cups for $50 - 1kg bag of grounds.

      However most people use PODS for a single press of button and speed of convenience vs the manual method (tamper,plunger,aeropress,pour over,drip filter etc) in the art of coffee making one. Each to their own!

  • Got some Sunset, keen to give them a go. Always like trying and supporting smaller coffee companies, they're quality is 10x better than the supermarket beans.

  • Anyone got shipping confirmation yet?

    • Not yet. Just a thank you that the order has been received.

      Expect they have been ozbargained and wont do that until next week.

  • Any update on the shipping guys?

    Have just received a thank you email.

    • Based on previous orders, you'll receive an Australia Post e-mail with tracking within about a week of your order. I wouldn't expect something until later this week.

      • If you're in metro Melbourne you won't get any notification - it will just show up on your doorstep - usually within seven days from order.

  • I called them today afternoon for updates on delivery.
    They mentioned that packets are being made today for EOFY sale and will be shipped via AusPost tomorrow and day after.
    I don't see it coming before Friday.

  • Just got confirmation from AusPost that shipping information has been received.

    • I got an Auspost confirmation yesterday but it said it's shipping to 3186 which isn't my postcode. I've no idea what this parcel is

      Also just checked tracking that it's been picked up at Port Melbourne, is this what you got ?

      • I got Port Melbourne too, even though I live in Victoria and the other comments say that it is hand delivered.

  • ordered on the thursday night. Haven't received any shipping information as yet.

    • You generally won't from these guys, but the beans will arrive. The beans are definitely worth buying, but if you're interstate (not in Vic) I wouldn't order from them unless you're in no hurry as they're generally not quick (coupled with Australia Post COVID delays). If you're in metro Vic you should get them inside a week, which is acceptable.

  • omg its true… still havent received it. Tracking says 3/7 to 10/7… oh god

  • I got my beans today by Australia Post, I'm in Metro Melbourne. I put in a separate order for an Aeropress but I haven't received that.

    • I haven't gotten mine yet in metro melbourne (postie just came, didn't have them), bit disappointing as I'm not sure the beans I have left will last the weekend. I expected it not to take more than a week.

      Parcel I did receive today shipped from Sydney on Tuesday, so it's definitely not an Australia Post problem.

  • Just got mine live in South-East of Vic. They gave a free 250g Tin to store coffee but too bad it got a bit dented during shipping.

    • Did your shipping update?

      Mine is still on shipping notification received from Tues night. Live inner city Melbourne.

      • It was literally picked up from sender (Port Melb) up until this morning at like 1am when it was processed at the facility, then out for delivery at 8am.

    • Same - dented tin but nice gesture. Do you know if the beans and ground coffee is vacuum sealed ?

  • Damn these guys do take a while to ship. It took them a whole week to actually ship the item, and then it will probably be another week wait till it actually arrives. I live in metro Victoria as well.

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